Virgo New Moon: Healing Our Selves, Our Relationships and Our Planet

The Virgo New Moon happened early this morning at 3:37 am MST/PDT at 6 degrees Virgo 46 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoon2019.

Virgo is the sign of self-improvement, healing and service.  This sign carries a psychology of inferiority.  Virgo tends to focus on what’s wrong, instead of what’s right and as a result, often sees the glass half-empty, instead of half-full. 

Thousands of years of patriarchal man-made religious conditioning has taught us humans to believe that God is ‘perfect’ but we are not, and as a result, we must atone for our imperfections or ‘sins’ by suffering pain and punishment. 

Who among us hasn’t at some point in our lives asked the question, “What did I do wrong?” when some tragedy or difficulty occurs?  This evidences a belief (often unconscious) that these painful circumstances or events are the result of divine retribution or punishment for some prior mistake we’ve made.  Although these beliefs have crept into the unconscious realms of most all of humanity, by far, those with Virgo energy emphasized in their charts experience these negative and destructive thoughts the most.

This is because more so than any other sign, Virgos seek perfection.  Accordingly, Virgo carries the psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds and scars caused by religious dogma more than the other signs.  These distorted religious teachings serve an agenda of power and control over humans, not spiritual enlightenment.  The power and control these religions have over nearly every aspect of human life has been maintained for centuries through manipulation of the masses based upon projected fear and guilt.

Virgo’s intrinsic fear of criticism, judgment and punishment lead it to engage in several unhealthy and self-defeating compensatory behaviors.  Among them are procrastination, excuse-making, workaholism or chronic over-commitment, relentless self-judgment and criticism, substance abuse, addiction and denial of reality whenever that reality is too demanding, painful or frightening.  As a result, Virgos often experience a deep inner existential void that leaves them feeling utterly alone in the world.

The evolutionary intention of Virgo is heal, to self-improve and to be of service in some way to the larger whole of humanity.  The awareness of the need for healing or self-improvement usually stems from some kind of crises.  Indeed Virgo energies typically manifest through the phenomena of crises. 

Crises serve a natural purpose.  They alert us to the fact that something is awry, not working, dysfunctional or unhealthy.  Crises nearly always reflect, and are the result of, some denial of reality, truth or facts.  So naturally, Virgo requires alignment with actual facts, and actual reality.  Truth, facts and reality however, are increasingly in short supply in our world of information overload where we’re bombarded daily with an overwhelming amount of dis-information, propaganda, spin, gas-lighting, rhetoric and outright lies.  Virgo feels this truth-and-reality-challenged stress profoundly.

Pathologically, crises serve as very effective distractions for those who feel unworthy.  Anne Wilson Schaef, in her book, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, says that workaholism is the addiction of choice for those who feel unworthy.  Constantly putting out ‘fires’ can keep Virgos so busy they never have time to focus on themselves.  This behavior is understandable given the fact that Virgos often fear looking too closely at themselves because they’re usually convinced that what they’ll find is a hopelessly flawed, imperfect self that is sinful, irredeemable and unworthy of Divine love.

Ultimately, these false beliefs and the associated avoidance and denial habits can lead to exhaustion and even ill health.  This exhaustion finally triggers Virgo’s natural capacity for analysis, particularly self-analysis.  Self-analysis leads Virgo to the realization that the common denominator in all the crises is itself!  Once they realize that they themselves have been (unconsciously) co-creating all those crises and all the busy-ness in order to distract themselves from themselves, or to atone for prior mistakes, or to prove their worth to others, then the work of personal healing and self-improvement can finally begin.  In the end, Virgo realizes that they must prove their worth to themselves, not to anyone else.

This Virgo New Moon is part of a ‘stellium’ or group of planets in a single sign.  A stellium reflects great emphasis of the sign in which it occurs.  A stellium in the sign of Virgo greatly emphasizes crises and the need for healing and improvements which can only happen when necessary changes and adjustments are made.  Virgo succeeds at making whatever necessary changes and adjustments are required for healing and self-improvement, overcoming it’s “perfection paralysis,” by simply learning to move forward ONE STEP AT A TIME.

The Virgo stellium includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno.  Mercury is all about communication.  Venus and Mars, the planets naturally representing women and men, symbolize relationship matters.  Juno, an asteroid associated with marriage and partnership commitments, also points to relationship dynamics.  Altogether, this Virgo stellium reflects the need to heal our relationships – to ourselves, to one another, and to the planet. 

Virgo rules the environment and all of the resources we need to survive, particularly foodstuffs.  Many ancient Goddesses of fertility were associated with Virgo.  The symbol for Virgo is a woman often depicted holding a spike of corn of a scheaf of grain.  And our planet herself is often referred to as “Mother Earth” is she not?

As the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno move forward through Virgo, they have/will ALL connect with every other planet in our Solar System.  All this heavenly activity reflects a similar amount of activity here on planet Earth.  As Above; so below.  This means the coming weeks will no doubt be extremely busy.  And remember, there’s already an extraordinary intensity of energy due to the emphasis of the Virgo stellium.  September is likely to bring a dizzying array of news, events and activities, all related to crises, each demanding our attention and efforts.

Fortunately, all these Virgo planets are favorably connected by trine aspect (120 degrees apart) to retro Uranus in Taurus reflecting unusual, surprising and unexpected events that can support healing and improvement efforts.  Uranus brings breakthroughs and freedom.  It can help us to break free from the past.  It can bring innovative ideas or approaches that can resolve what hasn’t been working or healthy.  Uranus always encourages doing things differently, thinking and acting “outside the box.” 

Unfortunately however, the ease of energetic flow from Uranus to all these Virgo planets will also likely increase the intensity of storms, which are ruled by Uranus.  Hurricane Dorian will no doubt surprise even the experts as it moves unpredictably and grows in strength and power in unexpected ways.  Here we have a classic crisis reflecting denial of reality.  That reality is climate change due to environmental (Virgo) degradation resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.

 The Virgo planets are also quite positively aligned (trines) with retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto, both in Capricorn, along with the Moon’s South Node.  These connections support greater accountability, especially for those in positions of power and authority. 

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn and it is slowing down now ahead of it’s upcoming station direct on September 18th.  It will complete it’s annual five month retrograde period that began on April 29th.  Some issues from this Spring may resurface now for further resolution or attention.  The power of Saturn’s station will greatly intensify matters of responsibility, especially by government leaders and officials.  It will also intensify scrutiny of their efforts by citizens and watchdog groups.   

Capricorn reflects the need for ALL of us to take greater responsibility.  It also supports bringing an increased level of maturity and seriousness to the problems we face, individually and collectively.

One way in which this is already occurring is in the increased awareness of how we are ALL connected globally.  We’re realizing that what happens in Brazil, Venezuela, the U.K., the U.S., Kashmir, India, Hong Kong, China, the Congo and Russia affects us all, not just the citizens of those countries and regions. 

Increasingly, all these GLOBAL crises are helping us realize that we MUST work together if we’re to successfully address these important issues.  Of course this means we have to learn to get along, to cooperate and collaborate, not just compete.  We need to heal our relationships with one another in order to fix the life-threatening problems we face in our world.

All these Virgo planets are also simultaneously challenged (150 degree inconjunct aspect) by retrograde Chiron in Aries symbolizing the need to heal our selves.  Chiron rules both wounds and their healing remedies.  Aries is the sign of the individual self.  Together they reflect the need to be true to ourselves, to stand up for ourselves and to assert our right to be! 

Aries, ruled by the planet Mars, the “God of War” also rules weapons.  So it’s not surprising that one of the ways this heavenly pattern is manifesting here on Earth is through a growing awareness of the crisis of gun violence here in the United States.  Gun safety is front and center on the presidential campaign trail and in our collective conversations as more and more people call for changes in gun legislation. 

This planetary connection also reflects the ‘wounding’ the NRA is currently experiencing as it’s leadership struggles to contain the financial scandals plaguing the organization that have led to legal challenges threatening its very existence.  Interestingly, Chiron operates ‘homeopathically’ meaning the source of the wound is also the source of its healing.  To heal the epidemic of gun violence in America, the wounding of the NRA is perhaps itself a ‘necessary change and adjustment!’

The Virgo planets will also square (90 degrees apart) Ceres, another asteroid, and Jupiter, both now in Sagittarius.  Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius are both symbolic of nature.  Ceres is associated with the dynamics of loss and return.  We are losing the rainforests that are so crucial to efforts to combat climate change as they both sequester carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in our atmosphere, and provide the oxygen necessary for sustaining human life. 

Sagittarius is also associated with nature and the environment.  Mother Earth is clearly powerful enough to restore and heal herself but it may take centuries, well beyond the lifetimes of humans currently inhabiting this planet.  If we don’t act quickly, our children will inherit a world in much greater crises than it is today.  Julia Roberts narrates this short video about Mother Earth.  A wise and timely message worth watching!

Then the Virgo planets will oppose (180 degrees apart) retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Both Jupiter and Neptune point to further distortions of truths and facts and the ongoing legal efforts to expose and reveal lies and corruption.  Jupiter and Neptune will square one another for the third and final time this year (previously on January 13th and June 16th) symbolizing great distortions of truth.  This planetary combination may also bring more questionable actions by the Justice Department.  Under the leadership of Attorney General Bill Barr, many believe the agency’s reputation for fair-dealing and integrity has also suffered a severe ‘wounding.’ 

Once again, some may experience a return of issues from January and June again this month as Jupiter and Neptune make their final connection.  Be mindful to check and double check facts for accuracy.  And pay particular attention to your intuition, the best guide for discerning truth, particularly when there are deliberate efforts to obfuscate the facts.

Neptune rules all bodies of water.  Like water, the ‘universal solvent,’ Neptune’s challenging connections in this New Moon chart point to the potential for catastrophic damage from frequent flooding due to extreme climate events.  Hurricane Dorian may prove to be one of the most destructive storms in U.S. history.

Neptune also rules all chemicals including pharmaceutical drugs.  Again, we’re seeing the influence of Jupiter (legal matters and our justice system) and Neptune (opioids) manifesting through the settlement decision by an Oklahoma judge last week who found that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson was responsible for the state’s opioid crisis and ordered them to pay $572 million. 

Purdue Pharmaceuticals, another major opioid manufacturer and distributor, also faces massive legal liability for its deceptive marketing practices that have resulted in the addiction and deaths of over 400,000 Americans over recent years.  They just announced they’re willing to pay between 10-12 billion dollars to settle all legal claims against them.

Finally, as all the Virgo planets oppose retro Neptune in Pisces, the sign Virgo must embrace for its own evolution, they tap into an unlimited source of spiritual support, guidance and comfort.  Neptune rules Pisces.  Both Neptune and Pisces represent the natural spiritual path that teaches unconditional love, not punishment; compassion, not hate; tolerance and acceptance, not judgment and persecution; and forgiveness, not vengeance.  Neptune and Pisces represent the Divine Creative Source of all things. They remind us that we are all one, and all connected, and all divine co-creators ourselves since we were made in the image of the Divine Creator.  

The Virgo New Moon brings us all an opportunity to heal and improve.  It’s time to heal ourselves, our relationships to one another, and our relationship to our planet.  Reach for the highest level of universal truths and spiritual values as you pursue necessary changes and adjustments that will bring about personal healing and self-improvements.  Begin by learning to love your imperfect, evolving self – unconditionally.  Extend this same unconditional love to others who are themselves also imperfect, evolving human beings.  And remember to respect and hold sacred the most precious and valuable resource we humans have, our precious Mother Earth!


The Libra New Moon is on September 28th, at 11:26 am MST.


 Copyright 2019.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

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