Soul Path Signature



We are living in extraordinary times!  The current quantum shift in human consciousness is a powerfully energetic influence compelling people to know more about how to accelerate their spiritual and evolutionary growth.

Evolutionary Astrology offers clear guidance for those seeking to know why they’re here and to more fully understand their Soul’s purpose and life lessons.

Evolutionary Astrology or EA, reads your astrology chart from the perspective of your Soul and offers deeply transformative insights about why you incarnated, what your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions are for this lifetime, where you left off in these pursuits in your most recent prior lifetime, and exactly how you intend to move forward in this life to achieve your Soul’s evolutionary goals.

A unique and modern astrological interpretation method, EA reveals this crucial information for each individual through their ‘Soul Path Signature.’  This signature is comprised of the natal positions of Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon.

In this class I explain in simple, easy to understand language, how the Soul Path Signature offers a clear road map to understanding your Soul’s deepest desires and how to accomplish your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions in this life and successfully realize your life’s purpose.

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase this 75 minute recording (available in CD or immediately downloadable mp3 file format) and learn about your own personal ‘Soul Path Signature’ as well as the Soul path you share collectively with your entire generation.

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