Virgo New Moon

Virgoimage2The Virgo New Moon occurs on Thursday, September 5th at 4:36 am MST/PDT at 13 degrees and four minutes of Virgo.  Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoon2013.  Virgo is the sign of crisis, criticism and judgments, analysis, adjustments, self-improvement, employment, healing and service.  Virgo is intrinsically judgmental and self-critical.  Typically Virgo obsesses about all of its imperfections and often devolves into self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviors.  Psychologically, Virgo carries a consciousness of inferiority that never feels good enough.  This sign inherently focuses on what’s wrong instead of what’s right!

Following the sign of Leo, where individual ego-centric identity reaches maximum development and expression, Virgo naturally humbles over-inflated egos.  In so doing, Virgo adjusts, improves and heals the self so it can become a servant of the divine, giving of itself through ‘right work’ in service to and for the benefit of the whole of society.  Through Virgo, egos are adjusted and personal will is aligned with higher will in order to serve something greater than the individual self.

Healing on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual) is emphasized during the coming weeks as this New Moon opposes retrograde Chiron (wounds and healing of wounds) in Pisces symbolizing the psychological and spiritual wounds humanity has suffered as a result of thousands of years of false teachings about the ‘separation of Spirit and flesh’ by moralistic and judgmental man-made religions.  The truth is that we are not and never have been separate from the divine Source that created us. We must realize that indeed it is through our physical senses (flesh) that we learn, heal and ultimately evolve.  The old adage “You must feel it in order to heal it” can truly be a guiding mantra in the coming weeks.

For Virgo to evolve and heal, it must reach for its opposite sign, Pisces.  This is the sign of natural spirituality where Souls remember that everything in the Universe is connected and that each Soul is therefore connected to and part of All That Is.   Pisces reflects the Soul’s desire to return to and reunite with the Source that created it, dissolving all remaining vestiges of false beliefs regarding ‘separateness.’  When a Soul remembers/realizes its connection to every other Soul, it naturally becomes more compassionate, accepting, tolerant and forgiving.  These are the timeless, transcendental spiritual values associated with Pisces; values that naturally facilitate healing, especially of the spiritual and psychological wounds associated with age-old distortions of truth that left humanity feeling unworthy of God’s love. Through Pisces, Souls/Spirit reconnect and realign with matter/flesh/the physical world (nature) and come back into harmony with natural laws.  This month’s Virgo New Moon promises the opportunity to either re-imprint old wounds and feelings of victimization, or to deeply heal.  Choose healing!

A very favorable, supportive and benevolent Grand Sextile continues this month.  Grand sextiles are a complex planetary configuration made up of two Grand Trines (triangles comprised of three planets/points all 120 degrees apart).  One triangle points upward, the other downward.  Together they form a pattern like the Star of David.  This Grand Sextile is comprised of a Grand Earth Trine and a Grand Water Trine.  The earth element symbolizes physical reality and material resources; the water element represents deep emotions and feelings.  Connecting the six points associated with both Grand Trines results in six sextile (60 degree angles) aspects — a Grand Sextile.  The planets and points involved are:  the Moon’s South Node in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, the Sun in Virgo, Saturn and the Moon’s North Node in Scorpio, retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Material gain and emotional security and stability are available and possible with this celestial influence.  Create abundance and well-being!

However, trines and sextiles are ‘easy’ aspects as the archetypal energy they carry is opportunistic and rewarding, but only if effort is made to utilize those energies.  Often, these aspects come and go with nothing to show for them due to the complacency and laziness associated with their easy energy.  For those who make the effort, rewards can also come easily.  So make the effort!

The challenge this month comes from Mars and Saturn.  Mars in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio on September 9th and then squares the Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio and Taurus on the 10th.   Planets squaring the Nodes always set up choice points.  Many will feel forced to make choices and others will likely feel that choices are being forced upon them.  Limitations (Saturn) relative to options, who gets to choose, and how those choices are implemented will play a major role in many decisions made at this time.  Mars is instinctive in nature and typically acts much too hastily.  However, decisions made and actions taken now will likely have significant, far-reaching consequences, so check impulsiveness and instead be sure to take the necessary time to carefully consider, deeply contemplate, thoroughly analyze, dutifully research and ultimately to wisely choose what’s right, proper and good — for everyone involved — no matter what.

We’re now nearly halfway through the r-evolutionary shift in collective human consciousness reflected in the heavens by the ongoing squares (90 degree angle), seven in total, between Uranus and Pluto.  Uranus and Pluto have a cycle that lasts 127 years.  Their current cycle began in the 1960’s.  Seeds planted then have now reached a turning point relative to their intended manifestation.  Protests against war, women’s rights, minority rights, voting rights, changes in culturally accepted relationship norms, and increasing health and environmental awareness were prominent issues in the 60’s and they have resurfaced again now.  Globally, social, political, economic, religious, environmental and scientific paradigms are crumbling as their limitations and corruption are revealed.  Personally, old ideas, opinions, perspectives and beliefs are losing meaning and are being confronted, challenged and reformed.  Quantum science has now proven that consciousness creates reality.  As humanity continues to ‘wake up,’ our reality and subsequently our world will continue to change and evolve.

It’s crucial now to become ever more consciously aware of, and to take complete responsibility for, all personal choices including every thought, feeling, emotion, belief and action.  Free will choice facilitates human evolution. What are you thinking and feeling?  What do you believe?  What are you choosing?!

Learning that we are all responsible through the quality of our own consciousness for co-creating what we experience is a crucial spiritual evolutionary step that heals victim consciousness.  Healing cannot occur from a consciousness of victimization.  But who among us has not been affected by the pervasive religious influences that underpin the very foundations of most cultures on the planet and condition us to believe that a ‘perfect God’ will judge and punish us for our imperfections?  I find it profoundly ironic that the same religions that preach that God is perfect and we are not (we are born sinful) also teach that God made us in his image.  How do you reconcile these two utterly incongruent and completely antithetical teachings?  Perhaps the greatest distortion of natural law/truth of all time is that God or the ‘Creator’ is perfect.  If we are made in the image of God/Creator, and we are evolving (evolution is a natural law), then God/Creator must also be evolving.  Perfection and evolution are antithetical in nature.  Accept your imperfections.  Know that you are a child of the divine Creator and simply choose to continue to evolve.

It’s time to assess how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go to process and integrate all the changes that have occurred both personally and globally over the past few years.  In the coming weeks and months, individual and collective choices will powerfully direct the forces of revolutionary change already underway.  Will we choose war yet again?  Will we choose to use our collective power to unify and heal or to conquer and destroy?  Will we choose love or hate, peace or war, freedom or slavery, hierarchy and dominance or sharing and equality?

We are living in extraordinary times.  Prophecies of this time in human history predict a quantum spiritual evolutionary leap in human consciousness.  It’s time to heal the wounds of our past and to create a radically different future — together.  Let’s honor the Hopi prophecy that says, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

This article is a brief summary of my live presentation/analysis of the New Moon chart in an approximate hour-long audio recording that includes dates/descriptions of significant upcoming astrological aspects for the month.  The audio recording is available on CD or mp3 file formats for $15.  Contact me if you wish to purchase the audio recording.

The Libra New Moon is on Friday, October 4th at 5:34 pm MST.

Copyright 2013.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

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