Evolutionary Astrology: Cosmic Mandala of the Soul




Spiritual Evolutionary Astrologer Donna Lee Steele offers an evening of insightful teachings on the true purpose and meaning of astrology as a natural paradigm for spiritual development.  In truth, astrology is a cosmic mandala for the evolutionary journey of the Soul.

 Donna has practiced and taught astrology for over 30 years.  Evolutionary Astrology is a unique astrological interpretation method developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green, spiritual devotee of renowned Spiritual Teacher Paramahansa Yogananda and his Guru, Sri Yukteswar.


Topics discussed include:

 The Soul Path symbols in the natal horoscope

The nature of the human Soul

The true purpose of the Ego

Dual desires in every human Soul

Four ways human evolution occurs

Evolutionary Necessity vs. Karmic Resolution

Evolving levels of human consciousness

Evolution of human consciousness through the Ages

The importance of meditation

Emerging science of consciousness


This presentation recording is now available in CD or mp3 format.  Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase your copy.