Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse: Opening our Hearts to Greater Love and Creativity

The Leo New Moon happens August 11th, at 2:58 am MST/PDT, at 18 degrees Leo 41 minutes.  Its also a partial Solar Eclipse. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is the third and final eclipse of the current ‘eclipse season’ that began last month with the July 12th Cancer New Moon, which was also a Solar Eclipse.  The second eclipse was the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred on July 27th.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are among the most powerful of astrological events.  Reflecting the ‘As Above; So Below’ natural law of correspondences, eclipses really ‘move’ events here on planet Earth.  Accordingly, a LOT has happened over the last month.  It feels more like six months have passed since the current eclipse season began, not just one!

Eclipses repeat every nineteen years.  This Leo Solar Eclipse carries the same energetic blueprint as the Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 11, 1999.  Think back to what you experienced in 1999.  Doing so can inform your understanding of the meaning and purpose of events currently manifesting or unfolding in your life.  Look for similarities between what happened to you in 1999 and what’s happening to you right now.

Leo is the sign of royalty and nobility, of Kings and Queens.  Leo the Lion is the ‘King of the Jungle.’  It should be no surprise then that Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by a star, our Sun, instead of a planet.  Indeed all the planets revolve around the Sun! 

Leos shine most brightly when others acknowledge how special they are and recognize their unique individuality.  Ultimately however, Leo must learn to love and appreciate itself.  In order to be truly happy, Leo must fully and joyfully express its own true nature, its authentic self, without fear or favor. 

Leo also rules the heart.  It teaches us to love ourselves enough to be who we truly are, even in the face of relentless pressures to conform to other’s expectations, be they family, friends, lovers or even society.  Being true to your self REQUIRES a healthy self-love.  When Leo is self-assured and confident, it never feels threatened by others who receive praise and attention.  Secure Leos naturally encourage others to shine their own true light as well.  Secure Leos make others feel special.  Secure Leos are dignified, noble, magnanimous, generous, loving and truly supportive of others. 

Insecure Leos?  Well, perhaps the quintessential example of an insecure Leo is President Donald J. Trump.  Often described as a narcissist, a psychological trait rooted in extreme insecurity, he has both Mars and Pluto in Leo.  He also has 29 degrees Leo (the maximum amount of Leo) on his Ascendant or first house cusp.

Retrograde Mercury and the asteroid Pallas Athena join the Sun and Moon in Leo for this New Moon.  Both are square Jupiter in Scorpio symbolizing a deep search for the truth.  Mercury reveals truths through information – facts and words and documents and even recordings!  Pallas Athena will do so through powerful women.  More and more, influential women will take charge, speak truth to power and demand necessary change.  They will hold themselves and others to account for the consequences of their actions and choices.

With so many planets retrograde now (seven out of nine), actions and initiatives may have to wait a bit however.  Retrograde planets require review and reflection, contemplation and processing, planning and pondering.  INNER work is what’s necessary now.  Important choices and decisions, as well as the implementation of new plans, will likely occur once Mercury (August 18th) then Mars (August 27th) and then Saturn (September 6th) begin moving forward once again.  Charging ahead, or forcing your will prematurely will likely bring frustrations or may even backfire.

Meantime, be mindful of intuitive guidance.  Pay attention to signs and synchronicities.  Pay particular attention if plans or ideas stall or become frustrated.  Concerns or demands from outer sources or forces may thwart your best plans if not heeded.  Make the necessary changes and adjustments requested or required. 

Also be sure to consider ALL those who will be affected by your choices and plans.  Realize that collaboration, not competition, will bring success.  And stick to the truth.  Don’t ‘fudge’ or ignore facts or reality.

With challenging connections to both retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio, this Leo New Moon also reflects the potential for intense emotional confrontations and epic power struggles.  Here in the United States, these celestial influences may well play out through a constitutional crisis if Special Counsel Robert Mueller decides to subpoena President Trump to testify before a Grand Jury.  What, or whom, might you need to confront?  How powerful, or powerless, do you currently feel?  How are you using your power?  Hint:  what CHOICES are you making?

Watch for significant news, information and announcements around the end of this month when Mercury squares Jupiter for the third and final time on August 27th – the very same day that retrograde Mars stations direct!  July 9th and August 10th marked the first and second squares between Mercury and Jupiter.  Here’s a quick tally of significant news headlines from those previous Mercury/Jupiter connections:

On July 9th, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was sworn in for another 5-year term as president, with sweeping new powers.  That same day President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice.  The next day Trump headed to Brussels for what would become another disastrous Summit with our NATO Allies.  Then he was off to Helsinki for a Summit with Vladimir Putin where his shocking performance finally rattled Republicans, some of whom described his behavior as ‘treasonous!’

Keep in mind, it was only three days later, on July 12th, that the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse kicked off this current eclipse season.  Again I will ask, “Doesn’t this past month seem like its actually been about six months?!”

On August 10th, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in contempt of court after learning immigration authorities had already begun the deportation of a Salvadoran mother and her daughter, despite the two being plaintiffs in a pending ACLU lawsuit challenging Sessions’s efforts to stop people fleeing gang violence and domestic violence from qualifying for asylum.

That same day news broke of a leaked audio recording of House Intelligence Committee Chair, Republican Representative Devin Nunes of California, saying that if Attorney General Jeff Sessions won’t unrecuse himself from the Special Counsel’s investigation, and if Mueller won’t clear the President, then Republicans MUST keep control of the House in in the upcoming midterm elections because they’re “… the only ones” who can protect President Trump from Robert Mueller’s investigation!

Later that same day, First Lady Melania Trump’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, became U.S. citizens through the same ‘family reunification’ program that’s been repeatedly attacked by President Trump as “chain migration.” Trump has repeatedly called for the end of the longstanding U.S. policy allowing citizens to sponsor their parents and siblings for legal residency. 

Whew!  And these are just a FEW of the headlines!

Look back to July 9th and August 10th.  What was happening in your life then?  Expect a continuation or culmination of what was unfolding at those times when Mercury and Jupiter square one another for the third and final time on August 27th.   

Also watch what happens on August 28th.  That’s when Mercury will cross over 18 degrees Leo for the third and final time during the current Mercury retrograde (it will occur during the post-retro shadow period).  This is the same degree of the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.  When planets cross over an eclipse degree, they re-ignite the eclipse energy.  Mercury, the planet of information is the only planet that will cross over the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse degree before the next eclipse season gets underway in January 2019.  When it does, its likely to bring some bombshell revelations!

News headlines will no doubt continue to shock and surprise us as more secret schemes and nefarious alliances are uncovered and exposed.  With the Leo New Moon’s challenging connection to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (power and authority, particularly government officials), some in positions of power and authority may experience a karmic ‘fall from grace.’  They will either choose to resign or be forcibly removed from their posts due to misuse or abuse of their power.  This is the same kind of celestial energy that brought down Richard Nixon!

Indeed, those in power who practice a philosophy of ‘the ends justify the means’ will feel mounting pressure as their corrupt intentions are revealed or exposed under the bright light of the Leo Solar Eclipse.  Legal battles, court proceedings and investigations, particularly Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, will no doubt intensify.  The bottom line is that we can expect even more revelations about abuses of power.  And yes, they’re likely to continue to involve sex, money and politics.  Bad actors will experience increasing scrutiny.

Eclipses are like ‘cosmic reboots’ of our human consciousness since our brains are like computers and consciousness is pure energy.  As the light and energy of the Sun is eclipsed, its like a computer being shut down and rebooted.  Old obsolete programs are deleted and new upgrades are downloaded when the computer is rebooted.  Similarly, eclipses upgrade human consciousness with new expanded awareness and new ideas and understanding. 

This Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse is downloading greater love, compassion and creativity.  Its encouraging us to open up our hearts and to give and receive more love.  Remember, Leo rules the heart!  Do you love yourself enough to express your true self more authentically?  What are you ready to create?

Eclipses accelerate the evolutionary pace and potential – for individuals as well as the collective.  Evolution implies change.  Change is necessary for evolution to occur.  Resisting necessary evolutionary change is futile.  This is because, in the end, the forces of evolution are always stronger than the forces of resistance.  Indeed it is too much resistance, for far too long, that breeds revolution. 

We are of course always free to choose.  We can embrace necessary evolutionary change or resist it.  What will you choose?  CHOOSE LOVE!


The Virgo New Moon is on September 9th at 11:01 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.



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