Taurus New Moon: Changing Values

The Taurus New Moon happened Saturday, May 4th, at 3:45 pm MST/PDT at 14 degrees Taurus 10 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  TaurusNewMoon2019.

This Taurus New Moon brings crises, and the need for radical changes and adjustments in our values to ensure our collective well-being.  Taurus is THE quintessential feminine sign reflecting Mother Earth, or Gaia as some call her.  She provides all the natural resources required to support life on our planet. 

Similarly, Taurus rules all the resources humans need to survive like food, clothing and shelter. 

In our modern era, we also need money to survive.  The bull, Taurus’ male counterpart, has long been the well-known mascot for Wall Street and all things financial.

The Sun and Moon are joined by Uranus, also in Taurus now and for the next seven years.  Uranus always shakes things up in order to wake us up.  Moving through Taurus, Uranus will force a re-evaluation and re-valuation of all the things we most need, not just to survive but to thrive. 

Uranus always brings necessary changes intended to ensure ongoing evolution.  Whatever prevents progress and growth will eventually be broken up or broken down by Uranus so that evolutionary breakthroughs can occur.  Uranus is as disruptive as necessary to bring about such changes.  Sometimes Uranus is simply surprising and unexpected.  At other times, Uranus is explosive, radical, shocking and even revolutionary.  Resistance to the necessary changes Uranus brings only fuels greater disruption.

The Sun and Moon now in Taurus are at the apex of a YOD, a unique planetary configuration involving at least three planets or celestial points.  Two of the three planets or points are sextile each other (60 degrees apart) while they’re both also simultaneously inconjunct (150 degrees apart) the third planet.  The Sun and Moon are in the third planet(s) position reflecting the crisis point in the YOD.  In Taurus, these crises will likely manifest through issues associated with values and resources.  Pallas Athena, which is retrograde at 13 degrees Libra and retrograde Ceres, at 12 degrees Sagittarius complete the Yod.  Pallas Athena and Ceres are sextile one another and both are inconjunct the Sun and Moon at 14 degrees.

Standing in Taurus, the Sun and Moon reflect ALL the resources we need to survive.  Taurus also reflects what we value from the standpoint of what constitutes meaning in our lives.  Pallas Athena was a Greek female warrior.  She fights for truth and justice knowing they are foundational to equality in relationships and peaceful societies.  Ceres symbolizes Mothers and their unconditional love.  She also represents agriculture and all the foodstuffs required to nurture and sustain life.  Moving through Sagittarius, the sign that searches for truth and understanding through the study of philosophies, cosmologies and theologies that underpin civil laws and justice systems, retrograde Ceres signals the need to return to a way of life reflected in natural laws or nature.

Altogether, the planets in this Yod are symbolizing the crisis of UNEQUAL justice under the law, depending upon how much or how little money is involved.  Of course to resolve this crisis, there must be EQUAL justice under the law regardless of levels of wealth or resources.  The Yod also reflects the need to restore health and balance to our environment and how we humans relate to and protect the natural world or what we call nature that we need to survive.

Matriarchy, a social organizing philosophy that mimics the natural laws of nature, reflects core principles of giving, sharing, group interests and inclusion.  This is how eco-systems work in order to maintain their health and well-being.  ALL parts of an eco-system are vital, valued and necessary.  In nature, whenever a part is damaged, destroyed or removed, the entire eco-system suffers. 

Humans lived in alignment with natural laws and the natural world long before the time in our human history marked by Patriarchal values and principles, which are based upon core principles of hierarchy, dominance, self-interest and exclusion.  Patriarchy has brought us societies that are male dominated and underpinned by man-made religions which have systematically distorted the truth of natural laws for millennia resulting in the oppression of women and indigenous peoples the world over, as well as the environmental degradation of the planet.  The origins of racism, sexism and the desire to control and dominate nature and natural forces are rooted in Patriarchal principles.  Astrologically, Patriarchy is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with both resources and relationships of all kinds.  Venus also rules Libra, the sign that rules EXTREMES.  Libra teaches the need for balance and equality in all our relationships.  We are currently experiencing extremes of wealth inequality all across the globe, as well as a resurgence of White Supremacy that reflects extremes of racial inequality.  

Recently, a friend of mine said he thought our politics was moving from extreme polarization based upon party affiliation (Democratic versus Republican) towards polarization based upon wealth inequality reflected in the “Haves versus the Have-Nots.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Even economic experts are beginning to sound alarms regarding the growing risks associated with extreme levels of wealth disparity they say pose an existential threat to global economic stability.  Taurus is THE sign of stability.  It stands to reason that the sign that rules survival would value stability and security, particularly financial security.  As a result, Taurus stubbornly resists change.  But Uranus, now moving through Taurus, is THE CHANGE AGENT! 

Peace activist Heather Heyer

“White Nationalism” has been on the rise across Europe for the last decade.  It’s now resurgent in the United States as well.  The “Unite the Right” protest march in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, in which an avowed Neo-Nazi murdered peace activist Heather Heyer, was a frightening display of “White Supremacy” right here in America.  Could there be a more poignant manifestation of hierarchy than one race that believes it is superior to all other races and sees itself as Supreme?

Since Venus rules Taurus its the ruling planet of this Taurus New Moon.  Venus is currently moving through the sign of Aries, and is square the Moon’s Nodes.  Planets square the Nodes always symbolize a CHOICE POINT.  Since Aries always wants to initiate new beginnings, these choices will reflect desires to move in new directions and to move forward in new ways.  Venus in Aries represents the need to move in new directions relative to values, resources and relationships.  She represents the need for greater balance and equality, between women and men, between the races and between humans and the natural world. 

Venus is also square retrograde Saturn in Capricorn and retrograde Pluto also now in Capricorn.  The grouping of the Moon’s South Node, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn now, constitute a Capricorn ‘stellium.’  Stelliums exist when there are three or more planets in the same sign.  Stelliums symbolize great emphasis regarding the things represented by the sign those planets occupy. 

This Capricorn stellium symbolizes a great emphasis of Patriarchal forces increasingly exerting their power, dominance and control.  Resurgent Patriarchal influence was on full display last Summer during the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings.  Not surprisingly, as the “MeToo Movement” has intensified, Patriarchy has pushed back hard.

Venus will square the Moon’s Nodes first.  That happens on Monday, May 6th.  Then she’ll square retrograde Saturn in Capricorn on May 7th, and finally, she’ll square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn on May 9th.  All these squares reflect significant CHOICES.  All these squares to planets in Capricorn are calling for greater accountability and responsibility.  With the South Node involved, all these squares are also calling for us to throw off Patriarchy and its distorted, exclusionary values and principles.

Successful CHOICES will hold those in positions of power and authority accountable.  Successful CHOICES will reflect equal consideration of ALL who are affected by those choices.  Successful CHOICES will reject Patriarchal values and principles based upon hierarchy, dominance, self-interest and exclusion that have perpetrated social inequality and planetary degradation for centuries through a systematic EXCLUSION of women and people of color.  Successful CHOICES will recognize the equal value, and indeed the necessity, of INCLUSION of ALL members of ALL societies for the health and well-being of our planet.

Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing awareness of Patriarchy seeping into the collective consciousness of humanity.  A telling piece of evidence of this awareness was reflected in a recent TV interview with Tony Schwartz, who co-authored “The Art of the Deal” writing about the business dealings of Donald Trump.  The specific reference begins at approximately 4:50 in the video clip.

Schwartz speaks about a current ‘clash of civilizations’ or differing ‘world views’ where Patriarchy is increasingly being challenged by forces wishing to EXPAND INCLUSIVENESS all across societies worldwide.  His words reflect the very CHOICE POINT Venus faces as she squares the South Node of the Moon Capricorn, the sign associated with Patriarchy, and the North Node of the Moon in Cancer, the sign associated with Matriarchy.  The South Node always points to what we must let go of in order to evolve towards the North Node.  The South Node in Capricorn symbolizes Patriarchy.  Venus square the South Node symbolizes the need to let go of Patriarchal values and principles of hierarchy, dominance, self-interest and exclusion. 

Its notable that American voters chose greater inclusion last November when they elected the most diverse Congress ever, sending more women, and more people of color to the U.S. Capital than ever before in our history.  They also chose the first Muslim American and Native American representatives in Congress and the first ever openly gay State Governor.  The people are clearly more aware, conscious and evolved than our politicians.

Finally, Mars in Gemini also features prominently in the Taurus New Moon chart.  Mars will inconjunct (150 degrees) retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and then oppose (180 degrees) retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Mars in Gemini is fueling the overwhelming amount of information we’re being bombarded with now on a daily basis.  Mars in Gemini also reflects intensifying conflicts and arguments over facts and truths and overall disclosures of information now. 

Interestingly, Mars in Gemini also reflects the media and news organizations, whose dogged persistence in ferreting out the truth and exposing lies is providing vital information to the American public.  Democracies NEED a free press to hold those in power accountable to the people.  Democracies NEED truth and facts in order to function, survive and thrive!

Mars inconjunct (150 degrees) Pluto is manifesting through a growing crisis between the government’s desire to control information, and the public’s right and need for information in order to make informed choices and decisions. 

Remarkably, Mars is currently at 22 degrees Gemini, the precise degree of Donald Trump’s natal Sun.  As above; so below! 

The Trump administration’s desire to control, restrict and limit (Capricorn) the release of information (Gemini) being lawfully requested by House Democrats in the course of their constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities is increasingly fueling a constitutional crisis. 

With the U.S. inching closer to our first ever “Pluto return” in 2021-2023, a planetary event that occurs only once every 248 years, Americans are re-creating the circumstances of our birth as a nation; the need to rebel against and free ourselves from the tyranny of corrupt authority through revolution.  Uranus rules revolutions!

Pluto rules the ‘life/death/rebirth cycle and reflects both our Souls, and the evolutionary process itself.  America is facing a crucial choice point in the ongoing history of our nation.  That choice will be to either rebirth the very “Soul” of our nation, by re-affirming our core democratic values and principles, or, to let our democracy die, allowing the United States to go the way of so many other countries throughout history who have devolved into corruption, authoritarianism and dictatorship.    

Attorney General Barr’s egregious misrepresentation of the finding’s of the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 Presidential election, as well as his disputed redactions of multiple categories of information in Mueller’s report, are yet more examples of deliberate restrictions and limitations of information disclosures to Congress and to the public.  

Mars inconjunct (150 degree crisis angle) Pluto is also manifesting through complete denials of information by Trump administration officials who have chosen to ignore requests for both documents and witness testimony requested by Congress.  One extraordinary example of this is evidenced in Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s refusal to allow the IRS to provide Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The President himself filed lawsuits last week seeking to prevent Deutsche Bank and Capital One Bank, as well as Mazars, the financial services firm he’s used for many years, from complying with other Congressional committee subpoenas for information about his businesses.  Congress needs this information in order to determine whether financial conflicts of interest are influencing his decisions on foreign policy.

Mars’ opposition (180 degrees) to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign that rules our laws and legal justice system, will no doubt result in many more lawsuits being filed in efforts to both obtain, and thwart, disclosures of information necessary to get to the truth (Sagittarius) of many current matters crucial to maintaining the rule of law in our country.  Indeed Mars in Gemini opposite retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius manifested just last week when a federal judge ruled in favor of congressional Democrats, allowing their lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution to proceed.  The emoluments clause specifically prohibits any president from accepting anything of VALUE (Taurus) from any foreign government or official.

This Taurus New Moon is all about what really matters, what’s really valuable and what’s most important for our well-being.  What do you really need and value?  What information would help you move forward in new directions regarding resource or relationship matters?  How are you taking full responsibility for decisions you’ve made in the past and are making now?  How are you managing your resources and relationships in order to ensure greater balance and meaningful interactions?

The Taurus New Moon is setting the stage not just for the coming month as most new moons do, but for the next seven years since Uranus joins the New Moon for the first time since entering Taurus.  Uranus WILL bring necessary changes and adjustments in order to ensure our ongoing evolution and survival.  How much or how little we resist will ultimately determine just how disruptive Uranus must be in order to do so…



If the expert economists are right, global financial stability is facing the threat of another, perhaps even bigger crash.  If the climate scientists are right, we only have twelve years to radically change human behaviors that are destroying our planet.  If the political pundits are right, democracies are under siege and are being systematically dismantled and undermined by powerful malevolent patriarchal forces worldwide.  Our very survival may well depend upon us all waking up! 


The Gemini New Moon happens June 3rd, at 3:02 am MST! 

Copyright 2019.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved. 

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