About Donna

Donna has studied astrology, spirituality and metaphysics for over 35 years.  She’s been a professional full-time practicing astrologer since 1994 when she left a 20 year corporate career in Human Resources Management to begin Threshold Consulting, her private Astrological Counseling and Consulting practice in Northern Arizona.

Fascinated by occult sciences (secret knowledge and ancient wisdom traditions) since she was a teenager, she’s studied Astrology, the I Ching, Numerology, the Tarot, the Runes, the Kabballah, Shamanism, Dream Analysis and Universal Symbolism.  She is most knowledgeable about Evolutionary Astrology, a unique interpretation method that reads astrological charts from the perspective of the Soul.  She is also quite adept at use of the I Ching.

Both Evolutionary Astrology and the I Ching are natural sciences — bodies of knowledge accumulated through observation and correlation.  Both are also based upon natural laws — laws that are self-evident in nature and do not depend upon any man-made belief system.

Utilizing Evolutionary Astrology, developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green, she’s consulted with thousands of clients the world over assisting them in discovering their Soul Path and successfully navigating their current life challenges and opportunities.  She’s also an inspiring and life-changing Spiritual Guidance Counselor for those wishing to deeply understand their Soul Path and to live their life in alignment with their Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions.

Combining her corporate Human Resources Management Consulting experience with a wealth of metaphysical knowledge and an understanding of the Soul’s natural spiritual evolutionary journey, Donna also offers Career Development for the Soul.  This customized personal coaching program is uniquely designed for those seeking meaningful changes in their life direction or career path.  For more information about this unique program click here https://thresholdconsulting.wordpress.com/career-development-for-the-soul/.

She also writes, teaches and lectures about Evolutionary Astrology, the emerging science of consciousness, the Soul’s natural spiritual evolution and metaphysical topics.

Check out Heavenly Help, her FREE Weekly Podcast!  They’re full of easy to understand information and insights about current astrological events and their influences:  https://thresholdconsulting.wordpress.com/weekly-podcast/

To schedule a personal consultation, in person or over the phone, e-mail  Donna or call her at 928-779-1210.

One response to “About Donna

  1. Great article Donna. Also interesting is that 2 of the prominant dates are when the moon is a “Supermoon ” 11/13 [solar eclipse ] and 12/13 the day the Mercury “shadow ” period ends and only 2 days after the 3rd mercury square Neptune and the moon occulting Mercury

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