Scorpio New Moon: A New Balance of Power

The Scorpio New Moon happens November 18th at 3:42 am PST at 26 degrees Scorpio 19 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  ScorpioNewMoon2017.

Scorpio is the sign that rules the Soul and the evolutionary process itself.  This is reflected in the various symbols associated with Scorpio including the Scorpion, the Snake, the Eagle and the Phoenix rising from the ashes. 

All these symbols show a natural evolutionary progression from the lowest to the highest, beginning with the vengeful sting of a Scorpion, to the transformation of the Snake who sheds its skin, to the far-reaching vision of the Eagle who soars the highest among all the birds, to the Phoenix who rises from the ashes symbolizing the natural life, death and rebirth process and the natural law of reincarnation. 

The primary evolutionary intention of this sign however is to learn the right uses of power.  All human beings are intrinsically powerful.  This is due to the fact that all human beings have the power and capacity to make FREE WILL CHOICES. 

Our power is expressed through the choices we make each and every day.  Some choices manifest quickly; others take lifetimes to fully manifest.  In other words, the consequences of some choices don’t show up in the lifetime in which they are made.  They instead occur in a later life. 

Nevertheless, ALL choices made ultimately manifest because choices reflect the quality of our consciousness, which is itself, pure energy.  Quantum science has proven that thoughts generate brain waves.  So thoughts are energy too.  Scientists further know that consciousness ultimately creates our reality.   The bottom line is that choices and thoughts manifest.

Some people wield their power consciously.  They make choices deliberately and thoughtfully.  In other words, they are consciously aware of the choices they’re making as they are making them.  Most people however make most of their choices unconsciously, without conscious awareness that they are doing so. 

Choices are not only reflected in the actions we take and decisions we make, but also from feelings and beliefs we choose to have and hold.

Since consciousness creates reality, and choices reflect the very quality of our consciousness, all human beings additionally have the power to CHANGE their reality by CHANGING THEIR CHOICES.  This is true on both a personal and a collective level.  Human evolution greatly accelerates as more and more choices are made consciously, rather than unconsciously.

Because Scorpio has to do with power, this sign also rules all the mundane things we associate with power like money, social status, sex and death.  Sadly, these are the very things most often misused in order to exert power over others. 

Death is the most powerful force any of us can experience.  We experience death’s power through the loss of someone or something that we love, or through the loss of our own life.  Threatening someone’s life is the ultimate misuse and abuse of personal power. 

Sex also holds a position of enormous power in our lives.  After all, sex is  so powerful that it can actually create new life.  But sex is also used to control and manipulate and possess others. 

The recent flood of reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault poignantly reveal the magnitude of misuse and abuse of power by those in positions of authority in order to extract sexual favors from unwilling subordinates. 

Sexual assault is actually never about sex itself.  It’s about POWER.  More to the point, it’s about exerting power OVER another.  Similarly, sexual misconduct allegations made against someone are also powerful.  They can ruin the purported perpetrator’s reputation and social status.  The mere hint of the threat of such an allegation has the power to undermine someone’s social standing, career and financial livelihood.   

And who can successfully argue against the fact that money equals power in our current social, political and cultural reality paradigm?  We continuously see that those with money have more power than those who don’t have money.  A sad political truth in our modern reality is that impoverished people are perceived as the most powerless in society, often completely unable to influence policies and laws that will benefit them. 

Indeed an entire political movement has coalesced around this very truth.  It’s called the ‘environmental justice’ movement and it advocates for the rights of those who are exploited by governments, business and industry.  In particular, the petro-chemical industry has routinely destroyed, with impunity, lands belonging to and inhabited by native and indigenous peoples the world over.  These people are some of the poorest people on our planet.

Additionally, even in developed countries, poor neighborhoods that are primarily populated by minorities and people of color have also long experienced discriminatory zoning policies.  This results in greater levels of air, water and soil pollution from industries that are allowed to build and operate literally in the back yards of those who live in low income districts. 

Stark examples of ‘environmental injustice’ include the devastation that numerous tribes of the Amazon region of South America have experienced as their homelands have been decimated by reckless oil exploration.  Another example closer to home in the U.S. is the toxic radiation fallout from decades of nuclear testing and unregulated uranium mining on Native American lands.  As a result, anomalous and comparatively astronomically high rates of cancer are experienced among the native people who live on reservations.

Since Scorpio’s evolutionary intention is to teach right use of power, particularly through the power of conscious CHOICES,  this Scorpio New Moon is POWERFULLY seeding just such intentions now. 

This is a particularly powerful New Moon chart not just because it is occurring in Scorpio, the sign that actually rules power, but also because the Sun and Moon are not alone.  They are joined by three other celestial bodies which are also now in Scorpio:  Venus, Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta. 

Venus rules our values, our essential needs or what we need in order to survive, as well as what is most meaningful or important to us.  She rules two signs – Taurus and Libra.  Taurus rules resources and Libra rules our relationships with others.  It stands to reason that what we need to survive will reflect what we value and what constitutes meaning in our lives. 

It’s worth noting that Venus is THE astrological symbol of women and the feminine.  It’s also worth noting that our planet, the source of everything we need to survive, is also feminine. 

Some call our planet Gaia, quite a feminine name.  Many refer to her as ‘Mother Earth.’  All of us are nurtured and sustained by her.  She provides us with ALL of the resources we need.

Through Taurus, Venus teaches self-reliance and self-empowerment.  Through Libra, Venus teaches us how to be in relationship with others as an equal, not dominating or being dominated. 

Many people feel humanity is reaching a ‘tipping point’ relative to our survival.  Many contend that if we are to survive, we MUST learn to value and appreciate this precious life-giving planet.  We must treat her with greater respect.  In short, we must change our relationship with and to her. 

Perhaps all the revelations about sexual misconduct being exposed now symbolically reflect or mirror a similar ‘tipping point’ in our relationship with and respect for our planet, Mother Earth?

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth.  This sign expands our understanding through higher education, travel and religious or cosmological pursuits.  Jupiter and Sagittarius represent our beliefs and belief systems including the world’s major faith traditions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

The asteroid Vesta is associated with devotion.  In ancient times, women who dedicated their lives to the Goddess were known as Vestals.  They literally offered their bodies as vehicles for sexual communion with the Divine Feminine, the sacred female source of healing and wisdom. 

Centuries of male domination eventually reduced Vestals to a life of enforced celibacy.  They then became known as Vestal ‘Virgins.’  So great was the patriarchal distortion of Vesta’s original purpose, that these women were forbidden to engage in any sexual activity whatsoever.  If they were caught doing so, they were immediately put to death by being buried alive.

Over time, instead of embodying the Divine Feminine and facilitating healing through sacred sexuality, these women became the ‘keeper of the flames’ within communities, tasked with continually tending to hearth fires.  They were also responsible for record keeping duties associated with community properties.  This history of suppression of the Divine Feminine and absolute control of women’s sexuality by men clearly reflects a gross misuse and abuse of power associated with Scorpio themes of sex and death.

Obviously, our modern human condition is wrought with distortions of power.  One of the greatest of these continues to be the extreme imbalance of power between men and women.  This Scorpio New Moon, joined and graced by both Venus and Vesta, both symbols of the Divine Feminine, carries an auspicious and potentially transformative energy regarding the reclamation of power by women. 

No wonder so many ‘powerful’ men are  being ‘outed’ through exposure of countless acts of sexual misconduct. 

Who can forget the infamous Access Hollywood tape released during the 2016 Presidential campaign where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women saying,  “And when you’re a star, they let you do it.  You can do anything.  Whatever you want.  Grab ’em by the p***y.”  

The current celestial patterns portend that it is time.  As above, so below.  From Hollywood, to Corporate America, to the Halls of Congress, to the White House, women are in fact reclaiming their power by finding the courage to tell their stories.  They are speaking truth to power!  What is remarkable about this timely trend is that most of these women are actually being BELIEVED now instead of being ignored, dismissed, discredited and impugned.  This is true Scorpio energy manifesting.  The powerful truth-telling happening now is healing for all of us, especially for women. 

Indeed MOST of what ails our world has its roots in this imbalance of power between the genders that originated in man-made religions that have distorted the truth and natural law for the sake of POWER and CONTROL.  For millennia, the institutions of organized religions have falsely preached that men are superior to women.  And since Mother Earth is the quintessential physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine, the rape of our planet has been an inevitable result. 

These same religions are also the source of false teachings about the superiority of the white race over races of color.  One of the most devastating manifestations of this lie has been the doctrine of ‘Manifest Destiny.’   This seventeenth century Papal Bull provided pontifical justification for the genocide of Native American tribes as Europeans settled into colonies and then moved West.  This same doctrine has been used throughout the entire world against indigenous peoples and cultures who have been systematically conquered, killed and destroyed by ‘superior’ invading forces.

In addition to the shear energy of the sign of Scorpio itself, the Scorpio New Moon chart pattern contains two significant aspects between the Sun and Moon and other planets.  These include a trine (120 degree angle) aspect to retrograde Chiron in Pisces, and an inconjunct (150 degree angle) aspect to retrograde Uranus in Aries. 

Both Chiron and Uranus are finishing up their transits through the respective signs they’ve each occupied since 2010.  They will both change signs next Spring.  Saturn too is also completing a three year transit through Sagittarius that began in December 2014.  More on Saturn later…

The favorable trine aspect between the Scorpio Sun and Moon and retrograde Chiron in Pisces magnifies deep healing energy.  Our deepest conscious and unconscious fears and wounds and beliefs are surfacing.  Since Chiron is about to station direct in Pisces on December 5th, it’s healing influence is intensely powerful now.   Chiron in Pisces can heal emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds, particularly wounds resulting from losses, abandonments and betrayals. 

With Pisces involved, this aspect links directly into the spiritual realms of the Divine or Sacred Source of Creation.  Some call this God, or Goddess; others know it as Allah or the Great Cosmic Mother.  Still others simply refer to it as ‘Source’ or the ‘Creator’ or ‘Spirit.’  By any name, it reflects an unconditional source of love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.  Use this energy to forgive yourself and others for mistakes, failings and transgressions.  Use this healing energy to let go of victim consciousness.

Pisces can also provide inspiration and spiritual guidance through dream messages, intuition, meditation and prayer.  So take some time over the coming days and weeks to be quiet, to go within, and to connect your consciousness with your Higher Self, your Divine Self, or the ‘Universe’ or ‘All That Is’ and receive the comfort and solace it offers.  And know that since you were made in the same image as this Divine Creative Source, that you too are divine and sacred and creative.  Embrace the timeless values and principles reflected in this ultimate source of creative POWER. 

The inconjunct aspect between the Sun and Moon and retrograde Uranus in Aries symbolizes the energy of powerful revolutionary change that may come as a result of push-back from some outer source or force that’s demanding that you change or adjust your plans or goals.  This aspect can also manifest as renewal and regeneration. 

In any case, these outer forces are likely to show up unexpectedly, and forcefully.  They may bring break-ups and break-downs.  In the end however, they reflect a potential for BREAKTHROUGHS that can shatter and reform old realities, paradigms and social, political, cultural and economic structures that are preventing further evolutionary growth and progress. 

Perhaps the most striking planetary aspect in this Scorpio New Moon chart pattern involves both of the planetary rulers of this sign – Mars and Pluto. 

Pluto has become the modern ruler of Scorpio.  But we have only known about Pluto since 1930 when it was discovered by astronomer Percival Lowell right here in Flagstaff, Arizona! 

For the many thousands of years that astrology has existed prior to Pluto’s discovery, Mars was the ruler of Scorpio.   On Sunday, November 19th, Mars in Libra makes a waning third quarter square to Pluto in Capricorn. 

This square aspect carries the energy of a crisis in consciousness.  It challenges us to review and reflect upon our beliefs.  The evolutionary intention of a waning third quarter square is to both recognize and to throw off the limited beliefs held by the consensus, or what is commonly referred to as ‘mainstream society’ in any given country or culture.  Consensus reality is underpinned by organized religion’s values and beliefs that dictate ‘right vs. wrong’ behaviors and the expectation that everyone in society conform to these standards of conduct. 

It is precisely the third quarter square position within the zodiacal wheel that begins the ‘journey home.’  This is because the remaining quarter of the circle represents the culmination of every Soul’s spiritual evolutionary journey.  Pisces is the final sign in this last quarter.  It’s also the final sign of the entire zodiac, and therefore symbolically represents completion or culmination.  In Pisces, the Soul finally returns to and reunites with the Divine Source. 

Pisces is naturally associated with a spiritual Path, not a religious path.  What’s the difference you may ask?  We often use these two words interchangeably.

Religions are man-made.  They reflect man’s interpretation of the phenomenal creation.  Man ‘s interpretation has distorted the truth of the natural laws that actually underpin the creation or the natural world that we simply refer to as nature.  Spirituality is based upon natural laws.  Natural laws exist in and of themselves and do not require interpretation or mankind.  Natural laws reflect and reveal universal truths.   Natural laws are self-evident in the natural world or nature.

If you wish to know if something is actually true, look to see if it exists in the natural world.  For example, reincarnation is a natural law.  It reflects a universal truth.  It exists in nature.  We see it through the life/death/rebirth cycle.  Life in the natural world dies and is reborn cyclically in accordance with the changing of the seasons. 

Conversely, things like sin, guilt, judgment, punishment and sexual taboos do NOT exist in nature.  These are man-made constructions whose purpose is to control mankind through fear of divine retribution for imperfections.  Perfection doesn’t exist in nature either.  In fact, perfection is antithetical to evolution.  They are mutually exclusive; one cannot exist if the other exists.  Evolution is a natural law and is self-evident in the natural world.

So this third quarter square between Mars in Libra (equality in relationships) and Pluto in Capricorn (power and authority and social structures and realities) reflects tremendous forces that can effectively challenge the status quo, speak truth to power, and bring about transformational and revolutionary progress.  Actions taken now will either preserve the status quo or change it.

All the women who have spoken up and spoken out recently about gender imbalances and misuses and abuses of power against women are reflecting the energetic influence of Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn.  And Mars has more to do!  On December 1st, Mars in Libra will oppose (180 degree angle) retrograde Uranus in Aries, symbolizing even more revolutionary impulses! 

Mars opposite Uranus will likely manifest through more social unrest, increased political activism, protests and demonstrations, as ordinary people exert their personal power and choose to co-create change.  The masses, aka the 99%, will push back against those in positions of power, aka the 1%, who wish to maintain the corrupt and dysfunctional status quo, as evidenced in the reprehensible tax ‘reform’ legislation currently moving through Congress that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthiest people in our nation. 

The revolutionary forces of Mars and Uranus will shake things up shocking and surprising us with utterly unexpected events.  These forces can help to further restore a much-needed balance of power – between genders, between races and even between nations.

Now back to Saturn.  Saturn is finishing up a three year transit of Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth and rules our beliefs. 

We have ALL been reflecting upon and reviewing what we believe over these past few years in some way or another. 

We have ALL been challenged to discern truth from lies. 

We’ve all been bombarded by ‘fake news!’ 

The very purpose and evolutionary intention of Saturn moving through Sagittarius has been to reveal the limitations in our beliefs.  Sagittarius teaches the relativity of truth.  We all see the world differently through the unique lens of our individual consciousness.  Sagittarius always encourages expansion of understanding beyond personal truths, that ultimately enables us to embrace higher and higher levels of universal truths. 

Saturn always teaches responsibility.  Ultimately, Saturn teaches that we are all responsible for our experiences because it is  our own consciousness that created those realities! 

Saturn will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn, the very sign Saturn rules, on December 19th.  Saturn will remain in Capricorn until December 2020, just a few weeks after our next U.S. Presidential election!

Meantime, as Saturn finishes up in Sagittarius, a natural culmination is occurring relative to seeking, revealing and understanding ‘truth.’  As a result, we will no doubt experience more lies being revealed over the coming month. 

Be mindful of your own changing beliefs and understanding of the truth. Because as Saturn finishes up his three year transit of Sagittarius, truths will surely come shining through.

This culmination will receive an additional boost from both the Sun and Mercury.  The Sun moves into Sagittarius on at 7:05 pm MST on November 21st.  The Sun always sheds light upon whatever it touches.  Moving through Sagittarius for a month, it will shine its bright light upon, you guessed it, truths and lies! 

Mercury is already in Sagittarius and is slowing down ahead of its upcoming final retrograde of 2017.  Mercury will station retrograde on December 2nd/3rd depending on your time zone at the final degree of Sagittarius.  By the time it goes retrograde, Mercury will have already crossed over Saturn once.  It will connect with Saturn twice more due to its retrograde movement.  The second conjunction with Saturn will happen on December 6th and the final conjunction will occur on January 12th.  Their final conjunction will be in Capricorn. 

With Mercury ruling all kinds of information, data, facts and knowledge, as well as the media and all the devices we use to gather and disseminate info, its reversal through the sign of TRUTH will no doubt manifest in LOTS of ‘breaking news’ stories and LOTS of shocking revelations and LOTS of back-tracking by people relative to previous statements, positions and decisions they’ve previously made.  And even MORE truths and MORE lies will be revealed and exposed!  Do you see a pattern here?!  And with so much Scorpio energy currently afoot, we can be assured that much of what comes out will have to do with SEX and MONEY and POWER!  

As the saying goes, there’s no disinfectant like sunshine.  As hidden or secret (Scorpio) information is brought to light, people who have destructively misused or abused their power will see their lives forever changed.  Those who CHOOSE to speak up and speak out and reveal truths and lies will also see their lives changed and transformed, albeit in more positive and constructive ways.  Those who CHOOSE to wield their power rightly will personally evolve in leaps and bounds.

And finally, both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces will station direct in the coming month.  Neptune resumes forward motion on November 22nd at 11 degrees Pisces completing a four and a half month retrograde period that began on June 16th.  What was happening in your world then?  It’s likely to resurface and further unfold as Neptune stations direct. 

Chiron turns around on December 5th at 24 degrees Pisces, also completing a four and a half month retrograde period that began on July 1st/2nd depending upon your time zone. 

Of course Chiron has to do with wounds and their healing so its station provides opportunities for both.  Will you CHOOSE to re-imprint old wounds.  Or will you CHOOSE to heal them? 

The first week in December also brings the Gemini Full Moon on December 3rd.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury.  This Full Moon occurs as both the Sun and Moon are precisely square Neptune in Pisces.  Distorted Neptune and Pisces energy is the very stuff of lies and deceptions, obfuscations and delusions, so once again, we can expect revelations about secrets and lies during this time, as more liars and frauds and abusers are outed. 

Confusion is also very likely during this emotional Full Moon time period.  Allow the confusion.  Know that when the time is right, clarity will be naturally restored.  Pisces spiritualizes through a natural dissolving process that blurs old forms and structures and realities as they disintegrate.  As this dissolution process unfolds, what is false fades away and what has distracted us from reconnecting with the Divine Source ultimately loses its meaning.  This is a natural process so don’t fight it.  Instead, allow it to unfold with grace and acceptance even if it brings some confusion. 

Neptune and Pisces rule the unconscious mind.  So do be very mindful of dream messages and intuitive promptings.  Take time to meditate or be in prayerful contemplation.  Be quiet and still and turn your attention inward for guidance from Higher Sources. 

And for heaven’s sake, and for your own sake, trust, Trust, TRUST YOUR INTUITION!  

So, as you can see, this Scorpio New Moon is indeed reflecting POWERFUL and transformational energies and influences.  All the simultaneous Sagittarian energy is bringing matters of honesty and dishonesty to a head.  Do not fear these energies.  They are precisely what is NEEDED now!  These powerful influences are bringing to light all the facts and truths we need to know in order to make different CHOICES.  They will help us to heal ourselves and our planet.

Reclaim your power!  Wield it wisely through conscious choice-making.  Use it to heal and transform and evolve.  Choose to use your power in ways that will co-create new realities.  CHOOSE TO CREATE A NEW BALANCE OF POWER! 



The Sagittarius New Moon is on December 17th at 11:30 pm MST.

 Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.
















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