Spectacular Lunar Eclipse in Libra

LunarEclipseImageBloodRedMoonA rare total lunar eclipse occurs tonight and will be visible across the Americas beginning at about 11:00 pm and lasting until about 3:00 am MST/PDT in the United States.  The Full Moon will be exact at 12:42 am MST/PDT at 25 degrees 16 minutes of the sign Libra.  Here’s the chart:  TotalLunarEclipseinLibra2014  This eclipse is the first of four total lunar eclipses in a row between now and October 2015 being referred to as a ‘tetrad’ or ‘group of four.’  Lunar eclipses occur regularly every five and half months.  But this lunar eclipse begins a TOTAL lunar eclipse ‘tetrad’ which is a rare phenomenon since lunar eclipses are not always total – where the Moon passes precisely (not a little above or a little below) the exact alignment of the Earth and Sun resulting in a complete or total blockage of the Sun’s light upon the Moon’s surface.  Additionally, what makes this tetrad rare is the fact that total eclipses of the Moon don’t often happen successively, let alone four in a row.

This lunar eclipse is further distinguished by Pluto stationing (standing still or ‘stationary’) to turn retrograde today just eight hours before the eclipse at 4:44 pm MST/PDT.  AND since the eclipse occurs across the Aries/Libra axis its also energizing the once-in-a-lifetime Grand Cardinal Cross that will reach precision for the second of three times in just a week from April 20th to the 23rd (first time was December 25-30, 2013 and the third will be June 14-25, 2014).  Finally, the fifth of seven ongoing exact square aspects (90 degree angle) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will happen next week on April 21st.

That’s a WHOLE LOT of celestial energy!  Astrology always reflects reality through the hermetic principle of “As above, so below.”  Coincidentally, there’s also a WHOLE LOT going on in our world right now!

The primary influence of this Libra lunar eclipse is a culmination of old relationship patterns and behaviors that are no longer working.  Libra is the sign associated with learning how to be in relationships as equals which helps us to achieve and maintain balance.  But Libra is also the sign of extremes!  It’s LEARNING balance.  The polarized state of our national and global politics, cultural norms, religious beliefs and economic ‘realities’ are extraordinary examples of current EXTREMES!  We’re at a cross-roads needing to make new choices about how we treat one another and how we treat our planetary home — the natural world that sustains us.  Clearly the path we’re on has reached the limits of sustainability.

Other celestial bodies in Libra affecting the lunar eclipse pattern are informative.  They include Mars (the God of War), the dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroids Juno and Vesta.  Ceres, Juno and Vesta are all heavenly bodies that represent feminine archetypes associated with unconditional love, nurturing/nourishment, partnership commitments, fidelity and passionate spiritual devotion.  For thousands of years patriarchal conditioning has suppressed and marginalized women resulting in extreme imbalances in our relationship with half of the planet’s population, with our stewardship of the environment and in our disconnection to ‘Gaia’ the quintessential feminine consciousness of our planet Earth.  Needless to say, humanity’s habitual war-like tendencies clearly also contribute to relationship imbalances!  While some are still calling for military responses to current global events (can you say Ukraine, Syria, Iran and North Korea???), its time to respond differently if efforts are to succeed.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is a planetary configuration comprised of four planets, each in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) that are square one another (90 degrees) and opposite each other (180 degrees).  Squares and oppositions are tense angular relationships whose energies are often conflicted or challenging.  Squares reflect important choice points.  These choices have to do with deciding what actions to take or whom or what to believe.  Oppositions bring issues to a head forcing either a completion or separation of existing circumstances.

Its important to understand that cardinal energy typically manifests through a dance of two steps forward, then one step back.  This is because cardinal energy instinctively initiates actions that move us in new directions.  But new experiences are often stressful because they take us into unfamiliar territory which can be frightening.  We take a step back to regroup and re-establish security when that security has been upset by moving forward in new ways.  Ultimately, through feedback received after taking those initial steps, we’re able to decide which new directions we are meant to continue moving towards.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn has been THE planetary ‘base note’ anchoring the Grand Cardinal Cross.  This astrological influence began in 2008 with Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn for sixteen years.  Remember 2008 was when the global economy began to dramatically contract.  In 2010, Uranus entered Aries and began forming its square angle/aspect to Pluto.  It first entered Aries in May and stayed until August when it went retrograde moving back into Pisces over the fall and winter of that year.  It returned to Aries for a stay of seven years on March 11, 2011 within hours of the 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan that was followed by the enormous tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Diachi nuclear power plants that are still damaged and leaking radiation to this day.  These extraordinary events are associated with two of the most powerful elements of our current global social structural paradigm (Capricorn):  how we generate power and how we operate our global market driven economies.  Both have and will continue to need radical reforms if they are to be sustained in the future.

Jupiter has been in Cancer since June 2013.  It has been reflecting our increased emotionality and growing insecurities both personally and collectively as the world around us continues to change in dramatic and sometimes unexpected ways.  One of the most important choices we all face right now is whether to embrace these changes with optimism and excitement or dread and fear.  Choose to move forward anyway even in the face of fear!  Holding on to the past will only bring pain and confusion.  Evolutionary changes are necessary now.  Resistance will only ensure an increased likelihood that these changes will ultimately be forced upon us.

Mars entered Libra in December 2013.  Typically it takes only two months to traverse a sign.  Its current retrograde cycle (March 1 to May 19, 2014) will prolong its sojourn in Libra for eight months ending in August this year.  Mars rules Aries, the sign opposite Libra.  Mars rules war but is currently in the sign of peace!

Interestingly, when planets are retrograde, their energy naturally gravitates towards the opposite sign to facilitate its own evolution.  Aries/Libra is the relationship axis of the zodiac.  These two signs represent self (Aries) and our relationship with others (Libra).  These two signs are always trying to find the right balance between independence/freedom and commitment to others.  Intuition is the guiding force necessary to achieve this balance.  When we’ve spent too much time alone, our intuition will let us know and prompt us to connect with others and be more social.  On the other hand, when we’ve been hanging out with others and socializing so much that we’ve lost track of our own individuality, then our intuition will alert us to the need to spend some time alone so we can reconnect with our own needs and wants.  Be mindful of your intuitive urges in the coming days and weeks to find the right balance between yourself and others.

The bottom line of all this energy is this:  WE ARE LIVING IN EXTRAORDINARY TIMES!  Ancient cultures the world over have shared their prophecies about this being a time where humanity will experience a quantum leap forward in consciousness towards a much greater understanding of the truth of our experiences and our reality.  Perhaps the most exciting breakthrough of our times is the discovery by quantum physicists that human consciousness affects what reality is experienced or manifested.  Put simply, we now know that consciousness creates reality.  We are indeed CO-CREATORS.  We create our reality in every moment through the uniquely human capacity of free will choices.  The trick is to choose CONSCIOUSLY instead of unconsciously.  This requires that we pay attention to what we’re thinking, feeling, believing and doing.

The Libra Lunar Eclipse is a harbinger of great change.  The heavenly patterns are reflecting important choices we now need to make in order to evolve and grow.  Its time to let go of what’s no longer working.  Its time to choose different ways of being and doing.   We have the power to change our world, solve our problems, heal the planet and restore peace and balance in all our relations.

Its time to choose anew.  What will you choose?

Blessings, Donna






Other planetary influences symbolized through the Grand Cardinal Cross

Uranus Squares Pluto: The R-evolution Continues…

On Monday, May 20th, Uranus squares (90 degree angle) retrograde Pluto at 11 degrees Aries/Capricorn at 3:21 pm MST.  This is the third of seven squares between these two outer planets that began in 2012 and will continue until 2015.

It’s uncommon for two planets to experience seven exact ‘hits’ in any given aspect (angular relationship) between them.  Multiple aspect hits occur due to apparent retrograde motion as an exact angle is reached again and again while the planets are moving back and forth over the same degrees of the zodiac.  This usually accounts for three exact hits between planets; seven exact hits are quite rare.

But given the level of change needed on our planet to heal and resolve our problems (socially, politically, financially and environmentally) it may well be that seven exact squares are required!  And even though these seven square aspects will take about two and a half years to occur (from June 24, 2012 to March 16, 2015) their influence has already been unfolding for the past five years and will continue to do so for several years beyond 2015.  We are literally in the midst of a decade of extraordinary global social change.

Uranus square Pluto is the THE current astrological signature reflecting the various prophecies about this changing time in human history.  It’s associated with humanity ‘waking-up’ and becoming aware of the crucial role each of us has in the co-creation of reality.  As more and more individuals awaken and realize the role consciousness plays in creating both individual and collective reality, the more the world around us will change.

Uranus and Pluto are heavyweights relative to the processes of transformation, particularly the transformation of human consciousness.  Pluto is directly associated with the evolutionary process and Uranus is associated with revolutionary processes.  As Pluto moves through the sign of Capricorn, which specifically rules the structural nature of human consciousness, human consciousness will surely evolve and as a result, the reality humanity experiences will also surely undergo great metamorphic change as well.

Uranus is associated with liberation and freedom and helps us to break free and to break through old crystallized patterns of beliefs and behaviors that have become so stagnant that they are preventing or undermining further evolutionary growth and development.

So Pluto = evolution and Uranus = revolution.  Together, these forces have been associated with the dramatic social and political changes on our planet since 2008 when Pluto first moved into Capricorn and even more so since 2010 when Uranus moved into Aries and the square aspect between these two planets began to form.

Capricorn rules the principle of contraction and sure enough, the global economy began to contract in 2008 as the United States housing market collapsed and threatened to take the economy with it.  Financial contraction continues and will likely do so for many more years since Pluto won’t leave Capricorn until 2023-2024.

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck off the east coast of Japan and caused the tsunami that crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant occurred within hours of Uranus moving back into Aries on March 11, 2011 where it will stay for seven years.  Aries rules new beginnings and instinctive actions.  Uranus rules the unexpected.  So from an astrological perspective, natural events like earth changes and political events like the Arab Spring made complete sense to astrologers while most world governments were taken completely by surprise.  Uranus will remain in Aries until 2018-2019.  Perhaps it will take that long for real change to occur with such huge issues of our time like how we generate power and how people are governed.

The current Uranus/Pluto cycle, which will last for 127 years, began in 1965-1966.  These two planets came together in the middle degrees of Virgo then and ‘seeded’ revolutions in technology, politics, health care, the workplace, the environment and human rights.  Have you noticed that the same issues that were headlines then are headlines again now including women’s rights, voting rights and minority rights, not to mention universal health care and environmental concerns like climate change?

I have smiled many times over the past couple of years when I’ve heard people including political pundits remark that current events remind them of the 60’s.  They couldn’t be more right!

So here we are, at the threshold of yet another installment of the Uranus Pluto force for evolutionary and revolutionary change throughout the world.  As the headlines fill up with extraordinary news events day after day, and individuals face surprising events that threaten to upset their personal, financial or workplace security, the pace of evolutionary and revolutionary change will continue to accelerate.

Now that Uranus and Pluto are in their waxing first quarter square (90 degree angle), the $64,000 question is, “What new forms and structures are necessary for the ‘seed’ intentions begun in the 60’s to take root and manifest properly?”  The answer is a big one.  It will require no less than a complete shift in how societies organize themselves to meet the needs of ALL the people on our planet, not just a few.

And as of December 21, 2012, this shift is underway.  In spite of the obfuscation by the western press and so-called ‘experts,’ of many of the world’s ancient culture’s prophecies regarding a ‘shift of the ages’ for our time, the most notable of which were the Mayans, these prophecies were NOT wrong.  They were instead misunderstood at best, and deliberately misrepresented at worst.

The ‘shift of the ages’ that occurred had to do with a repositioning of our solar system relative to the center of our Milky Way galaxy.  The shift that occurred is part of a 26,000 year cycle that changes the quality of cosmic energy that regulates the evolution of creation.  The change in energy was from masculine (electrical) energy to feminine (magnetic) energy.

These two energy types spur different evolutionary growth paths for humanity.  For the last 13,000 years as masculine energy has regulated evolution, growth has proceeded towards development of individual consciousness and the understanding of physical reality (matter).  For the next 13,000 years, evolutionary growth will be regulated by feminine energy and will proceed through development of collective consciousness and the understanding of non-physical realities (spirituality).  In short, we are now shifting towards a matriarchal social organizational paradigm and shifting away from a patriarchal social organizational paradigm.

For millennia, the matriarchal model has been misunderstood and maligned as a social paradigm organized around women being in charge and dominating men.  This understanding could not be more wrong.  Instead, matriarchy focuses on the rights, needs and well-being of ALL members of society, not just those who are ‘in charge.’  In a matriarchal society, everyone does better when, well, EVERYONE does better.  Individual needs are weighed and balanced with the needs of the whole or the collective.

Consider the following summary of attributes that characterize these two opposite social paradigms:

MATRIARCHY – Giving, sharing, inclusion, group interest

PATRIARCHY – Hierarchy, dominance, exclusion, self-interest

To tell the difference between these two types of consciousness paradigms you need only to listen to the words people use.  If their language is inclusive and seeks to consider the needs and well-being of everyone, they are coming from a matriarchal paradigm.  If their language is exclusive and seeks to consider only the needs and well-being of a few, they’re coming from a patriarchal paradigm.

Now apply these differences in consciousness/thinking/organizing/governing on a global level to current issues like extreme income disparity, health care, immigration reform, voting rights and marriage equality.  Or simply consider basic human needs like clean air and water, healthy food, secure housing and equal access to a good education.  It’s really not hard to figure out which paradigm people are coming from.

Considering all the crises we currently face in our world, it’s also not hard to conclude that the patriarchal paradigm that has been the norm for thousands of years has reached its natural limits and is no longer working — financially, environmentally, politically or socially.  It’s time to embrace a collective consciousness and approach towards evolution.  The human collective changes one individual at a time and this explains why so many people are now experiencing great changes in their own personal lives.  What changes are underway for you?

So what can you do to successfully navigate these extraordinary times of change and not just survive but thrive?  The challenge in experiencing these influences is to NOT RESIST THE CHANGES!  Human beings seek security and security comes from what’s familiar — even when what’s familiar may have long since ceased being healthy or making you happy.  So it’s human nature to resist change.  But know that both Pluto and Uranus bring NECESSARY change.  Evolutionary change is not only a biological but also a spiritual imperative!  Sadly, resistance to necessary evolutionary change simply sets up a much more cataclysmic event later on that will FORCE the necessary change because it’s been resisted for far too long.

So whatever is happening in your world, especially if it shows up completely unexpectedly, DON’T RESIST IT or fight against it.  Instead, let it unfold and watch where it takes you.  Chances are great that it will eventually deliver you to a much healthier, happier place once the dust settles.  Try to embrace the change as willingly as you can.  Take baby steps towards the change until you can take bigger steps.  And finally, TRUST THE PROCESS!  After all, it’s your Soul that’s directing your life path and it will only take you where you’ve always intended to go in order to evolve and grow in this lifetime — a lifetime happening during one of the most dramatic and exciting shifts in the human experience that’s occurred in 13,000 years!

May you move forward through your life’s evolutionary and revolutionary changes with grace and ease…

Blessings, Donna

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