Spirituality Now




We are living in extraordinary times!  This statement sounds grandiose and yet, it’s true that we are currently living in an epoch of human history that many ancient cultures around the globe foretold through their prophecies as being a time of great spiritual awakening for mankind; a time of quantum shifts in human consciousness.

For several years now I’ve noticed a growing desire among associates, friends and clients to deepen their personal connection to the sacred or divine aspects of life. They commonly refer to this as an ‘inner calling’ to pursue a more spiritual life.

It seems timely to offer the ancient spiritual wisdom I’ve learned over the last twenty years as an Evolutionary Astrologer to those currently seeking a deeper connection with the spiritual, divine and sacred dimensions of their lives.  In Spirituality Now, I share all that I’ve learned about the Soul’s Spiritual Evolutionary Path.  Whether you’re just beginning your spiritual journey, or you’re a practiced spiritual aspirant, this course can help you deepen your understanding and experiences on your own unique spiritual developmental path.

Spirituality Now offers over three hours of recorded conference call classes.


The following topics are covered in the class:

– The difference between spirituality and religion

– The nature of a Soul and the role of the ego

– How spiritual evolution naturally unfolds

– Universal lessons in spiritual development

– Karmic resolution vs evolutionary necessity

– Evolving levels of human consciousness

– Why meditation is so important

This information can truly change your life.  It explains the natural spiritual evolutionary developmental path of the Soul.  What more valuable info could you obtain?

Contact me or call me at 928-779-1210 to purchase Spirituality Now, available in your choice of two  recording formats:  CDs or immediately downloadable mp3 files.




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