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An insightful analysis of the birth charts of the United States and Donald Trump.  America is about to experience a profound chapter in its ongoing history as the astrological cycle known as the ‘Pluto Return’ occurs between 2021 and 2023. 

Pluto takes 248 years to complete an orbit around the Sun or ‘return’ to it’s natal position.  This planet is associated with the evolutionary process itself!  Of course, with a cycle this long, many countries don’t endure long enough to experience a Pluto return. 

Although still a few years away, we are definitely already feeling and manifesting the energy of this profound celestial event!  Donald Trump and his administration are playing crucial roles now in the lead up to this extraordinary event.  The United State’s first Pluto return will powerfully re-birth the Soul of our nation and its original founding purpose. 

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What the Heavens Reveal about Current World Events


Once-in-a-lifetime astrological patterns are powerfully reflecting dramatic cultural, political, economic and environmental changes unfolding all across our planet.  The next ten years will be crucial to our evolution and survival.

For thousands of years, ancient cultures the world over have prophesied that extraordinary evolutionary shifts within humanity will occur during this current time in our history.

Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are all currently moving through the heavens in cycles that occur only once every 248, 146 and 84 years respectively.  Additionally, Pluto and Uranus are currently at a decade-long evolutionary gate occurring within a 127 year cycle they began in 1965.  It feels like the ’60’s again now for good reason!

On a mundane level, these planetary cycles are manifesting rapid cultural shifts, growing worldwide frustration with corrupt and dysfunctional governmental, political and economic institutions and an increasing awareness of the ongoing destruction of the natural world including species extinction due to climate change.

On a higher level, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto symbolize the potential for a quantum shift in human consciousness.  We are collectively evolving towards a more transcendent, universal spiritual awareness.  We are evolving towards a ‘unity’ consciousness that understands that everyone and everything is connected.

Recent scientific discoveries have proven that human consciousness creates the realities we experience.  Indeed we seem to be living out the prophecies promised by our ancient ancestors!

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