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This class series offers over 14 hours of recorded teachings including the origins, principles and philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology, as well as in-depth explanations of each of the twelve houses, zodiac signs and their ruling planets.

Additional information covered includes retrograde planetary influences, the Soul Path Signature and an in-depth explanation of the progression of evolutionary states of human consciousness.

The complete class materials include 14 one hour audio recordings (available on CDs or immediately  downloadable mp3 files) and LOTS of associated documents, diagrams and supporting information organized into a 3 ring binder that also includes real natal charts used in class.  *The cost of this recorded teleclass series includes shipping and handling.

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase your INTRODUCTION TO EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY class series today!





Everyone knows there are twelve zodiac signs in astrology — Aries through Pisces. And some people are also aware that every astrological chart or horoscope is divided into twelve sections called houses. What most people don’t know however is that the twelve houses are actually more important than the signs!

Understanding the influence of astrology’s twelve houses is crucial to an accurate interpretation of any horoscope as it provides the foundation for understanding how to make sense of all the sign placements, planetary positions and aspects. The houses provide the ‘keys’ that unlock and reveal the hidden secrets that bring insight and clarity to the birth chart and its symbols.

I’ll explain the archetypal meaning of all twelve houses and explain how to incorporate this primary piece of astrological information into your overall interpretation process in order to arrive at a more thorough understanding of any chart.

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase this 75 minute recording (available in CD or immediately downloadable mp3 file format) and learn about Houses Hidden Secrets!





The current quantum shift in human consciousness is a powerfully energetic influence compelling people to know more about how to accelerate their spiritual and evolutionary growth.  Evolutionary Astrology can offer clear guidance for those seeking to know why they’re here and to more fully understand their Soul’s purpose and life lessons.

Evolutionary Astrology or EA, reads your astrology chart from the perspective of your Soul and offers deeply transformative insights about why you incarnated, what your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions are for this lifetime, where you left off in these pursuits in your most recent prior lifetime and exactly how you intend to move forward in this life to achieve your Soul’s evolutionary goals.

A unique and modern astrological interpretation method, EA reveals this crucial information for each individual through their ‘Soul Path Signature.’  This signature is comprised of the natal positions of Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon.  I explain in simple, easy to understand language, how the Soul Path Signature offers a clear road map to understanding your Soul’s deepest desires and how to accomplish your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions in this life and successfully realize your life’s purpose.

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase this 75 minute recording (available in CD or immediately downloadable mp3 file format) and learn about your own personal ‘Soul Path Signature’ as well as the Soul path you share collectively with your entire generation.





Remembering Ancient Spiritual Wisdom


We are living in extraordinary times!  This statement sounds grandiose and yet, it’s true that we are currently living in an epoch of human history that many ancient cultures around the globe foretold through their prophecies as being a time of great spiritual awakening for mankind; a time of quantum shifts in human consciousness.

For several years now I’ve noticed a growing desire among associates, friends and clients to deepen their personal connection to the sacred or divine aspects of life. They commonly refer to this as an ‘inner calling’ to pursue a more spiritual life.

It seems timely to offer the ancient spiritual wisdom I’ve learned over the last twenty years as an Evolutionary Astrologer to those currently seeking a deeper connection with the spiritual, divine and sacred dimensions of their lives.  In Spirituality Now, I share all that I’ve learned about the Soul’s Spiritual Evolutionary Path.  Whether you’re just beginning your spiritual journey, or you’re a practiced spiritual aspirant, this course can help you deepen your understanding and experiences on your own unique spiritual developmental path.

Spirituality Now offers over three hours of recorded conference call classes.

The following topics are covered in the class:

– The difference between spirituality and religion

– The nature of a Soul and the role of the ego

– How spiritual evolution naturally unfolds

– Universal lessons in spiritual development

– Karmic resolution vs evolutionary necessity

– Evolving levels of human consciousness

– Why meditation is so important

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase Spirituality Now, available in your choice of two  recording formats:  CDs or immediately downloadable mp3 files.






Most everyone is familiar with Mercury retrograde periods, which occur three to four times each year.  But few people realize that ALL the planets experience retrograde periods.

Venus has the rarest of retrogrades reversing only once every eighteen months for about forty days.  And Mars retrogrades once every two years for up to two and a half months.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, however, ALL go retrograde from four to five months every year.  So nearly everyone has at least one retrograde planet in their natal chart.  In fact, its exceedingly rare for someone to have no natal retrograde planets at all.

Retrograde motion has its own unique archetypal energy and evolutionary purpose.  Retrograde planets accelerate the Soul’s evolution so knowing what planets were retrograde at your birth can offer tremendously valuable insight into your Soul’s personal evolutionary growth intentions in this lifetime.  It can also help you understand how to successfully navigate transiting planetary retrograde periods.

This 90 minute teleclass explains the nature of retrograde energy and how it’s specifically experienced through each of the planets.  In addition to explaining natal retrograde planetary archetypes, the nature of progressed and transiting retrograde planets are described as well.

If you don’t already know which planets are retrograde in your natal chart, provide me with your precise birth data (birth date, exact birth time and birth place) when you purchase this class and I’ll quickly provide you with this important personal information that will enable you to personalize the teleclass information.

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase this 90 minute teleclass recording available in mp3 file format which is immediately downloadable to your computer or smartphone.





2016 promises to be a year of culmination and completion, primarily of issues that began in 2008 including the global economic downturn.   In addition, this year also focuses much attention on honesty/dishonesty and truth versus lies.  All manner of personal beliefs and belief systems like faith traditions and religions will also continue to be in the spotlight.  Revolutionary breakthroughs will continue as well especially in science, politics, governments and social institutions like banking and environmental protection.

Important 2016 astrological events include:

  • Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

  • The Spiritual T-Square

  • Jupiter’s entry into Libra

  • Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune and Chiron in Pisces

  • The biannual retrograde of Mars

  • Mercury’s rare transit of the Sun

  • Four Mercury retrogrades all in Earth signs

  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses

  • The US Presidential Election

Call me at 928-779-1210 or contact me to purchase your immediately downloadable (to your computer or smartphone) 100 minute mp3 file recording.  The astrological information is presented in easy to understand language for all levels of listeners including those who are totally unfamiliar with astrology.  This info will help you recognize and take advantage of all the important astrological events of 2016!


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