Capricorn New Moon: Responsibility, Reconciliation, Resistance and Revolution

capricornglyph38The Capricorn New Moon occurred at 1:53 am EST on Thursday, December 29th at 7 degrees Capricorn 59 minutes.  Here’s the chart:            capricornnewmoon2016-2.

Capricorn’s glyph is the Sea Goat.  It symbolizes humanity’s long and often arduous spiritual evolutionary journey. 

This sure-footed creature steadily makes its way from the depths of the oceans where all life began, to the heights of mountaintops, where it’s closest to the heavens and the Divine Creative Source. 

As the final Earth sign, Capricorn represents the ultimate lessons associated with personal and social responsibility.  On an Earthly level, this sign teaches proper sharing, management and use of all the vital physical materials we need to survive, including the planet’s precious natural resources like air, soil and water. 

On a spiritual level, Capricorn teaches that we are each responsible for all our experiences because it is our very own consciousness that created those experiences.  Ultimately, Capricorn transcends victimization through the realization of complete personal responsibility.

Capricorn also rules all forms, structures and boundaries including time and space.  Of course, the human body itself is a form.  The human body is a vessel, or form, that human consciousness inhabits.  Accordingly, Capricorn rules the structural nature of human consciousness.  Once consciousness enters human form, its function is shaped and structured by the human form and is therefore limited by the constructs of time and space.  This is why Capricorn also rules mortality and finitude.  This also explains why Capricorn is the archetype associated with history, archeology, antiques and antiquities as well as the aged or elderly.  This is the sign of emotional and spiritual maturation.

Capricorn not only rules the structural nature of human consciousness, but also the realities it co-creates, both on an individual and on a collective level. 

meditation5Quantum science has proven that consciousness not only influences but indeed creates the realities we experience.  It should come as no surprise then that our realities ALWAYS reflect the quality of consciousness that created them.  Reality will ALWAYS conform to our beliefs.

Therefore, taking complete responsibility for the quality of our consciousness is perhaps the most important task and lesson human beings undertake. 

This is just one of the many reasons why throughout human history, literally every wisdom tradition on Earth has taught the importance of meditation.  Through meditation practice, we’re able to quiet our minds and develop a CONSCIOUS awareness of the quality of our thoughts.  When we know our minds we can better manage and direct our thoughts, CONSCIOUSLY, with clear intention, so that we’re knowingly creating what is highest and best for ourselves and others.

On a much more mundane level, Capricorn is associated with all social structures.  All societies have norms, traditions, rules, laws and expectations for how its people will live together.  In some societies these norms are established through consensus agreement, while in other societies, they are determined and dictated by its rulers. 

Nevertheless, ALL societies are structured in certain ways and demand conformity and compliance to certain behavioral norms.  When people refuse to ‘follow the rules’ or transgress societal expectations, judgments and punishments of increasing intensity are issued to reinforce compliance and conformity.  Most often, these come in the form of projected guilt, ridicule, criticisms and attacks on reputation.  Ostensibly, societies issue judgments and punishments in order to maintain order and security.  It is of crucial importance to realize that we are ALL conditioned by the social and cultural norms of whatever society we’re born into.  We are ALL taught to follow, adhere to, and obey society’s expectations.  In short, all of us are influenced, from birth, to conform to social conditioning.  Such conditioning is the death knell of individual expression, scientific innovation and social and cultural progress.

As individuals evolve, they must learn to think for themselves, decide for themselves and choose for themselves based upon what is true for them as individuals.  Ultimately, we must all break free of social conditioning in order to express the fullness of our unique individuality.  At some point, to do otherwise, is to betray the true self. 

As more and more individuals evolve and break free of the status quo, so too do societies.  They ultimately break free from old outworn social norms, expectations and constructs.  When necessary social or cultural changes are resisted for too long however, revolutions result in order to bring about the required evolutionary changes.  Humanity has been on the verge of increasing r-evolutionary impulses for almost a decade now.  This Capricorn New Moon chart pattern indicates a potential for these impulses to grow and intensify.

Social structures always include governments, political parties, civil and criminal laws, cultural traditions, and education, transportation and monetary systems.  Social structures always reflect each society’s political philosophy or religious ideology – like marxism, socialism, democracy or totalitarianism. 

Pluto, THE planet of evolution, always teaches the right use of power.  It always transforms those things associated with the sign its moving through.  Pluto is closely connected to the Sun and Moon in Capricorn in the New Moon chart pattern. 

Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008; it will remain in the sign until 2025.  Since 2008, we’ve witnessed an increasing disintegration and even collapse of many existing social structures in countries all across the planet.  This Capricorn New Moon is likely to accelerate this process of disintegration. 

In addition, in 2010, Pluto began an extraordinary, life-changing square aspect (90 degrees apart) with Uranus in Aries.  This connection between Pluto and Uranus continues to this day and is also prominently featured in the Capricorn New Moon pattern.

Literally, in the face of Pluto and Uranus’ transformative energies, many social structures can no longer hold or maintain their forms…

Let’s take a quick look back for review. 

Tarabspring7he current social and cultural evolutionary process first began in September 2008 with the economic crash on Wall Street that very quickly spread to Europe and other countries wreaking havoc in many global economies. 

Two years later in May 2010, Uranus, the planet of revolution, entered Aries, the sign of new beginnings, for eight years.  Thus began the decade-long square aspect between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  This waxing square aspect symbolizes powerful energies for both evolutionary (Pluto) and revolutionary (Uranus) change. 

Within hours of Uranus’ final re-entry into Aries on March 11, 2011 (it retrograded back into Pisces from August 2010 to March 2011), a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan resulting in a catastrophic tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plants.  This natural disaster was a collective ‘wake-up’ call regarding how we humans generate and use ‘power.’ 

In December 2010, the processes of evolution and revolution relative to global social structures manifested as the Arab Spring began suddenly when a despairing Tunisian street vendor self-immolated spurring dramatic political changes in governments all across Northern Africa and the Middle East. 

Then in September 2011, the Occupy Movement began in Manhattan, New York, and spread like wildfire.  Within weeks, Occupy Movement  encampments sprung up in hundreds of cities as it quickly spread across nearly every continent. 

Changes in social structures like governments, political leaders and parties, and global economies continue to manifest to this day.  Most recently, these changes were evidenced by the surprising and unexpected Brexit vote in the United Kingdom as they chose to leave the European Union, and in the shocking election of Donald Trump to the Presidency here in the United States.

Representing the evolutionary process itself, Pluto always works by bringing to light whatever is corrupt, decayed and dysfunctional so that healing and transformation can begin.  As they say, “Sunlight is the best antiseptic.”  With Uranus ruling revolution, rebellion and necessary change, through its connection to Pluto since 2010 we have been collectively manifesting and experiencing extraordinary, r-evolutionary changes all across the globe. 

In 2016, Pluto reached the halfway point in the sign of Capricorn.  Having done so, this evolutionary impulse is really gathering momentum now.  And Uranus is also quite powerfully positioned in the heavens right now as it stationed direct today (December 29th).  Revolutionary energy is building as well.  Planets are always most powerful when they ‘station’ or seemingly stand still in the heavens as they appear to change directions from our point of view here on Earth.  As a result, its likely that we’ll experience even MORE dramatic changes – over the coming weeks as Uranus resumes forward motion, and over the next seven or eight years as Pluto completes its journey through Capricorn! 

It’s important to note that Uranus stations nearly always bring those famous AHA! moments when we experience ‘lightning bolts’ of innovative thoughts, ideas, revelations and breakthroughs that utterly transform our existing reality structures.  Pay attention to what new ideas come into your own mind now.  They’re likely to provide important insights, guidance and clues about what changes you need to make now to evolve beyond the status quo of old, outworn realities in your own personal life.

Adding to the volatility of Uranus square Pluto, both are now also part of a cardinal T-Square that includes Jupiter in Libra.  A ‘T-Square’ is a planetary configuration comprised of at least three planets which are square (90 degrees) and opposite (180 degrees) one another in three signs that share a common modality.  Pluto in Capricorn is square both Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra.  Jupiter and Uranus are opposite one another.  If you drew lines between the three planets, the resulting configuration looks like a capital letter “T” thus the name, “T-Square.” 

Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

This is a cardinal T-Square.  It occupies three of the four cardinal signs:  Aries, Libra and Capricorn.  The fourth cardinal sign, Cancer, is powerfully energized as well even though there’s no planet currently occupying the sign.  More on this a little later…

Cardinal energy instinctively initiates new beginnings and directions.  These new realities often get underway in fits and starts.  They typically manifest through a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ sort of  dance.  This is because new experiences take us into unfamiliar territory and therefore often create great anxiety and insecurity.  Once forward movement instinctively occurs, there’s almost always a desire to take a step back, to regroup, and restore a sense of security once again.  Then when the courage to move forward builds sufficient momentum once again, two more steps forward are taken.

As this T-Square pattern holds through September 2017, Jupiter will square Pluto three times and oppose Uranus three times.  The first square between Jupiter and Pluto occurred on November 24th which was Thanksgiving Day here in the US.  The second and third squares between Jupiter and Pluto will happen on March 30th and August 4th, 2017.  Jupiter just opposed Uranus for the first time on December 27th.  The second and third oppositions between them will occur on March 2nd and September 27th, 2017. 

These oppositions between Jupiter and Uranus and squares between Jupiter and Pluto will further energize the T-Square each time they occur.  Significant events will no doubt occur at these times personally and collectively.   

Altogether, the planetary energies of this T-Square are focused on bringing necessary changes in how we relate to one another, from one-on-one relationships to diplomatic relations between nations.  It promises escalating tensions in relationships that are already struggling, like the decades-long alliance between the US and Israel and the recently ‘re-set’ relationship between Russia and the US.  Just this week, an unprecedented abstention by the US occurred at the UN Security Council on a vote condemning Israel’s ongoing settlement construction as illegal.  Not surprisingly, harsh words were immediately exchanged between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

We are experiencing a period of increasing global insecurity as’ steps forward’ towards necessary change create great anxiety and result in outcries to take ‘steps back’ in order to retrieve successful elements of previous conditions and the familiarity of the old status quo.  As a result, we’re likely to see an increasing push-back by citizens all over the world against their governments if their leaders continue to try to maintain the status quo.  The political ‘establishment’ and those in positions of power will continue to experience mounting pressure to reform old, outworn, corrupt and dysfunctional social programs and governmental policies that are NOT working for the masses.

These realities are reflected by Jopposites2upiter in Libra opposite retrograde Uranus in Aries.  This opposition in the signs of ‘me vs. you’ and ‘us vs. them’ symbolize the extreme levels of conflict and polarization currently existing in so many of our relationships with one another.  In essence, our realities quite poignantly reflect the stark philosophical and ideological differences between those who are ‘group-minded’ and those who are ‘self-interested.’ 

In short, our realities are reflecting the vast differences between those operating from a matriarchal consciousness that is based upon giving, sharing, inclusion and group-interests, and those coming from a patriarchal consciousness that’s rooted in hierarchy, dominance, exclusion and self-interest. 

The sign of Cancer represents matriarchal consciousness.  It is the sign of the grass roots of any society.  It rules families, ancestries, communities and common emotional bonds.  Capricorn is the sign associated with patriarchal consciousness.  Capricorn rules corporations, governments and those in positions of leadership, power and authority within all societies.

Evolution always proceeds to and through the opposite sign.  With Pluto now in Capricorn, the evolutionary path forward naturally leads to Cancer – the ’empty leg’ of the cardinal T-Square mentioned above.  To successfully navigate the extraordinary evolutionary potential at the core of the current cardinal T-Square, the astrological pattern that reflects our ongoing power struggles with one another, we must remember that humanity is really ALL ONE FAMILY.  We must return to a common commitment to one another and learn to honor, respect, value and take care of each other once again.

Perhaps the most import thing we must retrieve from the past as we ‘step back’ to regroup before we ‘step forward’ once again are the core matriarchal values that realize we are all connected and that in fact, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  Matriarchy teaches that we all do better when WE ALL DO BETTER!

This ‘us vs. them’ polarization exists all over the world.  It’s also reflected in the growing deterioration in relations between extreme ideological differences between political factions worldwide.  In Europe the political divide is growing between democratic socialists and populist conservative nationalistic movements.  Here in the US, Republicans and Democrats are so estranged from one another that government has literally become gridlocked.  Indeed we increasingly hear the term ‘opposition party’ used to describe this extreme polarization in our political discourse internationally. 

This energy of opposition was the core subject of Naomi Klein’s 2015 groundbreaking book, This Changes Everything.  In it she writes about the philosophical differences between the interests of capitalism and environmentalism.  She argues that capitalism, NOT carbon-based energy resources, is to blame for climate change and devastating environmental degradation worldwide. 

With a Trump Presidency, we’re likely to see a resurgence of extreme capitalistic tendencies play out through a wide array of both foreign and domestic policies and agendas. 

Of course, the downside of capitalism often manifests through the exclusionary, self-interested ideology that underpins patriarchal consciousness.  Corrupted capitalism seeks profits for the few over the health and well-being of people and the planet.  It is noteworthy that OUR REVOLUTION, an outgrowth of Bernie Sanders presidential bid, has as its core the slogan, “People and planet over profits.”

This ideological divide between capitalism and environmentalism was also on full display for months this year in North Dakota as over 200 tribes from countries throughout the Americas joined the Standing Rock Sioux in opposition to the 3.8 billion dollar Dakota Access pipeline that would threaten their sole source of drinking water.  This gathering fulfilled ancient indigenous prophecy associated with the coming together of the Eagle and the Condor.

Of course, we’ve witnessed a growing divide generally between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ for centuries.  It’s currently reflected in what we’re now calling the 1% vs. the 99% that reflects the continuing levels of extreme wealth disparity and income inequality between the rich and poor worldwide.  The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer.

This polarization of opposing forces, which has reached extreme (Libra) levels, is now poised to either find reconciliation (Jupiter in Libra) or erupt into revolution (Uranus in Aries).  We will either find ways to SHARE (a core matriarchal value), realizing the wisdom of considering the needs of EVERYONE, or, we’ll continue down the dangerous path of drawing lines in the sand and operating by escalating ultimatums that seek to dominate, exploit, control and EXCLUDE (a patriarchal value) all but a privileged few (Aries and Capricorn). 

The current cardinal T-Square is a very powerful change agent.  This celestial pattern symbolizes a crucial turning point.  Those aligned with the forces of change (Uranus in Aries) will grow and increasingly push back against those who are aligned with the forces of resistance to change, the ‘powers that be’ or what we often refer to as the ‘establishment’ (Pluto in Capricorn). 

These oppositional forces will reach further extremes unless and until we make different choices than we have in the past.  Until we choose peace, justice, equality, sharing and fairness (all Libra attributes), further disintegration of social structures and paradigms must and will continue (Pluto in Capricorn).  Until we choose to work together for the good of EVERYONE (Libra and Cancer), the forces of revolution (Uranus in Aries) will continue to grow and build in order to bring about necessary evolutionary changes.

It’s important to point out that in the end, from an evolutionary point of view, the forces of evolution ALWAYS prevail over the forces of resistance.  Yes, we have the power of free will choice and one of the choices we are free to make is the choice to resist change.  But we cannot resist forever.  Just as tectonic plates push and push against one another building up resistance, they eventually give way and an earthquake results.  Ultimately evolutionary change occurs, forever changing the landscape and restoring balance. 

The cardinal T-Square presages a time to move forward again; to take two more steps in new directions.  And as a result, new beginnings that previously surged forward and then fell back, like the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring, may very well get re-energized in the coming weeks since the New Moon in Capricorn is so powerfully hooked into this dynamic T-Square pattern.

The planet Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is therefore the ruler of the New Moon.  Saturn is itself quite significantly aspected in the Capricorn New Moon chart. 

Continuing to move through Sagittarius (December 2014 to December 2017), Saturn has been focusing our collective consciousness (remember Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign associated with human consciousness) on a search for expanded understanding of truth.  Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has been exposing truths and lies for two years now.  This celestial influence has most dramatically been reflected recently in the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ and the global corporate media’s penchant for ‘normalizing’ dishonesty and deception. 

Saturn is both square (90 degrees apart) Chiron in Pisces and trine (120 degrees apart) stationary Uranus in Aries.  Square aspects are typically challenging, representing conflicts and crises that require choices, decisions and actions.  Trine aspects are typically supportive, representing progress, recognition and rewards from prior efforts. 

despair3Saturn’s square to Chiron reveals the pervasive wounds that exist within humanity and our planet on all levels including mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It reflects the growing toxicity of human consciousness and our planet’s environment.  In short, both our minds and our planet has and is being poisoned.

Many of these wounds are the result of thousands of years of social conditioning that reflect distortions of the truth by man-made religions that have taught us to believe that we’re separate from God, deserve pain and punishment due to our imperfections (sins), and are powerless to direct our own lives and destinies. 

Billions of people all across the world currently live in dire poverty and despair.  And clearly, our planet is also in peril due to environmental pollution and climate change.  Gaia herself is greatly wounded after centuries of destructive human activities that have plundered her natural resources for profit and destroyed once healthy and pristine eco-systems that we all need to survive.

Its important to be especially mindful now of any tendency to indulge in negative emotions.  Not only is Saturn square Chiron in Pisces emphasizing all of our wounds, but Mars in Pisces just passed over the Moon’s South Node in Pisces as well.  One of the lowest or un-evolved expressions of Pisces energy is identifying with being a victim and blaming outer sources and forces.  The risk here is to angrily act out frustrations or further succumb to delusions or even seek to escape painful realities through substance abuse.   Mars conjunct the Moon’s South Node encourages letting go of whatever doesn’t serve our highest and best good.  It encourages the release of victim consciousness.

Remember…  CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY!  Instead, reach for the highest potential of Pisces that reflects our universal connection to the Divine Creative Source energy that’s always offering unconditional love, solace, guidance and inspiration.  Ask your Higher Self, “What would you have me know now?”  “What would you have me do?”  Use the considerable Capricorn energy available to take COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE CO-CREATED.  Then and only then, can healing occur.

Of course one of the best ways to reach for a higher level of expression that transcends melancholy and depression is to offer yourself in service to others whose needs are perhaps even greater than your own.  Remember that on a collective level, our evolution now requires that we move beyond self-interest (patriarchy), to embrace group or ‘unity’ consciousness (matriarchy).  After all, we are ALL connected; we are in fact, ALL ONE.   Giving your time and energy to a greater goal for the good of all is itself a powerful evolutionary choice!

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces cautions us about the risk of simply re-imprinting the same old wounds that will inevitably result from a mindset that continues to identify with being a victim and feeling powerless.  It if offering us the opportunity to throw off individual and collective qualities of consciousness that are rooted in victimization that falsely believes we’re powerless to effect change in our lives and realities.

Remember… CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY!  ALL human beings are intrinsically powerful by the fact that we all have the power of FREE WILL CHOICE that directs our consciousness to co-create what we want and desire.  Indeed our very evolution is facilitated by the power of our free will choices.

breakthroughFortunately, Saturn’s trine to stationary Uranus, particularly on or around the 29th when this revolutionary planet stations direct and resumes forward motion in the heavens, symbolizes the energy of breakthroughs and surprising and unexpected solutions.  Discoveries, revelations and AHA! moments can point the way forward.  They can provide the necessary insight and understanding that allows for resolution of problems.  They can supply the courage to break free of the status quo and to shatter old corrupt crystallized patterns and realities of the past. 

breakthrough2Uranus is always working to liberate us from that which is preventing further evolutionary growth.  Saturn trine Uranus can bring revolutionary forces into focus, enable forward movement, and provide the courage and will needed to affect positive change.  Uranus always brings break-ups and break-downs that ultimately lead to breakthroughs.

Uranus also affects liberation through realizations and revelations.  So truths will be continue to be revealed and lies will continue to be exposed.  This is even more likely to occur as Mercury completes its current retrograde period on January 8th at the final degree of Sagittarius, the very sign associated with truth vs. lies.

So here we are at the end of yet another year.  It’s been a year of ongoing upsets, surprises, and shocking events.  For many, it feels like we’re living in extremely chaotic and uncertain times.  This is in fact true!  Its also true that chaos is a natural force – a force of change.  Chaos always reigns in between old and new orders and old and new realities. 

It is perhaps divine timing then that this Capricorn New Moon pattern is seeding extraordinary r-evolutionary forces of change.  It portends many new directions for all of us.  We simply need to EMBRACE CHANGE.  We simply need to choose to use its energies to create the many new beginnings we need and desire – particularly in our relationships with one another, including our relationship with the planet.

So what will you choose?  Resolution or resistance?  Reconciliation or revolution?  What will you choose?


The Aquarius New Moon is on January 27th at 5:07 pm MST!

         Copyright 2016.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.        



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