Aries New Moon: Fuel for the Fires

The Aries New Moon happens Monday evening, March 27th, at 7:57 pm MST/PDT, at 7 degrees Aries 37 minutes.

Here’s the chart: AriesNewMoon2017.

As the first sign in the natural zodiac, Aries always reflects the energy of new beginnings.  Aries always acts instinctively to initiate new beginnings. 

We witness this each Spring in the Northern hemisphere when the Sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox and new life births itself throughout the natural world.  This explains why one of the symbols of this sign is a glyph that represents the sprout or seedling.

Aries is a FIRE sign.  In fact, Aries is the first sign of the FIRE element in the zodiac.  There are four zodiacal elements – FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER.  Each element is comprised of three zodiac signs.  Each sign within an element reflects one of the three different modalities within the zodiac. 

There are three zodiacal modalities – CARDINAL, FIXED and MUTABLE.  Cardinal signs instinctively begin and initiate new actions; Fixed signs establish and secure what’s recently been initiated or begun, and Mutable signs change and adapt to what’s next. 

Aries’ fellow FIRE element signs are Leo and Sagittarius.  Aries is the CARDINAL Fire sign while Leo is the FIXED Fire sign and Sagittarius is the MUTABLE Fire sign.  Interestingly, Leo, the second of the fire signs, is ruled by the Sun.  And the third and final fire sign, Sagittarius, rules the principle of growth and expansion.  

Returning now to Aries glyph symbolizing the sprout or seedling, we can easily recognize the natural evolutionary progression through the FIRE element signs.  New plants instinctively (Aries) push their way through the soil as they reach for the Sun’s rays (Leo) in order to grow and flourish (Sagittarius).

ALL life begins instinctively, and then seeks out the light in its process of self-discovery and becoming, as it grows and expands into the fullness of its being.

Of course this same Aries glyph that represents the seedling or sprouting plant also symbolizes the great curved horns of the male Ram, the animal associated with the sign of Aries. 

Anatomically, Aries rules the head.  The ‘head-butting’ behavior of male Rams typifies the intrinsically forceful nature and character of Aries that always acts instinctively in pursuit of its desires.  The Ram perfectly reflects the rashness of all that impulsive behavior.  It’s no wonder that Aries is often described as ‘head-strong’ in character!

All the Cardinal signs act instinctively, initiating new beginnings and activities.  The combination of both the CARDINAL MODALITY and the FIRE ELEMENT reveals why Aries represents PURE YANG energy.  Yang energy is pure creative force that ceaselessly moves out from the center to express itself as it manifests in the world.

Aries is like a hot red sports car; it doesn’t like braking and it doesn’t like stop signs and it surely doesn’t like cops!  In fact, one of the surest ways to anger Aries is to get in its way or attempt to limit, control or interfere with its need for complete independence and freedom.

But this sign’s notorious angry flare-ups and outbursts are understandable.  Aries NEEDS a lot of freedom and independence in order to instinctively act upon its desires!  From a spiritual evolutionary point of view, Aries facilitates the process of self-discovery.  Through instinctively initiating actions, Aries discovers who it is as an individual so that it can grow and flourish and expand into the fullness of becoming and expressing its unique self!

However, these instinctive actions frequently create situations of uncertainty and insecurity since they typically take Aries into unknown, unfamiliar and uncertain territory.  

Wile E. Coyote of the Roadrunner cartoon fame perfectly reflects the Aries archetype.  The Coyote ALWAYS  instinctively chases the Roadrunner!  Unfortunately, it’s only AFTER Coyote has impulsively begun the chase that he realizes he’s run off the edge of a cliff! 

This characteristic nature of the sign also serves an evolutionary purpose; it teaches Aries courage.  Aries must overcome it’s fears of the new and unknown.  As a result, Aries will often force itself into new experiences and adventures just to prove it’s courage to itself!  This attribute of Aries reflects the natural leadership ability this sign is so well-known for.  Pioneers, trail-blazers and warriors all reflect the Aries archetype.

I wanted to thoroughly explain the inherent nature of the ENERGY of Aries to help readers understand the EXTRAORDINARY AMOUNT of forceful, instinctive, impulsive energy being seeded by this Aries New Moon.  This is due to the fact that the Sun and Moon are not alone in Aries.  They are joined by Mercury, retrograde Venus and Uranus also in Aries in the New Moon chart pattern. 

Additionally, each and every one of these Aries planets is significantly ‘aspected’ or in an angular relationship connecting them to other planets or planetary configurations in the heavens now.  These aspect connections add even more energy to the current Aries New Moon celestial pattern.  They add fuel to the fires! 

Let’s take a look now at these planetary connections…

First, the Sun and Moon are most closely aligned with retrograde Venus in Aries.  Venus has to do with love and beauty, values and worth, resources and relationships.  The rarest of all planetary retrogrades, Venus is only retrograde for about 6 weeks every year and a half.  This bi-annual retrograde encourages review and reflection upon essential needs and values as well as relationship dynamics. 

During every Venus retrograde period we all have an opportunity to think deeply about love and money.  How well do you manage your resources?  What’s the nature of your relationship to your self?  Do you value and respect yourself?  Do you feel worthy or unworthy?  What have your patterns of experience in relationships been like?  Have you noticed that others treat you like YOU treat you?!

The Aries New Moon’s close connection to Venus retrograde is saying, “Seek love and beauty both within and without.  Invest your time, energy and resources into what’s really most important to you and reflects your core values.  Learn to take better care of yourself and watch your relationships with others improve.  Treat yourself the way you wish to be treated by others and marvel at how others respond in kind.”

Venus will return to Pisces before completing its retrograde.  Confusion may reign as it does so.  Accept the confusion as it is part of the Pisces process of dissolving whatever is preventing our ongoing spiritual growth.  Clarity always returns of itself when the process of dissolution is complete.  

When Venus stations direct on April 15th completing its retrograde, it will conjoin Chiron in Pisces.  This connection symbolizes both the need and the opportunity for the ultimate healing of hurts and wounds, especially those of a psychological or spiritual nature. 

Pisces is the sign associated with the spiritual path.  This sign teaches unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and non-judgement.  Ask for spiritual guidance if you need it for it will surely be available.  Take time for yourself to meditate or pray or just check in with your intuition for answers.  Also pay close attention to your dreams.  Since Pisces rules the unconscious, the source of our dreams, they too may offer important insights and understandings.

The Cardinal T-Square is quite significantly featured in the Aries New Moon chart pattern.  Long-term listeners to my Heavenly Help podcasts* likely know by now that this Cardinal T-Square pattern has been dominating the heavens since late last year and will continue to do so until late this summer.  This T-Square is comprised of Uranus in Aries, which is opposite (180 degrees) Jupiter in Libra, and both are simultaneously square (90 degrees) Pluto in Capricorn.  Aries, Libra and Capricorn are all Cardinal modality signs which instinctively initiate new beginnings. 

The core energy connection within this T-Square is between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Again, those who follow astrology in general, or my work specifically, know that Uranus square Pluto is THE astrological pattern in the heavens that’s been reflecting the profound changes we’ve experienced here on Earth since 2008, socially, economically, politically and culturally.  Even religious and scientific institutions, reality structures and paradigms have been dramatically changing worldwide. 

On a mundane level, these changes have included the economic meltdown that began on Wall Street, the many revolutionary geo-political realignments planet-wide like the Arab Spring who’s chaotic fall-out continues, and more currently the Brexit vote in the UK that chose to leave the EU.  Changes also include the resurgence of cold-war era relations between the United States and Russia and unexpected cultural shifts in issues like marriage equality and trans-gender rights.  On a spiritual evolutionary level however, the highest potential manifestation of Uranus square Pluto is a quantum breakthrough in collective human consciousness. 

Since quantum science has proven that consciousness creates our reality, it’s increasingly evident, to more and more people, that the more we change our consciousness (spiritual evolutionary level) the more we will change our outer worldly realities (mundane level). 

One of the ‘power-players’ in the old social reality paradigm is corporate media.  They continue to maintain the status quo of the establishment both in Washington DC and on Wall Street.  They have mightily resisted necessary evolutionary changes. 

The selectivity of their news coverage focuses almost entirely on issues and topics that support their corporate agendas and profit motives.  The ‘news’ they do choose to deliver is often distorted and fear-based with an intention to obfuscate the truth rather than inform and enlighten the citizenry. 

Discerning what’s true and what’s not true has been an ongoing crucial lesson in the evolution of our collective consciousness.  Recently, the proliferation of ‘fake news’ has greatly intensified the need for this discernment. 

Evidence of this was just displayed prominently on the front cover of Time Magazine’s current edition as they asked, “Is Truth Dead?”

This past week Mercury connected with ALL the planets in the T-Square.  First it squared (90 degrees) Pluto in Capricorn on March 23rd, then opposed (180 degrees) Jupiter in Libra on March 24th, and JUST conjoined (aligned at the exact same degree) Uranus in Aries yesterday on March 26th. 

ALL three of these Mercury connections are a part of the energetic pattern of the Aries New Moon chart.  Further, Jupiter will make the second of three total squares to Pluto itself on March 30th (the first was November 25, 2015 and the third will be on August 4, 2017).  Jupiter rules the search for truth so it’s likely more truths, and more lies, will be exposed in the coming days…

Mercury is the ‘Messenger’ planet so it rules all kinds of information and modes of communication including the media.  Remember that Mercury is one of the prominent Aries planets in the New Moon chart pattern.  It’s movement through the T-Square this week coincided with an explosion of surprising and shocking news events. 

Journalists were so exhausted as they breathlessly raced from one breaking news story to another to another, many of them commented about the difficulty they were having keeping up with the overwhelming amount of information being discovered, disclosed and reported.

Mercury is currently slowing down ahead of its upcoming station retrograde on April 9th.  Although this second Mercury retrograde period of 2017 begins in Taurus, Mercury will re-enter Aries as it traverses back through the zodiac reconnecting with Uranus in Aries again before it completes its retrograde on May 3rd.  The headlines that first appeared this past week will no doubt continue to unfold as they are revisited again and again as Mercury retraces some of the same T-Square territory two more times in the coming weeks. 

Specifically, Mercury will connect with Uranus again on April 28th and May 9th.  Expect EVEN MORE unexpected and dramatic information to come to light during this time.  Be mindful too of all the information coming your way personally during this same time frame.  Know that precisely the information you NEED to move forward in new directions in your own life will show up for you.  Your job is to PAY ATTENTION and then act upon that information whether it be factual information from physical sources or intuitive information from metaphysical sources.      

One more extremely important reason to focus attention on Mercury now has to do with the chart of the United States.  In the progressed US chart (progressions are an astrological procedure that unfolds a natal chart through time), Mercury has been retrograde since May 1995.  On April 2nd, the progressed US Mercury will station direct in the sign of Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus!   Here’s the natal and progressed US charts:  USNatal&Prog040217.

Remember, Mercury is currently transiting through Aries connecting and reconnecting with Uranus which is also in Aries!  This astrological coincidence between the real-time movement of Mercury through the heavens now, and the movement of Mercury in the progressed US chart which is about to resume forward motion after being retrograde for nearly 22 years, is nothing short of mind-blowing.  Perhaps a better way of describing this synchronicity is Divine Timing!

I’ve been watching this US progressed retrograde Mercury for years now, wondering what will manifest when it stations direct this April. 

Mercury is an extremely important planet in the US chart since it rules Gemini, our nation’s Rising sign or Ascendant.** 

Mercury is also a significant planet in Donald Trump’s chart since his Sun is in Gemini where it conjoins both his natal North Node and his natal Uranus which are also in Gemini!  He’s often accurately described as ‘Mercurial.’  He’s also been called rebellious, unconventional and chaotic – all Uranian traits that reflect the weight of his Sun’s connection to Uranus in his natal chart!

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, an unconventional archetype indeed.  It’s evolutionary purpose is CHANGE!  This sign’s job is to shake us up in order to wake us up.  Uranus and Aquarius liberate us from the past and help us to break free of whatever is preventing ongoing evolutionary growth.  

Of course some changes are easily embraced while others are strongly resisted.  In the end however, the forces of evolution ALWAYS overcome the forces of resistance.  When evolutionary changes are resisted for far too long, Uranus and Aquarius bring revolution to enforce the necessary changes. 

As journalists re-awaken to the awesome responsibility they have within any democratic society, they’re beginning to once again challenge those in power, holding them accountable in ways that frankly hasn’t been the norm in the US for decades.

Citizens are also re-awakening to their civic duty.  A groundswell of political activism has been growing all across this country for many months now.  It began during the recent presidential campaign season and dramatically increased the day after Trump’s inauguration as millions participated in the Women’s March in Washington, a political protest repeated in hundreds of cities all across the US, as well as in many other major cities throughout the world. 

We are witnessing a growing level of social unrest and political activism (Uranus and Aquarius) not seen in the US since the sixties.  Interestingly, the current decade-long connection between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn marks the first major phase (1st quarter square phase) of unfolding of the 127 year cycle between these two heavyweight planets that began in…   wait for it…   the SIXTIES! 

When I hear people say that current events remind them of the sixties, they’re unwittingly revealing just how much they’re intuitively and psychically tuned-into the zeitgeist of the time!

So the US progressed retrograde Mercury is literally standing still or ‘stationary’ now.   Which means it is also extremely potently energized (planets are most powerful when stationary).  As it changes direction and resumes forward motion once again, the things associated with Mercury will also change direction, turn around and begin to move forward again. 

According to the natural law of correspondences, or what is more commonly referred to as the, ‘As Above; So Below’ principle, America is likely on the verge of an historic event that will itself reflect a turn around, or change in direction as well.  Whatever happens, it will no doubt have important, far-reaching consequences for our country and perhaps even for the rest of the world.

Of course we’ll have to wait to see what actually happens, but the wait won’t be for long since April 2nd is but a week away.  At the very least we can expect the disclosure of even MORE information!  And we can expect this information to have the power to dramatically change our realities both personally and collectively.

Another major planetary connection in the Aries New Moon chart pattern involves the Sun.  Just like Mercury, the Sun will similarly move through the T-Square over the next couple of weeks.  It too will connect with Pluto, then Jupiter and then Uranus. 

Of course the Sun always sheds light on whatever it touches so perhaps some new info will bring much needed clarity to some of the otherwise incredibly mysterious and unexplained recent news events like the alleged Russian hacking of our presidential election, or why so many Trump campaign associates have ties with Russian officials or what evidence House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes received, and from whom, on the grounds at the White House last week!

The bottom line for everyone is to PAY ATTENTION to ALL the information, insights, messages, data and knowledge coming your way.  It’s not only likely to be quite revelatory, like those famous AHA moments, but it’s also more than likely to be precisely the information you need to break free of the past, or whatever is holding you back, so that you can successfully initiate new directions in your life and move forward on your personal evolutionary path!  Consider these messages to be ‘postcards from your Soul!’

To even more deeply understand the energetic blueprint of this Aries New Moon pattern we now need to analyze the planet Mars since he rules the sign of Aries and therefore rules this New Moon chart. 

Currently, Mars is moving through the sign of Taurus.  The first thing to understand about Mars in Taurus is that it symbolizes the hot red sports car coming to a STOP SIGN! 

Taurus is quintessential PURE YIN energy reflecting energy that moves inward towards the center.  YIN energy is passive and receptive, not active and expressive like YANG energy. 

Mars in Taurus encourages us to act SLOWLY and only after careful and thorough consideration – not instinctively or impulsively – as is the habit of Mars and Aries the sign it rules. 

Mars is making several aspects to other planets in the Aries New Moon chart.  It’s sextile (60 degrees) Neptune in Pisces, semi-square (45 degrees) Chiron in Pisces and sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) Saturn in Sagittarius.  Since Taurus rules essential needs, values and meaning in life, it will be important to make choices and take actions that reflect your personal values.  What’s really most important and meaningful to you?  What truly reflects and expresses your own worth and core values? 

Mars and Neptune symbolize ‘walking your talk’ or ‘inspired actions’ and even ‘divine interventions.’  Mars and Chiron encourage forgiveness of ourselves and others for past mistakes.  They also caution us to be careful not to succumb to a victim mentality or a negative mindset that will simply re-create old wounds and keep co-creating unsatisfactory realities.  Mars and Chiron hold out the promise of deep psychological and spiritual healing if we choose to use their energy positively instead of negatively. 

And Mars and Saturn are saying, “It’s time to take COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY for ALL our choices and actions.”  Remember, perfection and evolution are antithetical.  They are mutually exclusive.  Mistakes and errors are the stuff of evolution.  Learn and grow from them instead of letting them undermine self-confidence and reaffirm negative thoughts, beliefs and mindsets about yourself and the world.

Mars will also trine (120 degrees) Pluto in Capricorn on April 5th promising results, rewards and achievements of desires for those who make the efforts described above.

Finally, it may be appropriate to remind ourselves that we are indeed living in extraordinary times!  For millennia, cultures all over the world have shared their prophecies about this time in human history.  Universally, they all foresaw a potential for a quantum leap forward in human evolution.  Many of them additionally saw this evolutionary growth happening as a result of breakthroughs in human consciousness.  

In a another profound example of the ‘As Above, So Below’ principle, the God particle was discovered at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland the same week Uranus and Pluto experienced the first of seven precise square (90 degrees) aspects between one another that began in June of 2012 and ended in March of 2015.  Although those exact square alignments are finished, Uranus and Pluto are still connected with one another and so their evolutionary and revolutionary energies are still unfolding and manifesting through our personal and collective choices.  What could be more r-evolutionary than the discovery of a particle that helps further explain creation?

This Aries New Moon is a powerful celestial event signaling a time of increasing evolutionary change and growth.  But before you race ahead full speed (I’m talking to all you red hot sports car drivers), Venus retrograde, the upcoming Mercury retrograde and Mars in Taurus are all flashing bright yellow caution signs saying, “There’s a stop light ahead.  Slow down and take your time.  Thoroughly review needs, desires and values before you move forward.  Take responsibility.  Do due diligence as you consider new directions and plans.  Reflect deeply.  Know precisely WHO and WHAT are deserving of your time, energy, attention and resources.”

How will you know?  Follow your heart’s true desires.  Pursue what is most important and meaningful to you.  Pursue what you LOVE and what reflects your core values. 

There’s plenty of fuel for those fires.  Though they may be burning slowly, they’ll burn brightly if they’re burning in your heart…


** The actual birth time of the US chart is disputed.  While many well-known astrologers use the Gemini Rising chart, others use a Sagittarius Rising chart, while still others use a Scorpio Rising chart.   


The Taurus New Moon happens April 26th at 5:16 am MST/PDT.

Copyright 2017.  Threshold Consulting and Donna Lee Steele.  All rights reserved.

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