Pisces New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse!

PiscesGlyph24The Pisces New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse that happens at 29 degrees Pisces 27 minutes on Friday, March 20th at 2:36 am PST, just hours before the Spring Equinox.  Here’s the chart:    PiscesNewMoonSolarEclipse2015.

This New Moon occurs at the final degree of the final sign of the zodiac thus symbolizing the ultimate in culmination energies.  Conjunct the Moon’s South Node, this New Moon reflects a turning point where a nineteen year chapter of experience is ending.  Pisces is associated with our desire to return to the Divine Source that created us and so this sign also represents the spiritual path and the completion of the Soul’s evolutionary journey.

Pisces is the sign of universality and the connectedness of all things. Its two fishes swimming in opposite directions symbolize the duality we experience in our reality here on planet Earth. However, accurate depictions of Pisces’ glyph always show the two fish tied together, reflecting that the sense of separation that duality creates is an illusion.

In truth all things are and always have been connected. Perhaps the illusion of separation, from one another, from nature, and from our Divine Source is beginning to come to a culmination for humanity. If so, it comes not a moment too soon as our delusions of separation have brought us to the brink of destruction not only of one another but also of this precious planet we call home.

Everyday more and more individuals are waking up to new truths, understandings, perspectives and awareness about reality. This too is timely as we just experienced the last precise connection between Uranus (revolution) in Aries (new beginnings) and Pluto (evolution) in Capricorn (old outworn realities).

Since 2008 the connection between Uranus and Pluto have influenced great global changes including economic, social, political, religious and cultural upheavals and reforms. They’ve also brought tremendous breakthroughs in science and technologies that have further connected us, from social media to discoveries of quantum subatomic particle entanglement. We are indeed realizing that everyone and everything is connected!

Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces and therefore this New Moon.  It’s joined by Mercury and Chiron also in Pisces now.  This combination of celestial archetypes can be truly healing, inspiring and otherworldly, or utterly confusing and disillusioning.  If you’re deeply connected to Source energy (God/dess) you’re likely to receive awesome spiritual guidance or intuitive insights and understandings now.  If not, you’re much more likely to find yourself feeling wounded, disappointed and depressed.  Be especially careful if you’re wanting to ‘check out’ or escape through addictive substances or activities.  Pisces is the sign of addiction and right now, this energy is so strong and super sensitive that you may risk overdoing it and perhaps put yourself in grave danger.

Know that all wounds, be they physical, mental, psychological, emotional or spiritual, cannot heal or be resolved from a consciousness that is rooted in victimization.  This New Moon is Pisces is imbued with the energy of forgiveness and offers ample inspiration and intuitive guidance that can help you to let go of old grievances so that wounds can finally be healed.  Shift your perspective from WHAT happened that created the wound, to WHY it happened.  Why would your Soul have thought it necessary for you to experience such an event?  How is it contributing to your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions?  To make this shift is to take responsibility for the reality you and your Soul co-created together which automatically moves you out of a consciousness of victimization enabling healing and supporting your ongoing evolution.

Neptune is also semi-square Mars in Aries in the New Moon chart.  This astrological combination can also contribute to a level of confusion that can thwart the initiation of new plans or directions.  Many are struggling to begin new projects, jobs and relationships since the way forward will take them into uncharted territory where the path is often uncertain or unclear.  Trust your intuition to guide you even as your new paths may unfold in fits and starts.

Neptune is also now within orb of a square aspect (90 degrees) to Saturn in Sagittarius which will unfold over the next two years. This influence is slowly but surely dissolving old beliefs, exposing lies and increasingly revealing what’s true and what’s not. These planetary influences can restructure our consciousness and therefore the reality we co-create from that quality of consciousness.  Given the fact that humanity has become so accustomed to being lied to by so many for so long, this planetary influence is also quite timely.  Humanity’s quantum leap forward in consciousness, predicted by so many ancient cultures for this extraordinary period in human history, will no doubt require a quantum leap forward in realizing what’s true and what’s not.  It’s time for a quantum reality check!

Neptune’s sextile to Venus in Taurus supports a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the spiritual aspects of life and an increasing ability to forgive and love ourselves and others, thus literally altering our vibratory frequencies (personal magnetism) and changing whom and what we attract into our lives.  Neptune and Venus are a natural planetary pair associated with love.  Venus is earthly or conditional love; Neptune is divine or unconditional love.  Be especially mindful now about how you give and receive love.  Conditional love says, “I will love you if…”  Unconditional love says, “I will love you no matter what.”

Neptune’s inconjunct (150 degrees) to the North Node in Libra reflects the potential for relationship crises.  The purpose of crises is to alert us to the fact that necessary adjustments are required.  Its time to take off the rose colored glasses and see people as they really are, not as you wish or need them to be!  In truth, the only ‘ultimate’ relationship that exists is the relationship we develop with the Divine Source that created us, not with mere mortals.  Perhaps its also time to realize the greatest delusion of all time — that perfection actually exists in human reality.  Perhaps its time to ‘get real’ and accept our human-ness.  Most people are doing the very best they can each and every day.  AND, we all deserve to be loved in spite of our imperfections.

Just hours after the Pisces New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse, the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which heralds the annual Spring Equinox.  Of course the first sign of the zodiac represents the maximum energetic blueprint for new beginnings and rebirth.  And this Spring Equinox chart pattern is full of dynamic, dramatic and even volatile celestial influences including Uranus and Mars, the ruler of Aries!  Both are still within orb of a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn as is the upcoming Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4th.  Although the precise connections between Uranus and Pluto are now complete, the influence of these two celestial powerhouses will continue for many years to come!

Expect BIG changes to continue to occur both personally and globally.  Embrace change knowing that it’s necessary to our ongoing evolution.  Wasn’t it Einstein that said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?”  Evolution implies change.  Einstein also said you can’t solve a problem at the same level that created it.  So indeed, its time for more change and this Spring Equinox chart contains astrological patterns that will not disappoint!

So we have a dichotomy of heavenly influences back to back today reflected in the Pisces New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox.  The Pisces New Moon represents the culmination of not only the previous year but also the last nineteen years since Solar Eclipses repeat in nineteen year cycles.  And the Sun’s ingress into Aries/Spring Equinox carries fiery, awesome and impulsive energies that want to bust out, break free and forge ahead.

Take some time this weekend to rest up and reflect upon all you’ve experienced and learned over the past years to distill the meaning and purpose of what’s happened.  Contemplate why you co-created those events in your life and how they make sense given your current level of understanding about what your Soul intends for you to learn in this lifetime.  Recharge your ‘personal batteries’ because the coming weeks and months are likely to require quite a bit of effort and energy to initiate all the new plans, ideas, projects and goals that will move you forward on your evolutionary path.  Bless and release where you’ve been and celebrate what you’re beginning.  And remember, we are indeed living in EXTRAORDINARY TIMES!

This article is written a summary of my live public presentation that explains and analyzes the energies and influences of the New Moon in-depth.  The audio recording is available in CD or mp3 file formats for $15.  Contact me if you wish to purchase the audio recording.

The Aries New Moon is on April 18th at 11:57 am MST!

Copyright 2015.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.  All rights reserved.

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