Scorpio New Moon: Powerful Choices

ScorpioImage4The Scorpio New Moon occurs on Wednesday, November 11th at 10:47 am MST at 19 degrees Scorpio.  Here’s the chart:  ScorpioNewMoon2015.

Scorpio has several glyphs including the Scorpion, Snake, Eagle and Phoenix bird.  These different symbols reflect the progressive human evolutionary developmental process from the vengeful sting of the Scorpion, to the transformation of Snake who sheds its skin, to the clear insights of Eagle, to the complete metamorphic transformation of the Phoenix bird who is consumed by fire and rises again from the ashes.   The ‘resurrection’ of the Phoenix reflects the natural cycle of life, death and rebirth symbolized by Scorpio.

From its lowest to highest expression, Scorpio teaches right use of power.  Through Scorpio we learn to use our power wisely to create, heal and transform, not to destroy, control or manipulate others.  Often these lessons are learned through experiences that leave us feeling powerless especially loss, abandonment and betrayal.

Mizzou hunger striker Johnathan Butler made a powerful choice to redress racism. He was joined by all the black football players whose boycott which could have cost an estimated $1 Million per game refused to play until campus racism was taken seriously and addressed by University officials. U of M President Tom Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin ultimately resigned.

Mizzou hunger striker Johnathan Butler made a powerful choice to address racism. He was joined by all the black football players, whose boycott could have cost an estimated $1 Million per game, who refused to play until campus racism was taken seriously and addressed by University officials. University President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin have resigned.

All human beings possess power.  The greatest power we possess is the power of FREE WILL CHOICES.  This is because free will choices facilitate our evolution.  Choices always reflect desires.  In this world of duality, every Soul has two opposite and competing desires:  the desire to separate from the Source that created it and the desire to return to that Source.  Human evolution naturally proceeds through a process of exhaustion of all separating desires.

Separating desires are typically associated with the temporal values of the physical material world through things like money, sex and status.  Returning desires reflect the natural spiritual developmental process and timeless values like honesty, forgiveness, compassion, humility and tolerance, as well as humanity’s universal urge to transcend the limitations of mundane physical existence.  For most of us, exhaustion of separating desires takes many, many, many lifetimes.

Scorpio is also associated with sexual union and the process of merging with another.  The two most powerful human instincts are associated with the desire to pro-create and the desire to survive.  Of course pro-creation supports the survival of our species.  Both of these instincts are ruled by Scorpio’s opposite sign Taurus, the sign associated with personal limitations.  Evolution (Scorpio) implies overcoming limitations which is the natural purpose of relationships with others.  Human beings discovered long ago that our survival is greatly increased through joining forces with others or becoming part of a group.  Limitations are overcome by merging with or forming a relationship to whatever we as individuals lack or need and believe we cannot provide for ourselves.  Through the process of merging with sources or forces outside of ourselves that represent or have what we lack, we can naturally osmos that which we lack into ourselves.  Through this merging process, we’re changed and transformed; we evolve.

What we possess often helps us feel powerful.  What we lack often leaves us feeling powerless.  The proper way to evolve through osmosis or through relationships always allows for an expansion beyond personal limitations that’s empowering – not dis-empowering.  Once the osmosis occurs, we must come back to ourselves – not become dependent upon that outer source.  To further illustrate this archetypal lesson of Scorpio, I often think of the parable of teaching a man to fish, rather than giving the man a fish every day.  In this story, to learn how to fish is empowering to the man.  Continuing to depend upon being given fish is dis-empowering since it keeps the man dependent upon the fisherman.

Co-dependencyChainsSadly, all too often dependency develops in our relationships with others and devolves into co-dependency as we consciously or unconsciously give our power away to the ‘other.’  We stop making the effort to grow and evolve within ourselves.  When this occurs in relationships it often leads to the infamous dark or unevolved expressions of Scorpio like violence, control, manipulation, possessiveness and jealousy.  All reflect a gross misuse of power.   It should come as a surprise to no one that the things we are socially and culturally conditioned to associate with power – possessions, sex, money and status – are the very things most commonly used to control and exert ‘power over’ others in order to feel secure or more powerful.

When co-dependency reaches a point of extreme imbalance, then loss, abandonment or betrayal is necessarily co-created by the Soul.  The outer source of dependency is removed from our life so that personal evolution can continue.  Through loss, abandonment and betrayal, we’re thrown back upon ourselves to learn an essential self-reliance (Taurus) and personal re-empowerment.

Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Evolution implies change.  Change necessarily requires different choices.  If you truly desire to evolve, you must be willing to change the choices you make.  Evolution is synonymous with an expansion of conscious awareness.  As conscious awareness grows, so too does our ability to make wiser INTENTIONAL choices.  The trick is in learning to make choices CONSCIOUSLY, instead of unconsciously, which unfortunately, is what most people do, most of the time.  If you have allowed your life to become so busy that you can hardly breathe, let alone be aware of your thoughts, its very likely that your personal evolution is severely hampered.  Needless to say, its probably time to SLOW DOWN!  Pay more attention to the quality of your consciousness.  Take time to breathe.  Take time to meditate.  Spend some time in nature.  Take time to just BE in order to balance the compulsion to always do, Do, DO!

Clients are often amused when I say, “Evolutionary growth is NOT for Sissies!”  Nevertheless, more often than not, they also admit that its true!  It takes desire, effort, awareness, self-honesty, self-trust, commitment, compassion and perseverance to overcome our personal limitations.  But most of all, it takes courage to change, grow and evolve.

The Scorpio New Moon provides plenty of courage, power and awareness!  With the Sun, Moon and Mercury ALL in Scorpio in this New Moon chart, ALL connected to retrograde Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and retrograde Uranus in Aries, the heavens are reflecting a time of powerful and important choices.  What choices are you facing or making now?  Are your choices based upon separating desires or returning desires?  No matter what choices or decisions you’re considering know this:  choices made now and in the coming weeks will likely be much more consequential than is apparent, so choose wisely.  Choose consciously!

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also favorably connected to Jupiter in Virgo meaning that for many, the choices they’re dealing with now may have to do with matters of health and healing.  Indeed this New Moon pattern supports deep and profound healing of wounds, especially those of an emotional, psychological and spiritual nature resulting from losses, particularly the death of loved ones, abandonments and betrayals.

Another consequential and dramatic celestial event occurs on the 11th just hours after the Scorpio New Moon.  The Nodes of the Moon change signs!  The Nodes of the Moon are among the most important astrological symbols – surpassed only by the planet Pluto which literally represents the Soul and evolution itself.  This is because the Nodes of the Moon represent humanity’s evolutionary path.  The Nodes of the Moon point the way towards evolutionary growth for the collective. The Moon’s South Node reflects the past, where we’ve been and what we need to let go of in order for growth to continue.  The North Node reflects the future, where we’re going and what lessons we must learn and integrate (osmos) into our very being-ness in order to affect our ongoing evolution.

The Moon’s two Nodes are always exactly opposite one another in the zodiac, occupying a pair of opposite signs that in combination symbolize a unique evolutionary paradigm or set of archetypal evolutionary lessons.  The mean motion of the Nodes is retrograde, meaning they typically travel backward through the zodiac spending approximately 18 months in each pair of signs.  Changing from Aries/Libra, where the Nodes have been traveling since February 2015, to Virgo/Pisces where the Nodes will be until May 2017, reflects a collective shift in our awareness and focus from learning to be in relationships as equals, treating others more fairly and justly (Aries/Libra), to an analysis of growing personal and global crises that demand necessary changes and adjustments in order to achieve healing and resolution and self-improvement (Virgo/Pisces).  The evolutionary path forward now requires that we let go of being a victim, get real, take responsibility for ourselves, our choices and our actions, and do the inner work of self-improvement and healing.

Hopefully, the lengthy review of relationships that occurred this past Summer during Venus’ bi-annual retrograde period (July 25th to September 6th) brought increased awareness of unhealthy, unequal (especially regarding misuse of power) behavior patterns and the projection of our needs and expectations onto others that often undermines successful partnerships.  In spite of the changing Nodes, the emphasis on relationships continues this month as both Venus (needs) and Mars (desires) enter Libra (relationships with others) on the 8th and 12th respectively.  We can now choose to apply what we learned through that review to initiate new ways of relating to others that are more fair, balanced, just and equal.  When Venus and Mars square Pluto in Capricorn on November 20th and December 6th respectively, watch for signs of continuing power imbalances and make necessary adjustments like re-establishing healthy boundaries in relationships with others and taking complete responsibility for your own actions and choices.

Indeed the signs of Virgo and Pisces have already become quite active over the past few months due to a mutable T-Square (planetary configuration of three planets) comprised of Jupiter in Virgo opposite (180 degrees apart) Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, all of which are square (90 degrees apart) Saturn in Sagittarius.  Jupiter is our conscious beliefs and personal truths; Neptune is our unconscious beliefs and universal truth.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign associated with right brain intuitive faculties which facilitate the path to truth for each of us as unique individuals.  We must each find our own path to the truth.  Saturn rules the structure of human consciousness and the realities it co-creates.  Saturn will be in Sagittarius until December 2017.  The sign Saturn occupies always focuses our collective human attention on that archetype and its associated lessons.  Sagittarius rules the search for truth and our beliefs and belief systems.  As Saturn moves through Sagittarius, we’ll ALL be focused on reviewing what we believe and WHY we believe it as each of us searches for the truth personally, and we all search for a greater understanding of the truth collectively.

The New York attorney general has begun an investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how such risks might hurt the oil business.

The New York attorney general has begun an investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how such risks might hurt the oil business.

This mutable (change, adaptability) T-Square symbolizes our collective need to thoroughly review and objectively analyze our realities.  What’s true?  What’s not?  Ultimately, this powerful astrological pattern reflects a need to understand that much of what is awry in our world, the very basis for many of the crises, is false and distorted beliefs that are co-creating distorted and corrupt realities.  Increasingly, lies will be exposed and truths will be revealed.

The energy of this T-Square will greatly intensify as retrograde Neptune slows down to a standstill ahead of its station direct on November 18th at 7 degrees Pisces.  Neptune rules Spirit (God/dess) and spirituality which is underpinned by natural laws or the laws evident in the natural world.

Neptune facilitates our natural spiritual development through a process of dissolution.  Shamans the world over universally agree that most imbalance and ‘dis-ease’ is caused by belief in the illusion of separation from Divine Unconditional Love.  Neptune dissolves all that prevents us from reuniting with the Divine Source.  Often, this process is experienced as confusion, disillusionment and disappointment when what we thought would make us happy, fulfilled or secure, loses meaning or is revealed to be untrue or not real.  Seeking escape from the pain, some choose to turn to substances like alcohol or drugs or distractions like shopping, TV or workaholism.

Be assured however that ultimately, when the dissolution process is complete, clarity will replace confusion, inspiration will replace disillusionment and deep wisdom will replace disappointment when we finally come to a realization of the the higher purpose behind difficult or painful events in our lives.  Virgo/Pisces always serves to realign us with reality when we have lost our way through denial or through chasing unhealthy or unrealistic goals, empty dreams or ‘false idols.’  In the end, we are healed and destructive, unsatisfactory life circumstances are resolved and improved.

So the bottom line of this Scorpio New Moon is POWER and POWERFUL CHOICES!  The current astrological patterns are reflecting that this is a time of personal and collective empowerment or dis-empowerment.  The CHOICE is yours!  Choose consciously.  Choose wisely…


The Sagittarius New Moon is on December 11th at 3:29 am MST.

Copyright 2015.  Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.  All rights reserved.


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  1. I don’t know if I want to ever return to source because there is so much to learn, however if that means I have to remain human, then I’m done desiring and definitely do wish to return to source! However, if I can move to other life forms and experience what they have to offer, then maybe I’d like to keep on experiencing 🙂

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