“Had I known about Donna Lee Steele and Evolutionary Astrology, I would not have spent the last 20 years in and out of therapists’ offices fumbling through working on issues with minimal to no success.  Donna is a brilliant and gifted astrologer.  She deftly applies decades of experience working with Evolutionary Astrology to pinpoint with laser accuracy the crux of the ‘whys’ regarding personal life experiences and lessons.  She explains both the reasons for, and the trajectory to take, in order to release old behavior and belief patterns and embrace personal growth and evolution.  Using her deep wisdom and knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology to analyze my chart, she offered amazing insights and effective solutions.  She has literally changed my life.  Thank you Donna!”

Rosemary, Flagstaff, AZ


“Please keep doing what you are doing!  Guiding people towards understanding their life path and purpose is so important to so many, especially in these difficult times.”

Gary, Alameda, CA


“Wow!  You direct our sights to the stars and point our Souls in the direction of our destiny in a way that brings true understanding.  I cannot thank you enough.  I’m sure I’ll be calling again soon!”

Janet, Albany, NY


 “That is the most profound conversation I’ve ever had with anyone in my whole life.  Your insights were amazing; I know how to move forward now.”

Nancy, Vancouver, BC, Canada


“As always, I appreciate your remarkable wisdom and guidance.”

Nancy, Colorado Springs, CO


“There are good astrologers, and there are great astrologers.  Donna is a great astrologer!”

 Alice, New York, NY


I just wanted to thank you again for your time this afternoon and for your tremendously powerful insights and perspective.  It is my hope and expectation now that my days after today are going to be different, better.”  

John, Flagstaff, AZ

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