Cancer New Moon: Inner Emotional Security

The Cancer New Moon happens Friday evening, June 23, 2017, at 7:30 pm MST/PDT, at 2 degrees Cancer 47 minutes.

Here’s the chart: CancerNewMoon2017 .

Cancer is all about emotional security.  For most of us, a safe home, loving family, good job and supportive community usually count top among those things in life that contribute to our emotional well-being.   Yet we often have little to no control over outer things which can prove to be unreliable sources in meeting our needs.  Even worse, sometimes they can actually be the cause or source of emotional upsets, wounds and even trauma.

Cancer natives often experience gut-wrenching disappointments when the people, places and things they hope they can count on to take care of them fail to provide the love, support or protection they need and desire.  As a result, Cancer is thrown back upon itself facilitating the lesson of emotional self-reliance.  Ultimately, Cancer learns to take complete responsibility for itself, meeting it’s own needs and providing for its own safety, security, happiness and emotional well-being.  Ultimately, Cancer learns that true emotional security can only come from within itself, not from any outer source. 

This Cancer New Moon will trigger us emotionally.  It will also provide opportunities to develop greater inner emotional security.  You may be thinking that with so much daily strife and conflict happening in our world, inner peace is next to impossible.  Think again! 

The world’s wisdom traditions teach that the only way to have outer peace is through cultivating inner peace.  As chaos swirls all around us outside, we can create and maintain a healthy sense of inner peace and calm.  We can learn to become the source of our own well-being.

The Sun and Moon are joined by both Mercury and Mars now also in Cancer.  Mercury rules information exchanges of all kinds.  Mars always represents the desires we instinctively act upon.  Together, these two bring LOTS of communication energy to the New Moon celestial pattern so expect everyone to be talking about their feelings and venting their emotional frustrations!

Cancer is also the sign of home and family.  This sign rules our parents as well as our residential properties.  For most people, family is an essential part of life.  Typically, Summertime is associated with increased family time since family visits and vacations are often scheduled while school is out.  With emphasis in the sign of Cancer now, expect home and family matters to dominate a lot of time, energy and resources over the coming weeks. 

Of course for some, family time is always a joy and a pleasure.  For others, family interactions can be extremely emotionally difficult.  The Cancer New Moon will bring home and family matters to a head so be prepared! 

For some, the challenge may simply be associated with feeling pulled between work and family.  For others, it may be between fulfilling personal needs and commitments and/or meeting other’s expectations.  Or perhaps some family matter that’s been festering for a while can no longer be ignored.  However you choose to spend your time this Summer, remember that YOU, and YOU ALONE, are responsible for your emotional well-being.

All this Cancer energy joins the ongoing Cardinal T-Square turning it into a Grand Cardinal Cross.  Grand Crosses symbolize the maximum energy potential of each modality.  There are three zodiac sign modalities:  Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.  The Cardinal modality expresses its energy through instinctively initiating new beginnings.  Remember, it’s the Cardinal signs that begin each new season (Aries – Spring, Cancer – Summer, Libra – Autumn and Capricorn – Winter). 

As the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars ALL move through Cancer over the next month, they’ll each connect with all three of the other planets in the Cross.  First they will each square Jupiter in Libra, then they’ll each oppose retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and finally they will each also square Uranus in Aries.  As all these planetary connections unfold, matters of truth, fairness, equality, justice, accountability and responsibility will be recurring themes.

Below are the dates on which all of these Grand Cardinal Cross connections will occur.  Perhaps you’ll want to mark your calendar and pay closer attention to what’s showing up on the global stage as well as in your own personal world.

  • MOON squares Jupiter June 24th, opposes Pluto June 24th and squares Uranus June 25th.
  • MARS squares Jupiter June 24th, opposes Pluto July 2nd and squares Uranus July 17th.
  • MERCURY squares Jupiter June 27th, opposes Pluto June 29th and squares Uranus July 4th.
  • SUN squares Jupiter July 5th, opposes Pluto July 9th and squares Uranus July 20th.

Additionally, Mercury and Mars conjoin on June 28th and the Sun and Mars conjoin on July 26th. 

The bottom line of all this activity is that we can expect MORE changes, with BIG consequences that have far-reaching implications.  Some may surprise or even shock us.  Most however will likely be a continuation of events and circumstances that have already begun or occurred.  Many of these situations have already been contributing to worldwide unrest and increasing protests that have been fueling ongoing social, political, economic and cultural shifts for some time now, including issues like Brexit, implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, investigations into Russian interference in democratic elections, and health care legislation reform in the U.S.  While many upcoming events will be likely be associated with ongoing situations, of course others may not…

Perhaps most unsettling is the fact that with Mars leading the way for all those planets in Cancer, there is enormous potential for dangerous escalations in violence now.  After all, Mars has long been known as the God of War.  Considering there are currently conflicts and wars raging in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Congo, Ukraine, Brazil and Venezuela, there are plenty of ‘hot spots’ where things could accidentally, or deliberately spin completely out of control.  Violence has become all too commonplace in our everyday experience, and, it could dramatically spike in coming weeks.

Given the intensely powerful energies of this current time, it’s crucial that we be very mindful, focusing our thoughts, prayers and intentions on coming together and working together to co-create peaceful solutions to the problems we face.  Remember, consciousness creates reality, both individually and collectively.


The difficult square between Mars and Jupiter is already playing out in another quite dramatic way, through high-stakes legal actions and activities.  Politicians in DC are increasingly ‘lawyering up’ as a result of expanding and intensifying Department of Justice and Congressional investigations. 

Indeed the number of investigations seems to grow by the day, associated with a variety of concerns including:  President Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause of our constitution, Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election, alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, possible obstruction of justice by President Trump in his firings of interim Attorney General Sally Yates, as well as FBI Director James Comey, omissions and falsification of testimony regarding security clearance forms and vetting procedures by several Trump administration operatives.  

And let’s not forget that the legal review of Trump’s executive orders banning travel by anyone coming to the U.S. from any one of several majority Muslim nations is still working its way through the higher courts. 

The good news is that Mars is also very favorably connected to Neptune in Pisces now.  This connection promises an increasing capacity for greater compassion, tolerance and charitable acts from good people all over the world.

More good news comes from a Grand Fire Trine!  Grand Trines are comprised of at least three planets or points, each occupying one of the signs in a particular element – Earth, Air, Fire or Water. 

Fire is the element associated with creativity, passion and inspiration.  The current Grand Fire Trine includes retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and the North Node of the Moon which just recently entered Leo for a year and a half.  This configuration will continue through the Summer offering creative breakthroughs that can resolve many of our current problems.  What are you inspired to create?  What are you passionate enough about to act upon now?  What are you waiting for?!

One way or another, this New Moon is going to bring some BIG changes.  Don’t resist them!  Co-create them! 

Remember to pay attention to how things FEEL.  Allow your emotional body to guide you.  Take complete responsibility for your own well-being through cultivating inner emotional security.  As you do so you’ll know greater peace and tranquility.  As you do so, you’ll also contribute to greater peace and tranquility in the world. 

As the saying goes, “There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way.”  True peace can only come from within.  As the song goes, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me…”


The Leo New Moon occurs on July 23rd 2:45 am MST!

Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

2 responses to “Cancer New Moon: Inner Emotional Security

  1. Thank you, Donna, yesterday I received very shocking and infuriating news that my parents had betrayed me once again! So my reading Thursday and your Cancer New Moon wisdom have been blessings to keep me from overreacting and creating more negativity. Now I feel very compelled, and began last night, to meditate and set intentions for the highest spiritual outcome, and ask for help, help, help! Without a doubt, my family issues have been brought to a head. Thank you for the beautiful work you do in the world, Blessed Be.

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