Libra New Moon: Radical Relationship Changes

The Libra New Moon happens Thursday, October 19th at 12:12 pm MST/PDT at 26 degrees Libra 35 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  LibraNewMoon2017.

Libra’s symbol, the scales, leads many to believe that this sign is inherently balanced.  In truth, this is rarely the case.  Instead, Libra is learning balance.

Libra typically experiences great imbalances in life, often to extreme degrees, especially in relationships with others.  From an evolutionary point of view, Libra teaches us to be in relationships as an equal; not dominating, or being dominated, by others.

To achieve and maintain successful relationships, Libra must learn to give and receive appropriately.  All too often sharing of resources is unequal or out of balance in Libra’s relationships with others.  This typically manifests through indiscriminate giving which is rooted in the unhealthy psychology of “needing to be needed” by others in order to feel valued.

Driving this need to be needed is the false sense that personal value or self-worth is derived exclusively from others, instead of from the self.  A sense of meaning or purpose in life can also come from feeling needed by others.  Such beliefs and behaviors contribute to and create the psychological pathology of co-dependency.  Primary among the core characteristics of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity.

When identity, personal value and meaning in life are derived exclusively from others instead of from itself, the self gets sacrificed and is literally lost to the other.  This dynamic represents an extreme state of imbalance within the relationship.

When this is the case in relationships, personal needs are often unconsciously projected onto the partner with the expectation that the partner  will fulfill those needs, be they physical, emotional, psychological or even spiritual.  These projections will ultimately lead to a crisis within the relationship when the partner no longer meets those projected needs.

A common projection in our culture is the expectation that a partner will be the source of our happiness.  How often have you heard the following missive?  “You’ll be happy when you find the right person.”  This way of thinking places responsibility for personal well-being into someone else’s hands.  Women in particular are conditioned in this way and as a result, often don’t fully develop a healthy sense of self-worth that is self-empowered, self-reliant and whole within themselves.

Expecting another to fulfill or meet personal needs can, and often does, become the death knell of relationships.

Astrologically, the planet associated with needs as well as giving and receiving is Venus.  A deeper understanding of the origin and nature of these issues is provided by the fact that Venus rules two signs:  Taurus and Libra.  These two signs reflect both the YIN (inner) and YANG (outer) sides of Venus.

Through Taurus, a feminine YIN sign (energy moving inward), Venus reflects our essential needs or what we need to survive, as well as our relationship to our self.  Taurus teaches self-reliance and learning to meet our own needs our self.  Through Taurus, we must recognize and develop our own personal resources and abilities which inherently reflect our unique personal value.  Taurus also teaches us to establish our own personal meaning from within.  Through Taurus we learn to value our self enough to take care of our self, and as a result become confident, self-reliant and self-empowered.

Through Libra, a masculine YANG sign (energy moving outward), Venus reflects our relationship with others.  Libra teaches us to be in relationship with others as an equal, giving and receiving unconditionally, not conditionally.  Conditional giving is based upon the expectation that personal needs will in turn be met by the partner.  Through Libra, we receive feedback from others who are different than us, and as a result, we discover who we are as a unique individual.  Through relationships with others who have skills and abilities that we don’t have, we have the opportunity to learn and grow and ultimately overcome personal limitations.  As a result, we further evolve as an individual.

Paradoxically, the better we are at taking care of our self, the better all our relationships will be.  This is because we will come to relationships empowered, whole and healthy, not powerless, empty and needy.

Libra teaches us that effective listening skills are required in order to achieve and maintain healthy, equal and balanced relationships.  This is because effective listening allows us to hear what the other is ACTUALLY saying, instead of hearing what we want or need to hear through the filter of our own personal needs.

When we listen through the filter of our own needs, we typically hear what WE think the other needs, which nearly always ensures that we’ll continue to give to them in ways that keep promoting their need for us!  As a result, giving becomes ‘conditional.’  When we give conditionally, we’re essentially saying, “I will love you IF – IF you meet my needs.”  In the end, Libra must learn ‘unconditional’ giving, which always says, “I will love you no matter what!”  Unconditional giving requires effective listening.

My work with clients over the years has repeatedly born out these Libra themes and dynamics.  So often when I work with clients who have an emphasis of Libra energy in their natal charts, meaning those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the sign of Libra, or a powerfully placed Venus, or several planets in the 7th house  – the house naturally associated with Libra – they will nearly ALWAYS speak exclusively about all the other people in their lives, not themselves.

I once worked with a woman who had just written her bio for a new blog site she was creating.  In it, she described herself as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a colleague.  In each description, her self-identity was seen exclusively through the lens of her relationship with others.

When she asked for my feedback, I said, “But who are YOU?”  Throughout her entire bio, she did not once refer to herself as a separate, distinct, whole and complete individual.  Further, she didn’t even consciously realize that her self-image wasn’t rooted in her SELF at all.  Instead it was completely associated with her relationship with others.  She was utterly unaware that she had no individual concept of her SELF!

A deeper understanding of the actual evolutionary purpose of the Libra archetype can be achieved by dissecting this sign’s astrological categorizations.

Libra is a cardinal modality sign which means it acts instinctively to initiate new beginnings.  As an air element sign, Libra is concerned with socializing and relating with others.  As a Yang polarity sign, meaning a sign whose energy naturally moves outward from the center, Libra is active and expressive in the world.  Altogether these characteristics explain why Libra’s core intention is to create a diversity of relationships with a variety of different kinds of people.  Then, through Libra’s intrinsic habit of comparing and contrasting itself with all these different others, Libra discovers who it is as a unique individual.  Then Libra must BE that individual.  Libra must be true to itself, even in relationships with others!

Thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning, reflecting the destructive principles of hierarchy, dominance, exclusion and self-interest, have distorted this natural process of comparing and contrasting.  As a result, it has devolved into a defacto ranking process.  Now Libra’s natural tendency to compare and contrast is instead used to determine who’s better or worse, richer or poorer, smarter or dumber, more or less attractive or more or less powerful.

Rank or ranking is literally the antithesis of equality.  Ranking nearly always results in a feeling of being “less than” the other.  This just further contributes to a sense of self that falsely believes that it NEEDS others because it feels it’s not enough in and of itself.  This creates relationship imbalances through a loss of self worth and the inevitable projection of personal needs onto others that follows.

Sadly, these distorted tendencies are the cultural norm relative to relationship dynamics here in the United States.  Indeed the primary relationship model in this country is one of co-dependency.  These unhealthy relationship norms significantly contribute to the high divorce rate in the United States which has hovered around 50% for decades.

Disgraced Hollywood movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein

Given the fact that patriarchy is also fundamentally based upon male-dominance, it’s also no wonder that most relationships reflect an imbalance that perceives men as more powerful than women.

A timely illustration of this just occurred with Harvey Weinstein.  This well-known Hollywood film executive was fired from his own company last week.  As news reports grew about decades of sexual harassment, assault and even rape by Weinstein, of scores of women seeking work in the film industry, his lawyers were unable to continue covering up his abuses of power against women.

It’s important to realize that sexual assault is NOT about sex; it’s about POWER!  It’s about misuse and abuse of power.  It reflects an extreme imbalance of power.  Indeed few women in America have NOT experienced these power imbalances at some point in their lives.  My first experience of sexual assault happened in the workplace when I was just 19 years old!  The trending twitter hashtag, #MeToo, poignantly verifies that this power imbalance is experienced by most women.

Another current example that perfectly illustrates imbalances in relationships is the stark contrast in relief efforts in Puerto Rico, compared to relief efforts in both Texas and Florida. 

All three locations experienced devastating and destructive consequences from recent hurricanes.  However, among these three locations, only Puerto Rico lacks the vote in U.S. presidential elections.  This difference reflects an extreme political inequality between Texans and Floridians and Puerto Ricans.

Politicians do not fear those who lack the political power to kick them out of office.  Puerto Ricans are Americans just as Texans and Floridians are.  They deserve the same relief efforts!

Relationship difficulties were also on full display this week with President Trump.  One striking example involved Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was invited to the White House to have lunch with the President. 

These two men have been at odds with one another for months.  After their luncheon, both men met with reporters in the Rose Garden.  It was clearly evident that their relationship continues to be strained even though the President characterized it as ‘good’ and said that they’ve been friends for a long time.

Trump, who has criticized McConnell relentlessly, especially since the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare last month, seemed to relish this latest opportunity to humiliate the Majority Leader.  This estranged relationship does not bode well for the President’s agenda in the coming weeks including several ‘must-do’ legislative efforts like the passage of a budget bill.  Additionally, tax reform, one of Trump’s central campaign promises, utterly depends upon McConnell for success.

North Korea’s Leader Kim Jung Un

Another stark example of an extremely unbalanced relationship is between Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung Un.  This unhealthy relationship actually poses a threat to the health and well-being of all of humanity as the war of words between these two has dangerously escalated in recent weeks. 

Iran’s Leader Hassan Rhouhani

Yet another break-down in relationship is underway between Trump and Iran’s President Rassan Rhouhani as a result of Trump’s refusal to certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal negotiated by six countries in 2015. 

Trump’s relationships with other important U.S. Allies continue to deteriorate.  Prime Minister Teresa May of the UK, recently elected President Macron of France, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany have all signaled their growing mistrust and dismay at President Trump’s words and actions since he took office nine months ago.

And then there’s the ongoing feud between Trump and the NFL and its players.  For weeks now NFL players have been ‘taking a knee’ at the opening ceremonies of games to protest ongoing discrimination (unequal treatment) of people of color by law enforcement officials who are RARELY held to account for their excessive and extreme (Libra) uses of force, often lethal force. 

Contrary to what our President wants us to believe, this growing protest is NOT about respect for our flag, our national anthem or our troops.  That’s just another one of Trump’s many lies.  This protest is intended to raise awareness and bring change to the persistent racial injustice (Libra) and inequality (Libra) experienced by people of color in America.

In truth, EXTREME RELATIONSHIP IMBALANCES literally pervade our current realities.  They exist between genders, between races, between nations and between social and political classes, not just here in the United States, but all over the world.  Imbalance reflects inequality.  Unequal and unbalanced relationships inevitably break-up or break-down.  To experience breakthroughs in these relationship dynamics, we must learn Libra’s lessons.  We must treat each other radically different; we must relate to one another as equals!

Thank heavens then that this Libra New Moon (Sun and Moon) is precisely opposite retrograde Uranus in Aries!  Uranus represents the evolutionary impulse of liberation and freedom.  Uranus is all about breakthroughs!  Uranus reflects the Soul’s natural urge and desire to break free of whatever is preventing ongoing evolutionary growth and progress.  This powerful planetary connection between the Sun and Uranus offers freedom from the past, freedom from the known and freedom from what’s unhealthy or no longer working.  Uranus provides both the energy and the impetus for breakthroughs that bring necessary changes, radical changes, and sometimes even revolutionary changes!

Dramatically increasing the power of this planetary opposition between the Sun and Moon and Uranus is the fact that the Sun and Uranus are the planetary rulers of Leo and Aquarius, respectively.  The Nodes of the Moon currently occupy these two opposite signs.  The Nodes of the Moon always point to the past that must be let go of and to the future and the new directions we must go in order to evolve and grow.  

With the Moon’s Nodes in Leo and Aquarius, to evolve we must let go of the traumas of the past (Aquarius) and learn to love ourselves and each other more (Leo).  As we do so, we’ll be able to create (Leo) a better future (Aquarius) for our self and others.  We’ll be able to better recognize (Leo) and value our differences (Aquarius) in ways that promote harmony, (Libra), balance (Libra), fairness (Libra), justice (Libra) and greater equality (Libra).

Consciously embracing necessary evolutionary change always mitigates the need for cataclysmic events.  When we resist necessary evolutionary change for too long, our Souls (individually and collectively) will inevitably co-create the very circumstances required in order to enforce the necessary changes.  When this is the case, totally unexpected situations occur.  Shocking events that ‘rip the rug out’ from underneath us come out of left field and dramatically alter current realities.

Natural cataclysmic events include hurricanes and earthquakes, wildfires and tsunamis.  Personal cataclysmic events often manifest through experiences of the death of a loved one or catastrophic illness or loss of a home or career. 

Typically, these circumstances happen in ways  that are utterly and completely beyond our control.  They must occur in this way in order to overcome the forces of resistance. 

Evolutionary forces will always prevail over forces of resistance.  This is is a natural law…

The Sun and Uranus WILL bring relationship changes!  Some may be radical.  Some may be upsetting.  Some will be utterly surprising.  ALL will be necessary!  So don’t resist these changes – embrace them! 

Pay particular attention to unexpected and unplanned events, especially those that affect or impact your relationships with others.  For many, these changes will be both necessary and timely.  Choose to bust out and break free of old relationship dynamics, habits, patterns and realities.

Relationship healing energy is also prominent in the Libra New Moon chart pattern.  This is reflected in an inconjunct (150 degree angle) connection between the Sun and Moon in Libra and retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron always reflects both our wounds and what must be done to heal those wounds.  Should relationship crises occur – and they probably will – they’ll serve the purpose of alerting us to the fact that something is awry; something is NOT rooted in truth or reality.  They’ll also demand that necessary changes and adjustments be made in order to resolve what’s gone wrong.

In fact, it is crucially important now to see people and circumstances realistically – NOT through rose-colored glasses.  This is because the combination of Pisces and Libra energies nearly always creates unrealistic relationships.

The most extreme cases involve seeing the partner as perfect.  Worse still is the desire to make the partner a defacto ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ that is literally worthy of worship.  When this sort of ultimate meaning is projected onto a partner, the relationship is doomed to failure since in reality, no one is perfect.  Putting another on such a pedestal guarantees that at some point, they will fall.  Then disappointment and disillusionment MUST occur in order to effect a realignment with reality – to dispel delusions, illusions and fantasies.  So first and foremost, you must see others as they actually are, not as you wish them to be.

The connection between the New Moon in Libra and Chiron in Pisces also carry the risk of identifying with being a victim.  When this is the case, the energy of Chiron unwittingly or unconsciously re-imprints wounds, re-creating the same painful circumstances that hurt us in the first place.  Instead, Chiron can be used to heal our wounds, to throw off victim consciousness, to take full responsibility for our own well-being and to deepen our most important relationships.  Of course these include both the relationship we have with our self, and the relationship we have with the Divine Creative Source of all things.

Be particularly mindful of these risks in the coming weeks, especially if you are someone who has experienced painful wounding through rejection by others.  I say this because our American culture is utterly fixated on victimization.  Scarcely a day goes by without use of the term to describe those affected by unfortunate events. 

Healing cannot occur when consciousness is rooted in victimization because there is no ownership regarding responsibility for having co-created such circumstances.  If you don’t know that your own consciousness is co-creating your reality, you’re not likely to make the necessary changes and adjustments that will co-create different realities in the future.  And if you don’t make these necessary changes, you cannot and will not heal.

Finally, Mercury and Jupiter align in Scorpio in the New Moon chart pattern.  These two planets are a natural pair since they rule opposite signs, namely Gemini and Sagittarius, and Virgo and Pisces (Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces).  They symbolize our left (Mercury) and right (Jupiter) brain and logical (Mercury) and intuitive (Jupiter) thought processes.  Together, they constitute ‘whole brain’ functioning where both linear, deductive thinking, and holistic, abstract thinking work in harmony representing the highest levels of mental capacity.

Aligning in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury and Jupiter will work together to dig for the truth and expose secrets and lies, revealing important and meaningful information.  This will be particularly true regarding hidden facts and data or information that has been deliberately withheld from public view or scrutiny!

Scorpio rules sex and death, taxes and inheritances and how power is wielded.  Look for these themes to be at issue with exposures and revelations in the coming weeks.  This energy has already manifested in the case of Harvey Weinstein!  Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio will be especially helpful to researchers and investigators of all kinds including investigative journalists, investigative committees and to special investigators like Robert Mueller!

So pay very close attention to ALL the information and messages coming to you, from both inner and outer sources.  The knowledge and understanding needed now to restore balance and harmony to relationships, and to heal relationship wounds will be provided for those who are listening and honoring such guidance.

Don’t wait for break-ups or break-downs to force the changes you know need to be made in order to improve your relationships.  Use the extraordinary influence of the Sun opposite Uranus to BREAKTHROUGH old partnership patterns that are unhealthy, unfulfilling, unsatisfactory, unbalanced and unequal.

Change is the very stuff of evolution.  So change things up!  Do things differently.  We’ve reached a point in time where radical changes are necessary to ensure our very survival as a species.  The radical changes needed require that we learn to LISTEN more effectively.  The radical changes needed require that we learn to give and receive unconditionally.  The radical changes needed require that we learn to relate to one another as EQUALS.  This Libra New Moon promises radical changes in relationships! 


The Scorpio New Moon happens November 18th at 4:42 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.



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