This section is a collection of articles that I have previously published and believe are very relevant to what is happening in our lives today.

Pluto is clearly having an affect on all of us.  Truths are being revealed, hierarchies are being destroyed, and unhealthy systems are being strained and challenged.  The opportunities for creating new – soul-aligned – lives are endless.

Here are four articles that will help you understand and navigate Pluto’s influence in your life:

Pluto’s Promise for Humanity: Spiritual Evolutionary Growth One Generation at a Time

Pluto’s Demotion to ‘Dwarf Planet’

Pluto Enters Capricorn! (2008 to 2024)

Pluto re-enters Capricorn until 2024 – Humanity’s Quantum Shift in Consciousness is Well Underway…

As always, I am happy to assist you through your transitions.  For a private consultation, please call me at 928-779-1210.

Infinite Blessings!


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