Libra New Moon: Extreme Imbalance of Power

The Libra New Moon happened late last evening, on Monday, October 8th, at 8:47 pm MST/PDT.  It occurred at 15 degrees Libra 48 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  LibraNewMoon2018.

Libra initiates a diversity of relationships with all different kinds of people.  Then Libra compares and contrasts itself with others.  Through comparing and contrasting ourselves with others, each one of us can discover who we are as a totally different and unique individual.

Thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning has distorted this tendency to compare and contrast ourselves with others.  As a result, this natural process has devolved into an instinctive habit of determining who’s better, richer, smarter, prettier or more successful, instead of realizing how we’re each different and unique.  This distortion, based upon foundational patriarchal principles of hierarchy, exclusion and male dominance, is THE causal factor for much of what is unequal and out of balance in our world, some to extreme degrees.

Libra’s evolutionary intention is to learn how to be in relationships with others as an equal, not dominating or being dominated.  Libra’s glyph, the scales, implies balance.  The truth however is that Libra is NOT inherently balanced; Libra is LEARNING balance. 

Libra also rules extremes.  Accordingly, Libra rules extreme imbalance and extreme inequality.  This Libra New Moon dramatically reflects the persistent and destructive imbalance of power between the sexes.  This New Moon is a call to action for women and men of good will the world over to restore a balance of power between the genders.

Venus rules this New Moon.  She represents essential needs and personal values and teaches self-reliance and self-empowerment.  She also rules resources and relationships.  She just began her biannual retrograde period on October 5th; it will last until November 16th.  Venus begins her reversal in Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, money and power.  She will finish her retrograde period in Libra, the sign of relationships.  Venus retrograde in Scorpio will be all about power; who has it and who doesn’t.  It will focus on how those in power wield their power in order to maintain their power.  It will shed more light on how our social structures and institutions support those in power and sustain white male dominance.

The theme of gender inequality is further emphasized by the fact that Venus continues to be in a waning or 3rd quarter square aspect with Mars.  Venus and Mars are the heavenly bodies that symbolize women and men.  Together with the Moon’s Nodes, which are currently finishing up in Leo and Aquarius, and retrograde Uranus in Taurus, Venus and Mars currently form a ‘Fixed Grand Cross.’ 

A Fixed Grand Cross is a rare planetary configuration.  It reflects the stability and security of the status quo.  With Uranus in the mix however, we also have a volatile revolutionary change energy who’s very purpose and intention is to upset the status quo, especially as it concerns resources and relationships.  This Fixed Grand Cross reflects a maximum pressure or impetus for change, intent on confronting that which is completely and stubbornly fixed and crystallized.  It will forcefully challenge and disrupt whatever has become so stuck that it is literally preventing further ongoing evolutionary growth and progress.  Put simply, this Fixed Grand Cross symbolizes ‘unstoppable forces’ meeting seemingly ‘immovable objects.’

Venus (women) retrograde clearly represents the current challenge to the status quo of entrenched Patriarchal values and principles (male dominance).  Patriarchy is a word we’re hearing more frequently now as social commentators and political pundits utter it nearly every day.  This is actually evidence of progress!  Because you cannot change something unless and until you are aware of it.  This Venus retrograde is going to further reveal the dark underbelly of Patriarchy.

Patriarchy was on full ugly display last week, in the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  Nationwide, women watched in horror as powerful, privileged, white men demeaned and dismissed a ‘terrified’ yet courageous successful professional woman.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,  offered detailed sworn testimony accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape during their teenage years, even as her voice trembled.  

When necessary evolutionary change is resisted for too long, revolutionary forces inevitably manifest in order to bring about those necessary changes.  This Fixed Grand Cross also reflects the overwhelming and often paralyzing pent-up anger and rage women have long felt as a result of literally thousands of years of Patriarchal repression, suppression and oppression by men.  

One women answering the timely call for change is Rebecca Traister.  In her recently published book, “Good and Mad” the prize winning feminist author chronicles the long history of women’s struggles in America up to and including the current #MeToo movement. 

Another courageous woman speaking out about pervasive sexual assault is the founder of the MeToo movement, Tarana Burke.  Facebook and Twitter exploded with over 12 million responses in 24 hours when she launched #MeToo last October, just days after the  shocking revelations by dozens of women alleging decades of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein.

The MeToo phenomena began last fall just as Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, money and power.  Within a week the Weinstein scandal broke.  That story was quickly followed by more bombshell reports that revealed widespread sexual misconduct in workplaces all across the country.  Last week the MeToo movement seemed to come to a crescendo as thousands of women, and supportive men, confronted their legislators in protest against the nomination of credibly accused serial sexual assaulter, federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was nominated by another credibly accused sexual assaulter, Donald J. Trump. 

Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 10th.  Although Kavanaugh has now ascended to the Supreme Court, the heavens portend that this protest movement is far from over.  Sexual assault survivors are rightly furious.  Women of all lifestyles and backgrounds, many of whom remember the travesty of Anita Hill in the 1992 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings 27 years ago (one Saturn cycle), are more galvanized than ever by what they watched happen to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Men in power seem to have learned nothing since 1992.  Women however are keen to vote on November 6th!

This Venus retrograde in Scorpio symbolizes the necessary confrontations that must occur to reveal corruption and abuses of power.  Sexual predators and those who abuse public trust through the power of their office or positions of authority will continue to be called out and exposed. 

The naked abuses of power by the President, and by the Republicans in charge of the Senate confirmation process, have just further emboldened brave women and men to continue to share their stories and speak their truth.  And as they do, they will reclaim personal power.  Many will put their anger to good use to bring about the necessary social, cultural and political changes that are so long overdue.  

Scorpio’s evolutionary intention is all about ‘right use’ of power.  This sign also rules the deep emotional scars and psychological wounds that so often leave those who are abused or betrayed feeling powerless.  Venus retro in Scorpio is the perfect combination of celestial influences and energies required to confront, and ultimately heal, the pain of abuse, loss, abandonment and betrayals of trust.  As more and more confrontations occur, momentum will grow, and more and more abuses of power, financial fraud, corruption and infidelities will be exposed. 

One notable example is the special investigation reported this week by New York Times alleging that “President Trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the fortune he received from his parents.” 

Scorpio is all about exposing and revealing what’s secret or hidden, particularly when it involves misuses or abuses of power.  Law enforcement officials as well as mental health professionals know all too well that violent sexual crime is NOT about sex; its about power!  Sexual assault is one of the most extreme abuses of power.  Painful buried memories and content MUST be brought to the light of day if healing is to occur, because what remains hidden often continues to have power over us. 

As Senator Chris Coons of Delaware recently stated in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, “…there is an ocean of pain in this country.” 

Last week’s hearings seemed to open the floodgates for survivors of sexual assault.  Women stormed the halls of Congress confronting legislators in their offices, in hallways and even in elevators! 

Supportive men are genuinely shocked as they become aware of the enormity of the number of incidences of sexual assault in our country. 

As for myself, there is literally not one women I know who has not either experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault including rape, herself, or knows someone else who has.  Ask around; you’ll no doubt find the same truth among your friends, colleagues and family members.  Sexual assault is an epidemic in America.  Sexual assault is endemic to Patriarchy.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, currently under water in her re-election bid in a state that Trump won in 2016 by 36 points, voted her conscience and voted against the Kavanaugh nomination.  Later, she revealed that her Mom survived a traumatic sexual assault in her teenage years saying, “It made her stronger.  And as a result, she made us stronger.” Truth is powerful.  Truth brings strength to survivors…

As survivors of sexual assault continue to tell their stories, healing CAN occur.  As healing occurs, a simultaneous reclamation and restoration of personal power also occurs.  Ultimately, as more and more survivors speak up, a re-balancing of power can also occur – particularly between men and women.

Mercury joins the Sun and Moon in Libra and is quite prominent now.  Mercury represents all kinds of communication and information exchanges.  Mercury just opposed Eris, the massive and second largest dwarf planet recently discovered in our Solar System.  With a nearly 560 year orbital cycle, Eris moves very slowly, reflecting far-reaching social, political and cultural change.  Expect more survivors to speak out. 

A Greek Warrior Goddess, Eris symbolizes women’s considerable strength and courage.  She also represents the anger so many women feel at the lack of respect, value and recognition they receive for their many talents and achievements.  Eris represents women’s rage due to exclusion and being treated as less than equal.  Studies have long shown that the economic success of any country directly reflects how well women are treated in that country.   Economic studies have also shown that women are more successful at financial trading, management and advise.  These studies should surprise no one since Venus, the planet that rules women, also rules money! 

Women (Venus) literally represent VALUE!

Eris is also square Pluto in Capricorn reflecting the reality that so many women know so well, namely, that they’re not only NOT believed when they speak up about sexual misconduct, they also experience cruel and crushing retribution.  Those who dare to speak truth to power, particularly male authority figures, are often punished. 

Again, this should come as no surprise since Patriarchy has also brought us man-made, male-dominated religions that believe women are the temptation responsible for man’s spiritual downfall. 

Patriarchal religions teach that women (beginning with Eve) are the very embodiment of evil and therefore deserving of pain, suffering and punishment.

Mercury in Libra is energizing lots and Lots and LOTS of communication about relationship dynamics in general, and unequal relationship dynamics specifically.  The Patriarchy will increasingly be called out!  Expect even stronger messages when both Mercury and the Sun enter Scorpio, on October 9th and 23rd respectively.  As each joins the Fixed Grand Cross, communications will become much more intense, powerful and consequential.

The Sun and Moon in Libra are in challenging aspects to both retrograde Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.  Both symbolize the distortions of truth fueling the political conflicts dividing us and the extreme emotional upset so many feel as a result.  Some will react with resignation.  Others will respond with even greater determination to change the balance, or to put it more accurately, the extreme imbalance of political power. 

Women’s reactions are already starkly evident.  Recent political polling on the upcoming midterm elections show a 26 point gender gap.  Women are moving towards Democratic candidates in record numbers.

These connections to Neptune and Pluto clearly also represent the raw abuses of power and all the lies, confusion and overwhelming disappointment associated with the Kavanaugh confirmation process that just elevated a dishonest and credibly accused perpetrator of sexual assault to one of the most powerful positions in our country, the Supreme Court.  Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes all the Patriarchal social and governmental structures and institutions that continue to systematically keep wealthy white men in power.

It feels like we are at social, political and cultural crossroads.  As the Sun and Mercury enter Scorpio later this month, squaring the Moon’s Nodes and opposing retro Uranus, surprising or even shocking revelations will occur as even more secrets and more lies are exposed.  A reckoning is coming as retro Uranus and the Nodes ALL change signs on November 6th, Election Day!

We live in an increasingly polarized and divided world.  On a daily basis we witness and experience the stark and destructive realities resulting from widespread and systemic imbalance and inequality –  between the genders, races, classes, nations and even between mankind and nature. 

This Libra New Moon is a call for greater balance and equality.  If we can learn the Libra lessons of effective listening (especially to women), and sharing, then we can have the highest Libra experiences of equality, peace, justice, balance, fairness and harmony.  Only if we can learn that we ALL HAVE VALUE and that we are ALL EQUAL, can we achieve a restoration of the balance of power on this planet.  Only then will we heal the enormous damage done, over millennia, due to extreme imbalances of power that maintain extreme inequality. 

Women must lead this effort.  Indeed this Libra New Moon is a call to action for all the women of the world!  An extraordinary opportunity for action is just around the corner on Election Day!

“Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.”

– Frank Herbert, born October 8, 1920                


The Scorpio New Moon is on November 7th at 9:02 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

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