What Is Evolutionary Astrology?


“Why am I here?”  “What are my life lessons?”  “What are my greatest gifts and challenges?”

These questions have always intrigued mankind.  Throughout history, philosophers poets priests and prophets have all tried to answer these simple yet profound questions.  We’ve often looked to the heavens for meaning and for the last 8000 years one of the most profound and uniquely qualified tools available to use in this search for meaning and answers to life’s biggest questions has been astrology.  Evolutionary Astrology is a relatively new and novel astrological interpretation method, based upon ancient wisdom, that’s masterful at answering these all important queries.

Developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green in the 1970’s, Evolutionary Astrology not only answers these crucial life questions, but also measures the progress of the Soul from lifetime to lifetime in its quest to evolve and grow.  An astrologer skilled in this unique interpretation method can guide clients toward a deep understanding and awareness of their individual Soul path and life lessons.

Astrology is a natural science meaning it is based on observation and correlation.  Over many thousands of years, a vast body of empirical astrological knowledge has been gathered and validated in this way by observing the cycles and aspects of the planets and stars and correlating their movements with Earthly events and human experiences.

Evolutionary Astrology is founded upon natural laws.  Natural laws are self-evident in the natural world, or what we call nature, and are not dependent on any specific man-made belief system.  Evolutionary Astrology utilizes astrological archetypes – or universally recognized descriptive patterns – that reside in the collective human unconscious or  subconscious, to symbolize, describe and understand the evolutionary journey of the Soul.

Recognizing reincarnation as a natural law, Evolutionary Astrology reveals the Soul’s path through recent incarnations, providing valuable insights into current life patterns and events.  We all have past life dynamics that we’ve brought into our current life that continue to powerfully influence our personal experiences and circumstances.

The Soul correlates to Pluto in Evolutionary Astrology.  The entire astrological signature of the Soul’s evolutionary journey or ‘Soul Path Signature’ includes:  Pluto, Pluto’s Polarity Point, Pluto’s aspects to other planets, the Nodes of the Moon, the planetary rulers of the Nodes and the aspects those ruling planets are making to other planets.

This ‘Soul Path Signature’ in the chart reflects where the Soul has been prior to the current life, where it left off, and where it picked up from the past in the current life.  It also reveals what the Soul desires to learn in this life and how it can best accomplish those life lessons.

Those unfamiliar with Evolutionary Astrology are always amazed at the revelations and revolutionary insights gained through this remarkably deep and accurate interpretation method.

If you’d like to learn more about Evolutionary Astrology and how it can help you to successfully navigate your own life, I invite you to schedule a consultation by calling me at 928-779-1210 or by contacting me via e-mail.

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