Scorpio New Moon: The Power of Choices

scorpion2The Scorpio New Moon happens October 30th at 10:38 am MST/PDT at 7 degrees Scorpio 43 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  scorpionewmoon2016

The Scorpion is the most well known symbol for this sign.  Other Scorpio symbols include the Snake, the Eagle and the Phoenix, a mythical bird that rises from the ashes of its own fiery destruction.  These symbols reflect evolutionary progression. 

Scorpio teaches right use of power.  Used wisely, power is wielded consciously and creatively, not unconsciously or destructively.  POWER IS ROOTED IN CHOICE-MAKING.

Scorpio is the sign of the process of evolution itself.  Ruled by Pluto, the planet that represents the Soul, Scorpio reflects the Soul’s natural evolutionary path of spiritual development. 

The sting of a Scorpion represents misuse of power through a destructive desire for revenge.  Snakes renew themselves by shedding their skin reflecting the evolutionary necessity of letting go of what no longer serves us so that growth can continue.  Snake venom can both kill and heal.  The outcome depends upon the intention or choice of how it is used.  Eagle flies high and represents the Great Spirit to many Native Americans.  Eagle symbolizes the Soul’s desire to align personal will with Higher Divine Will.  The Phoenix dies and is reborn reflecting the process of metamorphosis and the natural life, death and rebirth cycle of reincarnation that Scorpio symbolizes.

Scorpio also rules losses, abandonments and betrayals.  From an evolutionary point of view, these events always serve to throw us back upon ourselves.  Our Souls co-create these experiences when we’ve given our power away to such an extreme degree that our evolutionary growth is disrupted or prevented. 

powerTypically we learn about power through experiences that leave us feeling powerless. Ultimately, Scorpio teaches that all human beings are intrinsically powerful due to our ability to make choices.  Personal evolution is greatly accelerated once an awareness of this truth is discovered.  As a result, choices are increasingly made CONSCIOUSLY, instead of unconsciously.


Evolution obviously implies overcoming limitations.  Typically limitations are associated with something we lack but want or desire to have.  To evolve, we must form some kind of relationship to whatever it is we lack, be it someone or something.  Through this relationship, we merge with this person or thing, learn from it, and eventually osmos that knowledge or experience or new capacity into ourselves.  As a result, we change and grow.  We evolve beyond prior personal limitations. 

The danger in this desire to merge deeply with someone or something outside of ourselves is becoming dependent upon that outer source instead of evolving through it.  When dependency occurs, personal power is always given away to the source of dependency. 

Dependency is often a result of thinking or believing that we NEED, instead of simply wanting or desiring, someone or something lacking in our lives.  Think of the individual who thinks they need drugs or alcohol.  Addiction always reflects powerlessness.  Many people, especially women, think or believe they cannot make it on their own and need someone else to take care of them.  This often leads them to choose to  stay in a relationship, even when that relationship is unhappy, unhealthy or even abusive.  Still others feel they need outer approval or recognition, through money or status or validation from others in order to feel worthy and valued.  In all these cases, power is given away to these outer sources instead of simply experiencing them, learning from them and returning back to the self having gained something from the experiences that fulfilled a desire or lack and transcended a personal limitation.

A simple parable that may further explain this dynamic is the story of the man who wanted fish.  He goes to the docks and finds two fisherman.  The first fisherman tells him he can help, instructing the man to come back to the dock each evening so he can give him some fish.  The second fisherman offers to teach the man to fish.  The first fisherman’s offer would be disempowering since it would require the man to become dependent upon him for the fish he wants.  The wiser choice is the second fisherman.  In offering to teach the man, he represents an experience that would lead him to greater self-empowerment and greater self-reliance through learning to fish for himself.  The first fisherman’s offer leads to co-dependency while the second fisherman’s offer promises evolution.

Scorpio is the sign of confrontation.  Confrontation is an essential quality that assists us in the process of evolving beyond limitations.  To overcome limitations we must first be willing to acknowledge them.  Facing up to these truths requires that we confront them.  Often, we confront others when we feel powerless.  As we evolve, we realize that we must confront ourselves, since our own consciousness is responsible for co-creating ALL our experiences. 

Scorpio always wants to know the ‘WHY’ of things.  This sign teaches us to get to the bottom of everything, including and perhaps most importantly, our own desires, motivations and agendas.  Scorpio desires to understand not just WHAT we do but WHY we do it.  Again, change cannot happen unless and until we know or have an awareness of what needs to change. 

powerofchoiceChange occurs through making different CHOICES than the ones that created the unsatisfactory reality in the first place. 

Blaming others is evidence of a consciousness rooted in victimization that falsely believes it is powerless. 

Taking responsibility is evidence of an evolving consciousness that realizes its intrinsic power and therefore owns ALL of its choices –  past, present and future.  Only then can real change occur.

This truth is hard for many to accept.  In large part this is due to the fact that humanity has been nearly universally conditioned for thousands of years by social, cultural and religious influences to believe that we are powerless.  We are systematically taught to believe that we are not in control of our lives or our destiny.  We’re taught to defer to outer authorities beginning with parents, then teachers and professors, then bosses and government officials and finally religious leaders and even God.  Especially God. 

Nearly every country and culture on the planet is underpinned by the values and beliefs of male-dominated patriarchal religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).  These man-made religions teach that God, the ultimate source of power, is outside of us and separate from us.  Inevitably, this pervasive conditioning results in beliefs that contribute to a quality of consciousness that does not realize or own its personal power, authority and responsibility.  The result is a sense of powerlessness and an unconscious psychology of victimization. 

As we come to the end of the Piscean Age, the age synonymous with the culmination of man-made religions on our planet, we must collectively heal the psychological and spiritual wounds of these false teachings that have undermined human evolution for millennia.  This healing is a prerequisite to our ability to further evolve into the upcoming Age of Aquarius. 

Since the outer reflects the inner, we cannot heal our planet unless and until we heal our selves.  As more and more individuals wake up to the quantum scientific truth that consciousness creates reality, healing will increasingly occur and as a result, our personal and global realities will change. 

consciousnessbrainwavesThis healing will occur through the power of CONSCIOUS individual and collective choice-making.  Humanity is evolving more rapidly now as the emerging science of consciousness continues to reveal proof that the realities we experience are not only influenced by, but are actually created from the power and quality of human consciousness.

The sign of Scorpio is also associated with healing since it rules the evolutionary process of transformation.  This is the sign of many healers and people whose work brings them face to face with life and death situations like paramedics, midwives, surgeons, disaster relief workers, EMT’s and psycho-therapists.  Psychics too are individuals who often have a great emphasis of Scorpio in their natal charts.  They have the ability to merge their consciousness with the consciousness of others, both living and dead, moving beyond the limitations of time and space to connect deeply with others. 

The Scorpio New Moon chart pattern holds the promise of deep insights and breakthroughs in understanding for those who choose to utilize its powerful energy for healing.  These energies support the release of negative thought patterns and false beliefs and the wounds they have created. 

The Scorpio New Moon pattern contains several powerful aspects.  Some are quite positive while others present great challenges.  First, the Sun and Moon are joined by Mercury which is also in Scorpio now.  Three or more planets in the same sign are called a ‘stellium.’  Stelliums always reflect a much greater emphasis of energy of the sign in which they occur, in this case the sign of Scorpio.  Second, all three (Sun, Moon and Mercury) are trine (120 degrees) retrograde Neptune in Pisces which is currently slowing down ahead of its upcoming station direct on November 19th.  They’re also trine the Moon’s South Node in Pisces.  These are all very favorable alignments that lend themselves to receiving important knowledge and information that can be very empowering. 

But the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio are also sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Further, Mars, which co-rules Scorpio along with Pluto, is currently in Capricorn and is square (90 degrees) retrograde Uranus in Aries.  These two aspects are especially difficult and challenging.  They symbolize volatile energies that can be quite dangerous on any level – physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual.

Let me explain each one of these aspects in order to provide greater understanding that will help you to both recognize and wisely utilize their considerable energy.

Mercury rules the mind, intellectual capacity, logical thinking, all kinds of information exchanges and all modes of communication. Mercury in Scorpio is always associated with important information and knowledge of a powerful or intense nature.  Often, its associated with information that’s been kept secret or hidden in some way.  Mercury in Scorpio tends to expose what’s hidden or secret and when it does, confrontations often result due to a sense of threat that accompanies disclosure.  Powerful forces are unleashed that can empower or disempower, depending upon the associated intentions, motivations and agendas.  In the end, those involved are forever changed for better or worse.  Clearly, Mercury in Scorpio demands integrity regarding use of power relative to choices and decisions.

The past week brought out numerous stories that reflect Mercury in Scorpio.  This planetary influence has already manifested through discovery by the FBI of previously undisclosed State Department emails found on a laptop used by former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.  He is currently under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor. 

Scorpio also rules investigations and research, as well as sex and power.  As anyone who’s ever dealt with sexual misconduct or sexual assault knows, these events are NOT about SEX, they’re about POWER.  This story is a perfect reflection of Mercury in Scorpio bringing hidden information to light. 

Of course, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is also continuing to deal with fallout from recent revelations of alleged serial sexual assaults following release of a 2005 video in which he bragged about getting away with such behavior because he’s a ‘star.’  If true, these allegations reflect gross abuses of power.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before the Congressional House Financial Services Committee on September 29th. He resigned from the bank on October 12th in the wake of his company's fraudulent financial schemes scandal.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before the Congressional House Financial Services Committee on September 29th. He resigned from the bank on October 12th in the wake of his company’s fraudulent financial schemes scandal.

Scorpio also rules the power associated with money and great wealth.  Mercury in Scorpio is reflected in the disclosure by media sources of the creation of two million bank accounts fraudulently opened without customers knowledge or permission by Wells Fargo Bank employees.  As a result, CEO John Stumph recently resigned after forfeiting much of his 2016 salary and $41 million in stock awards.  Although disgraced, he still walked away with $130 million in other stocks and pension accounts.

Other Mercury in Scorpio headlines include an expected average 25% increase in health insurance premiums purchased in the Affordable Health Care Act’s health exchanges for 2017.  It also reflects a decision by U.S. Defense Secretary John Ashcroft, amid a furor of criticism, to halt efforts to force thousands of California National Guard soldiers to pay back enlistment bonuses and other pay incentives that were improperly given during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

And it has also manifested in the blatant conflicts of interest dogging the Clinton campaign following Wikileaks revelations that top State Department aides acted on the Clinton Foundation’s behalf when Clinton headed the agency, as well as emails disclosing policy statements Hillary made privately to Wall Street bank executives about trade that contradict her public campaign positions.  And now the FBI is once again reviewing more HRC emails…

Expect continued revelations and disclosures in the coming weeks.  We’re by no means done yet with headlines and stories associated with wealth, secrets and sex, and the use, misuse and abuse of power.  Like deja vu, it seems we’re living through ‘Sex, lies and videotapes’ all over again!

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also all quite favorably connected to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, as well as the South Node of the Moon.  These planetary connections hold great potential for healing.  They reflect the possibility of a bubbling up of unconscious material into conscious awareness.  Change is not possible without awareness.  Pay particular attention to dreams, both waking and sleeping, for timely and pertinent information and understanding.  Even past life memories may surface that can bring powerful insights and AHA’s, assisting efforts to heal old wounds and transform personal realities.  

Be mindful however of profound disappointments, depression, disillusionment, confusion or loss of meaning.  These all reflect the energy of Pisces and how it works to facilitate our spiritual development through a process that dissolves whatever is standing in the way of our direct reunion with the Divine and our overall evolution. 

Pisces rules water.  We call water the ‘universal solvent’ and indeed it is.  When something has served its purpose, Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune dissolve the very structure, meaning or value it once had.  Ultimately, what our Souls intend for us to pursue or experience next will show up.  Meantime, all we can do is surrender to our Higher Self and Divine Will and allow the old to be dissolved while the new is being prepared and co-created by our Souls. 

Signs of these Neptunian processes are more likely to appear as Neptune stations direct at 9 degrees Pisces on November 19th.  This will be an excellent time for contemplation and solitude for those who practice meditation and prayer.  

Since Pisces rules water, I am hopeful that this celestial alignment may bring greater success to the water protectors gathered in North Dakota where the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been joined by thousands of people from throughout the Americas, as well as other countries around the world, in support of their efforts to stop the construction of an oil pipeline that will destroy sacred burial grounds and threatens to pollute their main water source. 

Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archembault stands outside a federal courthouse in Washington DC October 5th,

Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archembault stands outside a federal courthouse in Washington DC October 5th,

Pisces is also the sign of spiritual transcendence.  These aspects support greater access to spiritual growth, divine guidance, inspiration, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and unconditional love for ourselves and others. 

As just mentioned, the power of meditation and prayer are greatly increased now so take time to connect with your Higher Self and to seek out the sacred elements of life in the coming weeks.  Meditation and prayer both intentionally and consciously focus the power of our minds and thoughts.  Remember, consciousness creates reality! 

Take some time also to pray for the water protectors if you’re so inclined.  They’re not just protecting their sacred lands and water source.  They’re standing up for Mother Earth and the healing she so desperately needs now…

The Sun and Moon in Scorpio are also in a very difficult aspect with retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Although this energy can be used for trancendence and healing, its just as likely to manifest through a deepening, strengthening or re-imprinting of victim consciousness. 

For some, the sense of self may be so psychologically or spiritually damaged that they will need help to change negative thoughts and beliefs or destructive behaviors.  This aspect requires changes and adjustments demanded by outer sources.  These could be spouses or bosses or government officials.  These demands for change may well come in the form of ultimatums.  They’ll probably be relayed in a manner that is confrontational especially if they occur as a result of the exposure or disclosure of secrets or lies.  Of course its always better, always more empowering, when we make necessary changes of our own volition rather than waiting to be forced to do so by others.

Adding to the difficulty is Scorpio’s ancient ruling planet Mars, which is currently moving through Capricorn.  Mars just began a new two year cycle with Pluto, reflecting new goals and plans based upon the desires of our Souls.  These new directions are most likely associated with career or family responsibilities.  Achieving these goals will require greater maturity,  discipline, responsibility, self-determination and personal accountability. 

The difficulty comes from the fact that Mars is square retrograde Uranus in Aries, a connection that can be disruptive and even explosive.  This aspect will likely manifest through a need to change or shift plans, procedures, timelines and budgets.  In essence, Mars square Uranus is a revolutionary combination of energies that reveals serious limitations and requires necessary changes.  It can reveal weak links, flawed plans, underestimated costs, ineffective strategies and missing puzzle pieces. 

To effectively utilize this dynamic and perhaps even volatile influence, there MUST be a willingness to accept or to make the necessary changes, even if that requires giving up some cherished idea or belief.  For some, it may even demand giving up the entire goal or plan and starting over from scratch.  

Of course, one of the free will choices we can make is to choose to resist necessary evolutionary changes.  Know however that the forces of evolution, in the end, are always stronger than the forces of resistance.  Yes, we can choose to resist, but not forever.  And when we resist for far too long, then our Souls will intervene and co-create cataclysmic change events to create or enforce the necessary changes.  These nearly always show up completely out of the blue, in an unexpected and often shocking way.  And yet we have still played a role in co-creating these events albeit from the unconscious level of our very own Souls. 

Think of all the things in our current reality – the climate, business, economies, the environment, governments and politics – that are not working or functioning well.  How long do you think we can continue to resist the necessary changes that will resolve the these issues?  We’re already experiencing dire consequences associated with these disintegrating social paradigms including species extinction, mutating infectious disease organisms, extreme weather events and massive refugee migrations. 

Mars and Uranus are each quite aggressive and forceful on their own.  Together, these two planets reflect the energy of civil unrest at best; at their worst, they can manifest as natural disasters, violence, revolution and even war.  Mars and Uranus are now saying, “Change or be changed.  Change or risk death.”

These words may be shocking to some.  Well, Mars and Uranus can indeed bring shocks when that’s what is required to bring about necessary evolutionary change. 

Remember we are living in extraordinary times.  Prophecies by ancient cultures from all over the world have predicted that our current epoch in human history will be a time of epic changes both for our planet and for humanity. 

choicesEinstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

The Scorpio New Moon is ‘seeding’ powerful energies, encouraging us to make DIFFERENT CHOICES. 

We can use these energies to confront, heal and transform corrupt, unhealthy realities, or we can continue to use them to manipulate, coerce, control and destroy one another and our planet. 


What will you choose?  What must you confront in order to heal your emotional wounds?  Who or what have you been giving your power away to?  Are you willing to embrace change and evolve beyond old disempowering thoughts and beliefs that keep co-creating unwanted realities? 

For those who desire to consciously evolve, there could not be a better time than NOW!  The Scorpio New Moon has the power of great r-evolutionary change.  We have all the power we need – the power of choices.  CHOOSE to use your power consciously.  CHOOSE to co-create what you desire!


The Sagittarius New Moon happens on November 29th at 5:18 am MST/PDT.

Copyright 2016.    Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.

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