Retrograde Planets



Most everyone is familiar with Mercury retrograde periods, which occur three to four times each year.  But few people realize that ALL the planets experience retrograde periods.

Venus has the rarest of retrogrades reversing only once every eighteen months for about forty days.  And Mars retrogrades once every two years for two and a half months.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, however, ALL go retrograde from four to five months every year.  So nearly everyone has at least one retrograde planet in their natal chart.  In fact, its exceedingly rare for someone to have no natal retrograde planets at all.

Retrograde motion has its own unique archetypal energy and evolutionary purpose.  Retrograde planets accelerate the Soul’s evolution.  They also reflect issues and areas of life that must be repeated and re-lived due to prior life resistance to the evolutionary intention they represent.

So knowing what planets were retrograde at your birth can offer tremendously valuable insight into your Soul’s personal evolutionary growth intentions in this lifetime.  It can also help you understand how to successfully navigate transiting planetary retrograde periods.

This 90 minute teleclass explains the nature of retrograde energy and how it’s specifically experienced through each of the planets.  In addition to explaining natal retrograde planetary archetypes, the nature of progressed and transiting retrograde planets are described as well.

If you don’t already know which planets are retrograde in your natal chart, provide me with your precise birth data (birth date, exact birth time and birth place) when you purchase this class and I’ll quickly provide you with this important personal information so you can personalize the class information.

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase this 90 minute teleclass recording available in mp3 file format which is immediately downloadable to your computer or smartphone.




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