Sagittarius New Moon: Searching for Truth

SagittariusGlyph19The Sagittarius New Moon occurs on Friday, December 11th at 3:29 am MST at 19 degrees Sagittarius 2 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  SagittariusNewMoon2015.

The Centaur, a creature which is half-human and half-animal, symbolizes the natural connection that has always existed between mankind and nature.  Indeed everything in the universe is connected.  Sagittarius represents the inseparable bond between humanity and the natural world.

Sagittarius seeks TRUTH.  The Centaur is an archer who always shoots arrows towards the heavens where truth resides.  Sagittarius also teaches the relativity of truth.  Truth exists on a personal level – what’s true for you – which may differ from what’s true for me.  But there’s also the level of universal truths – what’s true for everyone.  As we spiritually evolve, an expansion of consciousness naturally occurs within us that allows for a greater awareness and understanding of higher and higher levels of truth.  Universal truths transcend the limitations of time and space.

TheFourAgreementsBookCoverSagittarius also rules interpretation.  As we go through our daily experiences, we all constantly interpret data we receive through our five physical senses.  Our beliefs form the foundation and basis of how we interpret everything in our reality.  Accordingly, if our beliefs are faulty, then our interpretations and our subsequent understandings of our reality and our experiences will be faulty and distorted as well.  Beyond our physical senses is our sixth sense or what we call intuition.  We all have it.  It’s a powerful source of truth.  In fact, one of the natural purposes of intuition is to lead us to our personal truth.

Don Miguel Ruiz, spiritual teacher and author of The Four Agreements says, “What we believe rules our life; rules our existence.  Beliefs are like a mirror that only shows us what we already believe.”

Since the dawn of patriarchal influences here on Earth, man’s interpretation of the manifest creation has become the basis of what we call religions and the source of man-made laws that govern right/wrong behaviors and standards of conduct that underpin social justice systems.  In stark contrast to MAN-MADE LAWS, the natural world or what we call nature is underpinned by NATURAL LAWS.  Natural laws exist in and of themselves and require no interpretation.  Universal truths are always reflected in the natural world and in natural laws.

spiritualpathNatural laws form the basis of what is often referred to as spirituality or the spiritual path.  Quantum science has proven that everything, both visible (manifest) and invisible, (unmanifest), is made up of intelligent energy.  The energetic intelligence associated with all matter is often referred to as ‘spirit’ by those who live in accordance with nature or natural laws, primarily indigenous peoples.   Our natural human spiritual developmental path is synonymous with an expansion of our consciousness facilitated by and through a greater understanding of natural laws.

Natural laws include the law of  reincarnation and the law of correspondences or ‘karma.’  For example, in the natural world, life forms are birthed, die and are cyclically reborn as seasons change and life renews itself.  Karma reflects a natural law of physics known as ’cause and effect.’   The hermetic principles of “As Above, So Below” and “As Without, So Within” also reflect natural laws.

Over many thousands of years, man-made religions have distorted the truth of natural laws to serve their own social, economic and political interests.  These distortions reached a peak in the Middle Ages when Church and State were inseparable throughout most of Europe.  The Church had absolute power over every aspect of human life, including the affairs of the State as well as their sovereign leaders.  Referred to as The Dark Ages, this time in human history is often associated with some of the most cruel and heinous atrocities ever perpetrated by mankind.

Religions have taught us to believe that God is perfect and we are imperfect.  They further teach that we are separate from God, that we are born sinful (doctrine of ‘original sin’) and that we must atone for our inherent sinfulness.  To atone, we must endure pain, punishment and suffering in order to redeem ourselves and be deserving of God’s love and grace.  Indeed religions teach us that God is judgmental and punitive and should therefore be feared.   Fear is a powerful control mechanism.   Think how much fear controls our choices and decisions on a daily basis.   This recent article written by John W. Traphagan, Professor of Religious Studies and Human Dimensions of Organizations, University of Texas, Austin, addresses the phenomenon of fear in America.

Ironically, these same religions also teach that humans are made in the image of God.  These different teachings are in complete contradiction to one another and yet, five out of the seven billion people alive on the planet today believe in one of the following man-made religions:  Judaism, Islam or Christianity.  How can it be that we are made in the image of a perfect God and yet born imperfect and sinful?  Clearly something is awry here.

truthvsliesOne of the consequences of thousands of years of religious conditioning is that humanity has come to accept and believe their religious teachings without question.  We’ve been exposed to these conditioning influences for so long, these distorted beliefs now exist within the entire human collective at an unconscious level.  Even if you weren’t exposed to man-made religious teachings in this life, you’re still influenced by them everyday because they form the very basis of social norms, values, expectations and beliefs in nearly every country and culture on the planet.

I’ve taken the time here to delve deeply into what constitutes beliefs because the powerful change energy being ‘seeded’ by this Sagittarius New Moon is directly associated with the need to change our beliefs!   To take advantage of this energy it’s imperative to be especially mindful now of what your beliefs are, from faith traditions like religions, to mundane beliefs that come from other sources like personal experiences, family, community, race, gender or nationality.   So what do you believe?  Why do you believe the things you believe?  Do they really reflect truth?  Are they based upon man-made laws or natural laws?  Are you currently questioning some of your beliefs?  Are your beliefs changing?

The Sun and Moon are sextile (60 degrees) Mars in Libra and trine (120 degrees) retrograde Uranus in Aries which is slowing down ahead of its annual station direct on December 25th – Christmas Day!  Change will really accelerate as Uranus begins to once again move forward in the heavens.  Mars (force, war, weapons, anger) is opposite (180 degrees) Uranus (revelation/revolution) and inconjunct (150 degrees) Chiron (wounds and healing) Pisces in the New Moon chart pattern.

These planetary connections reflect many things including the likelihood of continuing religious extremism (Libra rules extremes) associated with distorted beliefs and false interpretations of truth (Pisces rules deceptions and delusions).   Its likely that ‘Extremists’ will continue to perpetrate shocking acts.  Whenever and wherever there are extreme imbalances (Libra) in relationships (Libra), especially relative to power or resources, radical changes (Uranus) are both needed and likely to occur.  Imbalance, inequality and injustice nearly always lead to circumstances that wound (Chiron).

It’s not surprising then that these planetary connections also reflect increasing social and political unrest regarding policies and behaviors, especially by those in positions of authority, that are perceived (interpreted) as unfair, unbalanced or unjust.  All too often, Mars is associated with violence when it’s force is misused as a result of overwhelming frustration, despair, fear or anger.

Pope Francis visits a pediatric hospital in Bangui …

During his recent trip to Africa, Pope Francis said, “Together, we must say no to hatred, to revenge and to violence, particularly that violence which is perpetrated in the name of a religion or of God himself.”   Speaking later in the day as he flew back to Rome, Francis said Islam was not the only religion to suffer from violent extremists, such as the ones behind the deadly attacks in Paris which were claimed by the Islamic State.   “We Catholics, we have a few, even many fundamentalists. They believe they know absolute truth and corrupt others,” he said, adding: “I can say this because this is my Church.”

Used unwisely, Mars inconjunct Chiron will simply re-imprint wounds and maintain a quality of consciousness rooted in victimization.  Used wisely, Mars/Uranus/Chiron can bring breakthroughs in situations of political and social strife.  Since Uranus also rules science and technology, it could also bring breakthroughs that can resolve problems and crises, like the innovative new drugs that have recently successfully eradicated President Jimmy Carter’s cancer.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel listens to remarks at a news conference in Chicago, Illinois, United States, December 7, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel listens to remarks at a news conference in Chicago, Illinois, United States, December 7, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Young

Other recent events associated with this celestial pattern include the ongoing protest marches in Chicago where outraged citizens are disrupting holiday shopping along the financially lucrative ‘Magnificent Mile.’  Protesters are demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign due to widely held beliefs that he has been complicit in both allowing and covering up police brutality, especially in south side minority communities.  Mars/Uranus/Chiron are also being reflected in the growing DonaldTrumpcondemnation of Donald Trump by other presidential contenders, and heads of state of foreign nations like Saudi Arabia, France and the UK, in response to his call for a total ban on all Muslims entering the US, a policy that directly contradicts our constitution.

Saturn joins the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius in the New Moon chart pattern.  Saturn typically takes two and a half years to move through each sign and as it does so, it focuses the collective consciousness of all of humanity on learning the lessons of that sign.  Saturn entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and will remain there until December 18, 2017.  Saturn is also involved in a dynamic mutable T-Square along with Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron.  This T-Square pattern will remain through July of 2016.

T-Squares are planetary configurations comprised of at least three planets.  Two of the three planets are opposite one another.  They are simultaneously square (90 degrees) a third planet.  This T-Square has Jupiter in Virgo opposed Neptune and Chiron in Pisces; ALL are square Saturn in Sagittarius.  Comprised of mutable signs which always reflect the need for change and letting go of old ways, this T-Square is powerfully re-stating the need for change!  Jupiter and Sagittarius rule conscious beliefs.  Neptune and Pisces rule unconscious beliefs.  The heavens are repeatedly saying loud and clear, “It’s time to change our beliefs!”

Growing crises, personally and globally, are providing the necessary impetus that’s forcing us to take another look at what we believe and why we believe it.  Climate change, economic inequality and insecurity, infectious disease outbreaks, gun violence, overwhelming refugee migrations, environmental degradation and endless wars are but a few of our world’s ongoing crises.

ParisclimatetalksThe Sun and Moon in Sagittarius are also square the Moon’s Nodes, Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces.  These connections reflect the need to make personal adjustments that will affect self-improvement and healing particularly in situations associated with employment and health matters including the health of our animal companions and the environment.  It’s time to make powerful and meaningful choices and decisions, many of which will have serious long-term consequences.  Wise choices will indeed promote healing.  In fact, this New Moon chart pattern is all about healing!  One extremely significant and important healing choice could be made at the Paris climate talks if negotiations achieve a breakthrough that results in a global treaty to curb greenhouse gases agreed to by 196 nations.   Climate change is perhaps a quintessential example of stark differences in beliefs and interpretations of reality held by the various nations in attendance in Paris.

truthshiningthroughThe promise of this Sagittarius New Moon is perhaps best reflected in Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces.  These planets are both associated with love, compassion and forgiveness.  Together, they can lead us back to a state of universal harmony, a ‘brotherhood of mankind.’  If we remember that we’re all one, that we’re all connected to one another and that we’re all in this together, we can indeed begin to co-create different realities.  By returning to beliefs rooted in natural laws, we can heal and co-exist peacefully once again.

Happy Holy-days everyone!


The Capricorn New Moon is on January 9th at 6:30 pm MST!

Copyright 2015.  Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.  All rights reserved.

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