Pisces New Moon: Dissolving Obstacles, Moving Forward

The Pisces New Moon happens March 17th at 6:11 am PDT at 26 degrees Pisces 53 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  PiscesNewMoon2018.

The fishes symbolize both the involution, or the descent of Spirit into physical matter, form or structure, as well as the evolution, or ascension of Spirit back into non-physical, universal wholeness or One-ness.

Accurate depictions of the fishes or the Pisces glyph, always shows them tied together, with a string, rope or a bar. 

This is meant to symbolize the absolute CONNECTION between Spirit and flesh or matter.  They are NOT separate or inherently in conflict with one another as man-made religions have taught for millennia.  These moralistic and judgmental religions would have us believe that the ‘flesh’ is a temptation, intrinsically associated with sex which they teach is sinful.  In truth, sex is one of many ways to NATURALLY SPIRITUALIZE.  Indeed, Pisces is the sign associated with the natural spiritual path.

Pisces also rules the natural transcendent impulse in all living beings.  This impulse seeks to transcend or escape the limitations of the physical world.  Humans have always sought transcendence.  In ancient times, the use of psychotropic plants first facilitated an expansion of consciousness.  Even today, drugs and alcohol are frequently used and even abused, in an effort to escape physical reality.  Not surprisingly, most successful drug and alcohol recovery programs include some spiritual component.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces naturally represents culmination, or the ending or completion of any life cycle or intention.  Accordingly, Pisces naturally reflects the Soul’s ultimate and final desire, the desire to return to the Divine Source that created it.  Eventually, all Souls desire to merge back into the unmanifested universal wholeness, reuniting with the Divine Source of Creation.

This Divine Creative Source has many names including God, Goddess, Tankashila, Allah, Spirit, Wakan Tanka, Quetzelcoatl, and Hunab Ku.  All reflect a Supreme Being central to the various creation stories that underpin cosmologies and religious faith traditions throughout different cultures all over the world.

Pisces actually embodies and contains all the other zodiac signs within it.  So Pisces represents the TOTALITY of consciousness and all of the possible experiences it can create.  Indeed Pisces reflects the totality of all creation.  It reflects ‘All That Is.’

So naturally, Pisces is the sign associated with the Spiritual Path.  To facilitate the Soul’s natural spiritual evolutionary development, Pisces DISSOLVES whatever is preventing the return to, and reunion with, the Divine Creative Source.  Often, this dissolution process brings great confusion, disillusionment or a profound loss of meaning.  It requires a surrender to Higher Divine Will.  When the dissolution of barriers is complete, clarity returns with an expanded sense of understanding and purpose. 

As we evolve spiritually, our consciousness naturally expands in awareness.  In fact, the evolution of the Soul is synonymous with an expansion of consciousness awareness.  As we spiritualize, we become more tolerant, forgiving, accepting and compassionate towards ourselves and others.  We become more unconditionally loving.

In the Pisces New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are closely aligned with Chiron, which is finishing up an eight year stay in Pisces that began on April 20, 2010, the very day the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig blew up and began spewing thousands of gallons of crude oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico for over four months. 

Pisces rules water in all forms including the sea which experienced an epic wounding when Chiron first entered Pisces in 2010. 

The most important evolutionary intention reflected in Chiron’s journey through Pisces is the necessary healing of victim consciousness within the collective of the human species.  Most people carry what I call a hidden ‘malware’ program deep within the subconscious realms of their psyches.  This malware is programmed to make them believe that they’re not worthy and deserving of good things.  This false belief is the result of thousands of years of man-made religious conditioning that has taught us that God is perfect and we are not, and that God is all powerful and we are not, and that we are in fact separate from God.  These distortions of truth also preach that humans are inherently sinful and must atone for their sins of imperfection.   This has created the malware program of victimization…

The word ‘victim’ has become utterly ubiquitous in our everyday language, particularly by news organizations. 

Healing cannot occur when consciousness is rooted in victimization.  To heal, that malware program running those negative ‘self-talk’ tapes, you know, the ones that keep saying, “You’re never ever good enough” must be de-installed!  That malware contains false beliefs that infect consciousness so that it unwittingly co-creates unwanted realities in order to atone!

Instead of falling into deception and delusion, which are un-evolved expressions of Pisces, you can choose to embrace the higher attributes of this spiritual sign – compassion and unconditional love.  Forgive yourself for your human imperfections.  Realize that YOU and all living things are in fact EVOLVING.  Since humans are created in the image of the Divine Creator, it too is evolving as we evolve! 

In truth, evolution and perfection are antithetical; they are mutually exclusive.  One cannot exist in the presence of the other.  Use Pisces energy to develop spiritually.  Accept yourself fully and lovingly as an evolving human being.  Instead of punishing yourself because you are not perfect, simply intend and endeavor to do your best to evolve a little each and every day. 

A wonderful documentary first released in 2004 and then updated and re-released in 2006,  poignantly introduced the masses to the emerging science of consciousness.  It revealed the spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness.  It’s a classic Piscean phenomenon.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Chiron will enter Aries on April 17th for the next eight years.  When it does so, it will begin a brand new 50 year cycle around the Sun, a cycle that will precisely reflect and repeat the same energetic influences and celestial patterns associated with Chiron’s last sojourn through Aries, which occurred in 1968, a dramatic and pivotal year in American political history.  Chiron’s last ingress into Aries brought a wave of social and cultural change through political activism.  Most notable were the nationwide student protests against the Vietnam War and for civil rights.  The events of 1968 forever changed the trajectory of our nation. 

We’re already seeing signs of this repeating astrological cycle.  Last week, students organized a massive nationwide “March for our Lives.”  An estimated million high school, middle school and even elementary school students left their classrooms to demonstrate for changes in existing gun laws.  Most of these young people will be old enough to vote in this year’s mid-term elections.  Many more will be eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election.  ALL are vowing to vote out any lawmaker who has or continues to accept money from the powerful gun manufacturers lobby, the NRA (National Rifle Association).   

These young student activists are gathered outside the White House during their ‘March for Our Lives” on March 14, 2018.  They want to end gun violence in America and ensure school safety.  They were spurred into action after the February 14th massacre at Marjorie Douglas Stoneman High School that left 17 dead.  Several of the survivors of this latest mass shooting have already stepped up and become powerful public spokespeople for their cause.  

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries always represents new beginnings so it’s the sign of youth.  It’s also the sign that rules instincts, action, courage, anger, protests and weapons.  Chiron’s journey through Aries will bring renewed political activism.  These brave kids are already leading the way.

Representing both wounds and healing, Chiron often helps us discover unique personal abilities.  This discovery typically occurs during or as a result of the process of healing the wounds created by painful or injurious events.  Ultimately personal strengths and gifts are revealed.  Often these gifts are directly associated with the pursuit and fulfillment of an individual’s life purpose.  I have no doubt that some of these students, as a result of the slate of recent mass shootings they have grown up with, endured and even survived, are beginning to realize their life’s purpose.  Some will likely become future leaders and politicians.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces are ALL in a challenging square aspect (90 degrees) with Mars in Sagittarius now, while Mars itself is simultaneously in a beneficial trine aspect (120 degrees) Uranus in Aries. 

This aspect has many meanings.  Perhaps chief among them is the growing crisis in mass collective consciousness associated with the normalizing of spin, rhetoric and just plain lies. 

Perhaps chief among those who distort the truth is President Donald Trump.  Notably, last November, the Washington Post reported that the President had lied 1628 times over the course of 298 days last year.

The slogan “Enough is enough” associated with the #MeToo movement, is rapidly becoming the rallying cry to push back against the overwhelming and pervasive falsehoods and deceptions increasing espoused by leaders, businesses, governments and the media.  Have we reached a turning point regarding the truth versus lies?  In we haven’t, I think we’re getting pretty close.

Emma Gonzalez, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School Senior and mass shooting survivor turned student activist, speaks out against gun violence challenging lawmakers to reject the deadly influence of the NRA.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron connected to Mars in Sagittarius, the sign that seeks TRUTH, is compelling us to demand truth and justice. 

The students marching for changes in gun laws are certainly demanding the truth from lawmakers instead of the same old rhetoric and false narratives and political talking points utilized by politicians and gun lobbyists for decades.  One of the most inspiring and heartfelt speeches I’ve heard so far from a survivor of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas massacre was that of Emma Gonzalez.  She repeatedly called “BS” to all the lies we’ve been consistently told about why gun laws can’t change. 

Those who muster the courage to ACT, with integrity and purpose, based upon their deepest desires and personal truth, will indeed be able to successfully move forward.  They may even move mountains!  In doing so, they can demand change, create new realities and bring about breakthroughs in the status quo, especially if their efforts are pursued together with others of like-mind.

I already mentioned that Pisces literally rules everything!  With so much celestial energy now coming from Pisces, there are MANY Pisces ruled things dominating current headlines.  They include:  chemicals, poisons, lies, fraud, film, water and mental ill-health. 

We see this Pisces energy manifesting in the attempted murder of an ex-Soviet spy in England by a deadly nerve agent developed exclusively by the Russians, as well as in calls for increased funding of mental health services to combat gun violence.  We also see it in the onslaught of lies and distortions we experience on a daily basis, particularly from those caught up in Robert Mueller’s special investigation into Russian election interference. 

Pisces energy is also reflected in recent revelations that most bottled water is contaminated with particles of toxic plastic and rising sea levels that are threatening Easter Island’s iconic Moai statues.  Sadly, it was also evident in yet another chemical plant explosion in Texas last week.  Two employees were injured and a third is still missing and presumed dead following an explosion at  Tri-Chem Industries located in Cresson, 50 miles Southwest of Dallas.

The best way to approach Pisces energy is to turn the focus of your attention inward.  After all, Pisces is a Yin sign whose energy is always moving INWARD towards the center, which explains why Pisces rules meditation and prayer, solitude and inner reflection.  Take advantage of all this Pisces energy by taking some time over the coming days to get quiet, and to contemplate all you’ve experienced over the past year.  Remember, Pisces rules culmination and completion.  What did you learn?  What new insights and understandings were gained?  How can that wisdom be utilized to propel you forward in the coming weeks as the celestial energies shift from Pisces and endings to Aries and new beginnings? 

It’s useful to remember too that Pisces also rules our imagination and both waking and sleeping dreams.  This is the sign associated with the pineal gland.  The pineal gland, which is associated with the Ajna chakra or ‘third eye’ is responsible for all the imagery we see in our minds during both waking and sleeping states of consciousness. It is our imagination that is at the root of all creative and co-creative processes.

What exactly do you desire to co-create in your future, personally and as a part of the collective?  Imagine it to co-create it!  Literally SEE the future you wish to experience.  Meantime, finish up loose ends from the past in preparation for all the new ventures you wish to pursue.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces are also making another powerful planetary connection in this New Moon chart pattern.  They are all quite favorably connected to retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio.  Jupiter is all about the search for truth and justice, and Scorpio is all about desire and power.  This sign exposes what’s hidden, especially motivations and agendas.  Scorpio always wants to get the bottom of things, to penetrate to the core of matters.  It’s intention is always to facilitate our ongoing evolution.  It exposes and then heals what’s corrupt or abused.  This is especially true with matters associated with sex, money and power which are all ruled by Scorpio. 

Current examples of Jupiter in Scorpio are Stormy Daniel’s lawsuit against the President, as well as  revelations of Jared Kushner’s White House meetings with foreign nationals from countries who loaned his companies over half a billion dollars!  It’s also reflected in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent subpoena of Trump’s business records. 

Each of these events  aptly symbolize Scorpio’s relentless desire to expose what’s hidden.  Chiron’s connection to Jupiter offers success to those who confront corruption and choose to use this transformative energy for good, for healing and for justice.  Altogether, the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Jupiter are promising a higher level of justice that transcends man-made laws.

Another important planetary signature in the Pisces New Moon chart is associated with Mercury and Venus.  They’re moving through Aries now providing lots and LOTS of communication energy as discussions about new goals and directions, particularly relative to resource matters or relationship issues are happening.  However, as Mercury retrogrades, from 17 degrees Aries on March 22nd, to 4 degrees Aries on April 15th, expect to have to review or revisit many of these new plans and initiatives.  Follow-up discussions – again and again – will likely be required in order to determine precisely what steps or actions will be necessary to bring about successful results.

Of course, this entire Mercury retrograde period coincides with the height of tax season!  Adding perhaps even more difficulty, Mercury has and will be in a challenging square aspect (90 degrees) with Saturn in Capricorn three times before, during and after its retrograde period – on March 10th, April 3rd and April 25th.  The IRS will no doubt have enormous difficulties this year as it deals for the first time with all the very recent changes in tax law resulting from the tax reform legislation passed late last year.  If you prepare your own taxes, be sure to check your work and then double-check it and re-check it once again before submitting the final documents!

Adding to Mercury’s retrograde challenges, will be the desire to impulsively forge ahead.  This desire will be further strengthened when the Sun enters Aries on March 20th, heralding the annual Spring Equinox.  Aries always wants to instinctively initiate action!  But while Mercury is retrograde, efforts to do so will probably be frustrated.  Better to wait until Mercury’s retrograde is technically complete on the 15th, or better yet, when it’s totally finished on May 3rd, the day Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow period comes to an end.  

Honor the natural culmination energies of Pisces by reviewing and reflecting upon the past year.  Seek divine guidance to help you discern the lessons learned, to understand the evolutionary growth intended and to dissolve obstacles and barriers to your own evolutionary growth.  Endeavor to heal old wounds, especially those associated with losses and betrayals. 

This Pisces New Moon reflects a powerful time of transition, between the past and the future, what’s old and what’s new, and what’s ending and what’s beginning.  Use this ‘end of the natural year’ time to rest and rejuvenate in preparation for what promises to be a VERY busy Spring season. 

Surrender to your Higher Self.  Allow the past, old wounds and obstacles to dissolve paving the way for a new future.  Dream and imagine what’s next for you and for the world.  Think about and discuss new ideas, plans and goals.  Then get ready to take bold new steps and actions to move forward! 


The Aries New Moon is on April 15th at 6:57pm MST.

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Virgoimage20The Virgo New Moon is an Annular Solar Eclipse!  It happens on September 1, 2016, at 2:03 am MST/PDT at 9 Virgo 21 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoonSolarEclipse2016.  Solar Eclipses are super charged New Moons that powerfully energize the astrological degree at which they occur for up to six months or more — far longer than the usual month-long period of influence that typically unfolds with each New Moon.  The path of this eclipse begins in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean off the West Central coast of Africa, and moves over Gabon, Congo, The Democratic Republic of Congo, along the border between Tanzania and Zambia, and then finally over Mozambique and Madagascar ending in the Indian Ocean.  Accordingly, we can expect significant events to occur in these countries over the coming months.  This morning’s news has already reported violent protests amid accusations of a ‘stolen’ Presidential election in Gabon.

This eclipse highlights 9 degrees Virgo.  Archetypally, Virgo is concerned with physical and spiritual healing of the mind, body and spirit.  This process typically manifests through, and is facilitated by, crises.

Virgo also teaches humility and service as this sign’s evolutionary trajectory points to Pisces, the sign of natural spiritual development.  Esoterically, Virgo also symbolizes the Divine Feminine or The Divine Mother and the principle of nurturing.  Indeed, in ancient times, Virgo was the sign associated with the Goddess.  On a more mundane level, Virgo rules workers and work places, apprenticeship, health matters and health care systems and our domestic animal companions.  Virgo is also connected to the natural world and the environment.  As an Earth sign, Virgo expresses the Divine Feminine as ‘Mother Earth’ or what is known as ‘Gaia.’  ALL these matters will be energized by this New Moon and Solar Eclipse becoming prominent issues for the next six months, both individually and collectively.

Virgo is a ‘transitional’ archetype that reflects a shift from the personal to the collective.  It bridges each Soul’s natural evolutionary development process as it transitions from the instinctive self-discovery and creative self-actualization symbolized by the signs Aries through Leo, to the necessary changes and adjustments that must be made in preparation for entering into the world of relationships with others as an equal which is symbolized by the signs Libra through Pisces.

These necessary changes and adjustments include both the stripping away of Leo’s ego-centric delusions of grandeur and self-focus, as well as the healing of Virgo’s psychology of inferiority, due to man-made religious conditioning, that manifests through relentless self-criticism, self-judgment and feelings of unworthiness because it’s not perfect.  As these necessary personal changes and adjustments occur, Virgo heals and humbles itself, evolving into a servant of the Divine Source that created it.

Ultimately, Virgo embraces its dharma or the ‘path of right work’ that allows Spirit to direct its life in service to the health and well-being of the whole of humanity.  This final evolutionary leap into divine service reflects the essence of Pisces, the sign associated with spirituality and Universal Wholeness.  As Virgo evolves through Pisces, it’s opposite sign, it must inevitably heal the lie of ‘separation’ from God and the delusional and destructive doctrine of ‘original sin’ and the associated need to experience punishment and suffering to atone for imperfections.

CrisesAheadVirgo often works through crises.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse celestial pattern will serve to bring unresolved crises to light revealing the distortions and deceptions that have led to their creation.  For example, the denial of the nearly universal agreement among leading scientists that fossil fuels are a destructive energy source has led to the crisis of climate change and the extreme weather events associated with it.  This New Moon Eclipse pattern indicates an increasing urgency and frequency of catastrophic climate events.  Another example is the distorted Patriarchal mind-set of male dominance and superiority – over women, minorities and the natural world.  This false belief continues to manifest as hate, through misogyny and racism, which has for centuries led to violence and war, and more recently to devastating worldwide environmental degradation.

Crises serve a natural purpose in our evolutionary process.  They alert us to the fact that something is awry.  Crises always reveal either a mis-alignment with, or a distortion of, reality.  They also reveal the fact that necessary changes and adjustments are required in order to successfully resolve or heal the crises.  This New Moon in Virgo is a VERY LOUD WAKE-UP CALL TO GET REAL and to get moving in new directions; to face problems and fix what’s no longer working in our world before its too late.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo and therefore is the ruler of this New Moon and  Solar Eclipse.  Mercury is extremely powerful right now as it JUST turned retrograde.  It is essentially stationary in the New Moon chart pattern, or appearing to be standing still in the heavens.  When planets are stationary, they are very powerful!

Mercury began this retrograde period August 30th at the 29th or final degree of Virgo.  It will back up to 14 degrees Virgo, or the mid-point within the sign, on September 21st.  Analysis, particularly self-analysis, is a natural gift and ability intrinsic to Virgo.  This Mercury retrograde is reflecting the need for deep reflection, review and analysis of the FACTS of crisis situations and the REALITY underpinning those circumstances.

Thorough analysis will lead to discernment about what’s accurate, true and real, and what’s inaccurate, untrue and unreal.  In turn, this will lead to the knowledge and understanding of precisely WHAT changes and adjustments must be made to successfully resolve problems.  Mercury retrograde symbolizes the need to go back and thoroughly review what’s wrong so we can eventually move forward and make it right.  Indeed, efforts to rush ahead and act now will almost certainly be met with delays, frustration and confusion, resulting in costly mistakes.  Adequate due diligence now will lead to success later.

The Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury are not alone in Virgo now.  They’re joined by Jupiter, which is finishing up its year long passage through the sign that began last August, and by the Moon’s North Node.  Altogether, there are currently five planets/points in Virgo.  Three or more planets or points in the same sign are called a ‘stellium.’  The word stellium is derived from the root ‘stella’ which means ‘star.’  Stelliums reflect a great emphasis on the archetypal issues associated with the sign in which they occur.  In Virgo, global and personal CRISES will be front and center, grabbing headlines and grabbing our attention!

truthvsliesJupiter’s year-long passage through Virgo has reflected the need to expand efforts to better understand what’s true and what’s false and to effectively discern between the two.  For the last year, Jupiter has also been part of a special planetary configuration called a “T-Square.”

T-Squares are comprised of at least three planets.  Two are opposite one another (180 degrees apart) while also being simultaneously square (90 degrees apart) a third planet.  Jupiter in Virgo has been opposite Neptune in Pisces.  Both have been square Saturn in Sagittarius.  This T-Square symbolizes both conscious and unconsciously held beliefs and the need to deeply question ALL beliefs in order to evolve to a higher understanding of truths.  How have your own beliefs or opinions, things you have always been certain about, been challenged over the past year?  What have you always thought to be true that is perhaps now in question?  This confusion should not be a cause for concern.  The very nature and purpose of this T-Square has been to dissolve old consciousness structures and the false or distorted beliefs that underpin them.

Since consciousness creates reality, it stands to reason that false beliefs are going to lead to the creation of false or distorted realities.  Some of the most destructive false beliefs that must CHANGE if we are to resolve the many crises we face have come from the distorted Patriarchal religious teachings that men are superior to women, humans are superior to animals and man has ‘dominion’ over nature.  The word ‘dominion’ is a distortion of the intended concept of ‘stewardship.’  Stewardship means to manage and care for; dominion, often coupled with the word ‘over’ means to control or have superiority over.

MotherNatureThe natural world, or nature, is the quintessential manifestation of the Divine Feminine principle.  She nurtures and sustains all life.  Suppression, oppression, denigration and control of women have resulted in the extreme imbalances that are contributing to the destruction of life on our planet.  This Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse reflect the NEED TO HEAL THE WOUNDS OF THE FEMININE.  This is a prerequisite to the restoration of balance between genders, races, species and nations that will allow for the healing of our planet.

The North Node ALWAYS points the way forward on our evolutionary path.  In Virgo, the North Node reinforces the need to face reality squarely.  Maintaining the status quo simply will not get us to where we need to go.  In fact, the current status quo – in governments, business, politics, economics and the environment – are no longer functioning effectively.

Virgo ALWAYS requires personal effort.  And while Virgo never insists on perfection, in fact Virgo teaches that perfection is an illusion, this sign does require that we do the work, make the effort, and sincerely do our best, each and every day.  What do YOU need to do to improve your life circumstances?

Remember, THE PLANETS DO NOT MAKE THINGS HAPPEN – WE DO!  The planets simply reflect reality here on Earth.  It is our FREE WILL CHOICES and HOW WE CHOOSE TO USE THE ENERGIES and influences of the times as reflected by the planets, that create our realities and effect our evolution.  This explains the actual meaning of the biblical phrases, “As Above, So Below” and “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

The most important aspect Mercury retrograde is making in the New Moon Solar Eclipse chart is a conjunction (0 degrees apart) to Jupiter in Virgo.  Mercury and Jupiter are a natural planetary pair.  This is because they rule signs that are naturally opposite one another in the zodiac, namely, Gemini and Sagittarius.  Mercury rules Gemini and together, they rule the left brain.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and together they rule the right brain.  The left brain logically processes information received through our five physical senses.  Left brain thinking is linear and deductive.  The right brain processes information received intuitively through metaphysical (beyond physical) sources.  Right brain information is wholistic, abstract and conceptual.  Left brain is language based, right brain is image based.  Left brain is limited; right brain is unlimited.

Due to its current retrograde, Mercury and Jupiter will align precisely three times before, during and after the retrograde period.  The first two conjunctions occur in Virgo at 26 and 28 degrees on August 22nd and September 2nd respectively.  The third and final conjunction will happen after Jupiter has changed signs.  It will occur in Libra at 11 degrees on October 11th.

IntuitionQuotebyEinsteinThe evolutionary purpose of ALL Mercury retrogrades is to encourage greater balance between our left and right brain, increasing WHOLE BRAIN thought processing.  This is especially needed in Western cultures that are biased almost exclusively toward left brain thinking.  They exalt logic and impugn intuition.  Interestingly, the left brain is masculine while the right brain is feminine in nature.

The fact that this Mercury retrograde period has Mercury and Jupiter precisely connecting three times reflects the potential for quantum leaps forward in human consciousness.  It portends increasing intuition, heightened awareness, revelatory insights and greater understanding of higher and higher levels of truth.  Together, Mercury and Jupiter reflect the possibility of discoveries, solutions and breakthroughs.  This is the stuff of amazing AHA moments!

For those ‘doing the work’ IntuitionQuoteand paying attention to ALL the information received, no matter what the source is, this Mercury retrograde period, and by extension this entire New Moon Solar Eclipse time frame, promises great evolutionary progress.  This is because the precise information, knowledge and understanding needed for personal and collective evolution will be provided.


Mercury retrograde in Virgo is also inconjunct both retrograde Uranus in Aries and retrograde Pallas Athena in Aquarius.  Together, these three planets form a unique planetary configuration called a ‘YOD.’  Yods always reflect a spiritual evolutionary imperative.  Uranus in Aries (2010 to 2018) represents the instinctive and revolutionary impulse to move in new directions and create new social structures, realities and paradigms.  Pallas Athena is an asteroid associated with the arts, culture, healing and politics.  This YOD suggests the need for breakthroughs in all of these issues.

Politics the world over are in disarray from the Middle East, to Central Africa, to Honduras, Brazil, Europe and right here in the United States.  Certainly, the current US Presidential election is revealing the utter dysfunction and corruption of both the Democratic and Republican political parties.  Third parties are desperately vying for greater recognition even as the old political system continues to try to shut them out.

Although this election season has already been described as ‘unconventional,’ breaking all the rules of normal political campaign orthodoxy, this YOD represents the likelihood of even more surprises, disruptions and unexpected events before November 8th!  This will be right and proper however since it is time to make necessary changes and adjustments to what’s no longer working.   And clearly, politics in America are no longer working!

Mercury retrograde is also opposite retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  This opposition is the central aspect of the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16th and symbolizes a time for healing CHOICES.  It reflects the need to let go of victim consciousness that has carried the psycho-spiritual wounds of man-made religions for thousands of years.  These false teachings have conditioned us to believe we’re powerless, inherently sinful and deserving of pain, punishment and suffering.  ALL HUMAN BEINGS POSSESS POWER.  This is reflected in the capacity to make FREE WILL CHOICES which not only create our realities and experiences, but also naturally facilitate our personal evolution.

Nothing can heal from a consciousness rooted in victimization.  This is because victims don’t see themselves as  responsible for co-creating the circumstances that caused the wounds.  Remember, consciousness creates reality.  If you experienced something, your own consciousness played a role in co-creating it.  Without ownership of responsibility, there is no impetus for making the necessary personal changes and adjustments that will transform consciousness.  As a result, the same wounding realities will continue to be co-created.

Transformation in consciousness often begins with a shift in the focus of thoughts from WHAT has happened (that created the wound), to WHY it happened.  Seek to understand your Soul’s purpose in co-creating such an experience and what lessons were intended in support of your evolutionary growth.  Ask, “Why would my Soul see fit to have me experience such an event?”  What did you learn and how might that lesson actually support your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions?

The risk and danger in this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the possibility of re-imprinting the same old wounds and falling ever deeper into melancholy and depression due to continuing feelings of powerlessness.  With Virgo and Pisces activated, these wounds may exist on any level including physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Since Virgo/Pisces reflect the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, one of the oldest collective human wounds is based upon the false religious teaching that there is an inherent conflict between Spirit and Matter.  This teaching posits that Spirit, which is associated with the Divine, is masculine, and Matter, which is associated with the physical senses and the flesh, is feminine.  This distortion of truth has led to the denigration of women and all things feminine, including the natural world, for millenia.  Humanity’s healing requires the healing of the feminine or the anima — in both genders.

Pisces is always offering Divine guidance to those who sincerely seek it.  Chiron symbolizes BOTH wounds and the healing of wounds.  So if you find yourself in this place of despair and confusion, simply ASK FOR HELP.  And then TRUST AND BELIEVE that it will be delivered.  Meantime, do your best to let go of the false belief that you are powerless to make changes in your life that will improve unsatisfactory realities.  Use this energy to heal old wounds!

PerfectionismisAbuseIn support of healing efforts, it’s crucial to understand Virgo’s excruciating fear of making mistakes.  This reflects a psychology that has bought into the lie of perfection.  Nearly every Virgo struggles with the debilitating need to be perfect and the associated negative mindset that incessantly thinks, “I’m not good enough.”

Years ago I came across the phrase, “Perfection Paralysis.”  It describes Virgo’s fear of judgment and punishment due to imperfection.  This fear can often be so extreme, albeit often unconsciously, that it prevents Virgo from ever getting started in the first place.  Of course this renders Virgo unable to move forward or make any progress at all.  Indeed this fear accounts for the Virgo tendency towards procrastination, avoidance and denial.  When these behaviors take over, Virgo typically embraces the downside of Pisces in an effort to cope by escaping painful realities.

Escapism often manifests as substance abuse and addiction, workaholism, chronic illness and the constant co-creation of one crisis after another in an effort to very effectively distract the self from itself!  The Sun opposite retrograde Neptune in Pisces and square both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius poses a real danger now with such behaviors especially through drugs and alcohol, deceptions and fraudulent activities.  These are very likely to lead to severe losses and harm so be particularly mindful and choose accordingly.

PerfectionParalysisThe antidote to Perfection Paralysis is to move forward ONE STEP AT A TIME!  Virgo eventually learns that in order to improve, it needs only to figure out what the NEXT step is (not ALL the steps beforehand).  In doing so, Virgo will come to realize that the second step doesn’t reveal itself until after the first step is taken.  And the third step will become clear only after the second step is taken and so on.  By taking one step at a time, Virgo is able to prevent itself from being paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake because it doesn’t yet know exactly what its doing or how to do it, particularly when the task is unfamiliar or new.  Along the way, Virgo becomes tolerant, forgiving and compassionate with itself.  Ultimately, Virgo achieves self-improvement, healing and spiritual evolution.

Another very important planetary event occurs this month.  Pluto stations direct September 26th, resuming forward motion in the heavens once again after being retrograde since April 18th.   For the last five months, Pluto retrograde has symbolized a collective reflection upon outer realities.  Moving through Capricorn, the sign associated with authority, responsibility, societies and social structures like governments, this review has brought increasing awareness of what’s not working in our world.  As already mentioned, it is utterly necessary to assume full responsibility for having co-created the realities we experience before we can effectively change those realities.  Fortunately, the Sun and Moon in the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse chart are most favorably connected to Pluto.

For those who have been taking responsibility for their choices and actions and making the effort to heal and improve, this Sun/Pluto connection will bring rewards.  Promotions at work, recognition for achievements by your community or colleagues, or simply increased confidence and personal pride in accomplishments are likely to occur.  This planetary connection can also manifest through responsible actions taken by those in authority like government officials or business leaders.  However this unfolds, it will provide excellent examples of how responsibility reaps rewards.

MindBodySpiritThis Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse offers opportunities to heal and improve.  A mentor of mine used to say, “People don’t change until the pain level gets high enough.”  For so many, the pain level now is unbearable.  It’s time to change.  It’s time to heal.  It’s time to recognize the TRUTH that all things are connected including our minds, bodies and Spirits.  In truth, they have never been separate, nor have we – from the Divine Source that created us, from one another, or from the natural world that sustains us.

This Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse may indeed herald a tipping point in human history.  But we have to make the choices.  We must CHOOSE to heal our minds, our bodies and our Spirits.  Blessed Be…

The Libra New Moon is on September 30th at 5:11 pm MST!

 Copyright 2016.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.

Gemini New Moon: Changing Minds

GeminiGlyph18 The Gemini New Moon happens June 4th at 7:59 pm MST/PDT at 14 degrees Gemini 53 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  GeminiNewMoon2016.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, which represent the dual nature of reality on our planet.  This air sign also reflects the mind and its two hemispheres.  Specifically, Gemini is associated with the left-brain and its capacity for processing information in a logical, linear and deductive fashion.  It’s opposite sign, Sagittarius, rules the right brain and intuitive, conceptual and abstract thought processes.  While the left brain deals with words and logic, our right brain deals with images, imagery and imagination.  Together, the two hemispheres comprise the whole brain, which is symbolized by Pisces.  Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are three of the four mutable signs.  The fourth mutable sign is Virgo which represents reality.  More on mutable signs later…

Gemini gathers and disseminates information so this sign is also associated with learning, thinking, knowledge and communicating.  It rules thoughts, writing and speech.  It rules the mind.  It rules words.

Renowned symbologist Joseph Panecek explains further…

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  – John 1.1

“In the beginning all was still.  Nothing existed but unmoving and eternal Divinity.  Everything that ever would be, and could be, was asleep within Divinity.  Then something happened:  The Mind of Divinity (the Hermetic Nous) “spoke The Word“.  And, in that instant, time, matter, the cosmos, and duality sprang forth.  Duality can only exist in the realm of matter; and duality is expressed, numerologically, by the number two.  The Twins of Gemini symbolically reflect this truth.”

teslaenergyquoteNothing happens until something moves.”  – Albert Einstein

Nothing happens until something moves.  Creation myths from all parts of the world tell of a Breath, a Spirit, or a Bird (which is often the symbol for Spirit) that passed over the dark, still, and deep primal waters of Chaos which represents the Great Subconscious or Void.  This caused the primal waters to “stir”; to move; to vibrate.  This initial ‘stirring’ was the first cause in the act of Creation.”

But what do these creation myths mean? And, what hidden lesson do they impart to us?  The lesson we can learn from creation myths is this:  Thought creates matter; the unseen creates the seen; what can be imagined can be manifested.  All great inventions, innovations, and ideas were first a thought imagined within someone’s mind.  This thought was then acted upon.  This action resulted in the creation or manifestation of that initial thought.

We are all children of Divinity made in the image of the Divine Creator.  Therefore, we all have the “spark” of Divinity within us.  This “spark” enables us to also create whatever we choose to create by simply using our imaginative minds.  Our imagination is what enables us to delve into the deep, dark waters of the great subconscious where everything that is, and ever will be, already exists in un-manifested form.  In quantum scientific terms, this is reflected by wave theory where ‘waves’ reflect ALL potential possibilities or realities in the unmanifested state.  All it takes to manifest a specific reality is a focus on that specific reality.  When we determine whatever it is that we wish to manifest, and focus our attention on it, it is pulled from the un-manifested, out of the great subconscious of all that is,  and brought into the world of matter.

Quantum science now knows that the process of focusing attention on a specific possibility out of the field of infinite possibilities changes ‘waves’ into ‘particles.’  A simple TV analogy can help to explain this manifestation process.   Think of waves as reflecting the entire array of television programming available at any given time.  Now think about choosing to tune into a specific channel.   Once you do so, that choice collapses a certain wave potentiality into a particle which correlates to a singular specific program, or one reality out of an infinite variety of realities.

BrainwavesIt’s important to understand Gemini’s association with thoughts and words because both generate energetic frequency brain waves.  Thoughts and words vibrate.’  The sayings, “Energy manifests” or “Energy flows where attention goes” or “Thoughts are things” reflect the natural law mechanism of creation or manifestation.  What we imagine and what we think about ultimately manifests in our reality.  The emerging science of consciousness has definitively proven this to be true.  Quantum scientists now know that human consciousness influences, alters and ultimately creates realities.  More on this later…

This Gemini New Moon is part of an extraordinary Grand Mutable Cross.  A Grand Cross is a celestial configuration comprised of four or more planets that occupy ALL four signs of an astrological ‘modality.’  There are three modalities:  Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.  A Mutable Grand Cross is made up of planets in all of the mutable signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Currently, the Sun, Moon and Venus are in Gemini and Mercury enters Gemini on June 12th.  Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node are in Virgo, retrograde Saturn in in Sagittarius and Neptune and the Moon’s South Node are in Pisces.  The Mutable signs reflect the energy and intention of adaptability, flexibility and CHANGE.  A Grand Mutable Cross carries the maximum intention and potential for change.  The intention ‘seeded’ in the Gemini New Moon is to CHANGE OUR MINDS – LITERALLY!

In order to better understand what changes may be coming, we must look at each mutable sign individually, and the planet(s) currently occupying that sign, and then put them all together in the totality of the Grand Mutable Cross.

Let’s begin with Gemini. As mentioned earlier, Gemini rules the mind and all the ways its gathers and disseminates information.  So this sign also rules communication, both spoken and written, and accordingly, communication devices of all kinds.  With the Sun, Moon and Venus all in Gemini now, joined by Mercury later in the month, it’s time to seriously think about and discuss necessary or desired changes.

Venus rules what we need to survive – primarily resources and relationships.  We all need food, clothing and shelter.  And, we all also have unique personal needs that align with our own evolutionary growth intentions in the current life.  Additionally, we each have unique gifts, skills, talents and natural abilities or what I like to call our own special ‘toolkit.’  Focus on what you have of value – your own natural resources and think about what you can do to further develop these personal resources.  Think also about new ways you can share or offer your talents to others who will find them valuable because they can help them to meet their own personal needs.  Doing so will enable you to better garner the resources that you need.  Venus also rules the psychology of LISTENING.  So listen up!  What others have to say and share may be just what you need to hear or have.

On a global or collective level,with all this Gemini energy activated, we can expect numerous announcements, disclosures and exposures of important information from sources of all kinds.  Since Gemini also rules the media, perhaps significant news events will not only be reported by them, but perhaps also be about them!  Clearly, the corporate owned US media needs to change!  The bottom line is that an abundance of information, knowledge, facts and data will be forthcoming.  The specific info YOU need to make necessary changes in your life will be among the plethora of messages coming your way so pay attention!

Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, is finishing up in Taurus and continues to be positively connected to both retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Jupiter in Virgo (Grand Earth Trine) so research and digging deeply into the details of any given subject or situation are favored and well supported.  Make the effort to acquire whatever new knowledge you need now.  Seek out experienced people to discuss your ideas with and ask questions!  Gemini embodies the quintessential behavior of three year olds who continuously ask questions and  always wants to know ‘why?!’  Again, be extra mindful of ALL information coming your way over the coming weeks and months because knowledge will be THE FUEL that drives most upcoming changes.

It’s also worth mentioning that although Mercury just completed its second retrograde period of 2016 (April 28th to May 22nd) it will probably continue to feel like Mercury is retrograde over the entire Summer since the Mutable Grand Cross energy will also be part of the chart pattern for the Summer Solstice which reflects the entire Summer season.  So expect information and ideas to be revisited, reformed, reviewed, rehashed, revised, refined, reworked, refuted, revamped, returned and even reversed.  And be sure to double and even triple check important facts and figures especially those contained within contracts, read the fine print, and back up all your important data!

The next mutable sign is Virgo.  Retrograde Jupiter continues it’s year-long transit through this sign (August 12, 2015 to September 9, 2016).   Virgo rules workers, workplaces and jobs.  Virgo is the archetype of crises.  The purpose of crises is to alert us that something is not in alignment with reality and necessary changes and adjustments must be made in order to heal or resolve whatever is awry.  Jupiter rules the principle of expansion.  It always wants to understand greater and greater levels of truth.  It rules beliefs, religions, higher education, philosophies and laws.  What do you need to learn in order to improve your job or expand your success at work?

VerizonWorkerStrike8Globally, we can expect expanding and increasingly successful legal actions and worker protests against corporate interests like the strike against Verizon that saw 36,000 workers protesting in dozens of cities all across the US, and the ongoing employee strikes in France that have disrupted oil refineries, nuclear plants and transportation.



While job losses have occurred steadily over the past few decades, primarily due to technology advances and international trade agreements, these losses increased dramatically after the global economic crash of 2008.  Recovery is still very much underway and sluggish in many countries including here in the US.  Some believe even greater job and workplace changes are imminent.  People Get Ready:  The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy, written by Robert McChesney and John Nichols, discusses the enormous changes coming as a result of the shift from a manufacturing to an information based, digital global economy.

PeopleGetReadybyMcChesneyandNicholsThey write, “Humanity is on the verge of its darkest hour – or its greatest moment.”  The consequences of the technological revolution are about to hit hard:  unemployment will spike as new technologies replace labor in the manufacturing, service, and professional sectors of an economy that is already struggling. 

The end of work as we know it will hit at the worst moment imaginable:  as capitalism fosters permanent stagnation, when the labor market is in decrepit shape, with declining wages, expanding poverty, and scorching inequality. 

Only the dramatic democratization of our economy can address the existential challenges we now face. Yet, the US political process is so dominated by billionaires and corporate special interests, by corruption and monopoly, that it stymies not just democracy but progress.

The great challenge of these times is to ensure that the tremendous benefits of technological progress are employed to serve the whole of humanity, rather than to enrich the wealthy few.  Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols argue that the United States needs a new economy in which revolutionary technologies are applied to effectively address environmental and social problems and used to rejuvenate and extend democratic institutions. 

Based on intense reporting, rich historical analysis, and deep understanding of the technological and social changes that are unfolding, they propose a bold strategy for democratizing our digital destiny—before it’s too late—and unleashing the real power of the Internet, and of humanity.”

This workplace revolution is by no means the only significant change on the horizon.  Virgo also rules the environment and health matters.  As environmental degradation and climate change continue to alter global weather patterns and disrupt the health and well-being of populations all across our planet, wars, floods, famine, massive refugee migrations and dangerous disease outbreaks are increasing.  Here in the US, funding to address the threat of the Zika virus is bogged down in Congress.  Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders continues to campaign for a ‘Medicare for All’ expansion of health care to provide universal coverage to every American.

All life forms change and evolve in order to survive including micro-organisms.  Infectious organisms, infectious diseases and the pharmaceutical drugs that treat infections are all ruled by the same sign.  This brings us to Neptune and Pisces.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa was first reported in March 2014, and rapidly became the deadliest occurrence of the disease since its discovery in 1976.  In fact, the epidemic killed five times more people than all other known Ebola outbreaks combined.  More than 21 months on from the first confirmed case recorded on 23 March 2014, 11,315 people have been reported as having died from the disease in six countries; Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the US and Mali.

superbugThe Zika virus which started in Brazil in 2015 prompted the World Health Organization to declare it a public health emergency of international concern in February 2016.  Drug-resistant tuberculosis has also been on the rise over the past decade and last week, a ‘superbug’ resistant to ‘antibiotics of last resort’ was verified here in the United States.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2016/05/26/the-superbug-that-doctors-have-been-dreading-just-reached-the-u-s/

Clearly, we need to CHANGE our relationship to the environment and CHANGE the way we provide health care the world over.  We may be approaching a time when our very survival depends upon these necessary CHANGES.   The sooner, the better!

So WHY haven’t we made these crucially necessary changes and adjustments yet?  Well, that brings us to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Saturn reflects the status quo, the ‘establishment,’ leaders, those in control and in positions of authority, governments, social structures and social institutions.  Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign of Patriarchy, ambition, conformity, convention and established social norms.  Anyone who has ever dealt with or worked for a government entity knows they are among the most bureaucratic of institutions and as such, inherently resistant to CHANGE!  The status quo of Capricorn is reflected in this sign’s association with ‘crystallization’ which can actually undermine and prevent further evolution.  In the natural progression of the zodiac, Aquarius, the sign of revolution, follows Capricorn and necessarily so!

While Pluto (evolution) in Capricorn precisely squared Uranus (revolution, transformation and CHANGE) in Aries seven times between 2012 and 2015, the r-evolutionary changes we’ve already witnessed over the last several years will indeed continue for several more years since the influence of these planets will take nearly a decade to unfold (2010 to 2020).  Obviously the changes that have occurred are still too few and far too slow.  The fact that Saturn (rules Capricorn) is currently in Sagittarius, the sign of religions and laws, may help us understand some of the reasons why these changes have and still are continuing to be mightily resisted by those in positions of power and authority.

Religious Papal Bulls collectively known as ‘doctrines of discovery’ dating back to the eleventh century and the beginning of the Christian Crusades, have provided justification for the persecution, destruction and enslavement of indigenous, non-white cultures throughout the world for centuries.   Historically, these peoples have experienced powerlessness in the face of state efforts to deny their rights – to land, wealth, political franchise and in many cases to their very existence.  Recent calls to rescind these Papal Bulls have been utterly ignored by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.  http://ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/call-rescind-doctrine-discovery

Other religious teachings like mankind’s ‘dominion over’ (a distorted interpretation of ‘stewardship’) the natural world of plants and animals continues to justify raping the Earth for profit.  So it’s not surprising that the world over, laws almost universally favor the interests of corporations over people, particularly indigenous peoples, even when there is overwhelming evidence of environmental destruction and widespread life-threatening pollution.  The petroleum industry’s reckless business practices have destroyed countless communities and the agribusiness giants Bayer and Monsanto’s unabated manufacture of deadly pesticides have all but decimated bee, bat and butterfly colonies worldwide.  The disappearance of these pollinator species increasingly threatens our global food supply.

And religious teachings like those found in the Bible’s book of Leviticus teach that homosexuality is evil.  So it’s not surprising that the LGBTQ community continues to struggle for equal rights under the law in many countries.  Remember that patriarchal man-made religions provide the moralistic values that underpin social norms and laws in nearly every country on the planet.  So again, it’s not surprising that the sign that rules truth, belief systems, man-made religions and man-made laws, which underpin governmental legislative bodies and social justice systems, is in fact the source of ongoing resistance to many changes and adjustments that are necessary to bring about healing, improvement and resolution of so many of the crises we are currently facing all around the world.

Fortunately, Saturn in Sagittarius holds the apex position in the Spiritual T-Square that has for months reflected a growing urgency to review of and reflect upon belief systems.  Collectively, humanity is co-creating and experiencing circumstances that are forcing us to THINK (Gemini) more deeply about what we believe (Sagittarius) and why we believe it, in order to discern (Virgo) if those beliefs are really true (Sagittarius) and aligned with actual reality (Virgo).  Old beliefs are in fact dissolving (Pisces).  And many unconsciously held beliefs are increasingly bubbling up to the surface of our individual and collective consciousness (Saturn and Capricorn).  https://www.theguardian.com/science/head-quarters/2015/jul/08/how-can-we-fix-unconscious-racism

GrandMutableCrossNow that the Spiritual T-Square has been expanded to the fullness of a Mutable Grand Cross, maximizing the potential and intention for evolutionary change relative to beliefs and truth, we have a historic opportunity to make important CHANGES.  After all, beliefs underpin the quality of the consciousness that’s responsible for creating our realities.  To CHANGE our realities, we must CHANGE the false and distorted beliefs that underpin our consciousness.  This has perhaps never been more possible in our modern era than right now as both Pluto and Uranus support r-evolutionary changes in human consciousness at the same time Saturn in Sagittarius is compelling us to change our beliefs.

Going a bit further into this amazing astrological configuration, let’s look at some of the potential influences associated with the opposition (180 degrees apart) and square (90 degrees apart) aspects, or planetary connections within the Mutable Grand Cross.

The Sun, Moon and Venus in the Gemini New Moon chart are all opposite retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius.  Mercury will follow suit later in June.  Because Gemini and Sagittarius both rule honesty and dishonesty, expect important truths and lies to be revealed in the coming months.  Saturn always teaches maturity, responsibility and accountability.  Since this planet rules those in positions of power and authority, current leaders will increasingly be held accountable for their policy positions and votes.  Citizens need to own up to their responsibility as well by choosing new leaders who tell the truth and rejecting those who obfuscate and twist the facts.

Simultaneously, the Sun, Moon and Venus are also square both Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo.  Virgo and Pisces deal with reality versus illusion, delusion and downright deception.  Better to remove those rose-colored glasses now and see circumstances and people as they really are, rather than continuing to be in denial or fantasy-land about what’s really going on.

Since Virgo also rules crises, which happen for the purpose of alerting us to what’s awry, many will receive ‘reality-checks.’  These may come in the form of shake-ups and break-ups, especially regarding work or health matters, that occur to enforce necessary adjustments to situations or circumstances that are unhealthy, corrupt or otherwise dysfunctional to a degree that’s preventing progress or evolutionary growth and movement forward.  For others, legal matters may force necessary change.  And for still others, issues of beliefs or religious affiliation or experiences may be the source of revelation, insight or expanded awareness that bring meaningful changes.  The Sun, Moon and Venus are also squaring the Moon’s Nodes in Virgo and Pisces.  As each connects precisely with the Nodes, they’ll reflect the need to make choices that will either heal false, distorted or delusional thoughts and beliefs, or simply re-imprint the same old wounds they created in the first place.

Another major component of the Mutable Grand Cross is reflected in Saturn’s waning square to Neptune in Pisces.  Saturn and Neptune have a 36 year cycle together.  Their current cycle began in 1989.  They are now three quarters of the way through that cycle and will experience this waning square aspect a total of three times:  November 26, 2015, March 23, 2016 and June 17, 2016.  Their current cycle began at 16 degrees Sagittarius – a point Saturn returns to in March and November of this year.  It’s likely that whatever was happening in your life in 1989 will reach a significant turning point this year.  Look back at what you were experiencing last November and this March for additional clues about how this Saturn/Neptune energy is manifesting in your own life.

PoseidonandtheSeaTogether, Saturn and Neptune represent the necessary dissolution of old beliefs so that new dreams of a higher spiritual nature can be realized.  Fortunately, this connection creates an opportunity to replace false beliefs with a greater understanding of transcendental, universal beliefs and truths, like the fact that ALL human beings need and desire similar things like love, safety, health, respect and a purposeful, meaningful life.  Of course we also need a healthy planet if we are to survive and ultimately thrive.

On a more mundane level, since Neptune and Pisces rule the seas, perhaps we will choose to effectively address climate change and the acidification of our oceans which is destroying marine life and habitats such as the Great Coral Reef.  Since Neptune and Pisces also rule chemicals and drugs, we may also choose to change our energy policy away from oil embracing renewable, sustainable energy sources instead.  And perhaps we will wake up and realize we need to pursue development of next generation antibiotics to treat disease worldwide.

Saturn/Neptune also correlate to the philosophical underpinnings of national political ideologies like capitalism, socialism and communism – topics that have been the subject of political headlines over the past year both here in the US as well as abroad.  It’s time to get real about what’s true and what’s not true relative to these social and political organizing philosophies.

The Gemini New Moon reflects an extraordinary celestial pattern through the Mutable Grand Cross.  The enormous potential for important and necessary change is available to us now.  The $64,000 question is, “What will we choose to do with this energy personally and collectively?”

Evolution proceeds through the power of free will choices.  Choices reflect the quality of our consciousness.  Consciousness is underpinned by belief systems.  ALL the elements of the Mutable Grand Cross symbolize both an urgency and an once in a lifetime opportunity to expand our understanding of the truth.  And while some experiences of truth are quite personal – what’s true for you may or may not be true for me – truth also exists at a universal level – what’s true for everyone.

Reach as high as you can in the coming weeks and months for the greatest level of truth and understanding you can know.  Pay attention to ALL the info coming your way and use your intuition to sort out what’s true and what’s not true.  Listen effectively and keep an open mind.  Be willing to entertain new ideas and new information even though they may challenge, upset or threaten your existing reality.  It’s time to CHANGE our realities.  In order to do so however, we must be willing to CHANGE OUR MINDS!


The Cancer New Moon occurs on July 4th at 7:01 am MST!

                            Copyright 2016.    Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.                           


Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse: Imagine a World…

PiscesGlyph23The Pisces New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse!  It occurs on Tuesday, March 8th at 6:54 pm MST at 18 degrees Pisces 55 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  PiscesNewMoonSolarEclipse2016.

The two fish that symbolize Pisces represent the processes of both involution or manifestation – Spirit descending into matter, and evolution or transcendence of the physical world of matter – ascending back into Spirit.  Portrayed accurately, the two fish are always connected in some fashion.  This connection reflects the universal truth that SPIRIT AND MATTER ARE ONE.  Similarly, the symbol for Pisces, two opposite vertical curved lines with a horizontal line crossing them, also symbolizes this everlasting connection In truth, there is no separation between Spirit and matter. 

Solar Eclipses are super powerful New Moons that ‘seed’ tremendous transformative energies.  Eclipse energies accelerate evolutionary progression on planet Earth.  These energies are always associated with the sign in which the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs.

Happening in Pisces, these ‘seeds’ will be reflected in issues ranging from the least evolved expression of Pisces like fraud, theft, disease, deceptions and delusions, to the highest expression of the sign through things like charity, humanitarianism, compassion and forgiveness which are associated with a philosophy of the universal sacredness and connectedness of all things.  Evolved Pisces energy is ultimately expressed through spiritual development, awakening of consciousness and the transcendence of limited Earthly realities.  Of course, as always, how this powerful Pisces energy actually manifests will depend upon how we choose to use it – both individually and collectively.  Will we use it to deceive ourselves and others, obfuscating the truth, or will we use it to reach to a higher level and lift each other up?

479px-SE2016Mar09TThis Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from Southeast Asia eastward through the South Pacific Ocean to just North of the Hawaiian Islands.  Those who live in the shadow path of a Solar Eclipse typically experience its energy and influence much more so than those who live elsewhere.  This Solar Eclipse energizes a path from Singapore through Indonesia and into the South Pacific.  Therefore, we can expect headlines in the coming months highlighting significant events occurring in these parts of the world.

Pisces is naturally wholistic in nature because it reflects the totality of both the manifest and unmanifested creation.  Accordingly, Pisces reflects the entire zodiac as it contains all the twelve signs within it.  As the final sign of the zodiac it’s also naturally associated with culmination.  Pisces always brings things to their natural end.  As the last sign of the natural year (correlating with the natural world or nature) Pisces coincides with March, the month that occurs just before the Sun enters Aries signaling the annual Spring Equinox and the beginning of a new year in the natural world.  It’s fitting therefore that Pisces naturally calls for a withdrawal from worldly affairs in order to reflect upon and deeply contemplate the previous year’s experiences to distill the lessons learned and the wisdom gained.

As the final sign of the natural zodiac, Pisces is also associated with the human process of spiritualization.  In Pisces, the Soul’s desire to return to and reunite with the Divine Source that created it completes its evolutionary journey.  To facilitate this ultimate Soul desire, Pisces dissolves any and all barriers preventing reunification with ALL THAT IS or the Divine Source, God, Goddess, Great Spirit or whatever it is that you perceive to be your Creator.

As these barriers dissolve, we often experience a time of confusion and loss of meaning relative to all that we previously held dear and thought would bring us fulfillment.  This dissolution process ALWAYS ultimately requires surrender.   Some people interpret surrender as a loss of control or see it as a weakness and mightily resist relinquishing their personal will to their Divine Will.  Nevertheless, surrender is indeed what’s required in order to learn the spiritual lessons associated with trusting something greater than our selves – a Higher Power.  This truth is poignantly evident in the age old saying, “Let go and let God.”  Ultimately, when the dissolution process is complete, we’re delivered to some new reality, miraculously transformed having transcended an old limited or unhealthy reality.

wave6Pisces is perhaps one of the most difficult signs to comprehend specifically because it works through a process of dissolution.  It naturally dissolves whatever is preventing, interfering with or distracting us from a direct experience of re-merging with the Sacred or Divine Creative Source.  It may be useful to realize that Pisces also rules water.  Over time, water can dissolve any substance.  Over time, water wears away even the toughest granite, carving canyons and cliff walls into rock solid ground.  Pisces can and does dissolve any and all structures, forms, boundaries or realities.  No wonder we call water the ‘Universal Solvent!’

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse (Sun and Moon) in Pisces is joined by Mercury (logic, information, communication), Neptune (dissolution that facilitates spiritual evolution), Ceres (losses and returns), Chiron (wounds and healing) and the Moon’s South Node (emotional body, self-image, the past).  That’s a LOT of Pisces energy available to dissolve and transcend old realities that have reached their limits, are no longer serving us and are naturally culminating.  With Ceres’ association with loss, Chiron’s association with wounds, and the South Node symbolizing things of the past that must be let go of in order to continue growing and evolving, there’s a powerful emphasis on releasing, finishing up, letting go, death, endings and completions in this New Moon pattern.  Often, many Souls leave the planet during eclipses.  Those who remain are likely to experience disappointment, confusion or a deep sense of loss as the old dissolves and gives way to the new.

What’s lost meaning in your personal life?  What’s dissolving, dissipating or disintegrating?  Are you surrendering to this process or fighting it?  What’s ending in your life now?  What do you need to let go of so you can heal and continue to grow and evolve in new ways and in new directions?

Neptune rules Pisces and is therefore the planetary ruler of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  Neptune continues to comprise the foundation of a powerful ongoing Spiritual T-Square along with Saturn and Jupiter.  This T-Square is reflecting and compelling a profound review of beliefs and belief systems, like faith traditions and political and religious ideologies.  It’s urging us to reach for and to embrace higher levels of truth and understanding.

What’s happening in your own life now that’s causing you to ponder or question long-held personal beliefs or what you’ve always thought was true?  Keep in mind we also have MANY personal beliefs in addition to traditional religious beliefs.  For example, many believe they’re not good enough or intelligent enough or that the bad things that have happened to them are punishment for their ‘sins.’  Perhaps you believe you’re unattractive or not worthy of love or that the world isn’t safe so you’re justified in always being afraid.  Remember that consciousness creates reality and you can easily see the extraordinary evolutionary purpose and intention of the current Spiritual T-Square as well as the tremendous dissolutioning process now underway through so much Pisces emphasis.

This review of beliefs is being facilitated through the increasing urgency of crises, personally and globally.  From an evolutionary point of view, crises have a natural purpose.  Crises alert us to that which is NOT in alignment with or rooted in REALITY.  Crises further alert us to the need for serious changes and adjustments in order to resolve them.  Using wide orbs (range of energetic influence), ALL the planets currently in Pisces are square Saturn in Sagittarius and opposite retrograde Jupiter and the North Node both in Virgo, greatly expanding the influence of this Spiritual T-Square over the coming weeks and months.

Consequently, expect ongoing crises to intensify in magnitude and frequency and new crises to emerge because these crises are reflecting our stubborn resistance to making necessary changes and adjustments.  Social, political and economic dysfunction continue to manifest through increasing disease outbreaks, contaminated water supplies, opioid addiction, greater frequency of extreme weather events and global scandals revealing rampant and widespread fraud and corruption.  Fortunately, current celestial patterns are not only very auspicious for change, they seem to be demanding change!  It’s a very opportune time to heal ourselves, our relationships with one another and our planet – IF WE CHOOSE TO DO SO.

TruthvsLies4All the Pisces planets are also within orb of a sextile aspect (60 degree angle) with Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto is a powerhouse providing plenty of energy and will to make the proper and necessary choices especially when it comes to knowing what needs to be relinquished in order to heal old wounds, resolve long-standing conflicts and make space for a better future.  Pluto also brings that which is hidden to light, especially if secrecy is being used to conceal misuses of power.  Dishonesty and abuses of power will increasingly be revealed especially at the highest levels of government and social institutions.  This energy clearly supports ‘speaking truth to power!’

Have you heard of International Transparent Forensic Accounting (ITFA)?  I just recently became aware of it and find it interesting that numbers and math and therefore accounting are all ruled by Capricorn — the sign Pluto is currently transiting (2008 to 2024).   If ITFA catches on it may begin to expose global illegal financial accounting practices.  For example, the Pentagon’s trillion dollar budget anomalies may well be a result of secret channels for black ops the world over that fund terrorism, special covert military campaigns, drug trafficking, international mafias and global cyber attack networks.  Pluto’s primary job is to reveal what’s hidden or secret.  Of course only time will tell.  AND, the planets currently seem to be saying, “It’s time!”

Indeed Pluto is THE planet associated with the evolutionary process itself which is always facilitated through FREE WILL CHOICES.  All human beings are intrinsically powerful because we all have the capacity to make choices.  Capricorn teaches self-responsibility.  This sign also rules the structural nature of human consciousness.  As we take more responsibility for the choices we make, we develop greater and greater levels of mastery relative to an evolving quality of consciousness.  As our consciousness evolves we increasing make choices with deliberate and conscious intention, thus co-creating desired realities and outcomes, instead of unconsciously choosing, which unwittingly continues to manifest the same old undesired and troublesome experiences over and over and over again.

Everything touched by this New Moon will experience culmination in some way, particularly those things associated with the signs of Virgo (work, health and the environment), Sagittarius (truth, beliefs, laws and justice, travel and education) and Pisces (water, drugs, chemicals and poisons).  For example, the recent unexpected passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has effectively culminated an old era of jurisprudence known as ‘originalism.’

truthvslies3Many old wounds (Chiron) can be healed now, particularly those of a spiritual or psychological nature (Pisces).  The present moment in time, symbolized by current planetary patterns, is utterly ripe for releasing (Ceres) the past (Pisces South Node) particularly elements of consciousness that identify with victimization (Neptune and Pisces).

Victim consciousness is ALWAYS responsible for creating and maintaining wounds.  In order for effective culmination and subsequent healing to occur, the truth must be faced squarely.  No more idealizing, fantasizing, self-deception or denial.  Delusional thinking cannot and will not be effective.  In fact, faulty interpretations of reality based upon distortions of truth will only serve to re-imprint and deepen the wounds.

Here’s a BRIEF list of things associated with the Pisces archetype:

Water, drugs, pharmaceuticals and pharmacists, oil, gases, solvents, chemicals, paint, fraud, thieves, deception, delusion, illusion, fear, loss, imagination, art, imagery, photography, film, cameras, television, movies, actors and actresses, music and musicians, fantasies, toxins, infection, disease, poison, lymphatic and immune systems, feet, fish, navies, sailors, submarines, ships, boats, oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, wells, springs, consciousness, unconsciousness, subconscious, dreams, psychology, mental health, insanity, counseling, hospitals, institutions, prisons, seclusion, isolation, melancholy, depression, addiction, poets and poetry, prayer, meditation, charity, philanthropy, volunteers, non-profit organizations, transcendence, religion, spirituality, spirits, holy people, ministers, imams, rabbis, priests, divinity, sacredness.

Take a moment now and reflect upon all the things happening across our planet and in your own life that are associated with things in the above list.  Consider how some of them are expressing Pisces energies negatively, i.e.,  Flint Michigan’s lead poisoning of its water supply and the uncontrolled methane gas leak in Porter Ranch California.  Consider also how some are expressing Pisces energy positively like body cameras for law enforcement officers and breakthroughs in cancer treatment through innovative immune system therapies and reduced prison sentences for non-violent drug offenses.  Clearly, Pisces energy is manifesting everywhere!  How are you choosing to use all this Pisces energy?

GaymarriagelegalizedOf course, these issues are not the ONLY issues in the news these days.  But then, Neptune isn’t the only planet active right now in the heavens.   We’re still feeling and experiencing the very powerful influence of the ongoing square aspect (90 degrees) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  The r-evolutionary social, economic and political changes symbolized by these two transformative planets have been underway for the past five years and will continue for the next five years!  These changes began with the global economic collapse of 2008 and doubled down with the ‘Arab Spring.’  The effects of Uranus/Pluto have manifested in a myriad of ways including legalization of marriage equality, extraordinary advances in science and technology, an explosion of social media participation and increasing social unrest that continues to drive radical changes in establishment politics worldwide.

And speaking of radical political changes, Uranus in Aries is exactly inconjunct retrograde Jupiter in Virgo now.  The inconjunct aspect is a 150 degree angle associated with crises!  Jupiter rules honesty and dishonesty and always greatly expands whatever it touches.  Uranus rules politics, politicians and political parties.  HUGE (pun intended) changes and adjustments are happening right now in the American political system as our Presidential campaign kicks into high gear here in the United States.  Establishment elites in both parties are anxiously wringing their hands as old political paradigms have broken down and ‘conventional wisdom’ (an oxymoronic phrase if ever there was one) relative to political campaigning has proven to be utterly ineffective.

BernieSanders4I’m totally fascinated with how the ONE presidential contender who seems to be speaking the most truth, Senator Bernie Sanders, is the one most ignored by the media!  Reference once again the above graphic regarding societies that drift from the truth hating those who speak it!

Remember, Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node in Virgo are pointing the way forward toward evolutionary growth.  Interestingly, Sanders 15 degrees Virgo Sun and 22 degrees Virgo North Node are currently being transited by retrograde Jupiter at 18 degrees Virgo and the North Node at 21 degrees Virgo.  AND, his Neptune is at 26 degrees Virgo!   Coincidence?  Of course!  Here’s the chart:  BernieSandersNatalandTransits030816

In the sign of Virgo, Jupiter is telling the truth, especially regarding matters pertaining to workers, jobs and the health and well-being of both people and the planet.  Rejecting free trade agreements that kill jobs, expanding healthcare for all, transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels towards sustainable and renewable energy sources and opening our hearts and homes to assist desperate refugees fleeing war and starvation seems to me the right way to go.  Considering that retrograde Jupiter is now opposite every single one of those Pisces planets, thinking universally (Pisces), with a philosophy or mindset that believes ‘we’re all connected’ and ‘we’re all in this together,’ is definitely the right way to go.

Retrograde planets always accelerate our evolution.  This occurs through experiences associated with the opposite sign.  Retrograde Jupiter in Virgo points directly at Pisces and all of its universal one-ness and humanitarian compassion.  Jupiter rules the right-brain which is the source of intuition.  To evolve now, we must also learn to embrace and trust our intuitive faculties once again.  In a world long conditioned to rely exclusively upon left-brained logical thinking and fact-based, empirical evidence, the denial of our intrinsic right-brained intuition is a denial of 50% of our brain capacity.  This has resulted in extremes of imbalance in nearly every aspect of our lives from the weather, to income inequality to religious ‘extremism’ to overwhelming refugee migrations.  As changes occur in the outer world, we must make necessary inner changes and adjustments to them.  Our intuition will point us in the right direction so we must listen, Listen, LISTEN to those inner voices providing intuitive guidance!

Berta Caceres stands at the Gualcarque River in the Rio Blanco region of western Honduras where she, COPINH (the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) and the people of Rio Blanco have maintained a two year struggle to halt construction on the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric project, that poses grave threats to local environment, river and indigenous Lenca people from the region.

Berta Caceres stands at the Gualcarque River in the Rio Blanco region of western Honduras where she, and the people of Rio Blanco have maintained a two year struggle to halt construction on the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric project, that poses grave threats to local environment, river and indigenous Lenca people from the region.

Virgo is the sign most associated with the environment.  Restoring and healing the environment should be a top priority for all humanity now.  Sadly, the world lost a passionate and courageous truth-teller this week.  I wish to honor Berta Cecares, a long-time political activist and General Coordinator of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras who was assassinated on March 2nd in her home.  She gave her life to protect Mother Earth.

Twelve environmental defenders were killed in Honduras in 2014, according to research by Global Witness, making Honduras one of the most dangerous countries in the world, relative to its size, for activists protecting forests and rivers.

If we are to be successful in resolving our many crises, we must also once again embrace NATURAL LAWS.  These are the laws that underpin the natural world and are self-evident in nature.  Indigenous peoples have been the holders of ancient natural wisdom for centuries even as they have experienced egregious acts of persecution including genocide.  It’s time to respect their knowledge, honor their wisdom, accept their leadership and listen to their concerns and advice about how to return to a way of living that is in harmony with the natural world, not at war with it.

Finally and perhaps most fortunately, Pisces also rules the totality of consciousness which is why it’s associated with images, imagery and imagination.  Consider the fact that before anything manifests into actual physical reality, it first exists as a thought in our minds.  When we desire something, we begin to think about it, imagining what it would be like to have it or experience it.  What I’ve just described is the process by which consciousness creates reality.  It always begins with the power of the mind to imagine.  It’s time to harness this power much more consciously, intentionally and deliberately.  Some call this ‘intentional manifestation.’  Others refer to it simply as ‘conscious co-creation.’  Whatever you wish to call it, it’s POWERFUL!  The abundant Pisces energy available to us all now is the perfect stuff to dream a new world into being.


I encourage you, if you are called to do so, to invite like-minded friends to gather together to intentionally co-create desired changes you wish to manifest in the world.  Use the extraordinary power of your mind, through your own free will choices, to consciously co-create what you want in your world and in our world.  Just IMAGINE what you want, in as much detail as possible.  What would it look like, smell like, sound like and feel like?  Hold the precise image of it in your mind.  Imagine it as if it already exists and feel gratitude for its existence.  Add in feelings and emotion and the power of manifestation is significantly magnified.  Endowed with the power of consciousness and free will choice, we simply do not have to settle for old realities that are dysfunctional, unhealthy and unsatisfying!

We CAN come together to envision a peaceful world.  Imagine a healed planet where hatred, poverty, war and strife are things of the past.  Imagine a world filled with peace, love, joy, forgiveness and compassion.  IMAGINE




Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky

Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You, you may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will live as one

The Aries New Moon/Spring Equinox is on April 7th at 4:23 am MST.

Copyright 2016. Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting. All rights reserved.

Pisces New Moon

PiscesGlyph17The Pisces New Moon occurs on March 1st at 12:59 am MST at 10 degrees Pisces 39 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  PiscesNewMoon2014.  As the final sign of the zodiac Pisces symbolizes culmination and spirituality.  The Soul’s evolutionary journey that began in Aries now completes its path and returns to the divine Source that created it through Pisces.  To facilitate the spiritualization process, Pisces dissolves barriers that are preventing this reunification with God/Goddess.

This dissolution process often feels disillusioning as mundane reality (that which has lead us to believe we are separate from our divine Creator) loses meaning.  Powerful yet subtle, Pisces confounds us with confusion, then clarity, then confusion!  Ultimately, the illusion of separation dissolves and gives way as we remember universal one-ness and our forever connection with our Divine Source or ‘All That Is.’

Neptune rules Pisces and is therefore the ruler of this New Moon.  Neptune is joined by the Sun and Moon, as well as Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and Juno (the asteroid associated with important partnership commitments) – all in Pisces now.  That’s a LOT of Pisces energy!   But Neptune itself makes only one planetary aspect during this entire month.  Accordingly, there will be little action associated with the actual New Moon sign of Pisces.   However, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are ALL standing still now as they ALL prepare to change direction within one week.

Planetary ‘stations’ intensify planetary energies, but acting upon these stationary influences will likely prove to be frustrating especially in early March.  While Neptune stands alone almost all month and four planets appear to stand still for a week, March may well feel like a final dress rehearsal – for next month’s explosion of celestial activity associated with the Aries New Moon that will bust out in bold new directions dramatically activating the 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross!

While Pisces draws our attention inward in search of deep spiritual connection, healing and guidance, outer relationship dynamics will nevertheless continue to also demand plenty of our attention.  In fact, most of the astrological archetypes active in this New Moon chart concern relationship matters including Venus squaring the Nodes, Venus entering Aquarius, Saturn stationing retrograde in Scorpio, Mars stationing retrograde in Libra and the Nodes of the Moon which just recently changed signs leaving the Taurus/Scorpio axis and entering the Aries/Libra axis where they’ll remain until November 2015.

But let me begin to explain the energy of the Pisces New Moon chart with Mercury which just yesterday completed its first retrograde of 2014 in Pisces/Aquarius.  This retrograde period encouraged a review of past wounds and traumas that left us feeling victimized.  Thousands of years of man-made religious conditioning that taught us that human sinfulness and imperfection is judged and punished by a perfect God that we should fear has created a mass wounding and sense of victimization that permeates the entire collective human unconscious.

As the Pisces age culminates, these psychological and spiritual wounds are in the process of being healed as we learn the truth of how the manifestation or co-creation process actually works.  If something’s in our reality, we have played a role in co-creating it with Source energy via the quality of our consciousness.  Quantum science now knows that consciousness creates reality.  We are all contributors through our individual and collective thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs to the reality we experience both individually and collectively.   As we learn to take complete responsibility for what we are co-creating, these wounds will heal and we’ll be re-empowered as conscious co-creators.

Mars stations retrograde at 27 degrees Libra from March 1st until May 19th.   Libra rules relationships of all kinds and so this Mars retrograde period will likely bring back people and circumstances from our past to remind us of what worked and what didn’t.  The purpose of this retrograde will be to learn a greater equality in partnership with others such that everyone’s needs are considered.  Through Mars in Libra, we’ll learn to better balance the need for independence with the need for relationship with others.  Be especially mindful over the coming few months of how well you listen to others and how you experience giving to and receiving from others as these are Libra’s primary lessons.

Effective listening leads to appropriate giving and receiving which then contributes greatly to relationship equality.  Conversely, indiscriminate giving to create dependence (needing to be needed) and receiving from a place of neediness (wanting to be taken care of) likewise contributes greatly to relationship dysfunction through power imbalances.  Libra is actually the sign of extremes!  Libra is learning balance…

Saturn will station retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio from March 2nd until July 20th.  Scorpio demands that we confront our fears about shared resources, power and the desire for control especially in our most intimate relationships.  Scorpio is the sign of loss, abandonment and betrayals.  Anyone who has experienced these kinds of wounds is necessarily quite wary of trusting others.  But we need others to evolve as a species and therefore all of us at some point must join forces with others in order to meet needs that we cannot meet on our own.  Of course the most powerful merging occurs through intimacy with another and that’s when we can feel the most vulnerable.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio will give us an opportunity to become consciously aware of our wounds, our fears and all the ways in which we have come to believe we are powerless in the world.  Through Scorpio, we metamorphose personal limitations wisely by reaching out for what we need from others with an intention of empowering ourselves, not giving our power away.  Quoting an age-old parable, if you need fish but don’t know how to fish, find someone who’s willing to teach you how to fish, not just give you fish.  Saturn in Scorpio requires us to become totally self-responsible.

Jupiter finishes up its retrograde in Cancer (since November 6th) on March 6th.  Expect emotional insecurities to bubble up to the surface especially those associated with parents, home, family, career and beliefs.  Jupiter expands all it touches.  In Cancer, the sign associated with emotions and the need for protection and security, Jupiter retrograde has given us all the chance to reflect upon and expand our understanding of exactly what we do need in order to feel more safe and emotionally secure.  Cancer is all about learning that the ultimate emotional security or true source of well-being can only come from within, not from any outside thing, place, or person.  Through Cancer, Jupiter is teaching us to become more emotionally self-reliant.

Venus is completely finishing up its retrograde in Capricorn (December 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014) as the post-retrograde ‘shadow’ period ends on March 5th.  Then it enters Aquarius for the next month.  Just before it changes signs, it will square the Nodes of the Moon from 29 degrees Capricorn (North Node at 29 degrees Libra/South Node at 29 degrees Aries).  Planets square the Nodes always represent choice-points.  It’s likely that the important decisions at hand have to do with how to get personal needs met – especially resource and relationship needs.

Venus is THE archetype of self-reliance.  Its time to consider how you can best meet your own needs yourself rather than projecting those needs onto your partner.  For some, relationships may be ending; for others relationships may begin.   And some relationships will need to change now to reflect and accommodate evolving needs and desires on the part of one or all involved.  Old co-dependencies and unhealthy relationship enmeshments can now be more easily thrown off in favor of new found freedom, independence and self-reliance.

So take advantage of the natural ‘stillness’ in the heavens now as four planets appear to stand still as they ‘station’ direct or retrograde before changing direction.  If you can, start this month off with a lighter than usual agenda.  Take much-needed quiet time for rest, contemplation and meditation.  Make as few demands upon yourself and others as possible.  Reflect on all that you’ve experienced over the last year and seek to understand the deeper meaning inherent in those events.  After all, our Souls are continuously co-creating precisely what we need to facilitate our ongoing evolutionary growth intentions.  Indeed, this is the perfect time to take stock of how your world has changed and how much you’ve grown and evolved over the past year.

So what are you ‘finishing up?’  What’s culminating in your life?  What are you confused about?  What has lost its meaning?  What guidance are you seeking?  How are your relationships changing?  Tune into the Universe and tune out external distractions over the coming weeks.  And ‘rehearse your lines’ one final time because the really BIG show is just around the corner!

This article is a brief summary of my live presentation/analysis of the New Moon chart in an approximate hour-long audio recording that includes dates/descriptions of significant upcoming astrological aspects for the month. The audio recording is available on CD or mp3 file formats for $15. Contact me if you wish to purchase the audio recording.

The Aries New Moon is on Sunday, March 30th at 11:45 am MST.

 Copyright 2014.      Donna Lee Steele.      All rights reserved.