Virgo New Moon: Healing Crises

Virgo, ancient symbol of the Sacred Divine Feminine principle that nurtures all life. She is the Earth Goddess. She is Mother Nature.

The Virgo New Moon happens Sunday, September 9th at 11:01 am MST/PDT at 17 degrees Virgo. 

Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoon2018.

Virgo is a ‘transitional’ archetype, reflecting the continuation and expansion of human evolution from the realm of the personal (Aries through Leo) to the social realm of others (Libra through Pisces). 

Through Virgo, over-inflated egos (Leo) get deflated and underdeveloped or damaged egos can be healed.  Indeed Virgo is the sign of self-improvement and healing, specifically natural healing methods.

Often, the call to healing comes from crises.  Virgo rules crises which serve a natural evolutionary purpose; they alert us to the fact that something is awry, dysfunctional, unhealthy or simply just not rooted in reality. 

To resolve these crises, necessary changes and adjustments must be made.  

Virgo must be careful however because this sign, more than any other sign,  compulsively seeks perfection while simultaneously feeling that it always falls short.  This leads to Virgo’s tendency towards relentless and debilitating self-criticism and judgements.  Such thoughts create a psychology of inferiority and victimization. 

It is this very quality of consciousness that will, unfortunately, just continue to create crises.

Negative thoughts feed the co-creation of crises, especially when combined with the emotion of fear.  For most people, these thoughts happen unconsciously a lot of the time.  And over time, a chronic negative mindset can become quite self-destructive, especially when the crises being co-created are unconsciously fulfilling the age-old man-made religious doctrine of atonement that demands pain and suffering as punishment for human imperfections.  Virgo is the sign most in need of healing of the psychological and spiritual damage done by these religious teachings and their harmful and destructive conditioning influence.

Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet is currently in Virgo, strengthening this New Moon’s emphasis on healing and self-improvement.  Mercury rules the mind and all the ways we gather, analyze and process knowledge and information in an effort to understand our world.   It rules the left brain that wants to logically figure things out; it thinks linearly and deductively.  Through Virgo, Mercury reveals how the mind, body and spirit are ALL connected, and ALL reflective of our overall health, or ill-health.  Central to the archetype of Virgo is the desire and evolutionary intention to heal.  What thoughts or beliefs do YOU need to change in order to heal? 

With the Midterm election campaign season kicking into high hear under the celestial rays of this Virgo New Moon, campaign issues will no doubt also reflect the central healing theme of Virgo.  Expect to hear a LOT about health needs and health care in campaign debates all across the country in the coming weeks as the Dems will decry the countless efforts by the Republicans to dismantle and ultimately eliminate the Affordable Care Act, or what’s more commonly known as ‘Obamacare,’ and Reps will continue to promise to eventually kill it off completely if they maintain their power in Congress.

But Virgo is about more than healing.  It also rules all self-improvement efforts, employees – especially service workers, employers and workplace issues, the environment, climate change, the health of our planet and our dearly beloved pets. 

Which of these Virgo themes is currently manifesting in your world?  Which is most important to you?

Mercury brings even more strength to the New Moon pattern as part of a Grand Earth Trine with Saturn in Capricorn and retrograde Uranus in Taurus.  This potent and positive pattern easily manifests and increases physical resources or material goods.  Prior efforts, especially to heal or improve, bring rewards. 

The Grand Trine also encourages greater personal responsibility and accountability.  Saturn in Capricorn, currently stationary direct (resuming forward motion after a retrograde period that began in April), is at its most powerful right now.  It demands maturity and greater accountability and responsibility.  Calls for greater accountability will intensify from all corners of society.  Saturn teaches that greater self-responsibility brings greater personal freedom.  It also ensures success. 

Easy planetary connections like a Grand Trine urge caution however.  Under such influences, those who choose to misuse their power or authority, believing that “the ends justify the means” may pursue all manner of unethical, dishonest and even fraudulent or criminal behavior in order to achieve their goals.  Somewhat frighteningly, I’ve begun to hear this phrase uttered by leaders and pundits and politicians over recent weeks.  Remember this phrase – ‘The ends justifies the means’ because we’re likely to hear it more and more in the coming years.

On the other hand, as part of the Grand Earth Trine, Uranus seems to be saying, “INNOVATE!  Think outside the box.  Try something different!  Be willing to change your mind.”  URANUS IS URGING BIG CHANGE NOW.  This is not only reflected in Uranus’ part in this extraordinary Grand Earth Trine, but also through its part in another extraordinary planetary configuration central to the Virgo New Moon chart:  a Fixed Grand Cross! 

More on this later…

Besides healing, this New Moon also highlights relationships.  Venus in Libra is slowing down ahead of its upcoming biannual retrograde (Oct 6 to Nov 16) which will occur in Scorpio and Libra.  This retro will have us reviewing and reflecting upon intimate relationship needs as well as personal and shared values.  Traversing BOTH of her opposite signs during this retro (accelerating the evolutionary potential) Venus in Libra and Scorpio will help us see where we’re giving our power away to outer forces, people and things –  people and things that we’ve come to believe we need and think are more powerful than we are.  In short, this upcoming Venus retro will challenge us to confront both co-dependency issues, and abuses or misuses or power, particularly where sex, money or positions of authority are concerned.   

More relationship energy is reflected in Venus’ third quarter square to Mars in Capricorn signaling a significant choice point in many relationships.  “Should I stay or should I go?” is the likely question on many minds now.  Venus (women) and Mars (men) also both change signs and as they do, they’ll form a Fixed T-Square with retro Uranus.  This T-Square reflects disruptions, instability and insecurity.  It will shake us up to wake us up especially regarding matters associated with resources and relationships generally, and unequal resources and relationships specifically –  both personally and collectively.

The Nodes of the Moon get in on the Fixed T-Square act too!  Currently in early Leo and Aquarius, the Nodes turn that Fixed T-Square a full-blown Fixed Grand Cross – THE planetary configuration associated with maximum change.  Often, these changes seemingly come from out of the blue.  This is ‘earthquake’ energy; literally and figuratively.  Ultimately, these energies will change the ‘landscape’ of things.

Perhaps the most important planetary connection in this New Moon chart however is the precise opposition between the Sun and Moon and retro Neptune in Pisces.  Interestingly, Pisces reflects the evolutionary path for Virgo.  Remember, Virgo/Pisces represent the mind/body/spirit connection.   These two signs reflect every Soul’s natural spiritual path towards wholeness, reintegration and reunification with the Divine Creative Source.  Indeed Pisces dissolves whatever prevents this reunification.  The dissolution process involved often brings disappointments, confusion, disillusionment, and the desire to escape, which leads to all kinds of addictions.

While denial, escapism and fantasy all characterize the unevolved expression of Virgo/Pisces, the higher, more evolved expression reflects the natural human impulse to transcendence.  Pisces is the sign associated with the natural spiritual developmental path which seeks timeless, universal values and principles including compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

In order for Virgo to heal its self-defeating psychology of inferiority, based on the delusion of perfection, it must reach for a transcendent spiritual path based upon natural laws, not the distorted, judgmental, right/wrong, moralistic and punishing man-made laws of brought to us by patriarchal religions.

Mother Nature (Virgo) is in dire need of healing.  She is giving us frequent wake up calls through increasing extreme weather events, wildfires and 500 and 1000 year floods.  How many more crises do we need to motivate greater action?  Remember, crises serve a natural purpose from an evolutionary point of view.  They tell us what’s wrong.  They alert us to what’s unhealthy and in need of healing or repair.  Simply put, they tell us what needs to be fixed.   

Meanwhile, a monster storm (Uranus) is brewing in the Atlantic.  NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, expects this tropical storm to become a category 3 hurricane.  Their ‘cone of projection’ shows the storm barreling towards the U.S. East Coast.  Coincidence?  Synchronicity?  “As Above; So Below?”  Choose your metaphor.   Crises serve a purpose. Necessary changes and adjustments are coming.  Mother Nature is calling…

Our government is in crisis, our President is in crisis, our environment is in crisis, our health care system is in crisis, our education system is in crisis, our judicial system is in crisis, our intelligence gathering agencies are in crisis, freedom of the press is in crisis, Congress is in crisis, many believe we’re experiencing a constitutional crisis in the U.S., the Vatican is in crisis, U.S. relationships with our oldest allies are in crisis, and seemingly indiscriminate tariffs are threatening to throw the global economy into crisis!  DEMOCRACY is in crisis!  THE WHOLE WORLD SEEMS TO BE IN CRISIS!

All this is happening as the U.S. is on the very threshold of our first ever Pluto return, a powerful 248 year astrological cycle, symbolizing a crucial collective choice point in our nation’s history.  That choice will be either the death of, or rebirth of, our nation’s very Soul path and purpose – which of course was, and hopefully will continue to be, DEMOCRACY!

We’re in a season of increasing crises.  We can choose to heal those crises, or we can choose to continue to be in denial, ignore reality and continue to do the same old thing.  And that will simply ensure that we continue to co-create MORE crises. 

The Virgo New Moon brings healing energy.  We can use it to heal what needs to be healed.  We can ALL contribute to this healing.  It can be as simple as doing what you can to contribute to the health and well-being of the whole by taking the very best care of yourself.  Stay grounded and rooted in reality.  See things and people as they are, not as you wish them to be.  Work humbly, non-judgmentally, to improve your own life circumstances.  Help out others when you can.  Check negativity.  Hold yourself and others accountable.  Take responsibility! 

And get ready to VOTE!  Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!  Being a responsible citizen in a democracy means being on the playing field, NOT on the bench!  Vote like your life depends upon it because it very well may.

Crises happen for a reason!  This Virgo New Moon signals a time for healing crises…


The Libra New Moon is on October 8th at 8:47 pm MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

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