Pluto’s Promise for Humanity

Pluto’s Promise for Humanity: Spiritual Evolutionary Growth One Generation at a Time

In Evolutionary Astrology, the planet Pluto represents spiritual evolutionary growth individually and collectively.  It takes 248 years for Pluto to complete one revolution around our Sun.  Due to its highly elliptical orbit, Pluto spends anywhere from 12 to 32 years in each of the twelve zodiac signs.  Its passage through each sign represents an entire ‘astrological generation.’  After all, millions of people are born during the time it takes Pluto to move through a sign.

Since every ‘astrological generation’ shares the same natal Pluto sign position, they also share a particular set of spiritual evolutionary growth intentions.  Those intentions are symbolized by the archetypes associated with the sign Pluto occupied at the time of their birth.  Each generation serves the whole of humanity by integrating the spiritual wisdom of their natal Pluto sign into the collective to ensure ongoing spiritual evolutionary growth for all mankind.

Almost everyone alive on the planet today has natal Pluto in one of the following signs:  Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius.  Children born this year (2008) between January 25 and June 13 and after November 26 have natal Pluto in Capricorn.  And there are surely a few people still alive who were born with Pluto in Gemini (born before September 10, 1912).  If you’re one of them, call me!  I will be delighted to offer you a free personal consultation about how Pluto’s current change into Capricorn is likely to affect you!

To read how Pluto affects you personally, please click to read the whole article at Pluto’s Promise for Humanity: Spiritual Evolutionary Growth One Generation at a Time.

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