Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse: Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

The Aquarius New Moon is a partial Solar Eclipse.  It happens Thursday, February 15 at 2:05 pm at 27 degrees Aquarius.

Here’s the chart:  AquariusNewMoonSolarEclipse2018.

Aquarius is the third and final AIR sign in the zodiac.  Since the air element symbolizes the intellect and mental plane, Aquarius represents ‘Cosmic Mind’ or the collective consciousness of mankind.

This sign’s wavy glyph reflects FREQUENCY WAVES, NOT WATER WAVES.  Yes, the sign is depicted by a human pouring water from an urn so it’s easy to understand why most people would think Aquarius is a water sign.  Those wavy lines actually represent energetic frequencies, or sine waves.  The water symbolizes cosmic knowledge being poured out from the heavens to Earth.

Of course, we discovered long ago that information is indeed invisibly transmitted through the air energetically.  Accordingly, Aquarius is the sign that rules radio, the internet, computers, satellites, space, mental telepathy, prayer, Reiki and WI-FI, as well as all the electronic devices we use to send and receive information from anywhere to anywhere.

Perhaps the most important Aquarius discovery in recent human history revealed that it is human consciousness that actually creates our reality, both individually, and collectively. 

As we prepare to enter into the ‘Age of Aquarius’ our greatest evolutionary task may well be to take complete responsibility for the wise use of our minds as we fully realize the power our thoughts have to co-create and transform our realities.

Aquarius is ruled by two planets:  Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn rules the past; Uranus rules the future.  This sign rules groups of all kinds, particularly groups within a society.  On the most personal, mundane level, Aquarius rules our friends.  Perhaps the greatest social groups are reflected in national and political parties.  Indeed Aquarius also rules politics.  Political struggles have always existed between those who wish to return to the bygone days of the past and those who want to move forward into the future.

Both Saturn and Uranus are currently connected to Pluto in Capricorn.  The long-term square aspect (90 degrees apart) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, has been reflected in all of the unexpected changes we’ve seen in recent years.  This once-in-a-lifetime 127 year cycle between Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Pluto, the planet of evolution, symbolizes the rapid pace of global change we’ve witnessed for the last decade, and will likely continue to experience for several more years.

These extraordinary planet-wide changes began in 2008 with the Wall Street crash that triggered a world-wide economic downturn and the election of the first African American U.S. President, Barack Obama. 

Change continued in 2011 with the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movements that brought the phrase “1% vs. 99%” into our everyday lexicon. 

And change continues today with the legalization of gay marriage and the ongoing explosion of social media and technological advancements like virtual reality and self-driving cars.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn has been THE astrological ‘base note’ in the heavens since 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, the sign that rules all structures, including social structures like nations and governments, as well as the very structural nature of human consciousness.  While Uranus is currently finishing up its stay in Aries, Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2024-2025, a few years beyond 2021-2022, the years in which the United States will experience its first ever ‘Pluto Return,’ an extraordinary astrological event that occurs only once every 248 years.

Of course Pluto represents the Soul and it’s Soul path, or evolutionary growth intentions.  It also rules the very process of evolution itself.  As America experiences its Pluto Return, we’ll face a crucially important collective choice.  Will we renew our nation’s destiny and Soul path by reaffirming our democratic founding principles of liberty, freedom and justice for ALL, or go the way of so many other autocratic and tyrannical nations who have destroyed themselves by succumbing to greed, corruption and despotism?

In short, as the Uranus connection to Pluto continues to wield powerful influence over the coming years, we will see many, MANY more changes in our social realities and social structures.  These changes will reflect the ongoing evolution of our individual and collective consciousness.  The question is, what changes will we choose?  What new realities will we co-create through the power of our collective consciousness?

Perhaps Saturn, the other planetary ruler of Aquarius can offer us some clues.  Saturn moved into Capricorn last December.  Saturn typically takes three years to move through any sign.  It will be in Capricorn until December 2020.  Saturn will catch up to Pluto in 2020, the year of our next U.S. Presidential election and the year preceding our nation’s Pluto Return. 

One of the many important lessons Capricorn teaches is RESPONSIBILITY.  This sign demands emotional maturity that is accountable for its actions.  Through Capricorn, we all learn that in the end, we must each take complete responsibility for the consequences of ALL of our choices, actions and decisions.  After all, it’s our own consciousness that is responsible for co-creating our reality!

As Saturn moves through Capricorn over the next three years, expect an increasing demand for personal responsibility and accountability, especially for those in positions of power and authority like business leaders, religious leaders, politicians and government officials.  Avoidance of or resistance to this necessary evolutionary requirement will only fuel the energy of increasing grass roots movements, political activism and ultimately, the potential for social revolution.

Indeed, this Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a cosmic ‘shot over the bough’ for those in leadership positions who abuse their power in order to maintain their power.

President Trump’s former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Porter, whose role was to handle the president’s most sensitive paperwork, resigned two weeks ago due to revelations that he beat up two of his previous wives. Kelly knew this, and kept him on the job, even though he could not get security clearance. Kushner has also been denied full security clearance. Photo by Alex Brandon.

Current headlines provide ample evidence to back up this timely heavenly imperative – from the increased scrutiny of denials of required security clearance for top White House aides, recently revealed in the botched dismissal of Rob Porter, Staff Secretary to Trump, who has been credibly accused of domestic violence by two former wives and a former girlfriend, to revelations that Chief of Staff and retired General John Kelly knew about Porter’s abuse months ago and failed to remove him from the White House. 

In other headlines, South African President Jacob Zuma resigned this week, forced out of office by his own ANC (African National Congress) political party. 

Yet another headline reports that Israeli police have just handed down a recommendation for criminal indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on charges of bribery and corruption.

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up precisely on the ‘plane of the ecliptic’ or the orbital path the Earth takes around the Sun.  This occurs every five and a half months during New Moons and Full Moons.  Because the Moon orbits the Earth at a tilt to the Earth’s own orbital path around the Sun, the Moon crosses over the Earth’s plane of ecliptic twice every month, usually above or below the Earth.  When the Moon aligns precisely in front of or behind the Earth, eclipses occur.

The point at which the Moon crosses the Earth’s orbital path moving southward creates the Moon’s South Node.  The point at which the Moon crosses this plane moving northward creates the Moon’s North Node.  Since eclipses always occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon all line up precisely on this plane of the ecliptic that creates the Moon’s North and South Node, eclipses are themselves always associated with the Moon’s Nodes.

One of the ways eclipses are understood is related to whether they are a ‘South Node eclipse’ or a ‘North Node eclipse.’  This is determined by which Node the Sun is nearest.  This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a South Node eclipse since the South Node is in Aquarius now. 

Since the South Node always symbolizes what needs to be released in order to move forward and continue evolving, this Solar Eclipse is indicating that we must let go of the past before we can move forward.  Since Aquarius itself is about breaking free, this Solar Eclipse carries a ‘double dose’ of the energy of letting go – of the past and whatever else is preventing our ongoing growth.

Aquarius rules trauma.  Leo rules love.  The Moon’s Nodes always reflect the evolutionary pathway.  The evolutionary trajectory for us now is to move FROM traumas (Aquarius South Node/past) TO love (Leo North Node/future).  And because the energies of any eclipse last at least until the next set of eclipses, the energy and intention of this eclipse will continue to unfold until this Summer when the next set of eclipses occur in July and August.

Human history is full of traumas.  Reviewing the past several thousand years, we find that nearly every chapter, in nearly every corner of the globe, includes devastating traumatic events like war, famine, genocide, disease and countless natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

Just this week, the latest trauma occurred here in the U.S. as yet another mass shooting took place, this time in Parkland, Florida.  A nineteen year old formerly expelled student opened fire on classmates in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School killing seventeen and injuring over twenty more.

A majority of people alive today carry memories of past traumas in their individuated unconsciousness, as well as within their cells.  This Solar Eclipse offers an opportunity to heal these traumas from the past.  Indeed, they must be healed before we can move forward successfully. 

As just mentioned, the universal antidote to trauma (Aquarius) is love (Leo).  LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE HEALER OF ALL WOUNDS. 

This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is saying, “Open your heart to greater love, for yourself, for others and for the planet.”

As luck (divine timing) would have it, Mercury, the planet of the mind, thoughts and communication, is also in Aquarius now.  Mercury is also currently in a very favorable connection to Uranus, one of Aquarius’ ruling planets. 

Mercury adds extraordinary mental power to this New Moon Solar Eclipse chart pattern.  In Aquarius, Mercury’s intellectual capacity can think outside the box, breaking through old patterns of thought and old beliefs to create new ideas and innovative solutions to longstanding problems.  Since Aquarius is also the sign that rules groups, its likely that many of these new ideas will both come from and be implemented by those who come together and work together to resolve crises and heal our social wounds.

And speaking of wounds…

Followers of my work know that I speak often about the destructive influence of Patriarchy.   Patriarchal philosophy has underpinned human societies and cultures for thousands of years.  This social organizing paradigm is founded upon four primary principles:  HIERARCHY, DOMINANCE, EXCLUSION AND SELF-INTEREST. 

Patriarchy has brought us man-made religions that teach male-dominance.  They falsely preach that men are superior to women and humans are superior to the plant and animal kingdoms or what is essentially the natural world or nature.  Of course nature is quintessentially feminine.  We call her ‘Mother Nature’ for a reason.  She nurtures us by providing all that’s needed to sustain life. 

If we look closely, it’s easy to see that literally ALL of the problems humanity has experienced in the past, and still faces today, are the result of one or more of these fundamental patriarchal principles.

Here are just a few current examples.

So-called ‘Dreamers’ or DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals) recipients are currently in a state of crises here in the U.S. since the Trump administration’s Justice Department unilaterally rescinded protections last September for over 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to this country by their parents as young children.  They are facing deportation on March 5th unless Congress or the courts act.  This is a perfect example of a mindset that seeks to EXCLUDE.  In truth, nearly ALL immigration policies are based upon a desire to exclude certain people from a country.

Another stark example of exclusion is easily seen in the current administration. 

Trump’s  cabinet and administration are staffed almost EXCLUSIVELY (pun intended) by white men.  Few women and people of color are employed in this administration.  Unfortunately, this imbalance is also evident in Congress where women hold only one in five seats in the Senate and minorities make up less than ten percent of members.

Male dominance and white dominance is also reflected in the relatively small number of women and people of color who hold top executive or leadership positions in industry, science, academia and government, in many nations across the planet, including here in the U.S. 

And let’s not forget that women are utterly absent in senior positions in the world’s three major religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity).  This too is astonishing given the fact that over five billion of the more than seven billion people on our planet today claim affiliation with or membership in one of these three religions.  All three of these patriarchal religions forbid women to hold positions of leadership within their institutions.

Woman represent a little over HALF of the entire global population, yet hold only a fraction of positions of power within society in most of the countries of our world!

How about self-interest?  We need look no further than trans-national corporations and Wall Street to see the pervasive greed that is driven by self-interest, or to corrupt governments and their officials whose policies nearly universally benefit the rich and wealthy while ignoring and often exacerbating the plight of the poor and underprivileged.

Notably, the sole legislative achievement in the Trump administration’s first year was a tax bill that exploded the national debt by $1.5 trillion through tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest individuals in our country.  Now the Republican controlled Congress is cutting social programs in order to address the burgeoning budget deficit resulting from their tax bill.  Indeed the 1% vs. 99% has been a human reality for millennia…

And of course what is war but an act of dominance that seeks to force the values, beliefs, ambitions or ideologies of one group onto another group?

Interestingly, most indigenous cultures live in accordance with natural laws or nature (Matriarchy).  They’re organized around a philosophy that the success and well-being of the entire tribe or clan depends upon their ability to ensure that the needs of everyone are met, not just a few.  These are the very tribes and cultures commonly referred to by ‘first-world’ nations as ‘primitive’ and ‘uncivilized.’ 

Whenever I hear such descriptions, I’m reminded of something Gandhi once said.  When asked by a reporter what he thought about ‘Western civilization’ he replied, “I think that would be a great idea!” 

Hierarchical thinking influences not just genders and races, but also extends to nations and hemispheres of our planet where North is perceived as superior to South and West is superior to East.  Hierarchy and dominance go hand in hand.

All these realities point to perhaps the ONE thing we most need to let go of in order to move forward and achieve necessary evolutionary growth as a species – Patriarchy.  Patriarchy has created many, many traumas.

I referenced ‘Matriarchy’ above.  It’s worth noting that the philosophical principles of Matriarchy contrast completely in comparison with Patriarchy.  And no, Matriarchy does NOT mean female-dominance.  That is a false and distorted patriarchal projection.  Matriarchy is founded upon the principles of GIVING, SHARING, INCLUSION AND GROUP-INTEREST. 

Matriarchy is the social organizing paradigm that underpins the natural world.  In nature, eco-systems are wholistic.  Resources are shared.  Each unique and different part of the whole plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of the entire system.  Diversity reflects strength.  All parts are necessary and contribute to the integrity of the whole.

In truth, everyone and everything IS connected.  In truth, we are ALL ONE.  Science has proven this as fact.  When quantum scientist John Hagelin, PhD. (of ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ documentary fame) was asked how many minds exist in this universe, his answer was “One.”  Both science and nature validate matriarchal, not patriarchal  values.  Aquarius’ association with groups reflects that the ultimate group is the WHOLE OF HUMANITY.

This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse chart contains another striking set of celestial symbols and patterns.  This pattern is already manifesting in our current reality and will likely continue to be a focal point that will grow in intensity over the coming months.  This focal point is women. 

The New Moon chart has Venus (women) in favorable aspect to Saturn (responsibility).  This reflects the likelihood that women will increasingly lead the way forward towards a new, healthier future.  The chart also has the asteroid Juno, associated with the archetype of the ‘wife’ closely conjunct the Sun and Moon.  And, Eris, a recently discovered trans-Plutonian planet has been traveling alongside Uranus, one of Aquarius’ rulers, for several years now.  Let’s take a further look at these astrological signatures.

Juno, the Roman Goddess of Love and Marriage, symbolizes themes associated with partnership commitments and fidelity. 

Juno was married to Jupiter.  Interestingly, the planet Jupiter is currently in a challenging square aspect to this Aquarius New Moon.

The Romans stole their mythology from the Greeks, whose counterparts to Juno and Jupiter were Hera and her husband Zeus.  Zeus, the God of Olympus, was notorious for his serial infidelities.  Hera’s rage towards Zeus’ many lovers was well-known reflecting the archetype of the ‘woman scorned’ who seeks revenge and wreaks havoc.

Melania Trump and Rob Porter’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriend can surely relate to Juno’s plight.  Of course, all the women of the #MeToo movement also reflect a current manifestation of Juno’s archetypal influence.  Instead of rage and revenge however, women need to stand up, speak out and take responsibility.  They also need to take back their power.

Eris too is reflecting the rage that women are finding the courage to express openly now.  While astrologers are still in the early stages of discerning the archetypal meaning of this new member of our Solar system, the mythology of Eris provides early clues.  Eris was called the Goddess of Discord.  She was famous for creating trouble for others who excluded her or dismissed her.  Women are just fed up with men abusing their power from positions of authority.  Women are increasingly saying, “Enough is enough!”

But let’s go back to Jupiter for a moment.  Jupiter’s current transit (October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018) through Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, money, power and secrets, is the primary celestial energy being reflected in all of the allegations of sexual misconduct being exposed in many sectors of our society including the news and entertainment industries, as well as business and government. 

It’s also associated with all the investigations underway including that of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as the three Congressional oversight committee investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and potential collusion and coordination with the Trump campaign.  Since Scorpio (investigations) also rules money, it’s not surprising that these investigations are ‘following the money,’ ie., the $130k payment of hush money just days before the 2016 election to Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had an affair with Trump in 2007. 

And as mentioned previously, since Scorpio also rules secrets, Jupiter is also manifesting in the growing scandal about White House officials who lack the security clearance required to see our nation’s top secrets. 

Clearly, Jupiter is BUSY!

When Jupiter stations retrograde on March 8/9th, it will mark the end of an unusual nine week period of direct motion of all the major planets in the heavens, a phenomenon that typically lasts for a period of only a few days each year.  This reversal will likely coincide with reviews and revisions to many legal issues.  These may include lawsuits currently moving through the courts, like those challenging the Trump administration’s travel ban and those in support of DACA.  And some of these important investigations may return to previous witnesses or testimonies.  During Jupiter’s retrograde period (March 8/9th to July 10th) many of these Jupiter in Scorpio issues may need to go backward, to review or revisit prior work or efforts, in order to successfully move forward later.

Finally, the remaining significant astrological signature of the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse chart is Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces.  This planetary combination represents the need to ‘walk your talk.’  Actions (Mars) must be in alignment with personal truth (Sagittarius) and integrity to succeed.  Unevolved expression of this energy risks succumbing to the slippery slope of delusions, deceptions and fraud (Neptune and Pisces). 

Mental health is also a potential issue with Neptune and Pisces.  It’s highly likely that Nikolas Cruz, the suspected Parkland, Florida High School shooter suffers from mental illness.  Of course with all the severe cuts to the social safety net in our country, including cuts in funding to local health clinics, it’s also quite likely that even if Nikolas did seek out professional medical help, the services he needed may not have been readily available or available at all.  Traumas are a primary causal factor for mental illness.  Changes in our mental health systems and services must occur if we are to succeed in healing, and preventing, further traumas.

Eclipses are powerful celestial harbingers of change.  I often describe eclipses as ‘cosmic reboots’ of human consciousness.  This is because when eclipses occur, they literally disrupt the continuous flow of the cosmic energies constantly streaming onto our planet for a brief time. 

Using a simple analogy of human consciousness being similar to a computer, it’s easy to see how eclipses, which turn off our primary energy sources, and then turn them back on again, are associated with ‘cosmic reboots’ to human consciousness. 

When you further consider that most computer reboots simultaneously download new program updates and delete or de-install or even overwrite old programs, it helps explain why eclipses are so powerful in our ongoing evolution.  This Solar Eclipse delivered a collective consciousness upgrade!

Uranus rules the brain and Aquarius rules collective human consciousness.  Uranus and Aquarius liberate us from whatever is preventing necessary evolutionary growth and progress.  In short, Aquarius is THE SIGN OF CHANGE.  Some changes occur slowly.  Some changes happen in surprising and unexpected ways.  Sometimes, when necessary change is resisted for too long, Uranus and Aquarius bring about change in ways that are radical and revolutionary, cataclysmic and irrevocable like an earthquake that forever changes the landscape. 

The forces of evolution will always overcome the forces of resistance.  Aquarius also rules groups.  Yes, this New Moon is encouraging us all to be true to our unique individual selves.  But it’s also reminding us that we are all part of the human family.  Let’s use this cosmic reboot of our collective consciousness to break free of the past, to heal old traumas and embrace the necessary changes required to move us all forward into a healthier, happier, more sustainable future – TOGETHER

This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a HUGE cosmic opportunity to raise our consciousness and expand our awareness in ways that inspire and encourage us to co-create new realities!  Don’t resist necessary evolutionary change.  Embrace it.  It’s time to heed the wisdom of that old saying about change:

The Pisces New Moon is on March 17th at 7:12 am MST.

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.


Capricorn New Moon: Greater Responsibility and Accountability

The Capricorn New Moon happens on January 16th at 7:17 pm MST at 26 degrees Capricorn 54 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  CapricornNewMoon2018.

Capricorn’s symbol is the SeaGoat.  It reflects mankind’s evolutionary journey, from our origins in the sea, to the tops of mountains where our natural spiritual path of development brings us closest to the Divine Source that created all things.

Capricorn energy is greatly emphasized in this New Moon chart pattern! 

This is because the Sun and Moon are not alone.  They’re joined by four other planets also in Capricorn now.  Three or more planets in the same sign comprise what’s called a ‘stellium’ or group of planets.  This New Moon chart has a SIX PLANET stellium in  Capricorn.  That’s over half of our Solar system all in Capricorn now!

From right to left, this stellium includes Saturn at 3 degrees, Mercury at 8 degrees, Pluto at 19 degrees, both the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees and Venus at 28 degrees Capricorn. 

Saturn’s presence in Capricorn greatly empowers this stellium because it is the natural planetary ruler of Capricorn.

Further energizing this New Moon chart is the fact that ALL the planets in our solar system are currently direct in motion, or moving forward, through the zodiac in the heavens. 

Typically, this only occurs for a few days or perhaps a week or two each year.  This year however, this forward motion phenomenon will persist for over two months.  It began on January 2nd when Uranus stationed direct at 24 degrees Aries, and will continue until March 8/9th when Jupiter will station retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio.

Given the natural law of correspondences, or what is more commonly understood through the biblical phrase, “As Above, So Below” this means that there’s the potential for LOTS of forward movement here on planet Earth over the coming weeks.

Each New Moon pattern typically ‘seeds’ energies associated with the sign the New Moon occurs in for approximately four weeks, until the next New Moon happens.  However, since this Capricorn New Moon is the first to occur since Saturn moved into Capricorn, it’s own sign, where it will remain until December 2020, my sense is the ‘seeds’ planted in this Capricorn New Moon may take a full three years to completely manifest or unfold!

Frankly, we may NEED this much Capricorn energy for three years, because Capricorn is the sign of responsibility and accountability.  It also rules the structural nature of human consciousness, the source quantum science has definitively proven to be responsible for co-creating our realities, both individually and collectively. 

Capricorn teaches us to grow up, to fully mature, and to own completely the consequences of ALL of our behaviors, choices, actions and experiences. 

This ownership becomes increasingly important once we become consciously aware, as a result of our own personal spiritual evolutionary development, that it is our consciousness that is responsible for creating our reality.  This is true on both personal and collective levels.

Capricorn also reflects the need to hold others accountable, particularly those in positions of power and authority. 


Interestingly, the New Moon is currently square Uranus in Aries, THE planet of revolutionary forces and changes.  This third quarter, or waning square aspect carries the energy of a ‘crisis in consciousness.’  The purpose of such crises is to bring about a realization of the need to throw off ‘consensus’ or ‘mainstream’ realities and their associated limitations, corruptions and dysfunctions so that evolutionary growth can continue. 

Most dangerous among these are corrupt individuals and forces that wish to maintain the status quo, and as a result, to also maintain their positions of status and authority.  These individuals are typically motivated by a desire to hold onto power at any cost.  In maintaining the status quo, necessary ongoing evolutionary growth is often prevented and thwarted.  When necessary evolutionary growth or change is resisted for too long however, then Uranus, the planet of revolution, brings the required changes in sudden, forceful and often unexpected ways.  In the end, Uranus ensures the necessary r-evolutionary changes manifest.

Classic examples of such corruption include totalitarian and authoritarian figures whose behavior and dictates are motivated by the desire for absolute power, greed, and a need to maintain complete control over others and their environments.  These individuals often believe “the ends justify the means.”  Ultimately however, such behaviors ensure the evolutionary necessity of a “fall from grace” for those who misuse or abuse the power and authority of their position. 

President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974 as he faced imminent impeachment reflects the inevitable karmic consequences of such un-evolved Capricorn expression.

The evolutionary intention of third quarter squares requires that we move beyond the limits of man-made beliefs and the expectations to conform to consensus reality.  Third quarter squares encourage us to reach for higher spiritual values of an unlimited, transcendent nature. They encourage us to reach beyond Capricorn to Pisces.

The New Moon’s waning sextile (60 degree angle) to Chiron in Pisces provides just such impetus.  Pisces is the sign associated with the natural path of spiritual development as well as the Divine Creative Source of all things.  It is through Pisces that we return to and reunite with this Divine Source, the ultimate culmination of mankind’s evolutionary journey.  Through Pisces, we remember, embrace and embody the timeless, universal principles of compassion, non-judgment, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional love for self and others. 

This New Moon is also sextile Mars in Scorpio, which is itself trine (120 degree angle) Chiron in Pisces and inconjunct (150 degree angle) Uranus in Aries.  Mars is also still conjunct Jupiter which is also in Scorpio. 

Both continue to dig deep to expose the truth and to bring about much needed healing, especially sexual healing.

Altogether, these planetary connections portend the ability to release guilt, to let go of judgments of self and others, and to deeply heal old emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds, particularly those associated with losses, abandonments and betrayals.  These energetic influences reflect an ability to make the necessary changes and adjustments required to heal and to evolve.

To affect such healing, Mars compels us to take action.  Right actions and choices will reflect our Soul’s deepest desires.  Mars will provide all the energy needed to move forward towards what’s most important and meaningful to us on a personal level.  Mars is now asking us to heal our heart by following our heart. 

Since Capricorn rules responsibility, it stands to reason that it also rules our careers.  It’s likely that MANY people will change jobs or careers over the coming few years in pursuit of a life path that’s much more meaningful.  These new career paths and life directions will be more closely aligned with their heart’s desires.  They’ll allow them to more fully express their true authentic selves and personal values. 

So if you’re currently in an unfulfilling job or stuck in a career that just isn’t rewarding or satisfying, NOW is the time to begin to make the necessary changes and adjustments required to create your dream job! 

If you’re uncertain about what that new job will look like specifically, take time each and every day to get quiet, get centered and turn your attention inward.  Use the Pisces energy available now to connect with your Higher Self and to seek inner spiritual guidance from your very Soul.  Ask what choices and actions will lead you to ‘right work.’  Ask for help in determining what steps you must take to co-create a better life or career path.

All this Capricorn energy is initiating a new era of self-responsibility and personal accountability!  We will ALL be challenged to develop greater INNER authority.  Instead of deferring to outer authorities to make all the decisions, the next few years will demand that each of us stand up and take charge of our own lives to a much greater degree.

We’ll also be challenged to develop much greater INNER emotional security.  After all, Capricorn is the sign of emotional maturation.  Evolution always naturally occurs by and through the opposite sign in the zodiac.  Cancer opposes Capricorn and teaches that we are ALL responsible for our own well-being and emotional security.  Instead of depending upon outer sources for validation or approval, for protection and security, or even for meaning in our lives, we must learn to further develop and utilize our own resources.  We must learn that the only true source of security comes from within.  We must grow up, mature, and become self-responsible and self-determined.

Accordingly, since Capricorn rules governments and Cancer rules the people in any nation, we can expect more grass roots organizing and greater local efforts over the next three years as more and more communities focus their time, energy and resources on addressing their own needs and resolving their own issues instead of depending upon an increasingly corrupt and dysfunctional federal government.  Arguably, Washington D.C. seems intent only on competing for, wielding, and maintaining power, not solving our nation’s problems or the greater global issues we face.

Hopefully, a BIG part of this growing sense of personal and collective responsibility will be reflected in more and more Americans becoming better, more responsible citizens. 

As we move closer and closer to the time of our first ever Pluto return in 2021-2022 (a 248 year cycle/event), we currently have a President who many believe is authoritarian in nature and universally motivated by corrupt self-interest.  Some even compare Donald Trump to Britain’s King George, the tyrannical leader our founding fathers ‘threw off’ in 1776, when the colonies joined together and declared our independence. 

Indeed the same circumstances that compelled our nation’s founding are being re-created and re-experienced now! 

Since Pluto represents the natural life/death/rebirth cycle, and the Soul’s evolutionary intentions, when Pluto ‘returns’ to it’s natal position in the chart of a nation, it symbolizes a time naturally associated with a cyclic opportunity to either end, or re-birth, the founding principles and core intentions or purpose of that nation. 

As the U.S. Pluto return draws nearer, we would do well to remember the enduring words of Abraham Lincoln uttered in the midst of the Civil War in his historic Gettysburg Address.  It is he who gave us the phrase, ‘of, by and for the people’ when he said, “… we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that the nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that the government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” 

May we now resolve to recommit ourselves to this nation’s founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and to America’s core values of freedom and justice for ALL.  May we all utilize the abundance of Capricorn energy available now and for the next three years to become more responsible for ourselves and for the realities we are co-creating individually and collectively.  And may we learn to develop a greater sense of inner authority that holds ourselves and others to account, especially those in positions of leadership and authority in our society. 

And perhaps most importantly, may we also remember that “Of, by and for the people” means that those in government, including ALL elected officials, work for the people.  THE PEOPLE represent the ultimately authority in the United States of America!

Finally, Capricorn also represents the past.  And yet, the enormous gathering of energies associated with this sign (SIX PLANETS IN CAPRICORN!) are ALL square Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, innovation and change. 

Uranus rules progress and the future.  It’s time to throw off the past and embrace the future.  It’s time to take full responsibility for co-creating a better future, a more peaceful future for ourselves and for us all!

 The next New Moon, the Aquarius New Moon, is a Solar Eclipse on February 15th!

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Scorpio New Moon: A New Balance of Power

The Scorpio New Moon happens November 18th at 3:42 am PST at 26 degrees Scorpio 19 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  ScorpioNewMoon2017.

Scorpio is the sign that rules the Soul and the evolutionary process itself.  This is reflected in the various symbols associated with Scorpio including the Scorpion, the Snake, the Eagle and the Phoenix rising from the ashes. 

All these symbols show a natural evolutionary progression from the lowest to the highest, beginning with the vengeful sting of a Scorpion, to the transformation of the Snake who sheds its skin, to the far-reaching vision of the Eagle who soars the highest among all the birds, to the Phoenix who rises from the ashes symbolizing the natural life, death and rebirth process and the natural law of reincarnation. 

The primary evolutionary intention of this sign however is to learn the right uses of power.  All human beings are intrinsically powerful.  This is due to the fact that all human beings have the power and capacity to make FREE WILL CHOICES. 

Our power is expressed through the choices we make each and every day.  Some choices manifest quickly; others take lifetimes to fully manifest.  In other words, the consequences of some choices don’t show up in the lifetime in which they are made.  They instead occur in a later life. 

Nevertheless, ALL choices made ultimately manifest because choices reflect the quality of our consciousness, which is itself, pure energy.  Quantum science has proven that thoughts generate brain waves.  So thoughts are energy too.  Scientists further know that consciousness ultimately creates our reality.   The bottom line is that choices and thoughts manifest.

Some people wield their power consciously.  They make choices deliberately and thoughtfully.  In other words, they are consciously aware of the choices they’re making as they are making them.  Most people however make most of their choices unconsciously, without conscious awareness that they are doing so. 

Choices are not only reflected in the actions we take and decisions we make, but also from feelings and beliefs we choose to have and hold.

Since consciousness creates reality, and choices reflect the very quality of our consciousness, all human beings additionally have the power to CHANGE their reality by CHANGING THEIR CHOICES.  This is true on both a personal and a collective level.  Human evolution greatly accelerates as more and more choices are made consciously, rather than unconsciously.

Because Scorpio has to do with power, this sign also rules all the mundane things we associate with power like money, social status, sex and death.  Sadly, these are the very things most often misused in order to exert power over others. 

Death is the most powerful force any of us can experience.  We experience death’s power through the loss of someone or something that we love, or through the loss of our own life.  Threatening someone’s life is the ultimate misuse and abuse of personal power. 

Sex also holds a position of enormous power in our lives.  After all, sex is  so powerful that it can actually create new life.  But sex is also used to control and manipulate and possess others. 

The recent flood of reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault poignantly reveal the magnitude of misuse and abuse of power by those in positions of authority in order to extract sexual favors from unwilling subordinates. 

Sexual assault is actually never about sex itself.  It’s about POWER.  More to the point, it’s about exerting power OVER another.  Similarly, sexual misconduct allegations made against someone are also powerful.  They can ruin the purported perpetrator’s reputation and social status.  The mere hint of the threat of such an allegation has the power to undermine someone’s social standing, career and financial livelihood.   

And who can successfully argue against the fact that money equals power in our current social, political and cultural reality paradigm?  We continuously see that those with money have more power than those who don’t have money.  A sad political truth in our modern reality is that impoverished people are perceived as the most powerless in society, often completely unable to influence policies and laws that will benefit them. 

Indeed an entire political movement has coalesced around this very truth.  It’s called the ‘environmental justice’ movement and it advocates for the rights of those who are exploited by governments, business and industry.  In particular, the petro-chemical industry has routinely destroyed, with impunity, lands belonging to and inhabited by native and indigenous peoples the world over.  These people are some of the poorest people on our planet.

Additionally, even in developed countries, poor neighborhoods that are primarily populated by minorities and people of color have also long experienced discriminatory zoning policies.  This results in greater levels of air, water and soil pollution from industries that are allowed to build and operate literally in the back yards of those who live in low income districts. 

Stark examples of ‘environmental injustice’ include the devastation that numerous tribes of the Amazon region of South America have experienced as their homelands have been decimated by reckless oil exploration.  Another example closer to home in the U.S. is the toxic radiation fallout from decades of nuclear testing and unregulated uranium mining on Native American lands.  As a result, anomalous and comparatively astronomically high rates of cancer are experienced among the native people who live on reservations.

Since Scorpio’s evolutionary intention is to teach right use of power, particularly through the power of conscious CHOICES,  this Scorpio New Moon is POWERFULLY seeding just such intentions now. 

This is a particularly powerful New Moon chart not just because it is occurring in Scorpio, the sign that actually rules power, but also because the Sun and Moon are not alone.  They are joined by three other celestial bodies which are also now in Scorpio:  Venus, Jupiter and the asteroid Vesta. 

Venus rules our values, our essential needs or what we need in order to survive, as well as what is most meaningful or important to us.  She rules two signs – Taurus and Libra.  Taurus rules resources and Libra rules our relationships with others.  It stands to reason that what we need to survive will reflect what we value and what constitutes meaning in our lives. 

It’s worth noting that Venus is THE astrological symbol of women and the feminine.  It’s also worth noting that our planet, the source of everything we need to survive, is also feminine. 

Some call our planet Gaia, quite a feminine name.  Many refer to her as ‘Mother Earth.’  All of us are nurtured and sustained by her.  She provides us with ALL of the resources we need.

Through Taurus, Venus teaches self-reliance and self-empowerment.  Through Libra, Venus teaches us how to be in relationship with others as an equal, not dominating or being dominated. 

Many people feel humanity is reaching a ‘tipping point’ relative to our survival.  Many contend that if we are to survive, we MUST learn to value and appreciate this precious life-giving planet.  We must treat her with greater respect.  In short, we must change our relationship with and to her. 

Perhaps all the revelations about sexual misconduct being exposed now symbolically reflect or mirror a similar ‘tipping point’ in our relationship with and respect for our planet, Mother Earth?

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth.  This sign expands our understanding through higher education, travel and religious or cosmological pursuits.  Jupiter and Sagittarius represent our beliefs and belief systems including the world’s major faith traditions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

The asteroid Vesta is associated with devotion.  In ancient times, women who dedicated their lives to the Goddess were known as Vestals.  They literally offered their bodies as vehicles for sexual communion with the Divine Feminine, the sacred female source of healing and wisdom. 

Centuries of male domination eventually reduced Vestals to a life of enforced celibacy.  They then became known as Vestal ‘Virgins.’  So great was the patriarchal distortion of Vesta’s original purpose, that these women were forbidden to engage in any sexual activity whatsoever.  If they were caught doing so, they were immediately put to death by being buried alive.

Over time, instead of embodying the Divine Feminine and facilitating healing through sacred sexuality, these women became the ‘keeper of the flames’ within communities, tasked with continually tending to hearth fires.  They were also responsible for record keeping duties associated with community properties.  This history of suppression of the Divine Feminine and absolute control of women’s sexuality by men clearly reflects a gross misuse and abuse of power associated with Scorpio themes of sex and death.

Obviously, our modern human condition is wrought with distortions of power.  One of the greatest of these continues to be the extreme imbalance of power between men and women.  This Scorpio New Moon, joined and graced by both Venus and Vesta, both symbols of the Divine Feminine, carries an auspicious and potentially transformative energy regarding the reclamation of power by women. 

No wonder so many ‘powerful’ men are  being ‘outed’ through exposure of countless acts of sexual misconduct. 

Who can forget the infamous Access Hollywood tape released during the 2016 Presidential campaign where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women saying,  “And when you’re a star, they let you do it.  You can do anything.  Whatever you want.  Grab ’em by the p***y.”  

The current celestial patterns portend that it is time.  As above, so below.  From Hollywood, to Corporate America, to the Halls of Congress, to the White House, women are in fact reclaiming their power by finding the courage to tell their stories.  They are speaking truth to power!  What is remarkable about this timely trend is that most of these women are actually being BELIEVED now instead of being ignored, dismissed, discredited and impugned.  This is true Scorpio energy manifesting.  The powerful truth-telling happening now is healing for all of us, especially for women. 

Indeed MOST of what ails our world has its roots in this imbalance of power between the genders that originated in man-made religions that have distorted the truth and natural law for the sake of POWER and CONTROL.  For millennia, the institutions of organized religions have falsely preached that men are superior to women.  And since Mother Earth is the quintessential physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine, the rape of our planet has been an inevitable result. 

These same religions are also the source of false teachings about the superiority of the white race over races of color.  One of the most devastating manifestations of this lie has been the doctrine of ‘Manifest Destiny.’   This seventeenth century Papal Bull provided pontifical justification for the genocide of Native American tribes as Europeans settled into colonies and then moved West.  This same doctrine has been used throughout the entire world against indigenous peoples and cultures who have been systematically conquered, killed and destroyed by ‘superior’ invading forces.

In addition to the shear energy of the sign of Scorpio itself, the Scorpio New Moon chart pattern contains two significant aspects between the Sun and Moon and other planets.  These include a trine (120 degree angle) aspect to retrograde Chiron in Pisces, and an inconjunct (150 degree angle) aspect to retrograde Uranus in Aries. 

Both Chiron and Uranus are finishing up their transits through the respective signs they’ve each occupied since 2010.  They will both change signs next Spring.  Saturn too is also completing a three year transit through Sagittarius that began in December 2014.  More on Saturn later…

The favorable trine aspect between the Scorpio Sun and Moon and retrograde Chiron in Pisces magnifies deep healing energy.  Our deepest conscious and unconscious fears and wounds and beliefs are surfacing.  Since Chiron is about to station direct in Pisces on December 5th, it’s healing influence is intensely powerful now.   Chiron in Pisces can heal emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds, particularly wounds resulting from losses, abandonments and betrayals. 

With Pisces involved, this aspect links directly into the spiritual realms of the Divine or Sacred Source of Creation.  Some call this God, or Goddess; others know it as Allah or the Great Cosmic Mother.  Still others simply refer to it as ‘Source’ or the ‘Creator’ or ‘Spirit.’  By any name, it reflects an unconditional source of love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.  Use this energy to forgive yourself and others for mistakes, failings and transgressions.  Use this healing energy to let go of victim consciousness.

Pisces can also provide inspiration and spiritual guidance through dream messages, intuition, meditation and prayer.  So take some time over the coming days and weeks to be quiet, to go within, and to connect your consciousness with your Higher Self, your Divine Self, or the ‘Universe’ or ‘All That Is’ and receive the comfort and solace it offers.  And know that since you were made in the same image as this Divine Creative Source, that you too are divine and sacred and creative.  Embrace the timeless values and principles reflected in this ultimate source of creative POWER. 

The inconjunct aspect between the Sun and Moon and retrograde Uranus in Aries symbolizes the energy of powerful revolutionary change that may come as a result of push-back from some outer source or force that’s demanding that you change or adjust your plans or goals.  This aspect can also manifest as renewal and regeneration. 

In any case, these outer forces are likely to show up unexpectedly, and forcefully.  They may bring break-ups and break-downs.  In the end however, they reflect a potential for BREAKTHROUGHS that can shatter and reform old realities, paradigms and social, political, cultural and economic structures that are preventing further evolutionary growth and progress. 

Perhaps the most striking planetary aspect in this Scorpio New Moon chart pattern involves both of the planetary rulers of this sign – Mars and Pluto. 

Pluto has become the modern ruler of Scorpio.  But we have only known about Pluto since 1930 when it was discovered by astronomer Percival Lowell right here in Flagstaff, Arizona! 

For the many thousands of years that astrology has existed prior to Pluto’s discovery, Mars was the ruler of Scorpio.   On Sunday, November 19th, Mars in Libra makes a waning third quarter square to Pluto in Capricorn. 

This square aspect carries the energy of a crisis in consciousness.  It challenges us to review and reflect upon our beliefs.  The evolutionary intention of a waning third quarter square is to both recognize and to throw off the limited beliefs held by the consensus, or what is commonly referred to as ‘mainstream society’ in any given country or culture.  Consensus reality is underpinned by organized religion’s values and beliefs that dictate ‘right vs. wrong’ behaviors and the expectation that everyone in society conform to these standards of conduct. 

It is precisely the third quarter square position within the zodiacal wheel that begins the ‘journey home.’  This is because the remaining quarter of the circle represents the culmination of every Soul’s spiritual evolutionary journey.  Pisces is the final sign in this last quarter.  It’s also the final sign of the entire zodiac, and therefore symbolically represents completion or culmination.  In Pisces, the Soul finally returns to and reunites with the Divine Source. 

Pisces is naturally associated with a spiritual Path, not a religious path.  What’s the difference you may ask?  We often use these two words interchangeably.

Religions are man-made.  They reflect man’s interpretation of the phenomenal creation.  Man ‘s interpretation has distorted the truth of the natural laws that actually underpin the creation or the natural world that we simply refer to as nature.  Spirituality is based upon natural laws.  Natural laws exist in and of themselves and do not require interpretation or mankind.  Natural laws reflect and reveal universal truths.   Natural laws are self-evident in the natural world or nature.

If you wish to know if something is actually true, look to see if it exists in the natural world.  For example, reincarnation is a natural law.  It reflects a universal truth.  It exists in nature.  We see it through the life/death/rebirth cycle.  Life in the natural world dies and is reborn cyclically in accordance with the changing of the seasons. 

Conversely, things like sin, guilt, judgment, punishment and sexual taboos do NOT exist in nature.  These are man-made constructions whose purpose is to control mankind through fear of divine retribution for imperfections.  Perfection doesn’t exist in nature either.  In fact, perfection is antithetical to evolution.  They are mutually exclusive; one cannot exist if the other exists.  Evolution is a natural law and is self-evident in the natural world.

So this third quarter square between Mars in Libra (equality in relationships) and Pluto in Capricorn (power and authority and social structures and realities) reflects tremendous forces that can effectively challenge the status quo, speak truth to power, and bring about transformational and revolutionary progress.  Actions taken now will either preserve the status quo or change it.

All the women who have spoken up and spoken out recently about gender imbalances and misuses and abuses of power against women are reflecting the energetic influence of Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn.  And Mars has more to do!  On December 1st, Mars in Libra will oppose (180 degree angle) retrograde Uranus in Aries, symbolizing even more revolutionary impulses! 

Mars opposite Uranus will likely manifest through more social unrest, increased political activism, protests and demonstrations, as ordinary people exert their personal power and choose to co-create change.  The masses, aka the 99%, will push back against those in positions of power, aka the 1%, who wish to maintain the corrupt and dysfunctional status quo, as evidenced in the reprehensible tax ‘reform’ legislation currently moving through Congress that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthiest people in our nation. 

The revolutionary forces of Mars and Uranus will shake things up shocking and surprising us with utterly unexpected events.  These forces can help to further restore a much-needed balance of power – between genders, between races and even between nations.

Now back to Saturn.  Saturn is finishing up a three year transit of Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth and rules our beliefs. 

We have ALL been reflecting upon and reviewing what we believe over these past few years in some way or another. 

We have ALL been challenged to discern truth from lies. 

We’ve all been bombarded by ‘fake news!’ 

The very purpose and evolutionary intention of Saturn moving through Sagittarius has been to reveal the limitations in our beliefs.  Sagittarius teaches the relativity of truth.  We all see the world differently through the unique lens of our individual consciousness.  Sagittarius always encourages expansion of understanding beyond personal truths, that ultimately enables us to embrace higher and higher levels of universal truths. 

Saturn always teaches responsibility.  Ultimately, Saturn teaches that we are all responsible for our experiences because it is  our own consciousness that created those realities! 

Saturn will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn, the very sign Saturn rules, on December 19th.  Saturn will remain in Capricorn until December 2020, just a few weeks after our next U.S. Presidential election!

Meantime, as Saturn finishes up in Sagittarius, a natural culmination is occurring relative to seeking, revealing and understanding ‘truth.’  As a result, we will no doubt experience more lies being revealed over the coming month. 

Be mindful of your own changing beliefs and understanding of the truth. Because as Saturn finishes up his three year transit of Sagittarius, truths will surely come shining through.

This culmination will receive an additional boost from both the Sun and Mercury.  The Sun moves into Sagittarius on at 7:05 pm MST on November 21st.  The Sun always sheds light upon whatever it touches.  Moving through Sagittarius for a month, it will shine its bright light upon, you guessed it, truths and lies! 

Mercury is already in Sagittarius and is slowing down ahead of its upcoming final retrograde of 2017.  Mercury will station retrograde on December 2nd/3rd depending on your time zone at the final degree of Sagittarius.  By the time it goes retrograde, Mercury will have already crossed over Saturn once.  It will connect with Saturn twice more due to its retrograde movement.  The second conjunction with Saturn will happen on December 6th and the final conjunction will occur on January 12th.  Their final conjunction will be in Capricorn. 

With Mercury ruling all kinds of information, data, facts and knowledge, as well as the media and all the devices we use to gather and disseminate info, its reversal through the sign of TRUTH will no doubt manifest in LOTS of ‘breaking news’ stories and LOTS of shocking revelations and LOTS of back-tracking by people relative to previous statements, positions and decisions they’ve previously made.  And even MORE truths and MORE lies will be revealed and exposed!  Do you see a pattern here?!  And with so much Scorpio energy currently afoot, we can be assured that much of what comes out will have to do with SEX and MONEY and POWER!  

As the saying goes, there’s no disinfectant like sunshine.  As hidden or secret (Scorpio) information is brought to light, people who have destructively misused or abused their power will see their lives forever changed.  Those who CHOOSE to speak up and speak out and reveal truths and lies will also see their lives changed and transformed, albeit in more positive and constructive ways.  Those who CHOOSE to wield their power rightly will personally evolve in leaps and bounds.

And finally, both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces will station direct in the coming month.  Neptune resumes forward motion on November 22nd at 11 degrees Pisces completing a four and a half month retrograde period that began on June 16th.  What was happening in your world then?  It’s likely to resurface and further unfold as Neptune stations direct. 

Chiron turns around on December 5th at 24 degrees Pisces, also completing a four and a half month retrograde period that began on July 1st/2nd depending upon your time zone. 

Of course Chiron has to do with wounds and their healing so its station provides opportunities for both.  Will you CHOOSE to re-imprint old wounds.  Or will you CHOOSE to heal them? 

The first week in December also brings the Gemini Full Moon on December 3rd.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury.  This Full Moon occurs as both the Sun and Moon are precisely square Neptune in Pisces.  Distorted Neptune and Pisces energy is the very stuff of lies and deceptions, obfuscations and delusions, so once again, we can expect revelations about secrets and lies during this time, as more liars and frauds and abusers are outed. 

Confusion is also very likely during this emotional Full Moon time period.  Allow the confusion.  Know that when the time is right, clarity will be naturally restored.  Pisces spiritualizes through a natural dissolving process that blurs old forms and structures and realities as they disintegrate.  As this dissolution process unfolds, what is false fades away and what has distracted us from reconnecting with the Divine Source ultimately loses its meaning.  This is a natural process so don’t fight it.  Instead, allow it to unfold with grace and acceptance even if it brings some confusion. 

Neptune and Pisces rule the unconscious mind.  So do be very mindful of dream messages and intuitive promptings.  Take time to meditate or be in prayerful contemplation.  Be quiet and still and turn your attention inward for guidance from Higher Sources. 

And for heaven’s sake, and for your own sake, trust, Trust, TRUST YOUR INTUITION!  

So, as you can see, this Scorpio New Moon is indeed reflecting POWERFUL and transformational energies and influences.  All the simultaneous Sagittarian energy is bringing matters of honesty and dishonesty to a head.  Do not fear these energies.  They are precisely what is NEEDED now!  These powerful influences are bringing to light all the facts and truths we need to know in order to make different CHOICES.  They will help us to heal ourselves and our planet.

Reclaim your power!  Wield it wisely through conscious choice-making.  Use it to heal and transform and evolve.  Choose to use your power in ways that will co-create new realities.  CHOOSE TO CREATE A NEW BALANCE OF POWER! 



The Sagittarius New Moon is on December 17th at 11:30 pm MST.

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Libra New Moon: Radical Relationship Changes

The Libra New Moon happens Thursday, October 19th at 12:12 pm MST/PDT at 26 degrees Libra 35 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  LibraNewMoon2017.

Libra’s symbol, the scales, leads many to believe that this sign is inherently balanced.  In truth, this is rarely the case.  Instead, Libra is learning balance.

Libra typically experiences great imbalances in life, often to extreme degrees, especially in relationships with others.  From an evolutionary point of view, Libra teaches us to be in relationships as an equal; not dominating, or being dominated, by others.

To achieve and maintain successful relationships, Libra must learn to give and receive appropriately.  All too often sharing of resources is unequal or out of balance in Libra’s relationships with others.  This typically manifests through indiscriminate giving which is rooted in the unhealthy psychology of “needing to be needed” by others in order to feel valued.

Driving this need to be needed is the false sense that personal value or self-worth is derived exclusively from others, instead of from the self.  A sense of meaning or purpose in life can also come from feeling needed by others.  Such beliefs and behaviors contribute to and create the psychological pathology of co-dependency.  Primary among the core characteristics of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity.

When identity, personal value and meaning in life are derived exclusively from others instead of from itself, the self gets sacrificed and is literally lost to the other.  This dynamic represents an extreme state of imbalance within the relationship.

When this is the case in relationships, personal needs are often unconsciously projected onto the partner with the expectation that the partner  will fulfill those needs, be they physical, emotional, psychological or even spiritual.  These projections will ultimately lead to a crisis within the relationship when the partner no longer meets those projected needs.

A common projection in our culture is the expectation that a partner will be the source of our happiness.  How often have you heard the following missive?  “You’ll be happy when you find the right person.”  This way of thinking places responsibility for personal well-being into someone else’s hands.  Women in particular are conditioned in this way and as a result, often don’t fully develop a healthy sense of self-worth that is self-empowered, self-reliant and whole within themselves.

Expecting another to fulfill or meet personal needs can, and often does, become the death knell of relationships.

Astrologically, the planet associated with needs as well as giving and receiving is Venus.  A deeper understanding of the origin and nature of these issues is provided by the fact that Venus rules two signs:  Taurus and Libra.  These two signs reflect both the YIN (inner) and YANG (outer) sides of Venus.

Through Taurus, a feminine YIN sign (energy moving inward), Venus reflects our essential needs or what we need to survive, as well as our relationship to our self.  Taurus teaches self-reliance and learning to meet our own needs our self.  Through Taurus, we must recognize and develop our own personal resources and abilities which inherently reflect our unique personal value.  Taurus also teaches us to establish our own personal meaning from within.  Through Taurus we learn to value our self enough to take care of our self, and as a result become confident, self-reliant and self-empowered.

Through Libra, a masculine YANG sign (energy moving outward), Venus reflects our relationship with others.  Libra teaches us to be in relationship with others as an equal, giving and receiving unconditionally, not conditionally.  Conditional giving is based upon the expectation that personal needs will in turn be met by the partner.  Through Libra, we receive feedback from others who are different than us, and as a result, we discover who we are as a unique individual.  Through relationships with others who have skills and abilities that we don’t have, we have the opportunity to learn and grow and ultimately overcome personal limitations.  As a result, we further evolve as an individual.

Paradoxically, the better we are at taking care of our self, the better all our relationships will be.  This is because we will come to relationships empowered, whole and healthy, not powerless, empty and needy.

Libra teaches us that effective listening skills are required in order to achieve and maintain healthy, equal and balanced relationships.  This is because effective listening allows us to hear what the other is ACTUALLY saying, instead of hearing what we want or need to hear through the filter of our own personal needs.

When we listen through the filter of our own needs, we typically hear what WE think the other needs, which nearly always ensures that we’ll continue to give to them in ways that keep promoting their need for us!  As a result, giving becomes ‘conditional.’  When we give conditionally, we’re essentially saying, “I will love you IF – IF you meet my needs.”  In the end, Libra must learn ‘unconditional’ giving, which always says, “I will love you no matter what!”  Unconditional giving requires effective listening.

My work with clients over the years has repeatedly born out these Libra themes and dynamics.  So often when I work with clients who have an emphasis of Libra energy in their natal charts, meaning those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the sign of Libra, or a powerfully placed Venus, or several planets in the 7th house  – the house naturally associated with Libra – they will nearly ALWAYS speak exclusively about all the other people in their lives, not themselves.

I once worked with a woman who had just written her bio for a new blog site she was creating.  In it, she described herself as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a colleague.  In each description, her self-identity was seen exclusively through the lens of her relationship with others.

When she asked for my feedback, I said, “But who are YOU?”  Throughout her entire bio, she did not once refer to herself as a separate, distinct, whole and complete individual.  Further, she didn’t even consciously realize that her self-image wasn’t rooted in her SELF at all.  Instead it was completely associated with her relationship with others.  She was utterly unaware that she had no individual concept of her SELF!

A deeper understanding of the actual evolutionary purpose of the Libra archetype can be achieved by dissecting this sign’s astrological categorizations.

Libra is a cardinal modality sign which means it acts instinctively to initiate new beginnings.  As an air element sign, Libra is concerned with socializing and relating with others.  As a Yang polarity sign, meaning a sign whose energy naturally moves outward from the center, Libra is active and expressive in the world.  Altogether these characteristics explain why Libra’s core intention is to create a diversity of relationships with a variety of different kinds of people.  Then, through Libra’s intrinsic habit of comparing and contrasting itself with all these different others, Libra discovers who it is as a unique individual.  Then Libra must BE that individual.  Libra must be true to itself, even in relationships with others!

Thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning, reflecting the destructive principles of hierarchy, dominance, exclusion and self-interest, have distorted this natural process of comparing and contrasting.  As a result, it has devolved into a defacto ranking process.  Now Libra’s natural tendency to compare and contrast is instead used to determine who’s better or worse, richer or poorer, smarter or dumber, more or less attractive or more or less powerful.

Rank or ranking is literally the antithesis of equality.  Ranking nearly always results in a feeling of being “less than” the other.  This just further contributes to a sense of self that falsely believes that it NEEDS others because it feels it’s not enough in and of itself.  This creates relationship imbalances through a loss of self worth and the inevitable projection of personal needs onto others that follows.

Sadly, these distorted tendencies are the cultural norm relative to relationship dynamics here in the United States.  Indeed the primary relationship model in this country is one of co-dependency.  These unhealthy relationship norms significantly contribute to the high divorce rate in the United States which has hovered around 50% for decades.

Disgraced Hollywood movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein

Given the fact that patriarchy is also fundamentally based upon male-dominance, it’s also no wonder that most relationships reflect an imbalance that perceives men as more powerful than women.

A timely illustration of this just occurred with Harvey Weinstein.  This well-known Hollywood film executive was fired from his own company last week.  As news reports grew about decades of sexual harassment, assault and even rape by Weinstein, of scores of women seeking work in the film industry, his lawyers were unable to continue covering up his abuses of power against women.

It’s important to realize that sexual assault is NOT about sex; it’s about POWER!  It’s about misuse and abuse of power.  It reflects an extreme imbalance of power.  Indeed few women in America have NOT experienced these power imbalances at some point in their lives.  My first experience of sexual assault happened in the workplace when I was just 19 years old!  The trending twitter hashtag, #MeToo, poignantly verifies that this power imbalance is experienced by most women.

Another current example that perfectly illustrates imbalances in relationships is the stark contrast in relief efforts in Puerto Rico, compared to relief efforts in both Texas and Florida. 

All three locations experienced devastating and destructive consequences from recent hurricanes.  However, among these three locations, only Puerto Rico lacks the vote in U.S. presidential elections.  This difference reflects an extreme political inequality between Texans and Floridians and Puerto Ricans.

Politicians do not fear those who lack the political power to kick them out of office.  Puerto Ricans are Americans just as Texans and Floridians are.  They deserve the same relief efforts!

Relationship difficulties were also on full display this week with President Trump.  One striking example involved Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was invited to the White House to have lunch with the President. 

These two men have been at odds with one another for months.  After their luncheon, both men met with reporters in the Rose Garden.  It was clearly evident that their relationship continues to be strained even though the President characterized it as ‘good’ and said that they’ve been friends for a long time.

Trump, who has criticized McConnell relentlessly, especially since the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare last month, seemed to relish this latest opportunity to humiliate the Majority Leader.  This estranged relationship does not bode well for the President’s agenda in the coming weeks including several ‘must-do’ legislative efforts like the passage of a budget bill.  Additionally, tax reform, one of Trump’s central campaign promises, utterly depends upon McConnell for success.

North Korea’s Leader Kim Jung Un

Another stark example of an extremely unbalanced relationship is between Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung Un.  This unhealthy relationship actually poses a threat to the health and well-being of all of humanity as the war of words between these two has dangerously escalated in recent weeks. 

Iran’s Leader Hassan Rhouhani

Yet another break-down in relationship is underway between Trump and Iran’s President Rassan Rhouhani as a result of Trump’s refusal to certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal negotiated by six countries in 2015. 

Trump’s relationships with other important U.S. Allies continue to deteriorate.  Prime Minister Teresa May of the UK, recently elected President Macron of France, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany have all signaled their growing mistrust and dismay at President Trump’s words and actions since he took office nine months ago.

And then there’s the ongoing feud between Trump and the NFL and its players.  For weeks now NFL players have been ‘taking a knee’ at the opening ceremonies of games to protest ongoing discrimination (unequal treatment) of people of color by law enforcement officials who are RARELY held to account for their excessive and extreme (Libra) uses of force, often lethal force. 

Contrary to what our President wants us to believe, this growing protest is NOT about respect for our flag, our national anthem or our troops.  That’s just another one of Trump’s many lies.  This protest is intended to raise awareness and bring change to the persistent racial injustice (Libra) and inequality (Libra) experienced by people of color in America.

In truth, EXTREME RELATIONSHIP IMBALANCES literally pervade our current realities.  They exist between genders, between races, between nations and between social and political classes, not just here in the United States, but all over the world.  Imbalance reflects inequality.  Unequal and unbalanced relationships inevitably break-up or break-down.  To experience breakthroughs in these relationship dynamics, we must learn Libra’s lessons.  We must treat each other radically different; we must relate to one another as equals!

Thank heavens then that this Libra New Moon (Sun and Moon) is precisely opposite retrograde Uranus in Aries!  Uranus represents the evolutionary impulse of liberation and freedom.  Uranus is all about breakthroughs!  Uranus reflects the Soul’s natural urge and desire to break free of whatever is preventing ongoing evolutionary growth and progress.  This powerful planetary connection between the Sun and Uranus offers freedom from the past, freedom from the known and freedom from what’s unhealthy or no longer working.  Uranus provides both the energy and the impetus for breakthroughs that bring necessary changes, radical changes, and sometimes even revolutionary changes!

Dramatically increasing the power of this planetary opposition between the Sun and Moon and Uranus is the fact that the Sun and Uranus are the planetary rulers of Leo and Aquarius, respectively.  The Nodes of the Moon currently occupy these two opposite signs.  The Nodes of the Moon always point to the past that must be let go of and to the future and the new directions we must go in order to evolve and grow.  

With the Moon’s Nodes in Leo and Aquarius, to evolve we must let go of the traumas of the past (Aquarius) and learn to love ourselves and each other more (Leo).  As we do so, we’ll be able to create (Leo) a better future (Aquarius) for our self and others.  We’ll be able to better recognize (Leo) and value our differences (Aquarius) in ways that promote harmony, (Libra), balance (Libra), fairness (Libra), justice (Libra) and greater equality (Libra).

Consciously embracing necessary evolutionary change always mitigates the need for cataclysmic events.  When we resist necessary evolutionary change for too long, our Souls (individually and collectively) will inevitably co-create the very circumstances required in order to enforce the necessary changes.  When this is the case, totally unexpected situations occur.  Shocking events that ‘rip the rug out’ from underneath us come out of left field and dramatically alter current realities.

Natural cataclysmic events include hurricanes and earthquakes, wildfires and tsunamis.  Personal cataclysmic events often manifest through experiences of the death of a loved one or catastrophic illness or loss of a home or career. 

Typically, these circumstances happen in ways  that are utterly and completely beyond our control.  They must occur in this way in order to overcome the forces of resistance. 

Evolutionary forces will always prevail over forces of resistance.  This is is a natural law…

The Sun and Uranus WILL bring relationship changes!  Some may be radical.  Some may be upsetting.  Some will be utterly surprising.  ALL will be necessary!  So don’t resist these changes – embrace them! 

Pay particular attention to unexpected and unplanned events, especially those that affect or impact your relationships with others.  For many, these changes will be both necessary and timely.  Choose to bust out and break free of old relationship dynamics, habits, patterns and realities.

Relationship healing energy is also prominent in the Libra New Moon chart pattern.  This is reflected in an inconjunct (150 degree angle) connection between the Sun and Moon in Libra and retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron always reflects both our wounds and what must be done to heal those wounds.  Should relationship crises occur – and they probably will – they’ll serve the purpose of alerting us to the fact that something is awry; something is NOT rooted in truth or reality.  They’ll also demand that necessary changes and adjustments be made in order to resolve what’s gone wrong.

In fact, it is crucially important now to see people and circumstances realistically – NOT through rose-colored glasses.  This is because the combination of Pisces and Libra energies nearly always creates unrealistic relationships.

The most extreme cases involve seeing the partner as perfect.  Worse still is the desire to make the partner a defacto ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ that is literally worthy of worship.  When this sort of ultimate meaning is projected onto a partner, the relationship is doomed to failure since in reality, no one is perfect.  Putting another on such a pedestal guarantees that at some point, they will fall.  Then disappointment and disillusionment MUST occur in order to effect a realignment with reality – to dispel delusions, illusions and fantasies.  So first and foremost, you must see others as they actually are, not as you wish them to be.

The connection between the New Moon in Libra and Chiron in Pisces also carry the risk of identifying with being a victim.  When this is the case, the energy of Chiron unwittingly or unconsciously re-imprints wounds, re-creating the same painful circumstances that hurt us in the first place.  Instead, Chiron can be used to heal our wounds, to throw off victim consciousness, to take full responsibility for our own well-being and to deepen our most important relationships.  Of course these include both the relationship we have with our self, and the relationship we have with the Divine Creative Source of all things.

Be particularly mindful of these risks in the coming weeks, especially if you are someone who has experienced painful wounding through rejection by others.  I say this because our American culture is utterly fixated on victimization.  Scarcely a day goes by without use of the term to describe those affected by unfortunate events. 

Healing cannot occur when consciousness is rooted in victimization because there is no ownership regarding responsibility for having co-created such circumstances.  If you don’t know that your own consciousness is co-creating your reality, you’re not likely to make the necessary changes and adjustments that will co-create different realities in the future.  And if you don’t make these necessary changes, you cannot and will not heal.

Finally, Mercury and Jupiter align in Scorpio in the New Moon chart pattern.  These two planets are a natural pair since they rule opposite signs, namely Gemini and Sagittarius, and Virgo and Pisces (Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces).  They symbolize our left (Mercury) and right (Jupiter) brain and logical (Mercury) and intuitive (Jupiter) thought processes.  Together, they constitute ‘whole brain’ functioning where both linear, deductive thinking, and holistic, abstract thinking work in harmony representing the highest levels of mental capacity.

Aligning in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury and Jupiter will work together to dig for the truth and expose secrets and lies, revealing important and meaningful information.  This will be particularly true regarding hidden facts and data or information that has been deliberately withheld from public view or scrutiny!

Scorpio rules sex and death, taxes and inheritances and how power is wielded.  Look for these themes to be at issue with exposures and revelations in the coming weeks.  This energy has already manifested in the case of Harvey Weinstein!  Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio will be especially helpful to researchers and investigators of all kinds including investigative journalists, investigative committees and to special investigators like Robert Mueller!

So pay very close attention to ALL the information and messages coming to you, from both inner and outer sources.  The knowledge and understanding needed now to restore balance and harmony to relationships, and to heal relationship wounds will be provided for those who are listening and honoring such guidance.

Don’t wait for break-ups or break-downs to force the changes you know need to be made in order to improve your relationships.  Use the extraordinary influence of the Sun opposite Uranus to BREAKTHROUGH old partnership patterns that are unhealthy, unfulfilling, unsatisfactory, unbalanced and unequal.

Change is the very stuff of evolution.  So change things up!  Do things differently.  We’ve reached a point in time where radical changes are necessary to ensure our very survival as a species.  The radical changes needed require that we learn to LISTEN more effectively.  The radical changes needed require that we learn to give and receive unconditionally.  The radical changes needed require that we learn to relate to one another as EQUALS.  This Libra New Moon promises radical changes in relationships! 


The Scorpio New Moon happens November 18th at 4:42 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.



Leo New Moon: Follow Your Heart

The first of two Leo New Moons in a month happens Sunday, July 23rd, at 2:46 am MST/PDT, at 0 degrees Leo 44 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  LeoNewMoon2017-1.

Leo the Lion is the King of Beasts.  Ruled by the Sun, the Star at the center of our Solar System, Leo has long been associated with leadership and royalty, Kings and  Queens. 

Like the Sun, Leo wants to be the center of attention, recognized and loved by all!

Given this desire to be noticed and appreciated by others, it’s important to realize that most Leos are intrinsically insecure.  After all, Leo follows Cancer in the zodiac; the sign that’s learning INNER emotional security.

Leo’s primary evolutionary lesson is to learn to love and appreciate itself, instead of constantly seeking validation and approval from others.  Indeed, unless and until Leo learns to love itself, it will typically experience disappointment after bitter disappointment at a LACK of recognition from others.  Of course, this is the very set of circumstances that forces Leo back upon itself so that it can and must learn to love and value itself, ITSELF. 

This confirms the natural ‘law of correspondences’ that teaches that outer realities always reflect inner realities.  This law is sometimes referred to as the ‘As Above, So Below’ principle, or similarly, ‘As Without, So Within.’  It stands to reason that it is only when self-love exists that it can be reflected back to us from others.

Leo is the sign of the heart.  Its evolutionary intention to learn SELF-LOVE is precisely what is required in order to heal emotional insecurities, particularly insecurities about unique individuality that are always experienced through the sign of Cancer. 

Ultimately, every human being must learn this evolutionary lesson.  When we truly love and value ourselves, we’re free to be our unique authentic self.  As a result, we can then truly shine our light into the world, just like the Sun.

Two New Moons in Leo happen over the coming month.  Today’s Leo Moon at 0 degrees is the first.  The second is a Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo on August 21st that traverses the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina.  Eclipses are powerful harbingers of change.  Astrologers know that Solar and Lunar Eclipses significantly ‘move’ events in the world.  Total Solar Eclipses are the most  powerful of all eclipses.

This first Leo Moon will initiate Leo lessons; the second will culminate them.  Leo lessons are about opening the heart to give and receive unconditional LOVE.  Leo is also about Creative Self-Expression, or Self-Realization.  We’re always happiest when we’re expressing our true self and when we’re creating and pursuing what we love.

Mars is also in Leo now conjunct the Sun and Moon.  Mars adds forceful energy to the New Moon chart pattern that encourages dynamic evolutionary growth.  Mars always instinctively pursues desires.  Our desires emanate directly from our Souls.  Most people are unaware of this however since most people’s Souls operate at an unconscious level.  Nevertheless, it is through our desires that our Souls point us forward and direct our personal evolutionary growth. 

Creativity is abundant now particularly when applied to desires and matters of the heart.  So follow your heart!  Take time to do the things you love with the people you love.

Let pleasure, joy and play lead the way!

The Sun and Moon are also quite favorably connected to Chiron, the ‘Wounded Healer,’ in Pisces, the sign of the Divine.  Pisces rules the natural spiritual developmental path.  Here, Chiron promises that open hearts can receive blessings from the Universe and the Divine Creative Source or what many people refer to as God, Goddess, Spirit, Great Mystery or All That Is. 

This Divine Creative Source is always teaching us the universal wisdom of compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance.  Chiron in Pisces is THE ultimate symbol of healing for those who wish to glean their Soul’s purpose in co-creating painful past experiences.  Through Chiron in Pisces, we can come to realize how the most difficult events in our lives have facilitated our evolutionary journey and ongoing personal growth.

This Leo New Moon is saying, “RE-IMAGINE hurtful experiences.”  Move beyond WHAT happened.  Instead, seek to understand WHY it happened.  

What lessons were learned?  What wisdom was gained as a result of the pain and disappointment or disillusionment?   What was your Soul trying to teach you?!

Challenging aspects to Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces are spurring the desire to break free of victim consciousness that co-creates realities that undermine and hurt us.  Indeed victim consciousness always manifests in punishing circumstances driven by an unconscious belief that we must ‘atone’ for the ‘sins’ of our human  imperfections. 

Liberating ourselves from victim consciousness requires that we make different choices.  These choices may seem too radical or daunting to some, especially those who’ve already experienced harsh criticism, judgment, painful rejection or ridicule for being ‘different.’

But of course, being different is what each of us MUST be if we’re really being true to ourselves!  IN TRUTH, EVERY HUMAN BEING IS IN FACT DIFFERENT! 

Nature reflects the truth of this natural law in every snowflake that falls, every tree in a forest and every flower in a field.  Each one is UNIQUE. 

In the natural evolutionary journey of the Soul, ‘fitting-in’ is the death knell to the expression of true individuality.  Expressing our true self is the only full-proof way to happiness.

Uranus is one of two planets that will station retrograde in the coming month.  The other is Mercury.  AND, they are most favorably connected to one another now allowing easy access to their energy.  Planets are most powerful when they station so these two are super-charged to deliver action and change!

Mercury and Uranus rule short-term and long-term memories respectively, including past life memories.  They are also a natural astrological planetary pair.  These two planets are higher and lower ‘octaves’ of one another, sharing the same energy, while vibrating at different frequencies.  Students of music understand this phenomenon.  Ruling the individual conscious and unconscious mind, they can bring powerful insights and understanding that can help heal past traumas for those who are willing to do the necessary ‘inner work’ of deeply reviewing and reflecting upon their life experiences.

Uranus (freedom, liberation, breakthroughs) stations retrograde on August 2nd at 28 degrees Aries (action, self-discovery, courage) encourages new ideas and new directions.  Uranus continues to be part of an extraordinary Grand Fire Trine along with the North Node (the path of evolution) in Leo (creativity and love) and retrograde Saturn (responsibility) which is finishing up its three year journey through Sagittarius (intuition, personal truth and beliefs).  This Grand Fire Trine also reflects an abundance of creative energy!

Mercury (thoughts, knowledge, communication) stations retrograde on August 12th in Virgo (healing, self-improvement, humility) encouraging necessary changes and adjustments in order to restore health and well-being and resolve crises.  This Mercury retrograde will focus attention on what needs to be healed on all levels including personal, collective and planetary wounds.  Here in the U.S. we will no doubt see renewed attention and effort on health care legislation as well as environmental laws and regulations. 

When Mercury completes its retrograde and stations direct on September 5th it will do so at the precise degree of the second Leo New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, 28 degrees Leo! 

This may well be a ‘brain on fire’ day, full of insights, revelations and renewed clarity.  Expect those famous ‘lightning bolt AHA’ moments that can bring surprising answers and breakthroughs in personal and collective consciousness. 

Mind-blowing discoveries, innovations and solutions to long-standing problems may suddenly, surprisingly and magically appear!

Two more important aspects occur in this New Moon chart pattern.  Venus in Gemini is opposite retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Libra is square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. 

Venus and Saturn encourage us to speak our truth while allowing others to do the same.  Be totally honest with yourself and others.  Open, straight-forward communication can lead to breakthroughs in understanding. 

Jupiter and Pluto have already squared each other twice, on November 24, 2016 and March 30, 2017.  Think back to what was happening in your life at those times.  It’s likely that whatever occurred then is culminating now.  

Both Venus opposite Saturn (rules Capricorn) and Jupiter square Pluto (currently in Capricorn) are demanding that we take complete responsibility (Capricorn) for all of our actions, choices and experiences knowing that our own Soul co-created those experiences FOR A REASON! 

Perhaps legal or financial matters were the issue during the previous Jupiter squares to Pluto.  Or perhaps relationship concerns were unfolding forcing difficult but necessary changes.  In any case, there was an evolutionary need to expand and evolve personal values or beliefs in order to more fully allow and accept other’s differences.

The bottom line message of this first Leo New Moon is that in order to evolve, we must open our hearts and learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally. 

Its also trying to teach us the natural spiritual wisdom of listening to and following our heart’s desires.  Our desires  always lead us towards greater personal evolution. 

We’re conditioned to believe that success and happiness always require hard work, sacrifice and suffering.  In fact, our Souls are trying to teach us that success and happiness naturally occur when we follow our heart!  


Leo rules the heart!  Leo teaches us that LOVE is all we really need.  If we do our best over the coming month, then when the second Leo New Moon occurs, which is a powerful TOTAL Solar Eclipse on August 21st, we can reap the rewards of a heart that’s more open, content and at peace with itself.  And if we do this right, we’ll experience a LOT more joy and have a LOT more fun along the way! 

The Leo New Moon TOTAL Solar Eclipse happens August 21st at 11:30 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Cancer New Moon: Inner Emotional Security

The Cancer New Moon happens Friday evening, June 23, 2017, at 7:30 pm MST/PDT, at 2 degrees Cancer 47 minutes.

Here’s the chart: CancerNewMoon2017 .

Cancer is all about emotional security.  For most of us, a safe home, loving family, good job and supportive community usually count top among those things in life that contribute to our emotional well-being.   Yet we often have little to no control over outer things which can prove to be unreliable sources in meeting our needs.  Even worse, sometimes they can actually be the cause or source of emotional upsets, wounds and even trauma.

Cancer natives often experience gut-wrenching disappointments when the people, places and things they hope they can count on to take care of them fail to provide the love, support or protection they need and desire.  As a result, Cancer is thrown back upon itself facilitating the lesson of emotional self-reliance.  Ultimately, Cancer learns to take complete responsibility for itself, meeting it’s own needs and providing for its own safety, security, happiness and emotional well-being.  Ultimately, Cancer learns that true emotional security can only come from within itself, not from any outer source. 

This Cancer New Moon will trigger us emotionally.  It will also provide opportunities to develop greater inner emotional security.  You may be thinking that with so much daily strife and conflict happening in our world, inner peace is next to impossible.  Think again! 

The world’s wisdom traditions teach that the only way to have outer peace is through cultivating inner peace.  As chaos swirls all around us outside, we can create and maintain a healthy sense of inner peace and calm.  We can learn to become the source of our own well-being.

The Sun and Moon are joined by both Mercury and Mars now also in Cancer.  Mercury rules information exchanges of all kinds.  Mars always represents the desires we instinctively act upon.  Together, these two bring LOTS of communication energy to the New Moon celestial pattern so expect everyone to be talking about their feelings and venting their emotional frustrations!

Cancer is also the sign of home and family.  This sign rules our parents as well as our residential properties.  For most people, family is an essential part of life.  Typically, Summertime is associated with increased family time since family visits and vacations are often scheduled while school is out.  With emphasis in the sign of Cancer now, expect home and family matters to dominate a lot of time, energy and resources over the coming weeks. 

Of course for some, family time is always a joy and a pleasure.  For others, family interactions can be extremely emotionally difficult.  The Cancer New Moon will bring home and family matters to a head so be prepared! 

For some, the challenge may simply be associated with feeling pulled between work and family.  For others, it may be between fulfilling personal needs and commitments and/or meeting other’s expectations.  Or perhaps some family matter that’s been festering for a while can no longer be ignored.  However you choose to spend your time this Summer, remember that YOU, and YOU ALONE, are responsible for your emotional well-being.

All this Cancer energy joins the ongoing Cardinal T-Square turning it into a Grand Cardinal Cross.  Grand Crosses symbolize the maximum energy potential of each modality.  There are three zodiac sign modalities:  Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.  The Cardinal modality expresses its energy through instinctively initiating new beginnings.  Remember, it’s the Cardinal signs that begin each new season (Aries – Spring, Cancer – Summer, Libra – Autumn and Capricorn – Winter). 

As the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars ALL move through Cancer over the next month, they’ll each connect with all three of the other planets in the Cross.  First they will each square Jupiter in Libra, then they’ll each oppose retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and finally they will each also square Uranus in Aries.  As all these planetary connections unfold, matters of truth, fairness, equality, justice, accountability and responsibility will be recurring themes.

Below are the dates on which all of these Grand Cardinal Cross connections will occur.  Perhaps you’ll want to mark your calendar and pay closer attention to what’s showing up on the global stage as well as in your own personal world.

  • MOON squares Jupiter June 24th, opposes Pluto June 24th and squares Uranus June 25th.
  • MARS squares Jupiter June 24th, opposes Pluto July 2nd and squares Uranus July 17th.
  • MERCURY squares Jupiter June 27th, opposes Pluto June 29th and squares Uranus July 4th.
  • SUN squares Jupiter July 5th, opposes Pluto July 9th and squares Uranus July 20th.

Additionally, Mercury and Mars conjoin on June 28th and the Sun and Mars conjoin on July 26th. 

The bottom line of all this activity is that we can expect MORE changes, with BIG consequences that have far-reaching implications.  Some may surprise or even shock us.  Most however will likely be a continuation of events and circumstances that have already begun or occurred.  Many of these situations have already been contributing to worldwide unrest and increasing protests that have been fueling ongoing social, political, economic and cultural shifts for some time now, including issues like Brexit, implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, investigations into Russian interference in democratic elections, and health care legislation reform in the U.S.  While many upcoming events will be likely be associated with ongoing situations, of course others may not…

Perhaps most unsettling is the fact that with Mars leading the way for all those planets in Cancer, there is enormous potential for dangerous escalations in violence now.  After all, Mars has long been known as the God of War.  Considering there are currently conflicts and wars raging in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Congo, Ukraine, Brazil and Venezuela, there are plenty of ‘hot spots’ where things could accidentally, or deliberately spin completely out of control.  Violence has become all too commonplace in our everyday experience, and, it could dramatically spike in coming weeks.

Given the intensely powerful energies of this current time, it’s crucial that we be very mindful, focusing our thoughts, prayers and intentions on coming together and working together to co-create peaceful solutions to the problems we face.  Remember, consciousness creates reality, both individually and collectively.


The difficult square between Mars and Jupiter is already playing out in another quite dramatic way, through high-stakes legal actions and activities.  Politicians in DC are increasingly ‘lawyering up’ as a result of expanding and intensifying Department of Justice and Congressional investigations. 

Indeed the number of investigations seems to grow by the day, associated with a variety of concerns including:  President Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause of our constitution, Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election, alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, possible obstruction of justice by President Trump in his firings of interim Attorney General Sally Yates, as well as FBI Director James Comey, omissions and falsification of testimony regarding security clearance forms and vetting procedures by several Trump administration operatives.  

And let’s not forget that the legal review of Trump’s executive orders banning travel by anyone coming to the U.S. from any one of several majority Muslim nations is still working its way through the higher courts. 

The good news is that Mars is also very favorably connected to Neptune in Pisces now.  This connection promises an increasing capacity for greater compassion, tolerance and charitable acts from good people all over the world.

More good news comes from a Grand Fire Trine!  Grand Trines are comprised of at least three planets or points, each occupying one of the signs in a particular element – Earth, Air, Fire or Water. 

Fire is the element associated with creativity, passion and inspiration.  The current Grand Fire Trine includes retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and the North Node of the Moon which just recently entered Leo for a year and a half.  This configuration will continue through the Summer offering creative breakthroughs that can resolve many of our current problems.  What are you inspired to create?  What are you passionate enough about to act upon now?  What are you waiting for?!

One way or another, this New Moon is going to bring some BIG changes.  Don’t resist them!  Co-create them! 

Remember to pay attention to how things FEEL.  Allow your emotional body to guide you.  Take complete responsibility for your own well-being through cultivating inner emotional security.  As you do so you’ll know greater peace and tranquility.  As you do so, you’ll also contribute to greater peace and tranquility in the world. 

As the saying goes, “There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way.”  True peace can only come from within.  As the song goes, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me…”


The Leo New Moon occurs on July 23rd 2:45 am MST!

Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Gemini New Moon: Knowledge is Power

The Gemini New Moon happens May 25th at 12:44 pm MST/PDT.  It occurs at 4 degrees Gemini 46 minutes.  Here’s the chart:   GeminiNewMoon2017.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins.  In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux were twins born to the same mother but different fathers.  Pollux was immortal; Castor was mortal. 

The two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini are named for these twins who represent opposite forces or choices.  Accordingly, Gemini also symbolizes the duality of the mind that reflects the dual nature or reality of our universe, which of course was originally created out of pure divine consciousness.

As the first Air sign in the zodiac, Gemini reflects the mental plane of existence.  It represents the logical mind that processes information gathered through our five physical senses in a linear deductive fashion.  Gemini is the sign of the left brain and as such, reflects human intellectual capacity and mental thought structures.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, who was also known to the Greeks as the ‘Messenger’ of the Gods.  With winged feet and helmet, Mercury always delivered messages swiftly.  In modern times, Gemini is the sign associated with the media.  Other modern Gemini phenomena include the internet and social media which have exponentially expanded instantaneous information sharing capacity globally.

Gemini’s intrinsic curiosity naturally fuels its never-ending quest for more and more knowledge.  Gemini gathers and disseminates information of all kinds through both the written and spoken word.  As it does so, it increasingly learns about and comes to understand the physical world and how it works.

So it should come as no surprise that this Gemini New Moon chart pattern seeds energy for lots and Lots and LOTS of communication!  Watch as information of all kinds is sought, subpoenaed, provided, shared, exchanged, released, leaked, announced, researched, revised, retracted, hidden, hacked, revealed, recorded, adjusted, contradicted, challenged, questioned, blurted out and tweeted!  Expect a surprise or two or twelve in the coming month as important messages and announcements create many new headlines.

One of the problems Gemini must overcome is a tendency to reject information that doesn’t comport with what it already knows or believes to be true. This occurs because for Gemini, security comes from its ability to know the facts and when those facts are challenged, it is often quite unsettling.  It is interesting to note that the United States chart has a Gemini Ascendant or first house sign.  And Donald Trump has the Sun, North Node and Uranus all in Gemini as well.

Current consensus reality powerfully reflects this paradigm of outright rejection of some information.  This occurs through the habit most people have of associating with, tuning in and listening only to sources of information that reaffirms, supports or agrees with their existing point of view.  This tendency, rooted in the need for intellectual security, is a significant factor in the extreme polarization throughout our world today, especially when it comes to political ideologies.

Another challenge Gemini often encounters is that the information it gathers sometimes contains contradictions.  Contradictory ideas, perspectives or opinions can create confusion.  When this is the case, Gemini must reach over to it’s opposite sign, Sagittarius, for help in sorting through competing facts or conflicted data. 

Evolution always occurs by and through opposite signs.  For Gemini, Sagittarius provides an expanded understanding that helps it to make sense of all the disparate information or knowledge it has gathered.  Sagittarius helps Gemini determine what information is pertinent and then helps it to see how all the different pieces of information fit into a larger holistic context.

Sagittarius rules the right brain which is the source of intuitive information.  Our intuition comes from metaphysical sources, or that what is beyond the physical material world.  When confusion reigns, Gemini must let go of logic and trust its intuition to ultimately realize what’s true and what’s not.

Interestingly, Sagittarius also teaches the RELATIVITY of truth.  We are all unique individuals who see reality through our own personal ‘lens’ or point of view.  So it stands to reason that different people will naturally see things differently resulting in different perspectives, opinions and beliefs.  This is evidenced by the common phenomenon of a singular event, like an automobile accident, that is witnessed by several different people.  Often, each of these individuals will report the event in a slightly different way than all the others.  This difference actually reflects the uniqueness of individual consciousness.  But that’s a whole other subject!

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is quite active in the heavens now.  Moving through the sign of Libra, Jupiter has been retrograde since February 6th.  Currently, Jupiter is slowing down ahead of its upcoming station direct (resuming apparent forward motion) at 13 degrees Libra on June 9th.  It’s also in a waning inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) with Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune is also slowing down ahead of it’s station retrograde on June 16th at 14 degrees Pisces.  Jupiter also continues to be part of a powerful T-Square along with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  More on this T-Square later…

Both Jupiter and Neptune are associated with beliefs.  Conscious beliefs are associated with Jupiter; unconscious beliefs are associated with Neptune.  The intensity of these two heavyweights, extremely powerful now due to their stationing status, will likely manifest in growing pressure to get to the truth in matters large and small especially those where travel, educational or legal matters are concerned or where international people or interests are involved.  This will of course require breaking down and breaking through all the rhetoric, spin, distortions and downright lies that have become the norm in our daily discourse and information exchanges. 

Adding to this intensity is Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini and therefore this New Moon.  Currently moving through Taurus (ruled by Venus) he’s connected to both Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces in a unique planetary configuration called a YOD. 

YODs are comprised of two planets that are sextile (60 degrees) each other while being simultaneously inconjunct (150 degrees) or ‘quincunx’ a third planet.  Together, the three planets form an isosceles triangle.  Seen another way, lines connecting the planets can look like a capital “Y” thus the name YOD. 

Some believe the “Y” shape symbolizes a divining rod or stick.  Many astrologers believe YODS are associated with fate.  Some call YODs the ‘Hand of God.’ 

Yods are crisis-driven and utterly demand that necessary changes and adjustments be made in order to resolve the crisis.   Evolution cannot and will not proceed unless and until the appropriate choices and changes are made.  YODs always represent a dominant aspect in any overall chart pattern.  In the Gemini New Moon chart, this YOD signifies that truths WILL come out, one way or another.  Any attempt to obfuscate, hide or interfere with the truth will bring karmic consequences.  It is therefore incumbent upon ALL of us now to be completely honest and truthful, with ourselves and with each other.

Further emphasizing this same dynamic of truth-telling is Mercury’s challenging connection (135 degrees) to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign that seeks truth!  Saturn is simultaneously in a very favorable trine aspect (120 degrees) with Uranus in Aries.  Uranus seeks freedom and liberates us from whatever is preventing necessary evolutionary progress.  Saturn and Uranus symbolize that age-old adage, “The truth will set you free!”  These two planetary connections further emphasize the inevitability of truths and lies being revealed and exposed.

Former Fox News TV Anchor Gretchen Carlson. On July 6, she filed a lawsuit against then Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes claiming sexual harassment. Subsequently, dozens of other women also stepped forward to accuse Ailes of harassment, and Ailes was forced to resign under pressure. In September 2016, Carlson and 21st Century Fox Corporation (Fox News’ parent corporation) settled the lawsuit for $20 million.

The Sun and Moon in Gemini are themselves in a difficult sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) aspect with Juno and Pluto in Capricorn.  They’re also precisely semi-square (45 degrees) Venus and Pallas Athena which are both currently in Aries.  Simultaneously, Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athena are conjoined and in a waxing square (90 degrees) aspect to Juno and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Altogether, these alignments signify speaking truth to power.  Women will likely lead the way in courageous efforts to hold those in positions of power accountable.

Venus rules love and money, so we can expect much of the information exchanged in the coming month to center around issues associated with significant partnerships, and with values or valuables, money and wealth, assets and debts and budgets. 

Venus is also currently moving through the ongoing ‘social unrest’ Cardinal T-Square comprised of Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  Whenever a planet moves through this T-Square configuration, it connects with each of the three planets involved, one after another. 

Currently finishing up in Aries, the sign in which she began her rare bi-annual retrograde this Spring (March 4th to April 16th), Venus already opposed Jupiter in Libra on May 19th.  Consider the following news headlines of that day:

  • The Swedish government drops sex crimes investigation of Julian Assange.
  • President Trump denies ordering FBI Chief James Comey to call off Flynn probe.
  • Trump announces $110 billion Saudi arms deal during first trip overseas.
  • Embattled former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes dead at 77.
  • FCC vote advances bid to end net neutrality.
  • Visiting Turkish President Erdogan watches as his bodyquards attack DC protestors.
  • Brazilian President Michael Temer refuses to resign amid new financial scandal.  Video recording shows him discussing bribes, authorizing hush money.
  • Venezuelan anti-government protestors rage against President Maduro as citizens face starvation. 
  • US announces sanctions against eight Venezuelan Supreme court justices who ruled that opposition party members were in contempt of their country’s constitution and removed them from power.
  • Greek parliament authorizes fresh austerity measures amidst growing protests.  Protestors declare there is no other solution than revolution.

Whew!  Do you see the themes of partnerships, money and legal issues apparent in these headlines?

AND, Venus is not yet done with the T-Square!  She is precisely square Pluto in Capricorn today – the very day of the New Moon.  Today’s headlines include, ‘Trump demands other NATO members pay their fair share.’ 

Since Pluto represents power, and Capricorn represents governments and social institutions, we can expect many more headlines in the weeks ahead about financial information involving people in positions of leadership or authority including politicians, bank officials or corporate CEO’s.  We’ll probably learn more about some high-level financial dealings that were previously hidden, corrupt or untoward in some way. 

President Trump invites Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak into the Oval Office May 10, 2017.

Venus will complete her journey through the T-Square on June 3rd when she finally conjoins Uranus (surprises, protests, political activism and revolution) in Aries.  Perhaps this final conjunction will bring even more shocking revelations regarding resource and relationship matters and legal and foreign affairs?

And speaking of relationship matters, Venus’ square to the asteroid Juno is adding significant stress to relationships already experiencing difficulties resulting from financial ties.  Can you say NATO partners and alliances? 

Juno rules partnership commitments.  She was the long-suffering wife of Zeus in Greek mythology who endured his serial infidelities.  Pallas Athena was Zeus’ daughter.  She was born by springing forth from his head thereby representing the creative wisdom of the feminine as well as the female warrior spirit.  The prominence of these feminine asteroids in the Gemini New Moon chart reflect the likelihood of continuing revolutionary fervor focused on issues of social equality, particularly women’s rights and well-being.   

Expect women to be among those leading efforts to expose and address these situations. 

One woman who epitomizes the feminine creative wisdom and warrior spirit of Pallas Athene is California Congresswoman Jackie Speier.  She is a member of both the Armed Services and Intelligence Oversight committees in the House of Representatives.

In a recent House Intelligence Oversight Committee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, her questions to former CIA Chief John Brennan clearly showed her interest in ‘following the money.’

Finally, Mars is part of a stellium in Gemini as the New Moon happens.  Stelliums occur when three or more planets or celestial bodies occupy the same sign.  Stelliums always reflect an abundance or emphasis of the archetypal energies associated with any sign.  Mars of course is the planet of instinctive actions and desires.  It typically pursues what it wants with unimpeded force.  Mars is the engine providing the driving force spurring all the communication and information exchanges happening now and in the coming weeks. 

Think of Mars as the ‘irresistible force.’  That irresistible force is now coming into direct opposition with the proverbial ‘immovable object’ which is Saturn in Sagittarius.  When Mars is thwarted in the pursuit of its desires, it often experiences anger.  Remember, Mars is the God of War.  Sometimes that anger reaches extreme levels and turns into violence. 

In recent days, two such manifestations of distorted, unevolved Martial energy have occurred.  First, a suicide bomber attacked Ariana Grande’s music concert in Manchester England killing twenty-two people and injuring scores of others.

And yesterday, Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte physically assaulted Ben Jacobs, a Guardian News reporter after a campaign event.  Ben ended up in the ER of a nearby hospital for x-rays after being body-slammed in response to a question he asked the candidate about the republican health care plan’s scoring by the Federal Office of Management and Budgets.

Insecure individuals will express this Mars/Saturn energy through arguments and violence.  Evolved expression of the same energy can manifest through dogged determination to get to the facts and speak truth to power. 

Different ideas and opinions need not be a cause for distress and defensiveness.  We don’t always need to agree with everything we hear or read.  But if we don’t open ourselves to other’s viewpoints, our knowledge and understanding will be limited. 

Gemini learns through gathering and disseminating information and knowledge.  It inevitably learns from others.  Gemini ultimately evolves by realizing it is not only a teacher, but also a lifelong student.  

The animated illustration of political polarization above is just one example of the extreme levels of imbalance we’re currently experiencing planet-wide. 

Of course, imbalance breeds insecurity.  Insecurity breeds fear.  Fear breeds hatred, anger and violence.

We would all do well now to reach for the highest expression possible embodied within the spiritual YOD comprised of Mercury (mind and knowledge), Jupiter (truth and beliefs) and Neptune (divine spirituality) now. 

This YOD can help us to remember that WE ARE ALL ONE

This YOD can help us to use our minds and knowledge wisely to make better choices moving forward.  Remember, the POWER OF CHOICE is what facilitates evolution, personally and collectively.  We all have the power of choice. 

Yes, we ARE living through a period of chaos now.  CHAOS IS A NATURAL PHENOMENON that always occurs in between old paradigms and realities that are disintegrating and new paradigms and realities that are being created.

It’s worth repeating now something I say and write often:  We are living in extraordinary times!  These are times of extraordinary change.  These extraordinary times and changes were prophecied by ancient peoples from cultures the world over. 


So obviously we are extraordinary Souls, here now to do extraordinary things.  Our power to do so lies in our ability to choose.  Our choices will be informed by our level and degree of knowledge.  Choices can either bring about a new paradigm of solutions or maintain the old paradigm that’s created so much pain and fear and destruction. 

Knowledge is power.  Seek more knowledge!  Seek greater understanding.  Apply your knowledge and understanding to make wise choices that will bring about a better world and a better tomorrow.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.  There is a deep power in words that speak the truth.

Blessed be…

The Cancer New Moon occurs on June 23rd at 7:30 pm MST!

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