Aries New Moon

AriesAries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore represents new beginnings.  With so many planets in Aries this month including Eris, there are LOTS of new beginnings underway or ready to be launched.  But Aries energy initiates instinctive actions that are typically not well thought out.  A stressful connection between Uranus in Aries and retro Saturn in Scorpio reflects the likelihood that changes and necessary adjustments will be required along the way as new plans are implemented especially regarding how these plans will affect others.  And since ALL of the Aries planets have or will square Pluto in Capricorn, expect powerful pushback from established ‘powers’ who want to maintain the status quo at all costs.   Aries New Moon Chart 2013

In fact, one of the strongest indications of this month’s Aries New Moon energy is the beginning of a major shift in how we treat each other and how we experience all kinds of relationships from family and friends to colleagues and neighbors and even other nations.  Venus and Mars (relationship planets) have just begun a new cycle together that includes the influence of recently discovered Eris, a plutoid planet that seems to represent the discord and chaos that’s resulted from thousands of years of suppression of feminine power.  We have now reached a point in our collective human evolution that demands a different way of relating to one another.  This new way must and will reject old destructive and violent paradigms of hierarchy, dominance and exclusion and replace them with the inclusiveness and sharing that underpins a more balanced, respectful and peaceful social paradigm that recognizes a world community of equals.

Aries needs freedom to pursue its instinctive desires and when that’s thwarted, Aries gets angry.  Channel anger and aggression into the courage to break free and break through to new levels of collaboration and cooperation that benefits all not just some.

Aries rules many things including firsts, athletes, guns, violence, initiative, the head and war.  Just look at current headlines and you’ll immediately see all this Aries energy manifesting:  North Korea threatening nuclear war, the National Football league being sued by players regarding traumatic brain injuries due to repeated concussions, the U. S. Army removing barriers to women in combat roles allowing them to compete for top military ranks, gun violence prevention legislation battling its way to a vote in Congress, the White House announcing the ‘Brain Initiative’ to fund research to complete mapping of the brain and speculation about a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential run that could result in our nation’s first female President.

This new moon will coincide with LOTS of new beginnings that will significantly transform our world.  Be ready to think new thoughts, begin new relationships, start new jobs and initiate new projects.  Expect to take two steps forward followed by one step back in order to make changes along the way that will ensure success.  And be especially willing to compromise with and consider the desires and needs of others…

The Taurus New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on May 9th at 5:28 am MST!


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