Gemini New Moon: Thoughts are Things

gemini4The Gemini New Moon occurred at 7:05 am MST Tuesday, June 16th, at 25 Gemini 7 minutes.  Here’s the New Moon chart:     GeminiNewMoon2015.  Gemini is a dual archetype symbolizing the choice between two often equally appealing options.  This or that?  That or this??  On a deeper level however, Gemini seeks to reconcile the duality of the reality of this plane of existence where everything operates through polarity.  This sign develops our mind.  Thinking, we come to realize that we are both an individual ‘ME’ as well as a ‘part of the whole’ all at once!  We reconcile the fact that we are separate human beings while also acknowledging that everything and everyone is connected.

Ruling our left brain and our logical mind, Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury, which just stationed direct on the 11th, have been busy, busy, busy! When Mercury Retrograde stationed direct it was squaring Neptune.  Neptune is also now stationary since it went retrograde on the 12th. Both are quite powerful. So we’ve been reviewing and reflecting upon how and what we think and why we think that way. Insights and revelations have been coming for many.  For others, you just may not know what to think anymore.  Confusion and a loss of meaning may be creeping into some area of your life or understanding.

Let me assure you that important and meaningful information is showing up so do pay attention to all the info that comes and goes in your world over the coming days and weeks.  What new understanding or clarity have you come by just recently?  What piece of info did you need and now have?  What issues or ideas continue to constantly occupy your mind?  What continues to utterly baffle and confuse you?

This Gemini New Moon is super fueled by energetic Mars meaning we’re all probably running around like the proverbial headless chickens.  Perhaps more disturbing however is the fact that this New Moon and Mars are square Chiron in Pisces which is slowing down to station retrograde on the 24th.  Negative mindsets can threaten to re-imprint old victim consciousness patterns.  Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, you can choose to focus your time and attention on what would make it better or what is needed for a solution.  Choose inspiration instead of disappointment.  Healing over re-wounding.

The additional stress of the Sun and Moon also inconjunct retrograde Saturn, newly returned to Scorpio for the summer, will likely reflect some outer limit or authority figure trying to tell you what to do or that some rule or expectation must be met before you can successfully move forward with an important personal goal. Make the effort. Take complete responsibility for your choices and actions. Own the consequences of all your behaviors. You won’t be sorry…

Venus in Leo is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio is semi-square Pluto in Capricorn. Both of these uneasy connections point to the necessity of letting go of old realities and old values or value systems that just don’t work anymore. It’s time to get real, and see things and people as they are not as you wish or need them to be.  No, your Girl Friend isn’t perfect.  And, No. Your job isn’t perfect either.  and Neither are all your friends or your apartment or your car…  You get the picture.  For sure, if crises erupt in your relationships or unexpected financial surprises suddenly appear our of nowhere, you have NOT been paying attention to something that needs to change in your life.

For some, changing an old stubborn mindset may be difficult.  After all, you’ve thought that way for YEARS!  But what if those kinds of thoughts are truly NOT serving you?  What if you decided to change the way you think.  The thoughts you think…  Then, perhaps, instead of feeling victimized by something that’s happened in the past, try to imagine the purpose for its happening and what it has taught you and how it may indeed change the course of your life.  That’s inspiration.  That’s a Soul conversation.

I’m reminded of some very old ad campaign that said, ” … a mind was a terrible thing to waste.” We are all processing thousands of bits and bytes of information and data every moment of every day.  Our minds are indeed powerful machines.  But perhaps more powerful however are the thoughts themselves.  Thoughts are things!  They manifest.  They materialize.  Nothing has ever been created that was not first imagined or thought about.  Unconscious thoughts are likely to be bubbling up!  Pay attention!

So yes, we’re all super busy processing our info laden lives moment to moment.  Take just a few of those moments periodically to remind yourself of just what an awesome responsibility your mind holds.  Always use it wisely to produce thoughts for the good of all concerned…

 The Cancer New Moon occurs on July 15th at 6:24 pm MST!

Copyright 2015 Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting All rights reserved.

One response to “Gemini New Moon: Thoughts are Things

  1. Thank you Donna – this one resonates on several levels with me – confused about what I believe, authority figure telling me I need work/changes to be successful, expensive hot water tank replacement unexpectedly… LOL – taking it all in. Hope you are well and sending blessings back your way Laura

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