Personal Consultations


All consultations are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.  Astrological consultations utilize the Evolutionary Astrology interpretation method.  Charts analyzed include natal, transits, secondary progressions and solar arc directions as well as solar returns.

Typically, individual consultations begin with an in-depth explanation of the individual’s Soul path and evolutionary growth intentions for this lifetime.  Personal questions and areas of concern or interest are addressed.  Information about current and upcoming planetary influences is also provided with emphasis on how to recognize and best utilize those influences.

The minimum duration for an individual astrological consultation is thirty minutes for $65 and is often suitable for single questions or follow-up questions that you forgot to ask in a previous session.  One hour consultations are $125.  Ninety minute sessions are $170.  Maximum consultations are two hours at $225.

Often clients have questions about other people in their lives.  I am happy to answer these questions.  However, to do so requires additional analysis and interpretation.  Accordingly, there is a $25 charge for each additional individual chart requested.

Consultations are typically recorded in digital mp3 file format.  Recordings are offered as a courtesy to clients.  Although I cannot guarantee the quality or success of the finished recorded product, every attempt is made to ensure a high quality recording.  Recording links are sent by email following the consultation.  These links are immediately accessible/downloadable to your Smart Phone or computer.

Cloud based file sharing services are utilized for mp3 files.  For maximum confidentiality and file security, clients may request deletion of their recording files from the cloud once they have successfully downloaded the mp3 file to their personal computer or Smart Phone.

I’m always happy to meet with clients in person here in Flagstaff.  Non-local meetings are conducted by telephone.  Call me at 928-779-1210 or contact me to schedule your appointment.



Relationship compatibility readings require complete chart analysis and interpretation for each individual’s natal chart, analysis and interpretation of their ‘synastry’ chart comparisons, as well as analysis and interpretation of their ‘composite’ or relationship chart.

Synastry is a direct comparison of individual natal charts to each other.  A composite chart is a derivative chart calculated from the individual natal charts.  The composite chart is a unique separate chart that reflects the relationship itself as well as the evolutionary purpose of that relationship.



A thorough analysis of a child’s chart utilizing evolutionary astrology can provide invaluable information for enlightened parents who wish to encourage development of their child’s natural gifts and abilities and support their child’s Soul growth and evolutionary intentions.  I have worked with hundreds of parents over the years who have expressed immense gratitude for the knowledge obtained from an astrological consultation about their child’s Soul path and life purpose.  Consider an Evolutionary Astrology reading for a newborn; it’s an extraordinary gift for new parents!



The word ‘horary’ derives from the Latin word hora meaning ‘hour.’  Horary is an ancient branch of astrology that studies the meaning of a chart cast at the exact time a question is posed.  The hermetic law of correspondences explains why the answer to a question exists simultaneously in the same moment the question is asked.  Horary chart analysis operates with extremely strict rules for interpretation and is best utilized for very specific questions.  This is a chart technique I often incorporate into individual astrological consultations.



I work with large and small business owners alike utilizing the natal and progressed charts of their business to provide consulting advice.  If you know the date, time and place of the incorporation of your business, astrological analysis and interpretation can offer invaluable advice for business success.



I am available for speaking engagements and workshops for groups of all kinds and sizes.  I also offer personal tutoring in the Evolutionary Astrology method in person or by phone.  Lectures and workshop topics include Evolutionary Astrology, dream analysis, universal symbolism, the I Ching and spiritual and metaphysical subjects.  I also offer Evolutionary Astrology teleclasses.

Astrological language used in astrology classes, lectures and workshops is designed specifically for the level of knowledge of each particular group.  Contact me to discuss your desired educational subject matter and schedule availability.



Parties are a great way to introduce friends to the value of astrology.  I have always enjoyed doing parties — so much so that I offer a FREE CONSULTATION to anyone who hosts me for an astrology party with their friends.  Your friends will receive a confidential and recorded 30 minute consultation for a discounted fee.  Virtual parties can also occur by phone.  Contact me for more information and to schedule your own Astrology Party.



Payment can be made by personal check or money order to my secure business mailing address at:    Donna Lee Steele, Threshold Consulting, P. O. Box 923, Flagstaff, AZ  86002-0923.

Cash payment is accepted for in-person consultations.

Credit and debit card payments, as well as bank transfer payments, may be made securely online through Paypal Invoicing Service which allows me to send an e-invoice to your email address.  THIS SERVICE DOES NOT REQUIRE A PERSONAL PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  You my use your personal debit or credit card.  You can also use your own personal Paypal account if you have one.  The choice is yours.

Payments by check, money order or through Paypal must be made in advance of the scheduled consultation appointment time.

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