Virgo New Moon: Healing Our Selves, Our Relationships and Our Planet

The Virgo New Moon happened early this morning at 3:37 am MST/PDT at 6 degrees Virgo 46 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoon2019.

Virgo is the sign of self-improvement, healing and service.  This sign carries a psychology of inferiority.  Virgo tends to focus on what’s wrong, instead of what’s right and as a result, often sees the glass half-empty, instead of half-full. 

Thousands of years of patriarchal man-made religious conditioning has taught us humans to believe that God is ‘perfect’ but we are not, and as a result, we must atone for our imperfections or ‘sins’ by suffering pain and punishment. 

Who among us hasn’t at some point in our lives asked the question, “What did I do wrong?” when some tragedy or difficulty occurs?  This evidences a belief (often unconscious) that these painful circumstances or events are the result of divine retribution or punishment for some prior mistake we’ve made.  Although these beliefs have crept into the unconscious realms of most all of humanity, by far, those with Virgo energy emphasized in their charts experience these negative and destructive thoughts the most.

This is because more so than any other sign, Virgos seek perfection.  Accordingly, Virgo carries the psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds and scars caused by religious dogma more than the other signs.  These distorted religious teachings serve an agenda of power and control over humans, not spiritual enlightenment.  The power and control these religions have over nearly every aspect of human life has been maintained for centuries through manipulation of the masses based upon projected fear and guilt.

Virgo’s intrinsic fear of criticism, judgment and punishment lead it to engage in several unhealthy and self-defeating compensatory behaviors.  Among them are procrastination, excuse-making, workaholism or chronic over-commitment, relentless self-judgment and criticism, substance abuse, addiction and denial of reality whenever that reality is too demanding, painful or frightening.  As a result, Virgos often experience a deep inner existential void that leaves them feeling utterly alone in the world.

The evolutionary intention of Virgo is heal, to self-improve and to be of service in some way to the larger whole of humanity.  The awareness of the need for healing or self-improvement usually stems from some kind of crises.  Indeed Virgo energies typically manifest through the phenomena of crises. 

Crises serve a natural purpose.  They alert us to the fact that something is awry, not working, dysfunctional or unhealthy.  Crises nearly always reflect, and are the result of, some denial of reality, truth or facts.  So naturally, Virgo requires alignment with actual facts, and actual reality.  Truth, facts and reality however, are increasingly in short supply in our world of information overload where we’re bombarded daily with an overwhelming amount of dis-information, propaganda, spin, gas-lighting, rhetoric and outright lies.  Virgo feels this truth-and-reality-challenged stress profoundly.

Pathologically, crises serve as very effective distractions for those who feel unworthy.  Anne Wilson Schaef, in her book, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, says that workaholism is the addiction of choice for those who feel unworthy.  Constantly putting out ‘fires’ can keep Virgos so busy they never have time to focus on themselves.  This behavior is understandable given the fact that Virgos often fear looking too closely at themselves because they’re usually convinced that what they’ll find is a hopelessly flawed, imperfect self that is sinful, irredeemable and unworthy of Divine love.

Ultimately, these false beliefs and the associated avoidance and denial habits can lead to exhaustion and even ill health.  This exhaustion finally triggers Virgo’s natural capacity for analysis, particularly self-analysis.  Self-analysis leads Virgo to the realization that the common denominator in all the crises is itself!  Once they realize that they themselves have been (unconsciously) co-creating all those crises and all the busy-ness in order to distract themselves from themselves, or to atone for prior mistakes, or to prove their worth to others, then the work of personal healing and self-improvement can finally begin.  In the end, Virgo realizes that they must prove their worth to themselves, not to anyone else.

This Virgo New Moon is part of a ‘stellium’ or group of planets in a single sign.  A stellium reflects great emphasis of the sign in which it occurs.  A stellium in the sign of Virgo greatly emphasizes crises and the need for healing and improvements which can only happen when necessary changes and adjustments are made.  Virgo succeeds at making whatever necessary changes and adjustments are required for healing and self-improvement, overcoming it’s “perfection paralysis,” by simply learning to move forward ONE STEP AT A TIME.

The Virgo stellium includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno.  Mercury is all about communication.  Venus and Mars, the planets naturally representing women and men, symbolize relationship matters.  Juno, an asteroid associated with marriage and partnership commitments, also points to relationship dynamics.  Altogether, this Virgo stellium reflects the need to heal our relationships – to ourselves, to one another, and to the planet. 

Virgo rules the environment and all of the resources we need to survive, particularly foodstuffs.  Many ancient Goddesses of fertility were associated with Virgo.  The symbol for Virgo is a woman often depicted holding a spike of corn of a scheaf of grain.  And our planet herself is often referred to as “Mother Earth” is she not?

As the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno move forward through Virgo, they have/will ALL connect with every other planet in our Solar System.  All this heavenly activity reflects a similar amount of activity here on planet Earth.  As Above; so below.  This means the coming weeks will no doubt be extremely busy.  And remember, there’s already an extraordinary intensity of energy due to the emphasis of the Virgo stellium.  September is likely to bring a dizzying array of news, events and activities, all related to crises, each demanding our attention and efforts.

Fortunately, all these Virgo planets are favorably connected by trine aspect (120 degrees apart) to retro Uranus in Taurus reflecting unusual, surprising and unexpected events that can support healing and improvement efforts.  Uranus brings breakthroughs and freedom.  It can help us to break free from the past.  It can bring innovative ideas or approaches that can resolve what hasn’t been working or healthy.  Uranus always encourages doing things differently, thinking and acting “outside the box.” 

Unfortunately however, the ease of energetic flow from Uranus to all these Virgo planets will also likely increase the intensity of storms, which are ruled by Uranus.  Hurricane Dorian will no doubt surprise even the experts as it moves unpredictably and grows in strength and power in unexpected ways.  Here we have a classic crisis reflecting denial of reality.  That reality is climate change due to environmental (Virgo) degradation resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.

 The Virgo planets are also quite positively aligned (trines) with retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto, both in Capricorn, along with the Moon’s South Node.  These connections support greater accountability, especially for those in positions of power and authority. 

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn and it is slowing down now ahead of it’s upcoming station direct on September 18th.  It will complete it’s annual five month retrograde period that began on April 29th.  Some issues from this Spring may resurface now for further resolution or attention.  The power of Saturn’s station will greatly intensify matters of responsibility, especially by government leaders and officials.  It will also intensify scrutiny of their efforts by citizens and watchdog groups.   

Capricorn reflects the need for ALL of us to take greater responsibility.  It also supports bringing an increased level of maturity and seriousness to the problems we face, individually and collectively.

One way in which this is already occurring is in the increased awareness of how we are ALL connected globally.  We’re realizing that what happens in Brazil, Venezuela, the U.K., the U.S., Kashmir, India, Hong Kong, China, the Congo and Russia affects us all, not just the citizens of those countries and regions. 

Increasingly, all these GLOBAL crises are helping us realize that we MUST work together if we’re to successfully address these important issues.  Of course this means we have to learn to get along, to cooperate and collaborate, not just compete.  We need to heal our relationships with one another in order to fix the life-threatening problems we face in our world.

All these Virgo planets are also simultaneously challenged (150 degree inconjunct aspect) by retrograde Chiron in Aries symbolizing the need to heal our selves.  Chiron rules both wounds and their healing remedies.  Aries is the sign of the individual self.  Together they reflect the need to be true to ourselves, to stand up for ourselves and to assert our right to be! 

Aries, ruled by the planet Mars, the “God of War” also rules weapons.  So it’s not surprising that one of the ways this heavenly pattern is manifesting here on Earth is through a growing awareness of the crisis of gun violence here in the United States.  Gun safety is front and center on the presidential campaign trail and in our collective conversations as more and more people call for changes in gun legislation. 

This planetary connection also reflects the ‘wounding’ the NRA is currently experiencing as it’s leadership struggles to contain the financial scandals plaguing the organization that have led to legal challenges threatening its very existence.  Interestingly, Chiron operates ‘homeopathically’ meaning the source of the wound is also the source of its healing.  To heal the epidemic of gun violence in America, the wounding of the NRA is perhaps itself a ‘necessary change and adjustment!’

The Virgo planets will also square (90 degrees apart) Ceres, another asteroid, and Jupiter, both now in Sagittarius.  Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius are both symbolic of nature.  Ceres is associated with the dynamics of loss and return.  We are losing the rainforests that are so crucial to efforts to combat climate change as they both sequester carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in our atmosphere, and provide the oxygen necessary for sustaining human life. 

Sagittarius is also associated with nature and the environment.  Mother Earth is clearly powerful enough to restore and heal herself but it may take centuries, well beyond the lifetimes of humans currently inhabiting this planet.  If we don’t act quickly, our children will inherit a world in much greater crises than it is today.  Julia Roberts narrates this short video about Mother Earth.  A wise and timely message worth watching!

Then the Virgo planets will oppose (180 degrees apart) retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Both Jupiter and Neptune point to further distortions of truths and facts and the ongoing legal efforts to expose and reveal lies and corruption.  Jupiter and Neptune will square one another for the third and final time this year (previously on January 13th and June 16th) symbolizing great distortions of truth.  This planetary combination may also bring more questionable actions by the Justice Department.  Under the leadership of Attorney General Bill Barr, many believe the agency’s reputation for fair-dealing and integrity has also suffered a severe ‘wounding.’ 

Once again, some may experience a return of issues from January and June again this month as Jupiter and Neptune make their final connection.  Be mindful to check and double check facts for accuracy.  And pay particular attention to your intuition, the best guide for discerning truth, particularly when there are deliberate efforts to obfuscate the facts.

Neptune rules all bodies of water.  Like water, the ‘universal solvent,’ Neptune’s challenging connections in this New Moon chart point to the potential for catastrophic damage from frequent flooding due to extreme climate events.  Hurricane Dorian may prove to be one of the most destructive storms in U.S. history.

Neptune also rules all chemicals including pharmaceutical drugs.  Again, we’re seeing the influence of Jupiter (legal matters and our justice system) and Neptune (opioids) manifesting through the settlement decision by an Oklahoma judge last week who found that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson was responsible for the state’s opioid crisis and ordered them to pay $572 million. 

Purdue Pharmaceuticals, another major opioid manufacturer and distributor, also faces massive legal liability for its deceptive marketing practices that have resulted in the addiction and deaths of over 400,000 Americans over recent years.  They just announced they’re willing to pay between 10-12 billion dollars to settle all legal claims against them.

Finally, as all the Virgo planets oppose retro Neptune in Pisces, the sign Virgo must embrace for its own evolution, they tap into an unlimited source of spiritual support, guidance and comfort.  Neptune rules Pisces.  Both Neptune and Pisces represent the natural spiritual path that teaches unconditional love, not punishment; compassion, not hate; tolerance and acceptance, not judgment and persecution; and forgiveness, not vengeance.  Neptune and Pisces represent the Divine Creative Source of all things. They remind us that we are all one, and all connected, and all divine co-creators ourselves since we were made in the image of the Divine Creator.  

The Virgo New Moon brings us all an opportunity to heal and improve.  It’s time to heal ourselves, our relationships to one another, and our relationship to our planet.  Reach for the highest level of universal truths and spiritual values as you pursue necessary changes and adjustments that will bring about personal healing and self-improvements.  Begin by learning to love your imperfect, evolving self – unconditionally.  Extend this same unconditional love to others who are themselves also imperfect, evolving human beings.  And remember to respect and hold sacred the most precious and valuable resource we humans have, our precious Mother Earth!


The Libra New Moon is on September 28th, at 11:26 am MST.


 Copyright 2019.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Taurus New Moon: Changing Values

The Taurus New Moon happened Saturday, May 4th, at 3:45 pm MST/PDT at 14 degrees Taurus 10 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  TaurusNewMoon2019.

This Taurus New Moon brings crises, and the need for radical changes and adjustments in our values to ensure our collective well-being.  Taurus is THE quintessential feminine sign reflecting Mother Earth, or Gaia as some call her.  She provides all the natural resources required to support life on our planet. 

Similarly, Taurus rules all the resources humans need to survive like food, clothing and shelter. 

In our modern era, we also need money to survive.  The bull, Taurus’ male counterpart, has long been the well-known mascot for Wall Street and all things financial.

The Sun and Moon are joined by Uranus, also in Taurus now and for the next seven years.  Uranus always shakes things up in order to wake us up.  Moving through Taurus, Uranus will force a re-evaluation and re-valuation of all the things we most need, not just to survive but to thrive. 

Uranus always brings necessary changes intended to ensure ongoing evolution.  Whatever prevents progress and growth will eventually be broken up or broken down by Uranus so that evolutionary breakthroughs can occur.  Uranus is as disruptive as necessary to bring about such changes.  Sometimes Uranus is simply surprising and unexpected.  At other times, Uranus is explosive, radical, shocking and even revolutionary.  Resistance to the necessary changes Uranus brings only fuels greater disruption.

The Sun and Moon now in Taurus are at the apex of a YOD, a unique planetary configuration involving at least three planets or celestial points.  Two of the three planets or points are sextile each other (60 degrees apart) while they’re both also simultaneously inconjunct (150 degrees apart) the third planet.  The Sun and Moon are in the third planet(s) position reflecting the crisis point in the YOD.  In Taurus, these crises will likely manifest through issues associated with values and resources.  Pallas Athena, which is retrograde at 13 degrees Libra and retrograde Ceres, at 12 degrees Sagittarius complete the Yod.  Pallas Athena and Ceres are sextile one another and both are inconjunct the Sun and Moon at 14 degrees.

Standing in Taurus, the Sun and Moon reflect ALL the resources we need to survive.  Taurus also reflects what we value from the standpoint of what constitutes meaning in our lives.  Pallas Athena was a Greek female warrior.  She fights for truth and justice knowing they are foundational to equality in relationships and peaceful societies.  Ceres symbolizes Mothers and their unconditional love.  She also represents agriculture and all the foodstuffs required to nurture and sustain life.  Moving through Sagittarius, the sign that searches for truth and understanding through the study of philosophies, cosmologies and theologies that underpin civil laws and justice systems, retrograde Ceres signals the need to return to a way of life reflected in natural laws or nature.

Altogether, the planets in this Yod are symbolizing the crisis of UNEQUAL justice under the law, depending upon how much or how little money is involved.  Of course to resolve this crisis, there must be EQUAL justice under the law regardless of levels of wealth or resources.  The Yod also reflects the need to restore health and balance to our environment and how we humans relate to and protect the natural world or what we call nature that we need to survive.

Matriarchy, a social organizing philosophy that mimics the natural laws of nature, reflects core principles of giving, sharing, group interests and inclusion.  This is how eco-systems work in order to maintain their health and well-being.  ALL parts of an eco-system are vital, valued and necessary.  In nature, whenever a part is damaged, destroyed or removed, the entire eco-system suffers. 

Humans lived in alignment with natural laws and the natural world long before the time in our human history marked by Patriarchal values and principles, which are based upon core principles of hierarchy, dominance, self-interest and exclusion.  Patriarchy has brought us societies that are male dominated and underpinned by man-made religions which have systematically distorted the truth of natural laws for millennia resulting in the oppression of women and indigenous peoples the world over, as well as the environmental degradation of the planet.  The origins of racism, sexism and the desire to control and dominate nature and natural forces are rooted in Patriarchal principles.  Astrologically, Patriarchy is associated with the sign of Capricorn.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with both resources and relationships of all kinds.  Venus also rules Libra, the sign that rules EXTREMES.  Libra teaches the need for balance and equality in all our relationships.  We are currently experiencing extremes of wealth inequality all across the globe, as well as a resurgence of White Supremacy that reflects extremes of racial inequality.  

Recently, a friend of mine said he thought our politics was moving from extreme polarization based upon party affiliation (Democratic versus Republican) towards polarization based upon wealth inequality reflected in the “Haves versus the Have-Nots.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Even economic experts are beginning to sound alarms regarding the growing risks associated with extreme levels of wealth disparity they say pose an existential threat to global economic stability.  Taurus is THE sign of stability.  It stands to reason that the sign that rules survival would value stability and security, particularly financial security.  As a result, Taurus stubbornly resists change.  But Uranus, now moving through Taurus, is THE CHANGE AGENT! 

Peace activist Heather Heyer

“White Nationalism” has been on the rise across Europe for the last decade.  It’s now resurgent in the United States as well.  The “Unite the Right” protest march in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, in which an avowed Neo-Nazi murdered peace activist Heather Heyer, was a frightening display of “White Supremacy” right here in America.  Could there be a more poignant manifestation of hierarchy than one race that believes it is superior to all other races and sees itself as Supreme?

Since Venus rules Taurus its the ruling planet of this Taurus New Moon.  Venus is currently moving through the sign of Aries, and is square the Moon’s Nodes.  Planets square the Nodes always symbolize a CHOICE POINT.  Since Aries always wants to initiate new beginnings, these choices will reflect desires to move in new directions and to move forward in new ways.  Venus in Aries represents the need to move in new directions relative to values, resources and relationships.  She represents the need for greater balance and equality, between women and men, between the races and between humans and the natural world. 

Venus is also square retrograde Saturn in Capricorn and retrograde Pluto also now in Capricorn.  The grouping of the Moon’s South Node, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn now, constitute a Capricorn ‘stellium.’  Stelliums exist when there are three or more planets in the same sign.  Stelliums symbolize great emphasis regarding the things represented by the sign those planets occupy. 

This Capricorn stellium symbolizes a great emphasis of Patriarchal forces increasingly exerting their power, dominance and control.  Resurgent Patriarchal influence was on full display last Summer during the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings.  Not surprisingly, as the “MeToo Movement” has intensified, Patriarchy has pushed back hard.

Venus will square the Moon’s Nodes first.  That happens on Monday, May 6th.  Then she’ll square retrograde Saturn in Capricorn on May 7th, and finally, she’ll square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn on May 9th.  All these squares reflect significant CHOICES.  All these squares to planets in Capricorn are calling for greater accountability and responsibility.  With the South Node involved, all these squares are also calling for us to throw off Patriarchy and its distorted, exclusionary values and principles.

Successful CHOICES will hold those in positions of power and authority accountable.  Successful CHOICES will reflect equal consideration of ALL who are affected by those choices.  Successful CHOICES will reject Patriarchal values and principles based upon hierarchy, dominance, self-interest and exclusion that have perpetrated social inequality and planetary degradation for centuries through a systematic EXCLUSION of women and people of color.  Successful CHOICES will recognize the equal value, and indeed the necessity, of INCLUSION of ALL members of ALL societies for the health and well-being of our planet.

Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing awareness of Patriarchy seeping into the collective consciousness of humanity.  A telling piece of evidence of this awareness was reflected in a recent TV interview with Tony Schwartz, who co-authored “The Art of the Deal” writing about the business dealings of Donald Trump.  The specific reference begins at approximately 4:50 in the video clip.

Schwartz speaks about a current ‘clash of civilizations’ or differing ‘world views’ where Patriarchy is increasingly being challenged by forces wishing to EXPAND INCLUSIVENESS all across societies worldwide.  His words reflect the very CHOICE POINT Venus faces as she squares the South Node of the Moon Capricorn, the sign associated with Patriarchy, and the North Node of the Moon in Cancer, the sign associated with Matriarchy.  The South Node always points to what we must let go of in order to evolve towards the North Node.  The South Node in Capricorn symbolizes Patriarchy.  Venus square the South Node symbolizes the need to let go of Patriarchal values and principles of hierarchy, dominance, self-interest and exclusion. 

Its notable that American voters chose greater inclusion last November when they elected the most diverse Congress ever, sending more women, and more people of color to the U.S. Capital than ever before in our history.  They also chose the first Muslim American and Native American representatives in Congress and the first ever openly gay State Governor.  The people are clearly more aware, conscious and evolved than our politicians.

Finally, Mars in Gemini also features prominently in the Taurus New Moon chart.  Mars will inconjunct (150 degrees) retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and then oppose (180 degrees) retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Mars in Gemini is fueling the overwhelming amount of information we’re being bombarded with now on a daily basis.  Mars in Gemini also reflects intensifying conflicts and arguments over facts and truths and overall disclosures of information now. 

Interestingly, Mars in Gemini also reflects the media and news organizations, whose dogged persistence in ferreting out the truth and exposing lies is providing vital information to the American public.  Democracies NEED a free press to hold those in power accountable to the people.  Democracies NEED truth and facts in order to function, survive and thrive!

Mars inconjunct (150 degrees) Pluto is manifesting through a growing crisis between the government’s desire to control information, and the public’s right and need for information in order to make informed choices and decisions. 

Remarkably, Mars is currently at 22 degrees Gemini, the precise degree of Donald Trump’s natal Sun.  As above; so below! 

The Trump administration’s desire to control, restrict and limit (Capricorn) the release of information (Gemini) being lawfully requested by House Democrats in the course of their constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities is increasingly fueling a constitutional crisis. 

With the U.S. inching closer to our first ever “Pluto return” in 2021-2023, a planetary event that occurs only once every 248 years, Americans are re-creating the circumstances of our birth as a nation; the need to rebel against and free ourselves from the tyranny of corrupt authority through revolution.  Uranus rules revolutions!

Pluto rules the ‘life/death/rebirth cycle and reflects both our Souls, and the evolutionary process itself.  America is facing a crucial choice point in the ongoing history of our nation.  That choice will be to either rebirth the very “Soul” of our nation, by re-affirming our core democratic values and principles, or, to let our democracy die, allowing the United States to go the way of so many other countries throughout history who have devolved into corruption, authoritarianism and dictatorship.    

Attorney General Barr’s egregious misrepresentation of the finding’s of the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 Presidential election, as well as his disputed redactions of multiple categories of information in Mueller’s report, are yet more examples of deliberate restrictions and limitations of information disclosures to Congress and to the public.  

Mars inconjunct (150 degree crisis angle) Pluto is also manifesting through complete denials of information by Trump administration officials who have chosen to ignore requests for both documents and witness testimony requested by Congress.  One extraordinary example of this is evidenced in Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s refusal to allow the IRS to provide Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The President himself filed lawsuits last week seeking to prevent Deutsche Bank and Capital One Bank, as well as Mazars, the financial services firm he’s used for many years, from complying with other Congressional committee subpoenas for information about his businesses.  Congress needs this information in order to determine whether financial conflicts of interest are influencing his decisions on foreign policy.

Mars’ opposition (180 degrees) to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign that rules our laws and legal justice system, will no doubt result in many more lawsuits being filed in efforts to both obtain, and thwart, disclosures of information necessary to get to the truth (Sagittarius) of many current matters crucial to maintaining the rule of law in our country.  Indeed Mars in Gemini opposite retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius manifested just last week when a federal judge ruled in favor of congressional Democrats, allowing their lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution to proceed.  The emoluments clause specifically prohibits any president from accepting anything of VALUE (Taurus) from any foreign government or official.

This Taurus New Moon is all about what really matters, what’s really valuable and what’s most important for our well-being.  What do you really need and value?  What information would help you move forward in new directions regarding resource or relationship matters?  How are you taking full responsibility for decisions you’ve made in the past and are making now?  How are you managing your resources and relationships in order to ensure greater balance and meaningful interactions?

The Taurus New Moon is setting the stage not just for the coming month as most new moons do, but for the next seven years since Uranus joins the New Moon for the first time since entering Taurus.  Uranus WILL bring necessary changes and adjustments in order to ensure our ongoing evolution and survival.  How much or how little we resist will ultimately determine just how disruptive Uranus must be in order to do so…



If the expert economists are right, global financial stability is facing the threat of another, perhaps even bigger crash.  If the climate scientists are right, we only have twelve years to radically change human behaviors that are destroying our planet.  If the political pundits are right, democracies are under siege and are being systematically dismantled and undermined by powerful malevolent patriarchal forces worldwide.  Our very survival may well depend upon us all waking up! 


The Gemini New Moon happens June 3rd, at 3:02 am MST! 

Copyright 2019.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved. 

Libra New Moon: Extreme Imbalance of Power

The Libra New Moon happened late last evening, on Monday, October 8th, at 8:47 pm MST/PDT.  It occurred at 15 degrees Libra 48 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  LibraNewMoon2018.

Libra initiates a diversity of relationships with all different kinds of people.  Then Libra compares and contrasts itself with others.  Through comparing and contrasting ourselves with others, each one of us can discover who we are as a totally different and unique individual.

Thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning has distorted this tendency to compare and contrast ourselves with others.  As a result, this natural process has devolved into an instinctive habit of determining who’s better, richer, smarter, prettier or more successful, instead of realizing how we’re each different and unique.  This distortion, based upon foundational patriarchal principles of hierarchy, exclusion and male dominance, is THE causal factor for much of what is unequal and out of balance in our world, some to extreme degrees.

Libra’s evolutionary intention is to learn how to be in relationships with others as an equal, not dominating or being dominated.  Libra’s glyph, the scales, implies balance.  The truth however is that Libra is NOT inherently balanced; Libra is LEARNING balance. 

Libra also rules extremes.  Accordingly, Libra rules extreme imbalance and extreme inequality.  This Libra New Moon dramatically reflects the persistent and destructive imbalance of power between the sexes.  This New Moon is a call to action for women and men of good will the world over to restore a balance of power between the genders.

Venus rules this New Moon.  She represents essential needs and personal values and teaches self-reliance and self-empowerment.  She also rules resources and relationships.  She just began her biannual retrograde period on October 5th; it will last until November 16th.  Venus begins her reversal in Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, money and power.  She will finish her retrograde period in Libra, the sign of relationships.  Venus retrograde in Scorpio will be all about power; who has it and who doesn’t.  It will focus on how those in power wield their power in order to maintain their power.  It will shed more light on how our social structures and institutions support those in power and sustain white male dominance.

The theme of gender inequality is further emphasized by the fact that Venus continues to be in a waning or 3rd quarter square aspect with Mars.  Venus and Mars are the heavenly bodies that symbolize women and men.  Together with the Moon’s Nodes, which are currently finishing up in Leo and Aquarius, and retrograde Uranus in Taurus, Venus and Mars currently form a ‘Fixed Grand Cross.’ 

A Fixed Grand Cross is a rare planetary configuration.  It reflects the stability and security of the status quo.  With Uranus in the mix however, we also have a volatile revolutionary change energy who’s very purpose and intention is to upset the status quo, especially as it concerns resources and relationships.  This Fixed Grand Cross reflects a maximum pressure or impetus for change, intent on confronting that which is completely and stubbornly fixed and crystallized.  It will forcefully challenge and disrupt whatever has become so stuck that it is literally preventing further ongoing evolutionary growth and progress.  Put simply, this Fixed Grand Cross symbolizes ‘unstoppable forces’ meeting seemingly ‘immovable objects.’

Venus (women) retrograde clearly represents the current challenge to the status quo of entrenched Patriarchal values and principles (male dominance).  Patriarchy is a word we’re hearing more frequently now as social commentators and political pundits utter it nearly every day.  This is actually evidence of progress!  Because you cannot change something unless and until you are aware of it.  This Venus retrograde is going to further reveal the dark underbelly of Patriarchy.

Patriarchy was on full ugly display last week, in the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  Nationwide, women watched in horror as powerful, privileged, white men demeaned and dismissed a ‘terrified’ yet courageous successful professional woman.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,  offered detailed sworn testimony accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape during their teenage years, even as her voice trembled.  

When necessary evolutionary change is resisted for too long, revolutionary forces inevitably manifest in order to bring about those necessary changes.  This Fixed Grand Cross also reflects the overwhelming and often paralyzing pent-up anger and rage women have long felt as a result of literally thousands of years of Patriarchal repression, suppression and oppression by men.  

One women answering the timely call for change is Rebecca Traister.  In her recently published book, “Good and Mad” the prize winning feminist author chronicles the long history of women’s struggles in America up to and including the current #MeToo movement. 

Another courageous woman speaking out about pervasive sexual assault is the founder of the MeToo movement, Tarana Burke.  Facebook and Twitter exploded with over 12 million responses in 24 hours when she launched #MeToo last October, just days after the  shocking revelations by dozens of women alleging decades of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein.

The MeToo phenomena began last fall just as Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, money and power.  Within a week the Weinstein scandal broke.  That story was quickly followed by more bombshell reports that revealed widespread sexual misconduct in workplaces all across the country.  Last week the MeToo movement seemed to come to a crescendo as thousands of women, and supportive men, confronted their legislators in protest against the nomination of credibly accused serial sexual assaulter, federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was nominated by another credibly accused sexual assaulter, Donald J. Trump. 

Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 10th.  Although Kavanaugh has now ascended to the Supreme Court, the heavens portend that this protest movement is far from over.  Sexual assault survivors are rightly furious.  Women of all lifestyles and backgrounds, many of whom remember the travesty of Anita Hill in the 1992 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings 27 years ago (one Saturn cycle), are more galvanized than ever by what they watched happen to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Men in power seem to have learned nothing since 1992.  Women however are keen to vote on November 6th!

This Venus retrograde in Scorpio symbolizes the necessary confrontations that must occur to reveal corruption and abuses of power.  Sexual predators and those who abuse public trust through the power of their office or positions of authority will continue to be called out and exposed. 

The naked abuses of power by the President, and by the Republicans in charge of the Senate confirmation process, have just further emboldened brave women and men to continue to share their stories and speak their truth.  And as they do, they will reclaim personal power.  Many will put their anger to good use to bring about the necessary social, cultural and political changes that are so long overdue.  

Scorpio’s evolutionary intention is all about ‘right use’ of power.  This sign also rules the deep emotional scars and psychological wounds that so often leave those who are abused or betrayed feeling powerless.  Venus retro in Scorpio is the perfect combination of celestial influences and energies required to confront, and ultimately heal, the pain of abuse, loss, abandonment and betrayals of trust.  As more and more confrontations occur, momentum will grow, and more and more abuses of power, financial fraud, corruption and infidelities will be exposed. 

One notable example is the special investigation reported this week by New York Times alleging that “President Trump participated in dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud, that greatly increased the fortune he received from his parents.” 

Scorpio is all about exposing and revealing what’s secret or hidden, particularly when it involves misuses or abuses of power.  Law enforcement officials as well as mental health professionals know all too well that violent sexual crime is NOT about sex; its about power!  Sexual assault is one of the most extreme abuses of power.  Painful buried memories and content MUST be brought to the light of day if healing is to occur, because what remains hidden often continues to have power over us. 

As Senator Chris Coons of Delaware recently stated in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, “…there is an ocean of pain in this country.” 

Last week’s hearings seemed to open the floodgates for survivors of sexual assault.  Women stormed the halls of Congress confronting legislators in their offices, in hallways and even in elevators! 

Supportive men are genuinely shocked as they become aware of the enormity of the number of incidences of sexual assault in our country. 

As for myself, there is literally not one women I know who has not either experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault including rape, herself, or knows someone else who has.  Ask around; you’ll no doubt find the same truth among your friends, colleagues and family members.  Sexual assault is an epidemic in America.  Sexual assault is endemic to Patriarchy.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, currently under water in her re-election bid in a state that Trump won in 2016 by 36 points, voted her conscience and voted against the Kavanaugh nomination.  Later, she revealed that her Mom survived a traumatic sexual assault in her teenage years saying, “It made her stronger.  And as a result, she made us stronger.” Truth is powerful.  Truth brings strength to survivors…

As survivors of sexual assault continue to tell their stories, healing CAN occur.  As healing occurs, a simultaneous reclamation and restoration of personal power also occurs.  Ultimately, as more and more survivors speak up, a re-balancing of power can also occur – particularly between men and women.

Mercury joins the Sun and Moon in Libra and is quite prominent now.  Mercury represents all kinds of communication and information exchanges.  Mercury just opposed Eris, the massive and second largest dwarf planet recently discovered in our Solar System.  With a nearly 560 year orbital cycle, Eris moves very slowly, reflecting far-reaching social, political and cultural change.  Expect more survivors to speak out. 

A Greek Warrior Goddess, Eris symbolizes women’s considerable strength and courage.  She also represents the anger so many women feel at the lack of respect, value and recognition they receive for their many talents and achievements.  Eris represents women’s rage due to exclusion and being treated as less than equal.  Studies have long shown that the economic success of any country directly reflects how well women are treated in that country.   Economic studies have also shown that women are more successful at financial trading, management and advise.  These studies should surprise no one since Venus, the planet that rules women, also rules money! 

Women (Venus) literally represent VALUE!

Eris is also square Pluto in Capricorn reflecting the reality that so many women know so well, namely, that they’re not only NOT believed when they speak up about sexual misconduct, they also experience cruel and crushing retribution.  Those who dare to speak truth to power, particularly male authority figures, are often punished. 

Again, this should come as no surprise since Patriarchy has also brought us man-made, male-dominated religions that believe women are the temptation responsible for man’s spiritual downfall. 

Patriarchal religions teach that women (beginning with Eve) are the very embodiment of evil and therefore deserving of pain, suffering and punishment.

Mercury in Libra is energizing lots and Lots and LOTS of communication about relationship dynamics in general, and unequal relationship dynamics specifically.  The Patriarchy will increasingly be called out!  Expect even stronger messages when both Mercury and the Sun enter Scorpio, on October 9th and 23rd respectively.  As each joins the Fixed Grand Cross, communications will become much more intense, powerful and consequential.

The Sun and Moon in Libra are in challenging aspects to both retrograde Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.  Both symbolize the distortions of truth fueling the political conflicts dividing us and the extreme emotional upset so many feel as a result.  Some will react with resignation.  Others will respond with even greater determination to change the balance, or to put it more accurately, the extreme imbalance of political power. 

Women’s reactions are already starkly evident.  Recent political polling on the upcoming midterm elections show a 26 point gender gap.  Women are moving towards Democratic candidates in record numbers.

These connections to Neptune and Pluto clearly also represent the raw abuses of power and all the lies, confusion and overwhelming disappointment associated with the Kavanaugh confirmation process that just elevated a dishonest and credibly accused perpetrator of sexual assault to one of the most powerful positions in our country, the Supreme Court.  Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes all the Patriarchal social and governmental structures and institutions that continue to systematically keep wealthy white men in power.

It feels like we are at social, political and cultural crossroads.  As the Sun and Mercury enter Scorpio later this month, squaring the Moon’s Nodes and opposing retro Uranus, surprising or even shocking revelations will occur as even more secrets and more lies are exposed.  A reckoning is coming as retro Uranus and the Nodes ALL change signs on November 6th, Election Day!

We live in an increasingly polarized and divided world.  On a daily basis we witness and experience the stark and destructive realities resulting from widespread and systemic imbalance and inequality –  between the genders, races, classes, nations and even between mankind and nature. 

This Libra New Moon is a call for greater balance and equality.  If we can learn the Libra lessons of effective listening (especially to women), and sharing, then we can have the highest Libra experiences of equality, peace, justice, balance, fairness and harmony.  Only if we can learn that we ALL HAVE VALUE and that we are ALL EQUAL, can we achieve a restoration of the balance of power on this planet.  Only then will we heal the enormous damage done, over millennia, due to extreme imbalances of power that maintain extreme inequality. 

Women must lead this effort.  Indeed this Libra New Moon is a call to action for all the women of the world!  An extraordinary opportunity for action is just around the corner on Election Day!

“Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.”

– Frank Herbert, born October 8, 1920                


The Scorpio New Moon is on November 7th at 9:02 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Virgo New Moon: Healing Crises

Virgo, ancient symbol of the Sacred Divine Feminine principle that nurtures all life. She is the Earth Goddess. She is Mother Nature.

The Virgo New Moon happens Sunday, September 9th at 11:01 am MST/PDT at 17 degrees Virgo. 

Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoon2018.

Virgo is a ‘transitional’ archetype, reflecting the continuation and expansion of human evolution from the realm of the personal (Aries through Leo) to the social realm of others (Libra through Pisces). 

Through Virgo, over-inflated egos (Leo) get deflated and underdeveloped or damaged egos can be healed.  Indeed Virgo is the sign of self-improvement and healing, specifically natural healing methods.

Often, the call to healing comes from crises.  Virgo rules crises which serve a natural evolutionary purpose; they alert us to the fact that something is awry, dysfunctional, unhealthy or simply just not rooted in reality. 

To resolve these crises, necessary changes and adjustments must be made.  

Virgo must be careful however because this sign, more than any other sign,  compulsively seeks perfection while simultaneously feeling that it always falls short.  This leads to Virgo’s tendency towards relentless and debilitating self-criticism and judgements.  Such thoughts create a psychology of inferiority and victimization. 

It is this very quality of consciousness that will, unfortunately, just continue to create crises.

Negative thoughts feed the co-creation of crises, especially when combined with the emotion of fear.  For most people, these thoughts happen unconsciously a lot of the time.  And over time, a chronic negative mindset can become quite self-destructive, especially when the crises being co-created are unconsciously fulfilling the age-old man-made religious doctrine of atonement that demands pain and suffering as punishment for human imperfections.  Virgo is the sign most in need of healing of the psychological and spiritual damage done by these religious teachings and their harmful and destructive conditioning influence.

Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet is currently in Virgo, strengthening this New Moon’s emphasis on healing and self-improvement.  Mercury rules the mind and all the ways we gather, analyze and process knowledge and information in an effort to understand our world.   It rules the left brain that wants to logically figure things out; it thinks linearly and deductively.  Through Virgo, Mercury reveals how the mind, body and spirit are ALL connected, and ALL reflective of our overall health, or ill-health.  Central to the archetype of Virgo is the desire and evolutionary intention to heal.  What thoughts or beliefs do YOU need to change in order to heal? 

With the Midterm election campaign season kicking into high hear under the celestial rays of this Virgo New Moon, campaign issues will no doubt also reflect the central healing theme of Virgo.  Expect to hear a LOT about health needs and health care in campaign debates all across the country in the coming weeks as the Dems will decry the countless efforts by the Republicans to dismantle and ultimately eliminate the Affordable Care Act, or what’s more commonly known as ‘Obamacare,’ and Reps will continue to promise to eventually kill it off completely if they maintain their power in Congress.

But Virgo is about more than healing.  It also rules all self-improvement efforts, employees – especially service workers, employers and workplace issues, the environment, climate change, the health of our planet and our dearly beloved pets. 

Which of these Virgo themes is currently manifesting in your world?  Which is most important to you?

Mercury brings even more strength to the New Moon pattern as part of a Grand Earth Trine with Saturn in Capricorn and retrograde Uranus in Taurus.  This potent and positive pattern easily manifests and increases physical resources or material goods.  Prior efforts, especially to heal or improve, bring rewards. 

The Grand Trine also encourages greater personal responsibility and accountability.  Saturn in Capricorn, currently stationary direct (resuming forward motion after a retrograde period that began in April), is at its most powerful right now.  It demands maturity and greater accountability and responsibility.  Calls for greater accountability will intensify from all corners of society.  Saturn teaches that greater self-responsibility brings greater personal freedom.  It also ensures success. 

Easy planetary connections like a Grand Trine urge caution however.  Under such influences, those who choose to misuse their power or authority, believing that “the ends justify the means” may pursue all manner of unethical, dishonest and even fraudulent or criminal behavior in order to achieve their goals.  Somewhat frighteningly, I’ve begun to hear this phrase uttered by leaders and pundits and politicians over recent weeks.  Remember this phrase – ‘The ends justifies the means’ because we’re likely to hear it more and more in the coming years.

On the other hand, as part of the Grand Earth Trine, Uranus seems to be saying, “INNOVATE!  Think outside the box.  Try something different!  Be willing to change your mind.”  URANUS IS URGING BIG CHANGE NOW.  This is not only reflected in Uranus’ part in this extraordinary Grand Earth Trine, but also through its part in another extraordinary planetary configuration central to the Virgo New Moon chart:  a Fixed Grand Cross! 

More on this later…

Besides healing, this New Moon also highlights relationships.  Venus in Libra is slowing down ahead of its upcoming biannual retrograde (Oct 6 to Nov 16) which will occur in Scorpio and Libra.  This retro will have us reviewing and reflecting upon intimate relationship needs as well as personal and shared values.  Traversing BOTH of her opposite signs during this retro (accelerating the evolutionary potential) Venus in Libra and Scorpio will help us see where we’re giving our power away to outer forces, people and things –  people and things that we’ve come to believe we need and think are more powerful than we are.  In short, this upcoming Venus retro will challenge us to confront both co-dependency issues, and abuses or misuses or power, particularly where sex, money or positions of authority are concerned.   

More relationship energy is reflected in Venus’ third quarter square to Mars in Capricorn signaling a significant choice point in many relationships.  “Should I stay or should I go?” is the likely question on many minds now.  Venus (women) and Mars (men) also both change signs and as they do, they’ll form a Fixed T-Square with retro Uranus.  This T-Square reflects disruptions, instability and insecurity.  It will shake us up to wake us up especially regarding matters associated with resources and relationships generally, and unequal resources and relationships specifically –  both personally and collectively.

The Nodes of the Moon get in on the Fixed T-Square act too!  Currently in early Leo and Aquarius, the Nodes turn that Fixed T-Square a full-blown Fixed Grand Cross – THE planetary configuration associated with maximum change.  Often, these changes seemingly come from out of the blue.  This is ‘earthquake’ energy; literally and figuratively.  Ultimately, these energies will change the ‘landscape’ of things.

Perhaps the most important planetary connection in this New Moon chart however is the precise opposition between the Sun and Moon and retro Neptune in Pisces.  Interestingly, Pisces reflects the evolutionary path for Virgo.  Remember, Virgo/Pisces represent the mind/body/spirit connection.   These two signs reflect every Soul’s natural spiritual path towards wholeness, reintegration and reunification with the Divine Creative Source.  Indeed Pisces dissolves whatever prevents this reunification.  The dissolution process involved often brings disappointments, confusion, disillusionment, and the desire to escape, which leads to all kinds of addictions.

While denial, escapism and fantasy all characterize the unevolved expression of Virgo/Pisces, the higher, more evolved expression reflects the natural human impulse to transcendence.  Pisces is the sign associated with the natural spiritual developmental path which seeks timeless, universal values and principles including compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

In order for Virgo to heal its self-defeating psychology of inferiority, based on the delusion of perfection, it must reach for a transcendent spiritual path based upon natural laws, not the distorted, judgmental, right/wrong, moralistic and punishing man-made laws of brought to us by patriarchal religions.

Mother Nature (Virgo) is in dire need of healing.  She is giving us frequent wake up calls through increasing extreme weather events, wildfires and 500 and 1000 year floods.  How many more crises do we need to motivate greater action?  Remember, crises serve a natural purpose from an evolutionary point of view.  They tell us what’s wrong.  They alert us to what’s unhealthy and in need of healing or repair.  Simply put, they tell us what needs to be fixed.   

Meanwhile, a monster storm (Uranus) is brewing in the Atlantic.  NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, expects this tropical storm to become a category 3 hurricane.  Their ‘cone of projection’ shows the storm barreling towards the U.S. East Coast.  Coincidence?  Synchronicity?  “As Above; So Below?”  Choose your metaphor.   Crises serve a purpose. Necessary changes and adjustments are coming.  Mother Nature is calling…

Our government is in crisis, our President is in crisis, our environment is in crisis, our health care system is in crisis, our education system is in crisis, our judicial system is in crisis, our intelligence gathering agencies are in crisis, freedom of the press is in crisis, Congress is in crisis, many believe we’re experiencing a constitutional crisis in the U.S., the Vatican is in crisis, U.S. relationships with our oldest allies are in crisis, and seemingly indiscriminate tariffs are threatening to throw the global economy into crisis!  DEMOCRACY is in crisis!  THE WHOLE WORLD SEEMS TO BE IN CRISIS!

All this is happening as the U.S. is on the very threshold of our first ever Pluto return, a powerful 248 year astrological cycle, symbolizing a crucial collective choice point in our nation’s history.  That choice will be either the death of, or rebirth of, our nation’s very Soul path and purpose – which of course was, and hopefully will continue to be, DEMOCRACY!

We’re in a season of increasing crises.  We can choose to heal those crises, or we can choose to continue to be in denial, ignore reality and continue to do the same old thing.  And that will simply ensure that we continue to co-create MORE crises. 

The Virgo New Moon brings healing energy.  We can use it to heal what needs to be healed.  We can ALL contribute to this healing.  It can be as simple as doing what you can to contribute to the health and well-being of the whole by taking the very best care of yourself.  Stay grounded and rooted in reality.  See things and people as they are, not as you wish them to be.  Work humbly, non-judgmentally, to improve your own life circumstances.  Help out others when you can.  Check negativity.  Hold yourself and others accountable.  Take responsibility! 

And get ready to VOTE!  Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!  Being a responsible citizen in a democracy means being on the playing field, NOT on the bench!  Vote like your life depends upon it because it very well may.

Crises happen for a reason!  This Virgo New Moon signals a time for healing crises…


The Libra New Moon is on October 8th at 8:47 pm MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse: Opening our Hearts to Greater Love and Creativity

The Leo New Moon happens August 11th, at 2:58 am MST/PDT, at 18 degrees Leo 41 minutes.  Its also a partial Solar Eclipse. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is the third and final eclipse of the current ‘eclipse season’ that began last month with the July 12th Cancer New Moon, which was also a Solar Eclipse.  The second eclipse was the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred on July 27th.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are among the most powerful of astrological events.  Reflecting the ‘As Above; So Below’ natural law of correspondences, eclipses really ‘move’ events here on planet Earth.  Accordingly, a LOT has happened over the last month.  It feels more like six months have passed since the current eclipse season began, not just one!

Eclipses repeat every nineteen years.  This Leo Solar Eclipse carries the same energetic blueprint as the Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 11, 1999.  Think back to what you experienced in 1999.  Doing so can inform your understanding of the meaning and purpose of events currently manifesting or unfolding in your life.  Look for similarities between what happened to you in 1999 and what’s happening to you right now.

Leo is the sign of royalty and nobility, of Kings and Queens.  Leo the Lion is the ‘King of the Jungle.’  It should be no surprise then that Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by a star, our Sun, instead of a planet.  Indeed all the planets revolve around the Sun! 

Leos shine most brightly when others acknowledge how special they are and recognize their unique individuality.  Ultimately however, Leo must learn to love and appreciate itself.  In order to be truly happy, Leo must fully and joyfully express its own true nature, its authentic self, without fear or favor. 

Leo also rules the heart.  It teaches us to love ourselves enough to be who we truly are, even in the face of relentless pressures to conform to other’s expectations, be they family, friends, lovers or even society.  Being true to your self REQUIRES a healthy self-love.  When Leo is self-assured and confident, it never feels threatened by others who receive praise and attention.  Secure Leos naturally encourage others to shine their own true light as well.  Secure Leos make others feel special.  Secure Leos are dignified, noble, magnanimous, generous, loving and truly supportive of others. 

Insecure Leos?  Well, perhaps the quintessential example of an insecure Leo is President Donald J. Trump.  Often described as a narcissist, a psychological trait rooted in extreme insecurity, he has both Mars and Pluto in Leo.  He also has 29 degrees Leo (the maximum amount of Leo) on his Ascendant or first house cusp.

Retrograde Mercury and the asteroid Pallas Athena join the Sun and Moon in Leo for this New Moon.  Both are square Jupiter in Scorpio symbolizing a deep search for the truth.  Mercury reveals truths through information – facts and words and documents and even recordings!  Pallas Athena will do so through powerful women.  More and more, influential women will take charge, speak truth to power and demand necessary change.  They will hold themselves and others to account for the consequences of their actions and choices.

With so many planets retrograde now (seven out of nine), actions and initiatives may have to wait a bit however.  Retrograde planets require review and reflection, contemplation and processing, planning and pondering.  INNER work is what’s necessary now.  Important choices and decisions, as well as the implementation of new plans, will likely occur once Mercury (August 18th) then Mars (August 27th) and then Saturn (September 6th) begin moving forward once again.  Charging ahead, or forcing your will prematurely will likely bring frustrations or may even backfire.

Meantime, be mindful of intuitive guidance.  Pay attention to signs and synchronicities.  Pay particular attention if plans or ideas stall or become frustrated.  Concerns or demands from outer sources or forces may thwart your best plans if not heeded.  Make the necessary changes and adjustments requested or required. 

Also be sure to consider ALL those who will be affected by your choices and plans.  Realize that collaboration, not competition, will bring success.  And stick to the truth.  Don’t ‘fudge’ or ignore facts or reality.

With challenging connections to both retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio, this Leo New Moon also reflects the potential for intense emotional confrontations and epic power struggles.  Here in the United States, these celestial influences may well play out through a constitutional crisis if Special Counsel Robert Mueller decides to subpoena President Trump to testify before a Grand Jury.  What, or whom, might you need to confront?  How powerful, or powerless, do you currently feel?  How are you using your power?  Hint:  what CHOICES are you making?

Watch for significant news, information and announcements around the end of this month when Mercury squares Jupiter for the third and final time on August 27th – the very same day that retrograde Mars stations direct!  July 9th and August 10th marked the first and second squares between Mercury and Jupiter.  Here’s a quick tally of significant news headlines from those previous Mercury/Jupiter connections:

On July 9th, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was sworn in for another 5-year term as president, with sweeping new powers.  That same day President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice.  The next day Trump headed to Brussels for what would become another disastrous Summit with our NATO Allies.  Then he was off to Helsinki for a Summit with Vladimir Putin where his shocking performance finally rattled Republicans, some of whom described his behavior as ‘treasonous!’

Keep in mind, it was only three days later, on July 12th, that the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse kicked off this current eclipse season.  Again I will ask, “Doesn’t this past month seem like its actually been about six months?!”

On August 10th, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in contempt of court after learning immigration authorities had already begun the deportation of a Salvadoran mother and her daughter, despite the two being plaintiffs in a pending ACLU lawsuit challenging Sessions’s efforts to stop people fleeing gang violence and domestic violence from qualifying for asylum.

That same day news broke of a leaked audio recording of House Intelligence Committee Chair, Republican Representative Devin Nunes of California, saying that if Attorney General Jeff Sessions won’t unrecuse himself from the Special Counsel’s investigation, and if Mueller won’t clear the President, then Republicans MUST keep control of the House in in the upcoming midterm elections because they’re “… the only ones” who can protect President Trump from Robert Mueller’s investigation!

Later that same day, First Lady Melania Trump’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, became U.S. citizens through the same ‘family reunification’ program that’s been repeatedly attacked by President Trump as “chain migration.” Trump has repeatedly called for the end of the longstanding U.S. policy allowing citizens to sponsor their parents and siblings for legal residency. 

Whew!  And these are just a FEW of the headlines!

Look back to July 9th and August 10th.  What was happening in your life then?  Expect a continuation or culmination of what was unfolding at those times when Mercury and Jupiter square one another for the third and final time on August 27th.   

Also watch what happens on August 28th.  That’s when Mercury will cross over 18 degrees Leo for the third and final time during the current Mercury retrograde (it will occur during the post-retro shadow period).  This is the same degree of the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.  When planets cross over an eclipse degree, they re-ignite the eclipse energy.  Mercury, the planet of information is the only planet that will cross over the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse degree before the next eclipse season gets underway in January 2019.  When it does, its likely to bring some bombshell revelations!

News headlines will no doubt continue to shock and surprise us as more secret schemes and nefarious alliances are uncovered and exposed.  With the Leo New Moon’s challenging connection to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (power and authority, particularly government officials), some in positions of power and authority may experience a karmic ‘fall from grace.’  They will either choose to resign or be forcibly removed from their posts due to misuse or abuse of their power.  This is the same kind of celestial energy that brought down Richard Nixon!

Indeed, those in power who practice a philosophy of ‘the ends justify the means’ will feel mounting pressure as their corrupt intentions are revealed or exposed under the bright light of the Leo Solar Eclipse.  Legal battles, court proceedings and investigations, particularly Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, will no doubt intensify.  The bottom line is that we can expect even more revelations about abuses of power.  And yes, they’re likely to continue to involve sex, money and politics.  Bad actors will experience increasing scrutiny.

Eclipses are like ‘cosmic reboots’ of our human consciousness since our brains are like computers and consciousness is pure energy.  As the light and energy of the Sun is eclipsed, its like a computer being shut down and rebooted.  Old obsolete programs are deleted and new upgrades are downloaded when the computer is rebooted.  Similarly, eclipses upgrade human consciousness with new expanded awareness and new ideas and understanding. 

This Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse is downloading greater love, compassion and creativity.  Its encouraging us to open up our hearts and to give and receive more love.  Remember, Leo rules the heart!  Do you love yourself enough to express your true self more authentically?  What are you ready to create?

Eclipses accelerate the evolutionary pace and potential – for individuals as well as the collective.  Evolution implies change.  Change is necessary for evolution to occur.  Resisting necessary evolutionary change is futile.  This is because, in the end, the forces of evolution are always stronger than the forces of resistance.  Indeed it is too much resistance, for far too long, that breeds revolution. 

We are of course always free to choose.  We can embrace necessary evolutionary change or resist it.  What will you choose?  CHOOSE LOVE!


The Virgo New Moon is on September 9th at 11:01 am MST/PDT!

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.



Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: Emotional Security or Insecurity?

The Cancer New Moon happened July 12, 2018 at 7:48 pm MST/PDT at 20 degrees Cancer 41 minutes.  It was also a partial Solar Eclipse visible in Tasmania, extreme Southern Australia, islands South of New Zealand, and the edge of Antarctica directly below Australia, the South Pacific Ocean and the Southern Indian Ocean.  Although not visible in the United States, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is nevertheless already dramatically impacting America.  We were, after all, born under the sign of Cancer on July 4, 1776.

Here’s the chart:  CancerNewMoonSolarEclipse2018.

And here’s a diagram of the path of totality of the eclipse:  Solar Eclipse Path of Totality.

Cancer’s evolutionary intention is to develop INNER EMOTIONAL SECURITY.  This sign teaches that true emotional well-being can only be sourced from within, not from any outer person, place or thing.  In the end, Cancer requires that we take complete responsibility for peace and security in our own personal world.

Cancer rules our emotional body.  Cancer is the sign of mothers, home, family, ancestry, land, food, early childhood, self-image and emotional security/insecurity.   It reflects all that we need in order to feel safe and secure.  This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is super energizing our emotions.  Ample evidence of this is the extreme emotional turmoil experienced recently by parents and children separated at the U.S./Mexican border.  It’s brought extreme emotional distress to those witnessing these separations as well.  Reporters, legal advocates, American citizens and people all round the world who’ve watched this crisis unfolding on TV for weeks now are deeply disturbed by what they see.  And they should be because what’s happening is absolutely cruel and heart-breaking.

ALL lunations (new moons and full moons) bring intensified emotions to the surface.  But this Cancer New Moon is particularly emotional since the sign of Cancer directly rules our feelings.  But even more power will be brought to our emotional life in the coming weeks and months because this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse!

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are super energized New and Full Moons respectively.  Eclipses always intensify the power of lunations and have long been known by astrologers to significantly ‘move’ events here on planet Earth.  According to the natural law of correspondences, often referred to by the “As Above; So Below” principle, events coinciding with the timing of eclipses are typically MUCH more important than they may at first appear to be.  So what’s happening in your life right now?

Eclipses are like computer ‘reboots’ since they disrupt the flow of solar and lunar energy onto our planet, much like a computer reboot turns the electricity off and then back on again.  Most computer reboots automatically delete obsolete programs replacing them with new software upgrades.  Since human consciousness is pure energy (like electricity), eclipses are cosmic reboots that bring consciousness upgrades (new thoughts/beliefs) for humanity!

This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse chart contains several distinct and important celestial patterns.  Perhaps the most powerful of these is a precise opposition (180 degrees apart) between the Sun and Moon in Cancer and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.  This planetary opposition symbolizes many things but overall it is likely to manifest in epic power struggles – between people, between nations and between competing political ideologies or governing philosophies.  It reflects conflicts between those in authority and those who feel vulnerable.  Simply put, it is reflecting conflicts between inner and outer sources of security.

Think Cancer, which rules homes, families and communities, in opposition to a powerful (Pluto) government (Capricorn) and it’s policies.  The Sun and Moon in Cancer opposite retrograde Pluto in Capricorn also generally reflect the push/pull between our inner and outer lives – work and career versus home and family – and the increasing difficulties in managing all of our various duties and responsibilities – to self and loved ones, as well as to our  communities and the larger whole of society.

Grand Water Trine in the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse chart. The Sun and Moon are together in Cancer at bottom, Jupiter in Scorpio is at the upper right and Neptune in Pisces is to the left.

Fortunately, the Sun and Moon are also part of a benevolent Grand Water Trine that includes Jupiter stationary in Scorpio and retrograde Neptune in Pisces.  Planets in a Grand Trine form a triangle pattern in the heavens.

Water is the element associated with feelings so this triangle configuration ADDS tremendous energy to the emotional extremes we’re already experiencing.  However, it can just as easily be used for healthy emotional expression and emotional healing for those who choose to use the energies in these ways.

The Grand Water Trine is particularly energized and strengthened by Jupiter, which just ended it’s annual 4-1/2 month retrograde, stationing direct (resuming forward motion) on Tuesday, July 10th. Jupiter’s influence as it stations will be reflected in LOTS of headlines regarding sex, money and power.   

A dramatic case in point occurred this week as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that the grand jury in Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation just handed down more indictments.  Twelve Russian intelligence officers were charged with conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, money laundering and crimes against the United States.  You can read the full indictment text here:  MuellerIndictmentof12RussianGRUOfficers071318.

Jupiter’s station direct is also evident in recent allegations against Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan.  He’s accused of knowingly turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of student wrestlers he coached at Ohio State University by their team doctor three decades ago.  Obviously, we’re not yet done with exposures and revelations about sexual misconduct.

Arguably, money and power were key topics for President Trump at the meeting with our NATO allies in Brussels this past week.  He complained mightily about members ‘delinquency’ regarding their levels of military defense spending.  Some NATO members claim he threatened to pull the U.S. out of NATO if they didn’t immediately make the increases he demanded, which would literally DOUBLE their current commitment levels.  The joint statement released by all the other members at the end of the meeting however re-affirmed that members would meet their previously agreed upon spending target of 2% of their GDP, not the 4% demanded by Trump.     

Jupiter’s station was also reflected in Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  This prime-time TV announcement at 9:05 pm EDT, came 13 hours BEFORE Jupiter resumed forward motion in the heavens.  Keep in mind that planets are most powerful when they ‘station’ or appear to stand still or become stationary from our point of view on Earth.  Referencing the “As Above; So Below” principle again, we would expect that while Jupiter is ‘standing still’ in the heavens, the things Jupiter rules, like courts and judges, will similarly ‘stand still’ here on planet Earth.  Accordingly, it’s likely that this nomination may stall or be delayed in some way. 

Of course Jupiter WILL eventually pick up speed as both it and the things it rules begin moving forward again.  But remember, it was at a complete standstill at the precise time of Trump’s announcement, which of course constitutes the astrological ‘birth time’ of the Kavanaugh nomination.  As Jupiter ‘turns around’ in the heavens, watch for ‘turn-arounds’ in the nomination process. 

With Jupiter’s station occurring in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto (which is precisely opposite the Sun and Moon now representing enormous power struggles), Brett Kavanaugh will no doubt receive tremendous scrutiny and face great challenges during his confirmation process since his nomination was made while Jupiter (rules judges and the courts and congressional hearings) was literally standing still in the sky!

Another quite important celestial event central to this Cancer New Moon chart is Mars in Aquarius, just recently retrograde (June 26th), and currently gaining momentum in a two-month period of review and reflection upon past actions, especially those associated with or contributing to emotional traumas.  Again, we are reminded of all the emotional turmoil at southern border with Mexico. 

Remember Cancer rules families.  To heal, we must OBJECTIFY these painful past events.  We must look at not just WHAT happened, but also and more importantly, WHY it happened.  We must take responsibility for our own actions, and we must hold our government responsible for the actions it takes in our name. 

If we are truly OBJECTIVE regarding what’s unfolding at the border, we must realize that this is NOT the first time the United States government has caused great trauma through forced separation of family members.  For decades, the U.S. government systematically took Native American children away from their parents and put them into boarding schools where they were punished for speaking their own language.  Before that, slave traders routinely separated families as slaves were sold off to different plantations, deliberately separating parents and their children.  And Japanese Americans, many of them natural born U.S. citizens, also experienced separations as family members were sometimes sent to different detention camps during the period of Japanese internment in the U.S. during World War II.  

It’s happening again now as our government is forcibly separating immigrants arriving at our southern border, even those who are legally seeking asylum fleeing life-threatening circumstances.  If we are to heal these traumas, we must, in the end, make different choices and take different actions about how we treat one another. 

With the exception of the indigenous ‘Native Americans’ of this land, America is a nation comprised TOTALLY of immigrants, from all over the world.  Indeed our nation’s founding principles affirm that we are ALL CREATED EQUAL, and proclaim JUSTICE and LIBERTY FOR ALL.  Are we still that aspirational nation?  Do we still believe in our founding principles?

So the bottom line emphasis now is all about getting in touch with our feelings.  How emotionally secure, or insecure do we feel?  This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is pointing us towards greater expression of emotion.  It is encouraging us to take complete responsibility for our own emotional well-being.  It’s teaching us greater compassion.  It’s saying, “No matter what chaos is swirling outside, YOU are the one responsible for peace on the inside.”

This Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is NOT about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  It’s about INNER EMOTIONAL SECURITY!


 The Leo New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 2:58 am MST/PDT!


Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved

Gemini New Moon: Words Matter

The Gemini New Moon just happened on June 13th, at 1:43 pm MST/PDT at 22 degrees Gemini 44 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  GeminiNewMoon2018.

Gemini  rules the mind, specifically the left brain and it’s logical, linear, deductive thought processing.  This sign gathers information about the phenomenal world through the five physical senses. 

Gemini is all about knowledge and information and how it is communicated to others through written and spoken words, as well as all the various electronic devices we use to share info. 

Gemini’s glyph the ‘Twins’ reflect the two halves of the brain.  This sign teaches the power of thoughts and words to co-create reality.  Accordingly, if we wish to change our reality, we must first change our minds.

Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury is currently in emotional Cancer so we’re more inclined to discuss feelings than facts.  Mercury in Cancer represents the potential for emotional intelligence.  We’re likely to speak more passionately and compassionately now, from our heart instead of our head.  Many discussions will focus on home and property, as well as food and family matters.  Of primary concern will be what’s needed in order to feel safe and secure, cared for and nurtured. 

What’s happening on our Southern border is a stark reflection of Mercury in Cancer and the very emotional words, sounds and images that are flooding our consciousness every day as our government continues to arrest parents and to separate them from their children even as they legally seek asylum in our country.  Many Americans are asking, “Is this who we are?”  “Is this still America???”  This questioning of our national identity is a perfect use of Mercury in Cancer.  WHO ARE WE?!  The whole world is watching as we struggle with this fundamental question.  Currently, we appear to be a nation that is deliberately traumatizing families and putting children in secret (where are the girls and babies?) internment camps.  Sadly, history keeps repeating itself…

Mercury is precisely square Chiron in Aries at the New Moon.  It’s also opposite Saturn in Capricorn thus forming a tense cardinal T-Square that encourages us to move in new directions, especially in relationships and responsibilities.  Chiron reflects our wounds and their healing; Saturn represents responsibility and accountability.  It also rules the structural nature of consciousness that creates our reality.

Cardinal sign energy always acts instinctively to initiate new beginnings.  But that which is new is also unfamiliar, which often creates a sense of insecurity.  As a result, cardinal signs typically instinctively move forward, only to step back again.  This ‘two steps forward; one step back’ tendency is natural and appropriate. 

The primary evolutionary intention of this T-Square configuration is to throw off feelings of victimization and to take complete responsibility for ALL that we have co-created and experienced.  The challenge to this intention will come from old, unhealed wounds.  A consciousness (Saturn) rooted in victimization cannot heal itself.  This T-Square offers us both the courage and maturity to face our fears and to change our minds so that healing can occur and new and different realities can manifest.

Fortunately, Mercury is also quite favorably connected to unconventional Uranus in Taurus encouraging us to think outside the box.  Uranus (rules Aquarius) has the intrinsic ability to step back and to detach emotionally.  This trait often results in Aquarius being called ‘aloof’ and misunderstood as ‘uncaring’ or lacking emotion.  Instead, it is precisely what allows us to see people and circumstances more objectively. 

Indeed objectivity is emphasized in the overall Gemini New Moon chart pattern, not just by Mercury’s connection to Uranus, but also because Mars is preparing to retrograde in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) later this month.  More on Mars later…

Uranus in Taurus is both pragmatic and original, practical and innovative, radical and simplistic.  Mercury and Uranus can bring creative new solutions to those who wish to manifest change.  Focus on what’s sustainable and what has real value and meaning, not just what’s quick and easy and familiar.  Use this helpful mental energy to change your mind!  Release old negative mindsets.  Let go of victim identity.  Use the power of your words to heal and grow.

Four planets change directions in the heavens this month.  Three begin retrograde periods; one completes a retrograde period.  While the cardinal T-Square instinctively desires to move forward and begin anew, the emphasis on retrograde energy requires a great deal of contemplation, review, reflection and revisions before new initiatives or efforts can ultimately succeed. 

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were/are already retrograde.  Neptune will station retro on June 18th in mid-Pisces.  Mars, currently in Aquarius, begins its biannual two month retrograde period on June 26th.  And Chiron stations retro on July 4th/5th (depending on your time zone) for the first time since entering Aries this past April. 

Conversely, Jupiter in Scorpio completes its four month annual retro on July 10th (it began on March 8th/9th), promising powerful revelations regarding ongoing justice, legal, financial and sexual issues.  We’ll no doubt hear BIG things from the Mueller investigation as Jupiter stations direct.  The Pope is already experiencing the energy of upcoming stationing Jupiter accepting the resignations recently of three Chilean Bishops.  Clearly, Jupiter in Scorpio reflects sexual abuse of power.  I expect we’ll also hear more from Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti as their case against the President and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, continue to unfold in the courts.

It’s worth mentioning that because President Trump turns 72 years old on June 14th, his 2018 Solar Return chart very closely resembles the Gemini New Moon chart.  In fact, the time of his Solar Return chart is within just four and a half hours of the precise time of the Gemini New Moon. 

Reflecting the hermetic principle of “As Above; So Below” the world just witnessed Gemini energy in full display this week as historic, high stakes ‘TALKS’ took place between Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un at the North Korean Summit in Singapore.  Watch for the ‘two steps forward; one step back’ dance to unfold in the coming weeks and months relative to the agreements made at this summit.  

The Gemini New Moon chart isn’t the only celestial event currently impacting our President.  The upcoming biannual Mars retrograde, occurring from June 26th until August 27th, will also significantly personally affect Trump as it stations retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius, opposite his natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo.  Occurring in his sixth house, his health may require greater attention. 

The President will also personally feel the affects of the current celestial energies through the U.S. natal chart.  This is due to Mars traversing the U.S. natal South Node which is at 6 degrees Aquarius.  Mars will connect with this South Node three times before the retrograde period is complete in mid-October.

Remember, Aquarius teaches OBJECTIVITY.  Accordingly, as Mars retrograde in Aquarius, connects with the U.S. natal South Node in our nation’s ninth house of laws, beliefs and foreign lands and cultures, we can all expect to experience circumstances that demand greater objectivity regarding these same issues.  We will be pushed to OBJECTIFY our laws and beliefs, and perhaps most importantly, our relationships with foreign countries and their leaders. 

Interestingly, as the United States nears our first ever ‘Pluto Return’ reflecting the rebirthing of our nation’s founding principles, it is perhaps noteworthy to know that our original evolutionary intention, as symbolized by our nation’s South Node in Aquarius, was to break free of the control that King George wielded over the American colonies.  That South Node reflects the colonies desire to liberate (Uranus/Aquarius) themselves from England and to break free of the tyranny of King George.  Ultimately, that Aquarian South Node represents our Declaration of Independence.

Mars retrograde is going to make for quite an interesting Summer.  So buckle your seatbelts! 

One more important insight about Mars retrograde is that it is perhaps the most frustrating planetary retrograde of all.  This is because Mars’ nature (remember it rules Aries, the quintessential sign of instinctive action in pursuit of desires) is go, Go, GO! 

Mars retrograde is like a hot red sports car with its brakes on at a stop light.  It still wants to go, but it cannot! 

The purpose of Mars (desires/actions) retrograde is to SLOW DOWN and think through what actions we want to take — BEFORE WE ACT.  Mars retrograde teaches careful, deliberate, considered action, not it’s usual rash, impulsive, instinctive, head-strong willfulness that chafes at anyone or anything that gets in its way!  Of course when Mars is thwarted, the famous Aries anger is the result! 

Keep that seatbelt buckled!!

So communication is the theme of the month.  Becoming more objectively aware of what we think, how we think and why we think that way is the task at hand.  The information we need to do so will present itself.  Our job is to pay attention well enough to NOT miss that information when it appears.  The best strategy to use is to detach emotionally.  Step back far enough to see the whole picture.  See things and people and circumstances OBJECTIVELY

This New Moon chart encourages us all to CHANGE OUR MINDS.  This will change our realities.  So watch your thoughts.  Watch your words.  They carry great power to hurt or to heal now.  Indeed Gemini rules words.  And this Gemini New Moon is saying, “Words matter.”


The Cancer New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on July 12th at 7:48 pm MST/PDT!

Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Pisces New Moon: Dissolving Obstacles, Moving Forward

The Pisces New Moon happens March 17th at 6:11 am PDT at 26 degrees Pisces 53 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  PiscesNewMoon2018.

The fishes symbolize both the involution, or the descent of Spirit into physical matter, form or structure, as well as the evolution, or ascension of Spirit back into non-physical, universal wholeness or One-ness.

Accurate depictions of the fishes or the Pisces glyph, always shows them tied together, with a string, rope or a bar. 

This is meant to symbolize the absolute CONNECTION between Spirit and flesh or matter.  They are NOT separate or inherently in conflict with one another as man-made religions have taught for millennia.  These moralistic and judgmental religions would have us believe that the ‘flesh’ is a temptation, intrinsically associated with sex which they teach is sinful.  In truth, sex is one of many ways to NATURALLY SPIRITUALIZE.  Indeed, Pisces is the sign associated with the natural spiritual path.

Pisces also rules the natural transcendent impulse in all living beings.  This impulse seeks to transcend or escape the limitations of the physical world.  Humans have always sought transcendence.  In ancient times, the use of psychotropic plants first facilitated an expansion of consciousness.  Even today, drugs and alcohol are frequently used and even abused, in an effort to escape physical reality.  Not surprisingly, most successful drug and alcohol recovery programs include some spiritual component.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces naturally represents culmination, or the ending or completion of any life cycle or intention.  Accordingly, Pisces naturally reflects the Soul’s ultimate and final desire, the desire to return to the Divine Source that created it.  Eventually, all Souls desire to merge back into the unmanifested universal wholeness, reuniting with the Divine Source of Creation.

This Divine Creative Source has many names including God, Goddess, Tankashila, Allah, Spirit, Wakan Tanka, Quetzelcoatl, and Hunab Ku.  All reflect a Supreme Being central to the various creation stories that underpin cosmologies and religious faith traditions throughout different cultures all over the world.

Pisces actually embodies and contains all the other zodiac signs within it.  So Pisces represents the TOTALITY of consciousness and all of the possible experiences it can create.  Indeed Pisces reflects the totality of all creation.  It reflects ‘All That Is.’

So naturally, Pisces is the sign associated with the Spiritual Path.  To facilitate the Soul’s natural spiritual evolutionary development, Pisces DISSOLVES whatever is preventing the return to, and reunion with, the Divine Creative Source.  Often, this dissolution process brings great confusion, disillusionment or a profound loss of meaning.  It requires a surrender to Higher Divine Will.  When the dissolution of barriers is complete, clarity returns with an expanded sense of understanding and purpose. 

As we evolve spiritually, our consciousness naturally expands in awareness.  In fact, the evolution of the Soul is synonymous with an expansion of consciousness awareness.  As we spiritualize, we become more tolerant, forgiving, accepting and compassionate towards ourselves and others.  We become more unconditionally loving.

In the Pisces New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are closely aligned with Chiron, which is finishing up an eight year stay in Pisces that began on April 20, 2010, the very day the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig blew up and began spewing thousands of gallons of crude oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico for over four months. 

Pisces rules water in all forms including the sea which experienced an epic wounding when Chiron first entered Pisces in 2010. 

The most important evolutionary intention reflected in Chiron’s journey through Pisces is the necessary healing of victim consciousness within the collective of the human species.  Most people carry what I call a hidden ‘malware’ program deep within the subconscious realms of their psyches.  This malware is programmed to make them believe that they’re not worthy and deserving of good things.  This false belief is the result of thousands of years of man-made religious conditioning that has taught us that God is perfect and we are not, and that God is all powerful and we are not, and that we are in fact separate from God.  These distortions of truth also preach that humans are inherently sinful and must atone for their sins of imperfection.   This has created the malware program of victimization…

The word ‘victim’ has become utterly ubiquitous in our everyday language, particularly by news organizations. 

Healing cannot occur when consciousness is rooted in victimization.  To heal, that malware program running those negative ‘self-talk’ tapes, you know, the ones that keep saying, “You’re never ever good enough” must be de-installed!  That malware contains false beliefs that infect consciousness so that it unwittingly co-creates unwanted realities in order to atone!

Instead of falling into deception and delusion, which are un-evolved expressions of Pisces, you can choose to embrace the higher attributes of this spiritual sign – compassion and unconditional love.  Forgive yourself for your human imperfections.  Realize that YOU and all living things are in fact EVOLVING.  Since humans are created in the image of the Divine Creator, it too is evolving as we evolve! 

In truth, evolution and perfection are antithetical; they are mutually exclusive.  One cannot exist in the presence of the other.  Use Pisces energy to develop spiritually.  Accept yourself fully and lovingly as an evolving human being.  Instead of punishing yourself because you are not perfect, simply intend and endeavor to do your best to evolve a little each and every day. 

A wonderful documentary first released in 2004 and then updated and re-released in 2006,  poignantly introduced the masses to the emerging science of consciousness.  It revealed the spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness.  It’s a classic Piscean phenomenon.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Chiron will enter Aries on April 17th for the next eight years.  When it does so, it will begin a brand new 50 year cycle around the Sun, a cycle that will precisely reflect and repeat the same energetic influences and celestial patterns associated with Chiron’s last sojourn through Aries, which occurred in 1968, a dramatic and pivotal year in American political history.  Chiron’s last ingress into Aries brought a wave of social and cultural change through political activism.  Most notable were the nationwide student protests against the Vietnam War and for civil rights.  The events of 1968 forever changed the trajectory of our nation. 

We’re already seeing signs of this repeating astrological cycle.  Last week, students organized a massive nationwide “March for our Lives.”  An estimated million high school, middle school and even elementary school students left their classrooms to demonstrate for changes in existing gun laws.  Most of these young people will be old enough to vote in this year’s mid-term elections.  Many more will be eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election.  ALL are vowing to vote out any lawmaker who has or continues to accept money from the powerful gun manufacturers lobby, the NRA (National Rifle Association).   

These young student activists are gathered outside the White House during their ‘March for Our Lives” on March 14, 2018.  They want to end gun violence in America and ensure school safety.  They were spurred into action after the February 14th massacre at Marjorie Douglas Stoneman High School that left 17 dead.  Several of the survivors of this latest mass shooting have already stepped up and become powerful public spokespeople for their cause.  

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries always represents new beginnings so it’s the sign of youth.  It’s also the sign that rules instincts, action, courage, anger, protests and weapons.  Chiron’s journey through Aries will bring renewed political activism.  These brave kids are already leading the way.

Representing both wounds and healing, Chiron often helps us discover unique personal abilities.  This discovery typically occurs during or as a result of the process of healing the wounds created by painful or injurious events.  Ultimately personal strengths and gifts are revealed.  Often these gifts are directly associated with the pursuit and fulfillment of an individual’s life purpose.  I have no doubt that some of these students, as a result of the slate of recent mass shootings they have grown up with, endured and even survived, are beginning to realize their life’s purpose.  Some will likely become future leaders and politicians.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces are ALL in a challenging square aspect (90 degrees) with Mars in Sagittarius now, while Mars itself is simultaneously in a beneficial trine aspect (120 degrees) Uranus in Aries. 

This aspect has many meanings.  Perhaps chief among them is the growing crisis in mass collective consciousness associated with the normalizing of spin, rhetoric and just plain lies. 

Perhaps chief among those who distort the truth is President Donald Trump.  Notably, last November, the Washington Post reported that the President had lied 1628 times over the course of 298 days last year.

The slogan “Enough is enough” associated with the #MeToo movement, is rapidly becoming the rallying cry to push back against the overwhelming and pervasive falsehoods and deceptions increasing espoused by leaders, businesses, governments and the media.  Have we reached a turning point regarding the truth versus lies?  In we haven’t, I think we’re getting pretty close.

Emma Gonzalez, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School Senior and mass shooting survivor turned student activist, speaks out against gun violence challenging lawmakers to reject the deadly influence of the NRA.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron connected to Mars in Sagittarius, the sign that seeks TRUTH, is compelling us to demand truth and justice. 

The students marching for changes in gun laws are certainly demanding the truth from lawmakers instead of the same old rhetoric and false narratives and political talking points utilized by politicians and gun lobbyists for decades.  One of the most inspiring and heartfelt speeches I’ve heard so far from a survivor of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas massacre was that of Emma Gonzalez.  She repeatedly called “BS” to all the lies we’ve been consistently told about why gun laws can’t change. 

Those who muster the courage to ACT, with integrity and purpose, based upon their deepest desires and personal truth, will indeed be able to successfully move forward.  They may even move mountains!  In doing so, they can demand change, create new realities and bring about breakthroughs in the status quo, especially if their efforts are pursued together with others of like-mind.

I already mentioned that Pisces literally rules everything!  With so much celestial energy now coming from Pisces, there are MANY Pisces ruled things dominating current headlines.  They include:  chemicals, poisons, lies, fraud, film, water and mental ill-health. 

We see this Pisces energy manifesting in the attempted murder of an ex-Soviet spy in England by a deadly nerve agent developed exclusively by the Russians, as well as in calls for increased funding of mental health services to combat gun violence.  We also see it in the onslaught of lies and distortions we experience on a daily basis, particularly from those caught up in Robert Mueller’s special investigation into Russian election interference. 

Pisces energy is also reflected in recent revelations that most bottled water is contaminated with particles of toxic plastic and rising sea levels that are threatening Easter Island’s iconic Moai statues.  Sadly, it was also evident in yet another chemical plant explosion in Texas last week.  Two employees were injured and a third is still missing and presumed dead following an explosion at  Tri-Chem Industries located in Cresson, 50 miles Southwest of Dallas.

The best way to approach Pisces energy is to turn the focus of your attention inward.  After all, Pisces is a Yin sign whose energy is always moving INWARD towards the center, which explains why Pisces rules meditation and prayer, solitude and inner reflection.  Take advantage of all this Pisces energy by taking some time over the coming days to get quiet, and to contemplate all you’ve experienced over the past year.  Remember, Pisces rules culmination and completion.  What did you learn?  What new insights and understandings were gained?  How can that wisdom be utilized to propel you forward in the coming weeks as the celestial energies shift from Pisces and endings to Aries and new beginnings? 

It’s useful to remember too that Pisces also rules our imagination and both waking and sleeping dreams.  This is the sign associated with the pineal gland.  The pineal gland, which is associated with the Ajna chakra or ‘third eye’ is responsible for all the imagery we see in our minds during both waking and sleeping states of consciousness. It is our imagination that is at the root of all creative and co-creative processes.

What exactly do you desire to co-create in your future, personally and as a part of the collective?  Imagine it to co-create it!  Literally SEE the future you wish to experience.  Meantime, finish up loose ends from the past in preparation for all the new ventures you wish to pursue.

The Sun, Moon and Chiron in Pisces are also making another powerful planetary connection in this New Moon chart pattern.  They are all quite favorably connected to retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio.  Jupiter is all about the search for truth and justice, and Scorpio is all about desire and power.  This sign exposes what’s hidden, especially motivations and agendas.  Scorpio always wants to get the bottom of things, to penetrate to the core of matters.  It’s intention is always to facilitate our ongoing evolution.  It exposes and then heals what’s corrupt or abused.  This is especially true with matters associated with sex, money and power which are all ruled by Scorpio. 

Current examples of Jupiter in Scorpio are Stormy Daniel’s lawsuit against the President, as well as  revelations of Jared Kushner’s White House meetings with foreign nationals from countries who loaned his companies over half a billion dollars!  It’s also reflected in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent subpoena of Trump’s business records. 

Each of these events  aptly symbolize Scorpio’s relentless desire to expose what’s hidden.  Chiron’s connection to Jupiter offers success to those who confront corruption and choose to use this transformative energy for good, for healing and for justice.  Altogether, the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Jupiter are promising a higher level of justice that transcends man-made laws.

Another important planetary signature in the Pisces New Moon chart is associated with Mercury and Venus.  They’re moving through Aries now providing lots and LOTS of communication energy as discussions about new goals and directions, particularly relative to resource matters or relationship issues are happening.  However, as Mercury retrogrades, from 17 degrees Aries on March 22nd, to 4 degrees Aries on April 15th, expect to have to review or revisit many of these new plans and initiatives.  Follow-up discussions – again and again – will likely be required in order to determine precisely what steps or actions will be necessary to bring about successful results.

Of course, this entire Mercury retrograde period coincides with the height of tax season!  Adding perhaps even more difficulty, Mercury has and will be in a challenging square aspect (90 degrees) with Saturn in Capricorn three times before, during and after its retrograde period – on March 10th, April 3rd and April 25th.  The IRS will no doubt have enormous difficulties this year as it deals for the first time with all the very recent changes in tax law resulting from the tax reform legislation passed late last year.  If you prepare your own taxes, be sure to check your work and then double-check it and re-check it once again before submitting the final documents!

Adding to Mercury’s retrograde challenges, will be the desire to impulsively forge ahead.  This desire will be further strengthened when the Sun enters Aries on March 20th, heralding the annual Spring Equinox.  Aries always wants to instinctively initiate action!  But while Mercury is retrograde, efforts to do so will probably be frustrated.  Better to wait until Mercury’s retrograde is technically complete on the 15th, or better yet, when it’s totally finished on May 3rd, the day Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow period comes to an end.  

Honor the natural culmination energies of Pisces by reviewing and reflecting upon the past year.  Seek divine guidance to help you discern the lessons learned, to understand the evolutionary growth intended and to dissolve obstacles and barriers to your own evolutionary growth.  Endeavor to heal old wounds, especially those associated with losses and betrayals. 

This Pisces New Moon reflects a powerful time of transition, between the past and the future, what’s old and what’s new, and what’s ending and what’s beginning.  Use this ‘end of the natural year’ time to rest and rejuvenate in preparation for what promises to be a VERY busy Spring season. 

Surrender to your Higher Self.  Allow the past, old wounds and obstacles to dissolve paving the way for a new future.  Dream and imagine what’s next for you and for the world.  Think about and discuss new ideas, plans and goals.  Then get ready to take bold new steps and actions to move forward! 


The Aries New Moon is on April 15th at 6:57pm MST.

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse: Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

The Aquarius New Moon is a partial Solar Eclipse.  It happens Thursday, February 15 at 2:05 pm at 27 degrees Aquarius.

Here’s the chart:  AquariusNewMoonSolarEclipse2018.

Aquarius is the third and final AIR sign in the zodiac.  Since the air element symbolizes the intellect and mental plane, Aquarius represents ‘Cosmic Mind’ or the collective consciousness of mankind.

This sign’s wavy glyph reflects FREQUENCY WAVES, NOT WATER WAVES.  Yes, the sign is depicted by a human pouring water from an urn so it’s easy to understand why most people would think Aquarius is a water sign.  Those wavy lines actually represent energetic frequencies, or sine waves.  The water symbolizes cosmic knowledge being poured out from the heavens to Earth.

Of course, we discovered long ago that information is indeed invisibly transmitted through the air energetically.  Accordingly, Aquarius is the sign that rules radio, the internet, computers, satellites, space, mental telepathy, prayer, Reiki and WI-FI, as well as all the electronic devices we use to send and receive information from anywhere to anywhere.

Perhaps the most important Aquarius discovery in recent human history revealed that it is human consciousness that actually creates our reality, both individually, and collectively. 

As we prepare to enter into the ‘Age of Aquarius’ our greatest evolutionary task may well be to take complete responsibility for the wise use of our minds as we fully realize the power our thoughts have to co-create and transform our realities.

Aquarius is ruled by two planets:  Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn rules the past; Uranus rules the future.  This sign rules groups of all kinds, particularly groups within a society.  On the most personal, mundane level, Aquarius rules our friends.  Perhaps the greatest social groups are reflected in national and political parties.  Indeed Aquarius also rules politics.  Political struggles have always existed between those who wish to return to the bygone days of the past and those who want to move forward into the future.

Both Saturn and Uranus are currently connected to Pluto in Capricorn.  The long-term square aspect (90 degrees apart) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, has been reflected in all of the unexpected changes we’ve seen in recent years.  This once-in-a-lifetime 127 year cycle between Uranus, the planet of revolution, and Pluto, the planet of evolution, symbolizes the rapid pace of global change we’ve witnessed for the last decade, and will likely continue to experience for several more years.

These extraordinary planet-wide changes began in 2008 with the Wall Street crash that triggered a world-wide economic downturn and the election of the first African American U.S. President, Barack Obama. 

Change continued in 2011 with the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movements that brought the phrase “1% vs. 99%” into our everyday lexicon. 

And change continues today with the legalization of gay marriage and the ongoing explosion of social media and technological advancements like virtual reality and self-driving cars.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn has been THE astrological ‘base note’ in the heavens since 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, the sign that rules all structures, including social structures like nations and governments, as well as the very structural nature of human consciousness.  While Uranus is currently finishing up its stay in Aries, Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2024-2025, a few years beyond 2021-2022, the years in which the United States will experience its first ever ‘Pluto Return,’ an extraordinary astrological event that occurs only once every 248 years.

Of course Pluto represents the Soul and it’s Soul path, or evolutionary growth intentions.  It also rules the very process of evolution itself.  As America experiences its Pluto Return, we’ll face a crucially important collective choice.  Will we renew our nation’s destiny and Soul path by reaffirming our democratic founding principles of liberty, freedom and justice for ALL, or go the way of so many other autocratic and tyrannical nations who have destroyed themselves by succumbing to greed, corruption and despotism?

In short, as the Uranus connection to Pluto continues to wield powerful influence over the coming years, we will see many, MANY more changes in our social realities and social structures.  These changes will reflect the ongoing evolution of our individual and collective consciousness.  The question is, what changes will we choose?  What new realities will we co-create through the power of our collective consciousness?

Perhaps Saturn, the other planetary ruler of Aquarius can offer us some clues.  Saturn moved into Capricorn last December.  Saturn typically takes three years to move through any sign.  It will be in Capricorn until December 2020.  Saturn will catch up to Pluto in 2020, the year of our next U.S. Presidential election and the year preceding our nation’s Pluto Return. 

One of the many important lessons Capricorn teaches is RESPONSIBILITY.  This sign demands emotional maturity that is accountable for its actions.  Through Capricorn, we all learn that in the end, we must each take complete responsibility for the consequences of ALL of our choices, actions and decisions.  After all, it’s our own consciousness that is responsible for co-creating our reality!

As Saturn moves through Capricorn over the next three years, expect an increasing demand for personal responsibility and accountability, especially for those in positions of power and authority like business leaders, religious leaders, politicians and government officials.  Avoidance of or resistance to this necessary evolutionary requirement will only fuel the energy of increasing grass roots movements, political activism and ultimately, the potential for social revolution.

Indeed, this Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a cosmic ‘shot over the bough’ for those in leadership positions who abuse their power in order to maintain their power.

President Trump’s former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Porter, whose role was to handle the president’s most sensitive paperwork, resigned two weeks ago due to revelations that he beat up two of his previous wives. Kelly knew this, and kept him on the job, even though he could not get security clearance. Kushner has also been denied full security clearance. Photo by Alex Brandon.

Current headlines provide ample evidence to back up this timely heavenly imperative – from the increased scrutiny of denials of required security clearance for top White House aides, recently revealed in the botched dismissal of Rob Porter, Staff Secretary to Trump, who has been credibly accused of domestic violence by two former wives and a former girlfriend, to revelations that Chief of Staff and retired General John Kelly knew about Porter’s abuse months ago and failed to remove him from the White House. 

In other headlines, South African President Jacob Zuma resigned this week, forced out of office by his own ANC (African National Congress) political party. 

Yet another headline reports that Israeli police have just handed down a recommendation for criminal indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on charges of bribery and corruption.

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up precisely on the ‘plane of the ecliptic’ or the orbital path the Earth takes around the Sun.  This occurs every five and a half months during New Moons and Full Moons.  Because the Moon orbits the Earth at a tilt to the Earth’s own orbital path around the Sun, the Moon crosses over the Earth’s plane of ecliptic twice every month, usually above or below the Earth.  When the Moon aligns precisely in front of or behind the Earth, eclipses occur.

The point at which the Moon crosses the Earth’s orbital path moving southward creates the Moon’s South Node.  The point at which the Moon crosses this plane moving northward creates the Moon’s North Node.  Since eclipses always occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon all line up precisely on this plane of the ecliptic that creates the Moon’s North and South Node, eclipses are themselves always associated with the Moon’s Nodes.

One of the ways eclipses are understood is related to whether they are a ‘South Node eclipse’ or a ‘North Node eclipse.’  This is determined by which Node the Sun is nearest.  This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a South Node eclipse since the South Node is in Aquarius now. 

Since the South Node always symbolizes what needs to be released in order to move forward and continue evolving, this Solar Eclipse is indicating that we must let go of the past before we can move forward.  Since Aquarius itself is about breaking free, this Solar Eclipse carries a ‘double dose’ of the energy of letting go – of the past and whatever else is preventing our ongoing growth.

Aquarius rules trauma.  Leo rules love.  The Moon’s Nodes always reflect the evolutionary pathway.  The evolutionary trajectory for us now is to move FROM traumas (Aquarius South Node/past) TO love (Leo North Node/future).  And because the energies of any eclipse last at least until the next set of eclipses, the energy and intention of this eclipse will continue to unfold until this Summer when the next set of eclipses occur in July and August.

Human history is full of traumas.  Reviewing the past several thousand years, we find that nearly every chapter, in nearly every corner of the globe, includes devastating traumatic events like war, famine, genocide, disease and countless natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

Just this week, the latest trauma occurred here in the U.S. as yet another mass shooting took place, this time in Parkland, Florida.  A nineteen year old formerly expelled student opened fire on classmates in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School killing seventeen and injuring over twenty more.

A majority of people alive today carry memories of past traumas in their individuated unconsciousness, as well as within their cells.  This Solar Eclipse offers an opportunity to heal these traumas from the past.  Indeed, they must be healed before we can move forward successfully. 

As just mentioned, the universal antidote to trauma (Aquarius) is love (Leo).  LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE HEALER OF ALL WOUNDS. 

This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is saying, “Open your heart to greater love, for yourself, for others and for the planet.”

As luck (divine timing) would have it, Mercury, the planet of the mind, thoughts and communication, is also in Aquarius now.  Mercury is also currently in a very favorable connection to Uranus, one of Aquarius’ ruling planets. 

Mercury adds extraordinary mental power to this New Moon Solar Eclipse chart pattern.  In Aquarius, Mercury’s intellectual capacity can think outside the box, breaking through old patterns of thought and old beliefs to create new ideas and innovative solutions to longstanding problems.  Since Aquarius is also the sign that rules groups, its likely that many of these new ideas will both come from and be implemented by those who come together and work together to resolve crises and heal our social wounds.

And speaking of wounds…

Followers of my work know that I speak often about the destructive influence of Patriarchy.   Patriarchal philosophy has underpinned human societies and cultures for thousands of years.  This social organizing paradigm is founded upon four primary principles:  HIERARCHY, DOMINANCE, EXCLUSION AND SELF-INTEREST. 

Patriarchy has brought us man-made religions that teach male-dominance.  They falsely preach that men are superior to women and humans are superior to the plant and animal kingdoms or what is essentially the natural world or nature.  Of course nature is quintessentially feminine.  We call her ‘Mother Nature’ for a reason.  She nurtures us by providing all that’s needed to sustain life. 

If we look closely, it’s easy to see that literally ALL of the problems humanity has experienced in the past, and still faces today, are the result of one or more of these fundamental patriarchal principles.

Here are just a few current examples.

So-called ‘Dreamers’ or DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals) recipients are currently in a state of crises here in the U.S. since the Trump administration’s Justice Department unilaterally rescinded protections last September for over 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to this country by their parents as young children.  They are facing deportation on March 5th unless Congress or the courts act.  This is a perfect example of a mindset that seeks to EXCLUDE.  In truth, nearly ALL immigration policies are based upon a desire to exclude certain people from a country.

Another stark example of exclusion is easily seen in the current administration. 

Trump’s  cabinet and administration are staffed almost EXCLUSIVELY (pun intended) by white men.  Few women and people of color are employed in this administration.  Unfortunately, this imbalance is also evident in Congress where women hold only one in five seats in the Senate and minorities make up less than ten percent of members.

Male dominance and white dominance is also reflected in the relatively small number of women and people of color who hold top executive or leadership positions in industry, science, academia and government, in many nations across the planet, including here in the U.S. 

And let’s not forget that women are utterly absent in senior positions in the world’s three major religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity).  This too is astonishing given the fact that over five billion of the more than seven billion people on our planet today claim affiliation with or membership in one of these three religions.  All three of these patriarchal religions forbid women to hold positions of leadership within their institutions.

Woman represent a little over HALF of the entire global population, yet hold only a fraction of positions of power within society in most of the countries of our world!

How about self-interest?  We need look no further than trans-national corporations and Wall Street to see the pervasive greed that is driven by self-interest, or to corrupt governments and their officials whose policies nearly universally benefit the rich and wealthy while ignoring and often exacerbating the plight of the poor and underprivileged.

Notably, the sole legislative achievement in the Trump administration’s first year was a tax bill that exploded the national debt by $1.5 trillion through tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest individuals in our country.  Now the Republican controlled Congress is cutting social programs in order to address the burgeoning budget deficit resulting from their tax bill.  Indeed the 1% vs. 99% has been a human reality for millennia…

And of course what is war but an act of dominance that seeks to force the values, beliefs, ambitions or ideologies of one group onto another group?

Interestingly, most indigenous cultures live in accordance with natural laws or nature (Matriarchy).  They’re organized around a philosophy that the success and well-being of the entire tribe or clan depends upon their ability to ensure that the needs of everyone are met, not just a few.  These are the very tribes and cultures commonly referred to by ‘first-world’ nations as ‘primitive’ and ‘uncivilized.’ 

Whenever I hear such descriptions, I’m reminded of something Gandhi once said.  When asked by a reporter what he thought about ‘Western civilization’ he replied, “I think that would be a great idea!” 

Hierarchical thinking influences not just genders and races, but also extends to nations and hemispheres of our planet where North is perceived as superior to South and West is superior to East.  Hierarchy and dominance go hand in hand.

All these realities point to perhaps the ONE thing we most need to let go of in order to move forward and achieve necessary evolutionary growth as a species – Patriarchy.  Patriarchy has created many, many traumas.

I referenced ‘Matriarchy’ above.  It’s worth noting that the philosophical principles of Matriarchy contrast completely in comparison with Patriarchy.  And no, Matriarchy does NOT mean female-dominance.  That is a false and distorted patriarchal projection.  Matriarchy is founded upon the principles of GIVING, SHARING, INCLUSION AND GROUP-INTEREST. 

Matriarchy is the social organizing paradigm that underpins the natural world.  In nature, eco-systems are wholistic.  Resources are shared.  Each unique and different part of the whole plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of the entire system.  Diversity reflects strength.  All parts are necessary and contribute to the integrity of the whole.

In truth, everyone and everything IS connected.  In truth, we are ALL ONE.  Science has proven this as fact.  When quantum scientist John Hagelin, PhD. (of ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ documentary fame) was asked how many minds exist in this universe, his answer was “One.”  Both science and nature validate matriarchal, not patriarchal  values.  Aquarius’ association with groups reflects that the ultimate group is the WHOLE OF HUMANITY.

This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse chart contains another striking set of celestial symbols and patterns.  This pattern is already manifesting in our current reality and will likely continue to be a focal point that will grow in intensity over the coming months.  This focal point is women. 

The New Moon chart has Venus (women) in favorable aspect to Saturn (responsibility).  This reflects the likelihood that women will increasingly lead the way forward towards a new, healthier future.  The chart also has the asteroid Juno, associated with the archetype of the ‘wife’ closely conjunct the Sun and Moon.  And, Eris, a recently discovered trans-Plutonian planet has been traveling alongside Uranus, one of Aquarius’ rulers, for several years now.  Let’s take a further look at these astrological signatures.

Juno, the Roman Goddess of Love and Marriage, symbolizes themes associated with partnership commitments and fidelity. 

Juno was married to Jupiter.  Interestingly, the planet Jupiter is currently in a challenging square aspect to this Aquarius New Moon.

The Romans stole their mythology from the Greeks, whose counterparts to Juno and Jupiter were Hera and her husband Zeus.  Zeus, the God of Olympus, was notorious for his serial infidelities.  Hera’s rage towards Zeus’ many lovers was well-known reflecting the archetype of the ‘woman scorned’ who seeks revenge and wreaks havoc.

Melania Trump and Rob Porter’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriend can surely relate to Juno’s plight.  Of course, all the women of the #MeToo movement also reflect a current manifestation of Juno’s archetypal influence.  Instead of rage and revenge however, women need to stand up, speak out and take responsibility.  They also need to take back their power.

Eris too is reflecting the rage that women are finding the courage to express openly now.  While astrologers are still in the early stages of discerning the archetypal meaning of this new member of our Solar system, the mythology of Eris provides early clues.  Eris was called the Goddess of Discord.  She was famous for creating trouble for others who excluded her or dismissed her.  Women are just fed up with men abusing their power from positions of authority.  Women are increasingly saying, “Enough is enough!”

But let’s go back to Jupiter for a moment.  Jupiter’s current transit (October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018) through Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, money, power and secrets, is the primary celestial energy being reflected in all of the allegations of sexual misconduct being exposed in many sectors of our society including the news and entertainment industries, as well as business and government. 

It’s also associated with all the investigations underway including that of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as the three Congressional oversight committee investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and potential collusion and coordination with the Trump campaign.  Since Scorpio (investigations) also rules money, it’s not surprising that these investigations are ‘following the money,’ ie., the $130k payment of hush money just days before the 2016 election to Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had an affair with Trump in 2007. 

And as mentioned previously, since Scorpio also rules secrets, Jupiter is also manifesting in the growing scandal about White House officials who lack the security clearance required to see our nation’s top secrets. 

Clearly, Jupiter is BUSY!

When Jupiter stations retrograde on March 8/9th, it will mark the end of an unusual nine week period of direct motion of all the major planets in the heavens, a phenomenon that typically lasts for a period of only a few days each year.  This reversal will likely coincide with reviews and revisions to many legal issues.  These may include lawsuits currently moving through the courts, like those challenging the Trump administration’s travel ban and those in support of DACA.  And some of these important investigations may return to previous witnesses or testimonies.  During Jupiter’s retrograde period (March 8/9th to July 10th) many of these Jupiter in Scorpio issues may need to go backward, to review or revisit prior work or efforts, in order to successfully move forward later.

Finally, the remaining significant astrological signature of the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse chart is Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces.  This planetary combination represents the need to ‘walk your talk.’  Actions (Mars) must be in alignment with personal truth (Sagittarius) and integrity to succeed.  Unevolved expression of this energy risks succumbing to the slippery slope of delusions, deceptions and fraud (Neptune and Pisces). 

Mental health is also a potential issue with Neptune and Pisces.  It’s highly likely that Nikolas Cruz, the suspected Parkland, Florida High School shooter suffers from mental illness.  Of course with all the severe cuts to the social safety net in our country, including cuts in funding to local health clinics, it’s also quite likely that even if Nikolas did seek out professional medical help, the services he needed may not have been readily available or available at all.  Traumas are a primary causal factor for mental illness.  Changes in our mental health systems and services must occur if we are to succeed in healing, and preventing, further traumas.

Eclipses are powerful celestial harbingers of change.  I often describe eclipses as ‘cosmic reboots’ of human consciousness.  This is because when eclipses occur, they literally disrupt the continuous flow of the cosmic energies constantly streaming onto our planet for a brief time. 

Using a simple analogy of human consciousness being similar to a computer, it’s easy to see how eclipses, which turn off our primary energy sources, and then turn them back on again, are associated with ‘cosmic reboots’ to human consciousness. 

When you further consider that most computer reboots simultaneously download new program updates and delete or de-install or even overwrite old programs, it helps explain why eclipses are so powerful in our ongoing evolution.  This Solar Eclipse delivered a collective consciousness upgrade!

Uranus rules the brain and Aquarius rules collective human consciousness.  Uranus and Aquarius liberate us from whatever is preventing necessary evolutionary growth and progress.  In short, Aquarius is THE SIGN OF CHANGE.  Some changes occur slowly.  Some changes happen in surprising and unexpected ways.  Sometimes, when necessary change is resisted for too long, Uranus and Aquarius bring about change in ways that are radical and revolutionary, cataclysmic and irrevocable like an earthquake that forever changes the landscape. 

The forces of evolution will always overcome the forces of resistance.  Aquarius also rules groups.  Yes, this New Moon is encouraging us all to be true to our unique individual selves.  But it’s also reminding us that we are all part of the human family.  Let’s use this cosmic reboot of our collective consciousness to break free of the past, to heal old traumas and embrace the necessary changes required to move us all forward into a healthier, happier, more sustainable future – TOGETHER

This Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse is a HUGE cosmic opportunity to raise our consciousness and expand our awareness in ways that inspire and encourage us to co-create new realities!  Don’t resist necessary evolutionary change.  Embrace it.  It’s time to heed the wisdom of that old saying about change:

The Pisces New Moon is on March 17th at 7:12 am MST.

 Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.


Capricorn New Moon: Greater Responsibility and Accountability

The Capricorn New Moon happens on January 16th at 7:17 pm MST at 26 degrees Capricorn 54 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  CapricornNewMoon2018.

Capricorn’s symbol is the SeaGoat.  It reflects mankind’s evolutionary journey, from our origins in the sea, to the tops of mountains where our natural spiritual path of development brings us closest to the Divine Source that created all things.

Capricorn energy is greatly emphasized in this New Moon chart pattern! 

This is because the Sun and Moon are not alone.  They’re joined by four other planets also in Capricorn now.  Three or more planets in the same sign comprise what’s called a ‘stellium’ or group of planets.  This New Moon chart has a SIX PLANET stellium in  Capricorn.  That’s over half of our Solar system all in Capricorn now!

From right to left, this stellium includes Saturn at 3 degrees, Mercury at 8 degrees, Pluto at 19 degrees, both the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees and Venus at 28 degrees Capricorn. 

Saturn’s presence in Capricorn greatly empowers this stellium because it is the natural planetary ruler of Capricorn.

Further energizing this New Moon chart is the fact that ALL the planets in our solar system are currently direct in motion, or moving forward, through the zodiac in the heavens. 

Typically, this only occurs for a few days or perhaps a week or two each year.  This year however, this forward motion phenomenon will persist for over two months.  It began on January 2nd when Uranus stationed direct at 24 degrees Aries, and will continue until March 8/9th when Jupiter will station retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio.

Given the natural law of correspondences, or what is more commonly understood through the biblical phrase, “As Above, So Below” this means that there’s the potential for LOTS of forward movement here on planet Earth over the coming weeks.

Each New Moon pattern typically ‘seeds’ energies associated with the sign the New Moon occurs in for approximately four weeks, until the next New Moon happens.  However, since this Capricorn New Moon is the first to occur since Saturn moved into Capricorn, it’s own sign, where it will remain until December 2020, my sense is the ‘seeds’ planted in this Capricorn New Moon may take a full three years to completely manifest or unfold!

Frankly, we may NEED this much Capricorn energy for three years, because Capricorn is the sign of responsibility and accountability.  It also rules the structural nature of human consciousness, the source quantum science has definitively proven to be responsible for co-creating our realities, both individually and collectively. 

Capricorn teaches us to grow up, to fully mature, and to own completely the consequences of ALL of our behaviors, choices, actions and experiences. 

This ownership becomes increasingly important once we become consciously aware, as a result of our own personal spiritual evolutionary development, that it is our consciousness that is responsible for creating our reality.  This is true on both personal and collective levels.

Capricorn also reflects the need to hold others accountable, particularly those in positions of power and authority. 


Interestingly, the New Moon is currently square Uranus in Aries, THE planet of revolutionary forces and changes.  This third quarter, or waning square aspect carries the energy of a ‘crisis in consciousness.’  The purpose of such crises is to bring about a realization of the need to throw off ‘consensus’ or ‘mainstream’ realities and their associated limitations, corruptions and dysfunctions so that evolutionary growth can continue. 

Most dangerous among these are corrupt individuals and forces that wish to maintain the status quo, and as a result, to also maintain their positions of status and authority.  These individuals are typically motivated by a desire to hold onto power at any cost.  In maintaining the status quo, necessary ongoing evolutionary growth is often prevented and thwarted.  When necessary evolutionary growth or change is resisted for too long however, then Uranus, the planet of revolution, brings the required changes in sudden, forceful and often unexpected ways.  In the end, Uranus ensures the necessary r-evolutionary changes manifest.

Classic examples of such corruption include totalitarian and authoritarian figures whose behavior and dictates are motivated by the desire for absolute power, greed, and a need to maintain complete control over others and their environments.  These individuals often believe “the ends justify the means.”  Ultimately however, such behaviors ensure the evolutionary necessity of a “fall from grace” for those who misuse or abuse the power and authority of their position. 

President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974 as he faced imminent impeachment reflects the inevitable karmic consequences of such un-evolved Capricorn expression.

The evolutionary intention of third quarter squares requires that we move beyond the limits of man-made beliefs and the expectations to conform to consensus reality.  Third quarter squares encourage us to reach for higher spiritual values of an unlimited, transcendent nature. They encourage us to reach beyond Capricorn to Pisces.

The New Moon’s waning sextile (60 degree angle) to Chiron in Pisces provides just such impetus.  Pisces is the sign associated with the natural path of spiritual development as well as the Divine Creative Source of all things.  It is through Pisces that we return to and reunite with this Divine Source, the ultimate culmination of mankind’s evolutionary journey.  Through Pisces, we remember, embrace and embody the timeless, universal principles of compassion, non-judgment, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional love for self and others. 

This New Moon is also sextile Mars in Scorpio, which is itself trine (120 degree angle) Chiron in Pisces and inconjunct (150 degree angle) Uranus in Aries.  Mars is also still conjunct Jupiter which is also in Scorpio. 

Both continue to dig deep to expose the truth and to bring about much needed healing, especially sexual healing.

Altogether, these planetary connections portend the ability to release guilt, to let go of judgments of self and others, and to deeply heal old emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds, particularly those associated with losses, abandonments and betrayals.  These energetic influences reflect an ability to make the necessary changes and adjustments required to heal and to evolve.

To affect such healing, Mars compels us to take action.  Right actions and choices will reflect our Soul’s deepest desires.  Mars will provide all the energy needed to move forward towards what’s most important and meaningful to us on a personal level.  Mars is now asking us to heal our heart by following our heart. 

Since Capricorn rules responsibility, it stands to reason that it also rules our careers.  It’s likely that MANY people will change jobs or careers over the coming few years in pursuit of a life path that’s much more meaningful.  These new career paths and life directions will be more closely aligned with their heart’s desires.  They’ll allow them to more fully express their true authentic selves and personal values. 

So if you’re currently in an unfulfilling job or stuck in a career that just isn’t rewarding or satisfying, NOW is the time to begin to make the necessary changes and adjustments required to create your dream job! 

If you’re uncertain about what that new job will look like specifically, take time each and every day to get quiet, get centered and turn your attention inward.  Use the Pisces energy available now to connect with your Higher Self and to seek inner spiritual guidance from your very Soul.  Ask what choices and actions will lead you to ‘right work.’  Ask for help in determining what steps you must take to co-create a better life or career path.

All this Capricorn energy is initiating a new era of self-responsibility and personal accountability!  We will ALL be challenged to develop greater INNER authority.  Instead of deferring to outer authorities to make all the decisions, the next few years will demand that each of us stand up and take charge of our own lives to a much greater degree.

We’ll also be challenged to develop much greater INNER emotional security.  After all, Capricorn is the sign of emotional maturation.  Evolution always naturally occurs by and through the opposite sign in the zodiac.  Cancer opposes Capricorn and teaches that we are ALL responsible for our own well-being and emotional security.  Instead of depending upon outer sources for validation or approval, for protection and security, or even for meaning in our lives, we must learn to further develop and utilize our own resources.  We must learn that the only true source of security comes from within.  We must grow up, mature, and become self-responsible and self-determined.

Accordingly, since Capricorn rules governments and Cancer rules the people in any nation, we can expect more grass roots organizing and greater local efforts over the next three years as more and more communities focus their time, energy and resources on addressing their own needs and resolving their own issues instead of depending upon an increasingly corrupt and dysfunctional federal government.  Arguably, Washington D.C. seems intent only on competing for, wielding, and maintaining power, not solving our nation’s problems or the greater global issues we face.

Hopefully, a BIG part of this growing sense of personal and collective responsibility will be reflected in more and more Americans becoming better, more responsible citizens. 

As we move closer and closer to the time of our first ever Pluto return in 2021-2022 (a 248 year cycle/event), we currently have a President who many believe is authoritarian in nature and universally motivated by corrupt self-interest.  Some even compare Donald Trump to Britain’s King George, the tyrannical leader our founding fathers ‘threw off’ in 1776, when the colonies joined together and declared our independence. 

Indeed the same circumstances that compelled our nation’s founding are being re-created and re-experienced now! 

Since Pluto represents the natural life/death/rebirth cycle, and the Soul’s evolutionary intentions, when Pluto ‘returns’ to it’s natal position in the chart of a nation, it symbolizes a time naturally associated with a cyclic opportunity to either end, or re-birth, the founding principles and core intentions or purpose of that nation. 

As the U.S. Pluto return draws nearer, we would do well to remember the enduring words of Abraham Lincoln uttered in the midst of the Civil War in his historic Gettysburg Address.  It is he who gave us the phrase, ‘of, by and for the people’ when he said, “… we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that the nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that the government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” 

May we now resolve to recommit ourselves to this nation’s founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and to America’s core values of freedom and justice for ALL.  May we all utilize the abundance of Capricorn energy available now and for the next three years to become more responsible for ourselves and for the realities we are co-creating individually and collectively.  And may we learn to develop a greater sense of inner authority that holds ourselves and others to account, especially those in positions of leadership and authority in our society. 

And perhaps most importantly, may we also remember that “Of, by and for the people” means that those in government, including ALL elected officials, work for the people.  THE PEOPLE represent the ultimately authority in the United States of America!

Finally, Capricorn also represents the past.  And yet, the enormous gathering of energies associated with this sign (SIX PLANETS IN CAPRICORN!) are ALL square Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, innovation and change. 

Uranus rules progress and the future.  It’s time to throw off the past and embrace the future.  It’s time to take full responsibility for co-creating a better future, a more peaceful future for ourselves and for us all!

 The next New Moon, the Aquarius New Moon, is a Solar Eclipse on February 15th!

Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.