Gemini New Moon: Knowledge is Power

The Gemini New Moon happens May 25th at 12:44 pm MST/PDT.  It occurs at 4 degrees Gemini 46 minutes.  Here’s the chart:   GeminiNewMoon2017.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins.  In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux were twins born to the same mother but different fathers.  Pollux was immortal; Castor was mortal. 

The two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini are named for these twins who represent opposite forces or choices.  Accordingly, Gemini also symbolizes the duality of the mind that reflects the dual nature or reality of our universe, which of course was originally created out of pure divine consciousness.

As the first Air sign in the zodiac, Gemini reflects the mental plane of existence.  It represents the logical mind that processes information gathered through our five physical senses in a linear deductive fashion.  Gemini is the sign of the left brain and as such, reflects human intellectual capacity and mental thought structures.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, who was also known to the Greeks as the ‘Messenger’ of the Gods.  With winged feet and helmet, Mercury always delivered messages swiftly.  In modern times, Gemini is the sign associated with the media.  Other modern Gemini phenomena include the internet and social media which have exponentially expanded instantaneous information sharing capacity globally.

Gemini’s intrinsic curiosity naturally fuels its never-ending quest for more and more knowledge.  Gemini gathers and disseminates information of all kinds through both the written and spoken word.  As it does so, it increasingly learns about and comes to understand the physical world and how it works.

So it should come as no surprise that this Gemini New Moon chart pattern seeds energy for lots and Lots and LOTS of communication!  Watch as information of all kinds is sought, subpoenaed, provided, shared, exchanged, released, leaked, announced, researched, revised, retracted, hidden, hacked, revealed, recorded, adjusted, contradicted, challenged, questioned, blurted out and tweeted!  Expect a surprise or two or twelve in the coming month as important messages and announcements create many new headlines.

One of the problems Gemini must overcome is a tendency to reject information that doesn’t comport with what it already knows or believes to be true. This occurs because for Gemini, security comes from its ability to know the facts and when those facts are challenged, it is often quite unsettling.  It is interesting to note that the United States chart has a Gemini Ascendant or first house sign.  And Donald Trump has the Sun, North Node and Uranus all in Gemini as well.

Current consensus reality powerfully reflects this paradigm of outright rejection of some information.  This occurs through the habit most people have of associating with, tuning in and listening only to sources of information that reaffirms, supports or agrees with their existing point of view.  This tendency, rooted in the need for intellectual security, is a significant factor in the extreme polarization throughout our world today, especially when it comes to political ideologies.

Another challenge Gemini often encounters is that the information it gathers sometimes contains contradictions.  Contradictory ideas, perspectives or opinions can create confusion.  When this is the case, Gemini must reach over to it’s opposite sign, Sagittarius, for help in sorting through competing facts or conflicted data. 

Evolution always occurs by and through opposite signs.  For Gemini, Sagittarius provides an expanded understanding that helps it to make sense of all the disparate information or knowledge it has gathered.  Sagittarius helps Gemini determine what information is pertinent and then helps it to see how all the different pieces of information fit into a larger holistic context.

Sagittarius rules the right brain which is the source of intuitive information.  Our intuition comes from metaphysical sources, or that what is beyond the physical material world.  When confusion reigns, Gemini must let go of logic and trust its intuition to ultimately realize what’s true and what’s not.

Interestingly, Sagittarius also teaches the RELATIVITY of truth.  We are all unique individuals who see reality through our own personal ‘lens’ or point of view.  So it stands to reason that different people will naturally see things differently resulting in different perspectives, opinions and beliefs.  This is evidenced by the common phenomenon of a singular event, like an automobile accident, that is witnessed by several different people.  Often, each of these individuals will report the event in a slightly different way than all the others.  This difference actually reflects the uniqueness of individual consciousness.  But that’s a whole other subject!

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is quite active in the heavens now.  Moving through the sign of Libra, Jupiter has been retrograde since February 6th.  Currently, Jupiter is slowing down ahead of its upcoming station direct (resuming apparent forward motion) at 13 degrees Libra on June 9th.  It’s also in a waning inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) with Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune is also slowing down ahead of it’s station retrograde on June 16th at 14 degrees Pisces.  Jupiter also continues to be part of a powerful T-Square along with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  More on this T-Square later…

Both Jupiter and Neptune are associated with beliefs.  Conscious beliefs are associated with Jupiter; unconscious beliefs are associated with Neptune.  The intensity of these two heavyweights, extremely powerful now due to their stationing status, will likely manifest in growing pressure to get to the truth in matters large and small especially those where travel, educational or legal matters are concerned or where international people or interests are involved.  This will of course require breaking down and breaking through all the rhetoric, spin, distortions and downright lies that have become the norm in our daily discourse and information exchanges. 

Adding to this intensity is Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini and therefore this New Moon.  Currently moving through Taurus (ruled by Venus) he’s connected to both Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces in a unique planetary configuration called a YOD. 

YODs are comprised of two planets that are sextile (60 degrees) each other while being simultaneously inconjunct (150 degrees) or ‘quincunx’ a third planet.  Together, the three planets form an isosceles triangle.  Seen another way, lines connecting the planets can look like a capital “Y” thus the name YOD. 

Some believe the “Y” shape symbolizes a divining rod or stick.  Many astrologers believe YODS are associated with fate.  Some call YODs the ‘Hand of God.’ 

Yods are crisis-driven and utterly demand that necessary changes and adjustments be made in order to resolve the crisis.   Evolution cannot and will not proceed unless and until the appropriate choices and changes are made.  YODs always represent a dominant aspect in any overall chart pattern.  In the Gemini New Moon chart, this YOD signifies that truths WILL come out, one way or another.  Any attempt to obfuscate, hide or interfere with the truth will bring karmic consequences.  It is therefore incumbent upon ALL of us now to be completely honest and truthful, with ourselves and with each other.

Further emphasizing this same dynamic of truth-telling is Mercury’s challenging connection (135 degrees) to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth!  Saturn is simultaneously in a very favorable trine aspect (120 degrees) with Uranus in Aries.  Uranus seeks freedom and liberates us from whatever is preventing necessary evolutionary progress.  Saturn and Uranus symbolize that age-old adage, “The truth will set you free!”  These two planetary connections further emphasize the inevitability of truths and lies being revealed and exposed.

Former Fox News TV Anchor Gretchen Carlson. On July 6, she filed a lawsuit against then Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes claiming sexual harassment. Subsequently, dozens of other women also stepped forward to accuse Ailes of harassment, and Ailes was forced to resign under pressure. In September 2016, Carlson and 21st Century Fox Corporation (Fox News’ parent corporation) settled the lawsuit for $20 million.

The Sun and Moon in Gemini are themselves in a difficult sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) aspect with Juno and Pluto in Capricorn.  They’re also precisely semi-square (45 degrees) Venus and Pallas Athena which are both currently in Aries.  Simultaneously, Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athena are conjoined and in a waxing square (90 degrees) aspect to Juno and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Altogether, these alignments signify speaking truth to power.  Women will likely lead the way in courageous efforts to hold those in positions of power accountable.

Venus rules love and money, so we can expect much of the information exchanged in the coming month to center around issues associated with significant partnerships, and with values or valuables, money and wealth, assets and debts and budgets. 

Venus is also currently moving through the ongoing ‘social unrest’ Cardinal T-Square comprised of Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  Whenever a planet moves through this T-Square configuration, it connects with each of the three planets involved, one after another. 

Currently finishing up in Aries, the sign in which she began her rare bi-annual retrograde this Spring (March 4th to April 16th), Venus already opposed Jupiter in Libra on May 19th.  Consider the following news headlines of that day:

  • The Swedish government drops sex crimes investigation of Julian Assange.
  • President Trump denies ordering FBI Chief James Comey to call off Flynn probe.
  • Trump announces $110 billion Saudi arms deal during first trip overseas.
  • Embattled former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes dead at 77.
  • FCC vote advances bid to end net neutrality.
  • Visiting Turkish President Erdogan watches as his bodyquards attack DC protestors.
  • Brazilian President Michael Temer refuses to resign amid new financial scandal.  Video recording shows him discussing bribes, authorizing hush money.
  • Venezuelan anti-government protestors rage against President Maduro as citizens face starvation. 
  • US announces sanctions against eight Venezuelan Supreme court justices who ruled that opposition party members were in contempt of their country’s constitution and removed them from power.
  • Greek parliament authorizes fresh austerity measures amidst growing protests.  Protestors declare there is no other solution than revolution.

Whew!  Do you see the themes of partnerships, money and legal issues apparent in these headlines?

AND, Venus is not yet done with the T-Square!  She is precisely square Pluto in Capricorn today – the very day of the New Moon.  Today’s headlines include, ‘Trump demands other NATO members pay their fair share.’ 

Since Pluto represents power, and Capricorn represents governments and social institutions, we can expect many more headlines in the weeks ahead about financial information involving people in positions of leadership or authority including politicians, bank officials or corporate CEO’s.  We’ll probably learn more about some high-level financial dealings that were previously hidden, corrupt or untoward in some way. 

President Trump invites Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak into the Oval Office May 10, 2017.

Venus will complete her journey through the T-Square on June 3rd when she finally conjoins Uranus (surprises, protests, political activism and revolution) in Aries.  Perhaps this final conjunction will bring even more shocking revelations regarding resource and relationship matters and legal and foreign affairs?

And speaking of relationship matters, Venus’ square to the asteroid Juno is adding significant stress to relationships already experiencing difficulties resulting from financial ties.  Can you say NATO partners and alliances? 

Juno rules partnership commitments.  She was the long-suffering wife of Zeus in Greek mythology who endured his serial infidelities.  Pallas Athena was Zeus’ daughter.  She was born by springing forth from his head thereby representing the creative wisdom of the feminine as well as the female warrior spirit.  The prominence of these feminine asteroids in the Gemini New Moon chart reflect the likelihood of continuing revolutionary fervor focused on issues of social equality, particularly women’s rights and well-being.   

Expect women to be among those leading efforts to expose and address these situations. 

One woman who epitomizes the feminine creative wisdom and warrior spirit of Pallas Athene is California Congresswoman Jackie Speier.  She is a member of both the Armed Services and Intelligence Oversight committees in the House of Representatives.

In a recent House Intelligence Oversight Committee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, her questions to former CIA Chief John Brennan clearly showed her interest in ‘following the money.’

Finally, Mars is part of a stellium in Gemini as the New Moon happens.  Stelliums occur when three or more planets or celestial bodies occupy the same sign.  Stelliums always reflect an abundance or emphasis of the archetypal energies associated with any sign.  Mars of course is the planet of instinctive actions and desires.  It typically pursues what it wants with unimpeded force.  Mars is the engine providing the driving force spurring all the communication and information exchanges happening now and in the coming weeks. 

Think of Mars as the ‘irresistible force.’  That irresistible force is now coming into direct opposition with the proverbial ‘immovable object’ which is Saturn in Sagittarius.  When Mars is thwarted in the pursuit of its desires, it often experiences anger.  Remember, Mars is the God of War.  Sometimes that anger reaches extreme levels and turns into violence. 

In recent days, two such manifestations of distorted, unevolved Martial energy have occurred.  First, a suicide bomber attacked Ariana Grande’s music concert in Manchester England killing twenty-two people and injuring scores of others.

And yesterday, Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte physically assaulted Ben Jacobs, a Guardian News reporter after a campaign event.  Ben ended up in the ER of a nearby hospital for x-rays after being body-slammed in response to a question he asked the candidate about the republican health care plan’s scoring by the Federal Office of Management and Budgets.

Insecure individuals will express this Mars/Saturn energy through arguments and violence.  Evolved expression of the same energy can manifest through dogged determination to get to the facts and speak truth to power. 

Different ideas and opinions need not be a cause for distress and defensiveness.  We don’t always need to agree with everything we hear or read.  But if we don’t open ourselves to other’s viewpoints, our knowledge and understanding will be limited. 

Gemini learns through gathering and disseminating information and knowledge.  It inevitably learns from others.  Gemini ultimately evolves by realizing it is not only a teacher, but also a lifelong student.  

The animated illustration of political polarization above is just one example of the extreme levels of imbalance we’re currently experiencing planet-wide. 

Of course, imbalance breeds insecurity.  Insecurity breeds fear.  Fear breeds hatred, anger and violence.

We would all do well now to reach for the highest expression possible embodied within the spiritual YOD comprised of Mercury (mind and knowledge), Jupiter (truth and beliefs) and Neptune (divine spirituality) now. 

This YOD can help us to remember that WE ARE ALL ONE

This YOD can help us to use our minds and knowledge wisely to make better choices moving forward.  Remember, the POWER OF CHOICE is what facilitates evolution, personally and collectively.  We all have the power of choice. 

Yes, we ARE living through a period of chaos now.  CHAOS IS A NATURAL PHENOMENON that always occurs in between old paradigms and realities that are disintegrating and new paradigms and realities that are being created.

It’s worth repeating now something I say and write often:  We are living in extraordinary times!  These are times of extraordinary change.  These extraordinary times and changes were prophecied by ancient peoples from cultures the world over. 


So obviously we are extraordinary Souls, here now to do extraordinary things.  Our power to do so lies in our ability to choose.  Our choices will be informed by our level and degree of knowledge.  Choices can either bring about a new paradigm of solutions or maintain the old paradigm that’s created so much pain and fear and destruction. 

Knowledge is power.  Seek more knowledge!  Seek greater understanding.  Apply your knowledge and understanding to make wise choices that will bring about a better world and a better tomorrow.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.  There is a deep power in words that speak the truth.

Blessed be…

The Cancer New Moon occurs on June 23rd at 7:30 pm MST!

         Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.


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