Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse: Liberation or Self-Imprisonment

piscesglyph31The Pisces New Moon on February 26th is an Annular Solar Eclipse!  It occurs at 7:58 am MST at 8 degrees Pisces 12 minutes.

Here’s the chart:  piscesnewmoonsolareclipse2017.

This Pisces New Moon is part of a tremendous Pisces stellium, or a cluster of three or more planets in the same sign.  This Pisces New Moon stellium contains SEVEN celestial points including 6 planets and the Moon’s South Node.  That’s a LOT of Pisces energy!

As the final sign of the natural zodiac, Pisces is always associated with endings, completion and culmination.  With so much Pisces energy emphasized in this New Moon chart pattern, we can expect MANY old realities, paradigms, structures,  circumstances and situations to come to an end. 

Further, since the New Moon is also conjunct, or in very close alignment with the Moon’s South Node, these endings will be absolute with far-reaching consequences.  This is because the South Node symbolizes the past and what needs to be released for evolutionary growth to continue.   Holding on or trying to maintain whatever has reached its limitations or exhausted its natural energy and purpose, actually interferes with and prevents further evolution.  Clinging to the past always ensures an ongoing re-creation of the past.

We must understand however that tleapoffaith2he challenge in letting go of the past is that it always represents what’s well known and familiar.   Familiarity breeds security; unfamiliarity breeds insecurity.   Letting go of what’s familiar often leads to uncertainty.  Venturing into the unknown creates insecurity that can be frightening.  Sometimes letting go can require enormous courage.  To do so we must take the proverbial ‘leap of faith.’

Fortunately, for those who trust in the Divine, faith often comes much more easily.  So thank heavens for this Pisces New Moon and it’s tremendous Pisces stellium because Pisces is the sign of faith!  Spiritual guidance, divine wisdom and inner peace are readily available now with such an abundance of Pisces energy. 

Ask and ye shall receive…

onenessPisces is a vast archetype.  It embodies all twelve zodiac signs and therefore rules every possible human experience.  It rules the totality of consciousness, which creates reality.  It rules universality.  Universality is associated with the principle of connectedness that reflects the natural LAW OF ONE – that everyone and everything is connected energetically – to each other and to the Divine Source that created us all. 

Quantum science long ago verified this natural law as truth.

With utterly no separation and no boundaries, no structural definition or limits, there is no way to distinguish this from that, or me from you.  This is only one of the many reasons that Pisces is often associated with confusion. 

Confusion is a necessary Pisces experience however, since this sign’s evolutionary intention is to DISSOLVE whatever we falsely believe in or have given too much meaning to with the hope that it will bring us happiness, fulfillment and well-being. 

All too often, these things actually separate us from, or prevent us from seeking a deeper relationship with the sacred aspects of life.  In biblical terms, they are ‘false idols.’  Ultimate meaning and true fulfillment can only come from reunification with the Divine Creative Source or what we call Spirit, God or Goddess.  People and things lose their meaning when they interfere with this spiritual connection.

Pisces ALWAYS operates through a process of dissolution.  And as dissolution occurs, we naturally experience confusion.  Realize this dissolution has a spiritual evolutionary purpose.  Realize too that when the dissolution process is complete, we can experience absolute clarity.  Dissolution brings confusion.  As our consciousness awakens to Divine Truth or the reality of wholeness, of ONE-NESS, clarity returns and replaces confusion.  Just ask anyone who has experienced their individual consciousness merging with the totality of the universe.  When this occurs, it’s always described as a spiritual awakening that brings the ultimate realization of truth.  What could be more clear? 

onenessreturntospiritSo Pisces is the sign associated with natural laws and the awakening of human consciousness.  It reflects the natural spiritual evolutionary developmental path.  This final sign of the zodiac naturally symbolizes the Soul’s ultimate desire, which is the desire to return to and reunite with the Divine Creative Source that created it.

It is perhaps helpful to also understand that Pisces rules all sources of water including the oceans.  We often use the phrase ‘sea of consciousness’ to describe the totality of collective human consciousness.  We also use the Pisces words ‘universal’ and ‘solvent’ together to describe the dissolving quality of water.

On a mundane level, the subject of water is currently capturing headlines as record rainfall in drought-stricken California resulted in the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people as the overflow spillway in the Oroville Dam dangerously eroded.  This dam is a crucial part of the state’s water distribution infrastructure. 

Indeed headlines are full of things ruled by Pisces including poisons, prisons, lies, infectious diseases, chemicals, oil, drugs, addiction, places of worship, spies and even bathrooms!  Current associated news stories include:

  • The alleged assassination of Kim Jung Nam, the half-brother of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jung Il, by Vx, a deadly chemical weapon nerve agent poison
  • The ongoing discovery of lead poisoning in municipal water sources in hundreds of cities and towns all across the United States, not just in Flint, Michigan
  • The serial lies of Donald Trump
  • Newly appointed US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ first legal decision:  rescinding the Obama administration’s ‘guidance on transgender students’ that allowed them to use the bathroom associated with their gender identity in compliance with federal non-discrimination laws
  • The reversal last week by Attorney General Sessions of an Obama era DOJ decision to phase out the use of private prisons
  • The increasing threat of drug-resistant strains of bacteria that recently resulted in the first documented death in the United States
  • The mutation of a strain of bird flu that just resulted in another culling of millions of birds in poultry farms in Asia
  • The World Health Organization’s recent release of a risk assessment report warning of increasing danger of pandemic disease outbreaks worldwide
  • The growing opioid addiction crisis in the United States
  • The recent spike in attacks (69 since January 1st) on Jewish Community Centers all across America including vandalism and bomb threats
  • Trump’s reversal of Obama administration decisions halting construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines
  • Calls by Republican Congressional Intelligence Committee Chairmen this week for an Independent Investigation into alleged election interference by Russian hacking as well as ongoing contact and possible collusion between Trump aides and Russian operatives (aka spies) during the US presidential campaign
  • Court ordered release of newly confirmed EPA Secretary Pruitt’s emails from his tenure as Oklahoma State Attorney General that revealed a history of collusion with oil and gas industry lobbyists who provided ‘cut and paste’ ready legislative language intended to defeat federal environmental regulations

While the highest expression or manifestation of Pisces energy is spiritual development and the pursuit of connection with the Divine, the lowest expression of this sign is the desire to escape reality when it feels too painful or becomes a source of overwhelming disillusionment or disappointment.  Remember, Pisces is an extremely emotionally sensitive sign.  Pisces feels everything to the ‘nth’ degree.

despairThe desire to escape can become a causal factor that leads to substance abuse and addiction for those who feel powerlessness to change their reality.  This of course then leads to even more fear and more despair.   

The dissolving nature of Pisces can further erode reality, undermining an ability to face up to the truth about what’s just not working anymore. 

Delusions, deceptions, illusions, false idealism and fantasies have no basis in reality.  These too are associated with Pisces. 

Tchoiceshis sense of powerlessness itself is a false and distorted reality.  Humans are intrinsically powerful through their ability to make free will choices. 

Choices reflect the very nature of any individual’s quality of consciousness.  Remember, consciousness creates reality. 

Whether you identify with being a victim of circumstances or a co-creator of circumstances is always your choice.

Those who feel victimized unwittingly maintain a quality of consciousness that is self-defeating and ultimately self-imprisoning. 

It’s important to understand the downside of this sign now since the great emphasis of Pisces energy in this New Moon Solar Eclipse can also plant ‘seeds’ of utter destruction and self-undoing for those who choose to use it unwisely.

To bust out and break free requires making different choices.  Taking complete responsibility for ALL your choices is also required.  Thankfully, this Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse chart pattern has another extraordinary planetary connection that can provide just the ticket to liberation from the despair and disillusionment that creates self-made prisons!

Mars is within just minutes of a precise connection with Uranus in Aries.  It simultaneously opposes retrograde Jupiter in Libra that will itself also oppose Uranus for the second of three times on March 2nd.  Jupiter and Uranus continue to be part of a dynamic revolutionary T-Square configuration that also includes Pluto in Capricorn.  This  T-Square is THE heavenly pattern associated with the increasing social unrest, political activism and chaotic changes happening here in the United States and throughout the world as old social, political, cultural and economic realities continue to be challenged and continue to disintegrate. 

havesandhavenotsJupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries in the T-Square reflect the extreme levels of inequality  between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ globally.  Pluto in Capricorn represents those in positions of power and authority in governments and social institutions the world over who are resisting many of the changes their citizens are increasingly demanding. 

This T-Square clearly represents a power struggle between the past and future, between those who are resisting the status quo and those who are trying to maintain it.  From an evolutionary point of view, its helpful to know that in the end, the forces of evolution always overcome the forces of resistance.  For those who are reeling from all the chaos in the world right now, remember that evolution is a long game.  Patience, as well as persistence are always required to bring about necessary evolutionary change, particularly on a social or collective level.

As Mars enters the T-Square and connects with Uranus, enormous energies and forces for change are available.  On a personal level, this energy can provide the courage necessary to take those leaps of faith and to leave the security and familiarity of the past behind in order to chart a new course or path forward.  Mars and Uranus are the keys to the prison cells.  They are the ‘rocket fuel’ that can spur the manifestation of sudden, unexpected and even shocking events that forever change the landscape for individuals, communities and even countries.

In the latter days of March, Mercury will also enter the T-Square and connect with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus too.  Since Mercury rules knowledge, information, and all forms of communication, expect important messages and insights to further spur revelations and revolutions.  While ‘fake news’ has come to dominate our attention lately, this Mercury passage through the T-Square may well bring ‘shocking news’ and exposure of facts, truths and realities that quite powerfully change the course of current events. 

pressistheenemyofthepeopleInterestingly, in the US progressed chart (progressions slowly ‘unfold’ any natal chart to a current point in time), our nation’s Mercury has been retrograde since 1995.  It will station direct, resuming forward motion in early April this year.  Through it’s association with information and communication, Mercury also rules the media and the press. 

President Trump recently called the US media the ‘enemy of the people.’  The White House has also recently refused to grant press credentials to several reputable news organizations including CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Huffington Post and Politico.   Perhaps the American media is now motivated more than ever before to ferret out truths and expose lies? 

When retrograde planets change direction and begin to move forward once again, all the things associated with that planetary archetype also begin to move forward, often in quite remarkable ways.  Stay tuned, because April may well bring explosive information to light that alters the course of our nation’s history.

One more very important astrological event happens this month.  Venus will begin her bi-annual retrograde period for six weeks on March 4th.  She too is currently in Aries energizing the cardinal T-Square.  But she won’t connect with Pluto, Jupiter or Uranus until after her retrograde is complete in mid-April.  Yes, Venus will provide even MORE celestial energy to events occurring in April. 

Ruling resources and relationships, values and valuables, Venus retrograde periods are always a time for review and reflection upon our experiences with love and money.  Often, people or circumstances from our past relevant to these issues resurface to remind us of what our past experiences with them were like so that when the retrograde period is over, wiser choices can be made moving forward.  Venus retrograde periods accelerate the evolutionary process regarding how we manage our valuable resources so that we can more successfully meet our needs, and how we relate to ourselves and others so our relationships and partnerships are healthier.  This applies to nations as well as individuals.  Clearly, we can do better given the current state of extreme inequality previously mentioned.

solareclipsediamondringFinally, Solar Eclipses interrupt the flow of the cosmic energies that continuously intelligently inform our consciousness individually and collectively.  I always liken them to ‘reboots’ of our personal computers or what we call our brains! 

Solar Eclipses also precisely repeat every nineteen years.  They return to the exact same degree in the zodiac and as a result, repeat the same energetic blueprint of celestial influences. 

What was happening in your life in 1998?  Have you noticed threads of similarity in what’s currently unfolding in your personal experiences?  If so, those previous events can powerfully inform your awareness of current events.  They can offer insights and understanding that help you to make wiser choices now. 

getoutofjailfree2The message of this Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is to LET GO of what is complete, finished, done, dying, delusional, unhealthy or false. 

This must occur BEFORE actions are taken to move in new directions and create new realities if they’re to be successful in the end. 

Face realities squarely, find the courage to make different choices and take a leap of faith to liberate yourself!

This Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is indeed your ‘get out of jail free card!’  


The Aries New Moon occurs on March 27th at 7:57 pm MST!

         Copyright 2017.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.



Aquarius New Moon: Revolution is in the Air!

AquariusImage19The Aquarius New Moon occurs on January 27th at 5:07 pm MST at 8 degrees Aquarius 15 minutes. 

Here’s the chart:  aquariusnewmoon2017

Aquarius is the third and final air sign in the zodiac.  Many people erroneously think it’s a water sign due to its glyph showing a woman pouring water out of an urn. 

What’s actually being poured out is COSMIC WISDOM, or divine intelligence, which clearly marks this sign as one associated with the air element, the element that rules the mind, knowledge and intellectual capacity. 

In ancient times, the sign of Aquarius was associated with Sophia, the Goddess of wisdom.  In fact, prior to the onset of the Patriarchy (6500 BC), wisdom had always been associated with the feminine.  After thousands of years of patriarchal dominance and suppression however, all things feminine, including our ‘Mother’ Earth, have been relegated to a relative position of inferiority compared to masculinity. 

The primary sources responsible for this gender imbalance are man-made religions which have conditioned us for thousands of years to believe that women are associated with evil and that all humanity is born sinful simply because they are born of women.  These false teachings and influences persist to this day as evidenced in social and cultural beliefs, laws and policies that continue to seek to control women in general, and to control female bodies and feminine sexuality in particular. 

In fact, the parliament in Russia just recently voted to decriminalize domestic violence:  http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/victims-angry-over-russia-cutting-domestic-abuse-penalties/ar-AAmBz6n  

Russia is not alone in its misogyny.  Here in the United States, the Violence Against Women’s Act, first passed in 1994, was recently opposed by conservative Republicans in Congress when it came up for renewal in 2012.  They objected to extending the Act’s protections to same-sex couples and to provisions allowing battered illegal immigrants to claim temporary visas.  Ultimately, the Act was reauthorized in 2013, after more than a year-long pitched legislative battle.

 Enlightened men, young and old, joined in the Women's March on Washington DC.

Enlightened men, young and old, joined in the Women’s March on Washington DC.

It is a profound coincidence (incidents that coincide) that this powerful Aquarius New Moon celestial pattern has formed in the heavens within just days of the momentous Women’s March on Washington, DC, and the many associated Women’s Marches in hundreds of other cities all around the world.  As above, so below.

Yes, revolution is in the air.  And it will be led and sustained by women.  Women of all races, creeds, faiths and nationalities all across the planet are stepping forward and moving forward once again even in the face of tremendous historical and ongoing push-back by entrenched patriarchal (male-dominated) social and political forces.

The Soul level intention of Aquarius is to liberate from any and all circumstances that are preventing ongoing evolutionary growth.  This Aquarius New Moon is reflecting extraordinary revolutionary forces.  The heavens seem to be saying that we’ve reached a turning point regarding r-evolutionary impulses and forces for change!

Following Capricorn in the natural sequence order of the zodiac signs, Aquarius helps to break up, break down and break through what is stuck or ‘crystallized.’  Capricorn represents all the existing ‘conventional’ norms and rules associated with established social structures, traditions and expectations that are stuck in the past.  Indeed, Capricorn is the sign associated with patriarchy.

When the 1% of any society’s elite authority figures and leaders resist necessary changes for too long (Capricorn), the will of the 99% or the masses who desire change and progress inevitably coalesces into forces of resistance that grow into forces of rebellion and ultimately morph into forces of revolution (Aquarius).  

Of course, those resisting, rebelling and revolting are not always all on the same page!  While some forces desire to return to the past, as evidenced by growing protectionist national identify political factions (Saturn), other forces are compelled to move forward (Uranus) towards a greater unity consciousness that desires greater connection and community among all nations and peoples.

pastvsfutureAquarius reflects this polarity through its dual rulership by both Saturn (past) and Uranus (future).  Of course, many people will find themselves in the middle of the Aquarian bell curve so to speak, wanting to preserve the best of the past while working to bring about much needed change and progress that will move us all forward into a better future. freedomvsresponsibility

Interestingly, Uranus and Saturn also rule freedom and responsibility.  These two always go together.  It’s true that if you desire freedom, you must also be willing to assume greater responsibility.  And likewise, the more responsible you are, the more freedom you have. 

It’s time for the masses to reclaim responsibility for their well-being and the well-being of their communities, instead of relying upon outer sources to take care of them, like governments, which are utterly corrupt. 

Governments worldwide are disintegrating, failing and crumbling.  This reality is reflected in the heavens through Pluto (death and rebirth) moving through the sign of Capricorn (governments) from 2008 to 2025.  Currently, Pluto has reached the mid-point of Capricorn and accordingly, is increasingly gathering powerful momentum.

I have long believed that humanity is currently evolving towards a future that is post-national and post-governmental.  Perhaps it will take several centuries before this reality totally manifests.  Nevertheless, I think it’s where we’re heading.  This is because evolution always occurs through opposite signs.  Since governments are ruled by Capricorn, the evolutionary trajectory points to Cancer, its opposite sign. 

Cancer is the sign associated with the grass roots of any society.  It also rules families and community.  Cancer rules the masses.  Capricorn rules nations, leaders and societal institutions.  In this natural evolutionary process, power and authority will necessarily decentralize to a local level.  Accordingly, responsibility will return to communities.  And as a result, individuals and communities will also experience greater freedoms.

Currently, the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is continuing to move through the sign of Aries (2010 through 2018).  Uranus is making a very favorable trine aspect (120 degrees) now to Aquarius’ ancient co-ruler, Saturn, which is in Sagittarius (2014 through 2017).  This positive connection promises advances in social, cultural and political structures and paradigms.  It also portends an ease of energies focused on continuing to reveal truths and expose lies in surprising and unexpected ways that support social progress. 

The Women's March spills into Third Street in Washington, DC, January 21, 2017, the day after President Donald Trump's inauguration.

The Women’s March spills into Third Street in Washington, DC, January 21, 2017, the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Differing beliefs (Sagittarius) are the primary cause of many of our most intractable conflicts.  But the supportive energy of these two giants (Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries) can assist those who wish to move forward in new (Aries) directions and to bridge the gaps that divide us. 

As more lies and more truths are revealed, humanity will continue to awaken to a greater awareness that cannot help but further the shift in human consciousness that’s been greatly accelerating in correlation to the most important current astrological pattern in the heavens:  the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto. 

As we expand our consciousness and awareness relative to our place within the whole of the universe, the more will we begin to recognize our similarities more than our differences. 

Perhaps this expansion of the collective consciousness will be greatly enhanced by widespread public dissemination of the work of Dr. Steven Greer.  He has spent the last thirty years of his life on The Disclosure Project – a quintessential Aquarian endeavor if ever there was one!  To learn more about Greer and his work visit his website at http://www.disclosureproject.org/

Dr. Greer is planning a simultaneous worldwide release of both a book and a documentary film by late March or early April entitled, Unacknowledged:  An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History.  Watch the trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_-VPmD7kUk

Uranus and Saturn are each also making important aspects to other planets in the New Moon chart pattern.  Saturn in Sagittarius is currently challenged by debilitating squares (90 degrees) to Venus, Chiron and Mars – all in Pisces.  And Uranus in Aries is part of a powerful cardinal T-Square!  It not only continues its decade-long square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (2010 through 2020), but is also caught up in an opposition (180 degrees) to Jupiter in Libra through September of this year!  This cardinal T-Square is a dynamic celestial pattern reflecting instinctive actions that always initiate necessary change. 

Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra symbolize both the extreme levels of inequality in our relationships, and the revolutionary urge to break up, break down and break free of old corrupt social, economic, political and cultural paradigms.  This opposition will be further strengthened and emphasized as Jupiter stations retrograde on February 5th/6th depending on your time zone. 

As Jupiter retrogrades back through Libra over the next four months (until June 9th) take the opportunity to review and reflect upon your beliefs, particularly the beliefs you hold about all the relationships in your life.  Opposite Uranus in Aries, Jupiter’s station is likely to bring some fairly dramatic changes or perhaps shocking upsets to some relationships.  Perhaps the most important truth (Jupiter) reflected in Jupiter in Libra is that the revolution most needed to restore balance (Libra) to our world is the restoration of the value and rights of women!

Mercury and Mars also join in and further energize the T-Square this month as they move through Capricorn and Aries. 

Mercury will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 29th bringing powerful communications, messages, information and knowledge to the change pattern of the T-Square.  Continuing through Capricorn, it will square Uranus in Aries on January 31st and square Jupiter in Libra on February 2nd. 

womensmarchwashdc6Mars enters Aries, its own sign, on January 27th, the same day as the Aquarius New Moon.  Mars is like rocket fuel so it will ignite the change potential of the T-Square.  Passions will increase as social unrest intensifies.  Expect more and more people to push back against the status quo associated with literally every social structure and institution that underpins governments worldwide. 

Mars will square Pluto in Capricorn on February 22nd and conjunct Uranus in Aries on February 26th, the day of the Pisces New Moon Solar eclipse!  And finally, Mars will oppose retrograde Jupiter in Libra the following day, February 27th.  Significant personal and global events with far-reaching consequences are likely on any or all of these days!

Watch as many important relationships, from one on one partnerships to national alliances, change in surprising and unexpected ways in the coming weeks and months. You may observe some of your own personal relationships undergoing changes.  You may also see important shifts between and among national leaders.  Remember, break-ups and break-downs are often necessary in order to achieve breakthroughs! 

Pay very close attention to who’s being inclusive (matriarchy) and who’s being exclusive (patriarchy).  Listen to the words people use.  Know that those who favor inclusiveness reflect the progressive forces of change that will ultimately move humanity forward into a better future.

Pluto in Capricorn’s role within the T-Square reflects those in positions of authority within society whether they be political, corporate, economic, scientific or religious figures.  The squares Pluto is making to both Uranus and Jupiter reflect the establishment leaders who are resisting necessary evolutionary changes, many of whom have and continue to abuse their power and authority. 

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. He lost his most recent presidential bid to opponent Adama Barrow who won a decisive victory but was sworn into office in neighboring Senegal as Jammeh initially refused to relinquish power. Other African Presidents, as well as the threat of force by an African military coalition finally persuaded him to step down and leave the country.

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. He lost his most recent presidential bid to opponent Adama Barrow who won a decisive victory but was sworn into office in neighboring Senegal as Jammeh initially refused to relinquish power. Other African Presidents, as well as the threat of force by an African military coalition finally persuaded him to step down and leave the country.

Such a leader is Yahya Jammeh, long-time President of Gambia, a small African country on the Northwest coast of the continent.  In power for the last twenty-two years, he refused to give up power after he lost his latest presidential bid. 

As ECOWAS, (Economic Community of West African States), a regional armed forces coalition entered Gambia to force his removal, he finally stepped down, fleeing into exile.  But even as he left, he looted tons of valuable assets and millions of dollars from the national treasury!  

It’s noteworthy that Gambia was very near the narrow shadow of last September’s Virgo Solar Eclipse.  Beginning in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, the eclipse path came over land just below Gambia.  Within twenty-four hours, there was rioting in the streets as Jammeh refused to concede defeat to his opponent who won a decisive electoral victory on the very day of the eclipse. 

This correlative event was just the latest evidence of the powerful influence of Solar eclipses upon the areas of the planet that fall under a Solar eclipse path. 

Of course, Lunar eclipses are visible to half the planet as they always occur at night time.  Solar eclipses however occur during the day so their path casts a very narrow shadow about twenty miles wide as the Sun moves through the sky, typically traversing a couple thousand miles during each solar eclipse event. 

Solar eclipses (New Moons) and Lunar eclipses (Full Moons) always occur two weeks apart every five and a half months.  The upcoming February 26th Pisces Solar eclipse traverses mid-Africa again.  As a result, we’re likely to see intensified focus, and important activities and events continuing to unfold in central African countries over the coming months.

Since eclipses are a phenomenon associated with the Nodes of the Moon, which always traverse backward through the zodiac, the signs eclipses occur in also move backward through the zodiac.  For the last year and a half, eclipses have occurred in the signs of Virgo and Pisces.  For the next year and a half, eclipses will shift into the signs of Leo and Aquarius.  Likewise, the events we experience personally and collectively will also shift as a result. 

Recent eclipses in Virgo and Pisces manifested through a growing awareness of crises that encouraged healing and a return to reality and ultimately, spiritual development.  Upcoming eclipses in Leo and Aquarius will teach us to wake up and to love ourselves enough to remain true to ourselves, even as we realize we are part of larger groups including society as a whole.  The Aquarius influence will no doubt also manifest in growing unrest among the populace.  Expect the forces of revolution to grow over the coming months.

Its also important to know that the Solar/Lunar eclipse cycle repeats every nineteen years, returning to the exact same sign and degree of the zodiac.  This year’s eclipses will echo the same energetic patterns as the eclipse cycle of 1998.  Therefore events somewhat similar to what happened in 1998 are likely to occur again this year.  What was happening in your life in 1998?  Let your knowledge of those past events inform your choices in the coming year as the eclipse cycle recurs.

So eclipse season is upon us once again this month.  The upcoming Leo Full Moon on February 10th is a Lunar eclipse and two weeks later, on February 26th, the Pisces New Moon will be a Solar eclipse. 

The Aquarius New Moon is actually sort of ‘setting the stage’ for the upcoming Leo Full Moon Lunar eclipse since evolution ALWAYS proceeds to and through the opposite sign of the zodiac. 

To evolve and move forward over the coming year and a half, we will co-create experiences that help us to learn to choose love (Leo) over hate.  These experiences will also teach us to be more authentic and true to ourselves even as we respect the individuality and differences of others and allow them to do the same.  In the process, we’ll be learning to embrace diversity (Aquarius) to a greater extent.  And we will no doubt continue to realize that to continue to conform is to choose to maintain the unhealthy and dysfunctional status quo of the past.

breakingfreeThank heavens then that Aquarius is also the sign that represents ‘de-conditioning.’  To de-condition is to break free of all the conditioning influences in our lives. 

Primary sources of conditioning include family, society, man-made religions and the culture we’re born into.  They all try to tell us who to be and how to be what they expect of us.  In short, conditioning influences teach us to ‘follow the rules’ of consensus or ‘mainstream’ reality. 

But to conform to these outer expectations, especially for those who have evolved beyond the consensus or mainstream values, beliefs and opinions of their place of birth, often requires a betrayal of self.  If personal truths, beliefs or values must be denied in order to ‘fit in’ or ‘follow the rules’ then at some point a process of questioning the cost of such compliance will begin because life simply won’t work anymore.  Increasingly, such compromised personal realities become unhappy, unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

At some point in the natural evolutionary process, every human being begins to realize that the cost of acquiescing, or ‘going along to get along’ is just too high.  Then personal evolution really starts to accelerate.  At that point, the necessary process of de-conditioning begins in earnest.  At that point, people begin to break free and to liberate from the limitations and constraints of consensus reality and the quality of consciousness that creates and maintains the status quo that nearly ALWAYS resists evolutionary change.

What’s not working in your life?  How might you be continuing to choose to compromise your own truth and personal values and beliefs to ‘fit in?  Are you ready to bust out and break free yet?  If you are, then this Aquarius New Moon is your wake up call.  But how do I do that you may ask?!  The answer lies in Leo, the sign of the heart.  Do you know how to listen to your heart?  Are you even aware that your intuition is your Soul’s direct communication ‘hotline’ that’s always trying to guide you forward on your personal path of evolution? 

Keep in mind that many of the world’s cultures today condition us to believe in and follow ‘logic’ and ‘convention.’  Most cultures in the world today renounce intuition and judge ‘following your heart’ as juvenile and foolish.  And yet, science has actually proven that the magnetic field created by our hearts is five thousand times stronger than electrical field created by our brainwave activity.

Evolution requires change.  Revolution enforces necessary change.  Change however always makes us feel insecure since it forces us into new and unfamiliar territory.  Of course we’re always free to choose to resist change – but not forever.  The forces of evolution will always ultimately overcome the forces of resistance.  Such is the very stuff of r-evolution.  Uranus in Aries will provide all the courage needed to change if change is chosen.  Our world desperately needs change.  Choose change!

This Aquarius New Moon is pushing us to open our minds (Aquarius) to change.  It’s also encouraging us to open our hearts (Leo) as well.  These two signs are pointing the way forward in the coming weeks and months as the eclipse pattern unfolds through Leo and Aquarius.  Aquarius will provide all the cosmic wisdom we need.  Perhaps the greatest wisdom we must awaken to is the power of love…


Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love.

We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us.

The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften.

The world loves us when we choose to love the world.

Marianne Williamson


Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.



“All we need is love.  Love is all we need.”

John Lennon




The Pisces New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on February 26th at 7:58 am MST!

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Capricorn New Moon: Responsibility, Reconciliation, Resistance and Revolution

capricornglyph38The Capricorn New Moon occurred at 1:53 am EST on Thursday, December 29th at 7 degrees Capricorn 59 minutes.  Here’s the chart:            capricornnewmoon2016-2.

Capricorn’s glyph is the Sea Goat.  It symbolizes humanity’s long and often arduous spiritual evolutionary journey. 

This sure-footed creature steadily makes its way from the depths of the oceans where all life began, to the heights of mountaintops, where it’s closest to the heavens and the Divine Creative Source. 

As the final Earth sign, Capricorn represents the ultimate lessons associated with personal and social responsibility.  On an Earthly level, this sign teaches proper sharing, management and use of all the vital physical materials we need to survive, including the planet’s precious natural resources like air, soil and water. 

On a spiritual level, Capricorn teaches that we are each responsible for all our experiences because it is our very own consciousness that created those experiences.  Ultimately, Capricorn transcends victimization through the realization of complete personal responsibility.

Capricorn also rules all forms, structures and boundaries including time and space.  Of course, the human body itself is a form.  The human body is a vessel, or form, that human consciousness inhabits.  Accordingly, Capricorn rules the structural nature of human consciousness.  Once consciousness enters human form, its function is shaped and structured by the human form and is therefore limited by the constructs of time and space.  This is why Capricorn also rules mortality and finitude.  This also explains why Capricorn is the archetype associated with history, archeology, antiques and antiquities as well as the aged or elderly.  This is the sign of emotional and spiritual maturation.

Capricorn not only rules the structural nature of human consciousness, but also the realities it co-creates, both on an individual and on a collective level. 

meditation5Quantum science has proven that consciousness not only influences but indeed creates the realities we experience.  It should come as no surprise then that our realities ALWAYS reflect the quality of consciousness that created them.  Reality will ALWAYS conform to our beliefs.

Therefore, taking complete responsibility for the quality of our consciousness is perhaps the most important task and lesson human beings undertake. 

This is just one of the many reasons why throughout human history, literally every wisdom tradition on Earth has taught the importance of meditation.  Through meditation practice, we’re able to quiet our minds and develop a CONSCIOUS awareness of the quality of our thoughts.  When we know our minds we can better manage and direct our thoughts, CONSCIOUSLY, with clear intention, so that we’re knowingly creating what is highest and best for ourselves and others.

On a much more mundane level, Capricorn is associated with all social structures.  All societies have norms, traditions, rules, laws and expectations for how its people will live together.  In some societies these norms are established through consensus agreement, while in other societies, they are determined and dictated by its rulers. 

Nevertheless, ALL societies are structured in certain ways and demand conformity and compliance to certain behavioral norms.  When people refuse to ‘follow the rules’ or transgress societal expectations, judgments and punishments of increasing intensity are issued to reinforce compliance and conformity.  Most often, these come in the form of projected guilt, ridicule, criticisms and attacks on reputation.  Ostensibly, societies issue judgments and punishments in order to maintain order and security.  It is of crucial importance to realize that we are ALL conditioned by the social and cultural norms of whatever society we’re born into.  We are ALL taught to follow, adhere to, and obey society’s expectations.  In short, all of us are influenced, from birth, to conform to social conditioning.  Such conditioning is the death knell of individual expression, scientific innovation and social and cultural progress.

As individuals evolve, they must learn to think for themselves, decide for themselves and choose for themselves based upon what is true for them as individuals.  Ultimately, we must all break free of social conditioning in order to express the fullness of our unique individuality.  At some point, to do otherwise, is to betray the true self. 

As more and more individuals evolve and break free of the status quo, so too do societies.  They ultimately break free from old outworn social norms, expectations and constructs.  When necessary social or cultural changes are resisted for too long however, revolutions result in order to bring about the required evolutionary changes.  Humanity has been on the verge of increasing r-evolutionary impulses for almost a decade now.  This Capricorn New Moon chart pattern indicates a potential for these impulses to grow and intensify.

Social structures always include governments, political parties, civil and criminal laws, cultural traditions, and education, transportation and monetary systems.  Social structures always reflect each society’s political philosophy or religious ideology – like marxism, socialism, democracy or totalitarianism. 

Pluto, THE planet of evolution, always teaches the right use of power.  It always transforms those things associated with the sign its moving through.  Pluto is closely connected to the Sun and Moon in Capricorn in the New Moon chart pattern. 

Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008; it will remain in the sign until 2025.  Since 2008, we’ve witnessed an increasing disintegration and even collapse of many existing social structures in countries all across the planet.  This Capricorn New Moon is likely to accelerate this process of disintegration. 

In addition, in 2010, Pluto began an extraordinary, life-changing square aspect (90 degrees apart) with Uranus in Aries.  This connection between Pluto and Uranus continues to this day and is also prominently featured in the Capricorn New Moon pattern.

Literally, in the face of Pluto and Uranus’ transformative energies, many social structures can no longer hold or maintain their forms…

Let’s take a quick look back for review. 

Tarabspring7he current social and cultural evolutionary process first began in September 2008 with the economic crash on Wall Street that very quickly spread to Europe and other countries wreaking havoc in many global economies. 

Two years later in May 2010, Uranus, the planet of revolution, entered Aries, the sign of new beginnings, for eight years.  Thus began the decade-long square aspect between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  This waxing square aspect symbolizes powerful energies for both evolutionary (Pluto) and revolutionary (Uranus) change. 

Within hours of Uranus’ final re-entry into Aries on March 11, 2011 (it retrograded back into Pisces from August 2010 to March 2011), a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan resulting in a catastrophic tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plants.  This natural disaster was a collective ‘wake-up’ call regarding how we humans generate and use ‘power.’ 

In December 2010, the processes of evolution and revolution relative to global social structures manifested as the Arab Spring began suddenly when a despairing Tunisian street vendor self-immolated spurring dramatic political changes in governments all across Northern Africa and the Middle East. 

Then in September 2011, the Occupy Movement began in Manhattan, New York, and spread like wildfire.  Within weeks, Occupy Movement  encampments sprung up in hundreds of cities as it quickly spread across nearly every continent. 

Changes in social structures like governments, political leaders and parties, and global economies continue to manifest to this day.  Most recently, these changes were evidenced by the surprising and unexpected Brexit vote in the United Kingdom as they chose to leave the European Union, and in the shocking election of Donald Trump to the Presidency here in the United States.

Representing the evolutionary process itself, Pluto always works by bringing to light whatever is corrupt, decayed and dysfunctional so that healing and transformation can begin.  As they say, “Sunlight is the best antiseptic.”  With Uranus ruling revolution, rebellion and necessary change, through its connection to Pluto since 2010 we have been collectively manifesting and experiencing extraordinary, r-evolutionary changes all across the globe. 

In 2016, Pluto reached the halfway point in the sign of Capricorn.  Having done so, this evolutionary impulse is really gathering momentum now.  And Uranus is also quite powerfully positioned in the heavens right now as it stationed direct today (December 29th).  Revolutionary energy is building as well.  Planets are always most powerful when they ‘station’ or seemingly stand still in the heavens as they appear to change directions from our point of view here on Earth.  As a result, its likely that we’ll experience even MORE dramatic changes – over the coming weeks as Uranus resumes forward motion, and over the next seven or eight years as Pluto completes its journey through Capricorn! 

It’s important to note that Uranus stations nearly always bring those famous AHA! moments when we experience ‘lightning bolts’ of innovative thoughts, ideas, revelations and breakthroughs that utterly transform our existing reality structures.  Pay attention to what new ideas come into your own mind now.  They’re likely to provide important insights, guidance and clues about what changes you need to make now to evolve beyond the status quo of old, outworn realities in your own personal life.

Adding to the volatility of Uranus square Pluto, both are now also part of a cardinal T-Square that includes Jupiter in Libra.  A ‘T-Square’ is a planetary configuration comprised of at least three planets which are square (90 degrees) and opposite (180 degrees) one another in three signs that share a common modality.  Pluto in Capricorn is square both Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra.  Jupiter and Uranus are opposite one another.  If you drew lines between the three planets, the resulting configuration looks like a capital letter “T” thus the name, “T-Square.” 

Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

This is a cardinal T-Square.  It occupies three of the four cardinal signs:  Aries, Libra and Capricorn.  The fourth cardinal sign, Cancer, is powerfully energized as well even though there’s no planet currently occupying the sign.  More on this a little later…

Cardinal energy instinctively initiates new beginnings and directions.  These new realities often get underway in fits and starts.  They typically manifest through a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ sort of  dance.  This is because new experiences take us into unfamiliar territory and therefore often create great anxiety and insecurity.  Once forward movement instinctively occurs, there’s almost always a desire to take a step back, to regroup, and restore a sense of security once again.  Then when the courage to move forward builds sufficient momentum once again, two more steps forward are taken.

As this T-Square pattern holds through September 2017, Jupiter will square Pluto three times and oppose Uranus three times.  The first square between Jupiter and Pluto occurred on November 24th which was Thanksgiving Day here in the US.  The second and third squares between Jupiter and Pluto will happen on March 30th and August 4th, 2017.  Jupiter just opposed Uranus for the first time on December 27th.  The second and third oppositions between them will occur on March 2nd and September 27th, 2017. 

These oppositions between Jupiter and Uranus and squares between Jupiter and Pluto will further energize the T-Square each time they occur.  Significant events will no doubt occur at these times personally and collectively.   

Altogether, the planetary energies of this T-Square are focused on bringing necessary changes in how we relate to one another, from one-on-one relationships to diplomatic relations between nations.  It promises escalating tensions in relationships that are already struggling, like the decades-long alliance between the US and Israel and the recently ‘re-set’ relationship between Russia and the US.  Just this week, an unprecedented abstention by the US occurred at the UN Security Council on a vote condemning Israel’s ongoing settlement construction as illegal.  Not surprisingly, harsh words were immediately exchanged between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

We are experiencing a period of increasing global insecurity as’ steps forward’ towards necessary change create great anxiety and result in outcries to take ‘steps back’ in order to retrieve successful elements of previous conditions and the familiarity of the old status quo.  As a result, we’re likely to see an increasing push-back by citizens all over the world against their governments if their leaders continue to try to maintain the status quo.  The political ‘establishment’ and those in positions of power will continue to experience mounting pressure to reform old, outworn, corrupt and dysfunctional social programs and governmental policies that are NOT working for the masses.

These realities are reflected by Jopposites2upiter in Libra opposite retrograde Uranus in Aries.  This opposition in the signs of ‘me vs. you’ and ‘us vs. them’ symbolize the extreme levels of conflict and polarization currently existing in so many of our relationships with one another.  In essence, our realities quite poignantly reflect the stark philosophical and ideological differences between those who are ‘group-minded’ and those who are ‘self-interested.’ 

In short, our realities are reflecting the vast differences between those operating from a matriarchal consciousness that is based upon giving, sharing, inclusion and group-interests, and those coming from a patriarchal consciousness that’s rooted in hierarchy, dominance, exclusion and self-interest. 

The sign of Cancer represents matriarchal consciousness.  It is the sign of the grass roots of any society.  It rules families, ancestries, communities and common emotional bonds.  Capricorn is the sign associated with patriarchal consciousness.  Capricorn rules corporations, governments and those in positions of leadership, power and authority within all societies.

Evolution always proceeds to and through the opposite sign.  With Pluto now in Capricorn, the evolutionary path forward naturally leads to Cancer – the ’empty leg’ of the cardinal T-Square mentioned above.  To successfully navigate the extraordinary evolutionary potential at the core of the current cardinal T-Square, the astrological pattern that reflects our ongoing power struggles with one another, we must remember that humanity is really ALL ONE FAMILY.  We must return to a common commitment to one another and learn to honor, respect, value and take care of each other once again.

Perhaps the most import thing we must retrieve from the past as we ‘step back’ to regroup before we ‘step forward’ once again are the core matriarchal values that realize we are all connected and that in fact, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  Matriarchy teaches that we all do better when WE ALL DO BETTER!

This ‘us vs. them’ polarization exists all over the world.  It’s also reflected in the growing deterioration in relations between extreme ideological differences between political factions worldwide.  In Europe the political divide is growing between democratic socialists and populist conservative nationalistic movements.  Here in the US, Republicans and Democrats are so estranged from one another that government has literally become gridlocked.  Indeed we increasingly hear the term ‘opposition party’ used to describe this extreme polarization in our political discourse internationally. 

This energy of opposition was the core subject of Naomi Klein’s 2015 groundbreaking book, This Changes Everything.  In it she writes about the philosophical differences between the interests of capitalism and environmentalism.  She argues that capitalism, NOT carbon-based energy resources, is to blame for climate change and devastating environmental degradation worldwide. 

With a Trump Presidency, we’re likely to see a resurgence of extreme capitalistic tendencies play out through a wide array of both foreign and domestic policies and agendas. 

Of course, the downside of capitalism often manifests through the exclusionary, self-interested ideology that underpins patriarchal consciousness.  Corrupted capitalism seeks profits for the few over the health and well-being of people and the planet.  It is noteworthy that OUR REVOLUTION, an outgrowth of Bernie Sanders presidential bid, has as its core the slogan, “People and planet over profits.”

This ideological divide between capitalism and environmentalism was also on full display for months this year in North Dakota as over 200 tribes from countries throughout the Americas joined the Standing Rock Sioux in opposition to the 3.8 billion dollar Dakota Access pipeline that would threaten their sole source of drinking water.  This gathering fulfilled ancient indigenous prophecy associated with the coming together of the Eagle and the Condor.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X9kkOMXrxo

Of course, we’ve witnessed a growing divide generally between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ for centuries.  It’s currently reflected in what we’re now calling the 1% vs. the 99% that reflects the continuing levels of extreme wealth disparity and income inequality between the rich and poor worldwide.  The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer.

This polarization of opposing forces, which has reached extreme (Libra) levels, is now poised to either find reconciliation (Jupiter in Libra) or erupt into revolution (Uranus in Aries).  We will either find ways to SHARE (a core matriarchal value), realizing the wisdom of considering the needs of EVERYONE, or, we’ll continue down the dangerous path of drawing lines in the sand and operating by escalating ultimatums that seek to dominate, exploit, control and EXCLUDE (a patriarchal value) all but a privileged few (Aries and Capricorn). 

The current cardinal T-Square is a very powerful change agent.  This celestial pattern symbolizes a crucial turning point.  Those aligned with the forces of change (Uranus in Aries) will grow and increasingly push back against those who are aligned with the forces of resistance to change, the ‘powers that be’ or what we often refer to as the ‘establishment’ (Pluto in Capricorn). 

These oppositional forces will reach further extremes unless and until we make different choices than we have in the past.  Until we choose peace, justice, equality, sharing and fairness (all Libra attributes), further disintegration of social structures and paradigms must and will continue (Pluto in Capricorn).  Until we choose to work together for the good of EVERYONE (Libra and Cancer), the forces of revolution (Uranus in Aries) will continue to grow and build in order to bring about necessary evolutionary changes.

It’s important to point out that in the end, from an evolutionary point of view, the forces of evolution ALWAYS prevail over the forces of resistance.  Yes, we have the power of free will choice and one of the choices we are free to make is the choice to resist change.  But we cannot resist forever.  Just as tectonic plates push and push against one another building up resistance, they eventually give way and an earthquake results.  Ultimately evolutionary change occurs, forever changing the landscape and restoring balance. 

The cardinal T-Square presages a time to move forward again; to take two more steps in new directions.  And as a result, new beginnings that previously surged forward and then fell back, like the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring, may very well get re-energized in the coming weeks since the New Moon in Capricorn is so powerfully hooked into this dynamic T-Square pattern.

The planet Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is therefore the ruler of the New Moon.  Saturn is itself quite significantly aspected in the Capricorn New Moon chart. 

Continuing to move through Sagittarius (December 2014 to December 2017), Saturn has been focusing our collective consciousness (remember Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign associated with human consciousness) on a search for expanded understanding of truth.  Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has been exposing truths and lies for two years now.  This celestial influence has most dramatically been reflected recently in the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ and the global corporate media’s penchant for ‘normalizing’ dishonesty and deception. 

Saturn is both square (90 degrees apart) Chiron in Pisces and trine (120 degrees apart) stationary Uranus in Aries.  Square aspects are typically challenging, representing conflicts and crises that require choices, decisions and actions.  Trine aspects are typically supportive, representing progress, recognition and rewards from prior efforts. 

despair3Saturn’s square to Chiron reveals the pervasive wounds that exist within humanity and our planet on all levels including mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It reflects the growing toxicity of human consciousness and our planet’s environment.  In short, both our minds and our planet has and is being poisoned.

Many of these wounds are the result of thousands of years of social conditioning that reflect distortions of the truth by man-made religions that have taught us to believe that we’re separate from God, deserve pain and punishment due to our imperfections (sins), and are powerless to direct our own lives and destinies. 

Billions of people all across the world currently live in dire poverty and despair.  And clearly, our planet is also in peril due to environmental pollution and climate change.  Gaia herself is greatly wounded after centuries of destructive human activities that have plundered her natural resources for profit and destroyed once healthy and pristine eco-systems that we all need to survive.

Its important to be especially mindful now of any tendency to indulge in negative emotions.  Not only is Saturn square Chiron in Pisces emphasizing all of our wounds, but Mars in Pisces just passed over the Moon’s South Node in Pisces as well.  One of the lowest or un-evolved expressions of Pisces energy is identifying with being a victim and blaming outer sources and forces.  The risk here is to angrily act out frustrations or further succumb to delusions or even seek to escape painful realities through substance abuse.   Mars conjunct the Moon’s South Node encourages letting go of whatever doesn’t serve our highest and best good.  It encourages the release of victim consciousness.

Remember…  CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY!  Instead, reach for the highest potential of Pisces that reflects our universal connection to the Divine Creative Source energy that’s always offering unconditional love, solace, guidance and inspiration.  Ask your Higher Self, “What would you have me know now?”  “What would you have me do?”  Use the considerable Capricorn energy available to take COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE CO-CREATED.  Then and only then, can healing occur.

Of course one of the best ways to reach for a higher level of expression that transcends melancholy and depression is to offer yourself in service to others whose needs are perhaps even greater than your own.  Remember that on a collective level, our evolution now requires that we move beyond self-interest (patriarchy), to embrace group or ‘unity’ consciousness (matriarchy).  After all, we are ALL connected; we are in fact, ALL ONE.   Giving your time and energy to a greater goal for the good of all is itself a powerful evolutionary choice!

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces cautions us about the risk of simply re-imprinting the same old wounds that will inevitably result from a mindset that continues to identify with being a victim and feeling powerless.  It if offering us the opportunity to throw off individual and collective qualities of consciousness that are rooted in victimization that falsely believes we’re powerless to effect change in our lives and realities.

Remember… CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY!  ALL human beings are intrinsically powerful by the fact that we all have the power of FREE WILL CHOICE that directs our consciousness to co-create what we want and desire.  Indeed our very evolution is facilitated by the power of our free will choices.

breakthroughFortunately, Saturn’s trine to stationary Uranus, particularly on or around the 29th when this revolutionary planet stations direct and resumes forward motion in the heavens, symbolizes the energy of breakthroughs and surprising and unexpected solutions.  Discoveries, revelations and AHA! moments can point the way forward.  They can provide the necessary insight and understanding that allows for resolution of problems.  They can supply the courage to break free of the status quo and to shatter old corrupt crystallized patterns and realities of the past. 

breakthrough2Uranus is always working to liberate us from that which is preventing further evolutionary growth.  Saturn trine Uranus can bring revolutionary forces into focus, enable forward movement, and provide the courage and will needed to affect positive change.  Uranus always brings break-ups and break-downs that ultimately lead to breakthroughs.

Uranus also affects liberation through realizations and revelations.  So truths will be continue to be revealed and lies will continue to be exposed.  This is even more likely to occur as Mercury completes its current retrograde period on January 8th at the final degree of Sagittarius, the very sign associated with truth vs. lies.

So here we are at the end of yet another year.  It’s been a year of ongoing upsets, surprises, and shocking events.  For many, it feels like we’re living in extremely chaotic and uncertain times.  This is in fact true!  Its also true that chaos is a natural force – a force of change.  Chaos always reigns in between old and new orders and old and new realities. 

It is perhaps divine timing then that this Capricorn New Moon pattern is seeding extraordinary r-evolutionary forces of change.  It portends many new directions for all of us.  We simply need to EMBRACE CHANGE.  We simply need to choose to use its energies to create the many new beginnings we need and desire – particularly in our relationships with one another, including our relationship with the planet.

So what will you choose?  Resolution or resistance?  Reconciliation or revolution?  What will you choose?


The Aquarius New Moon is on January 27th at 5:07 pm MST!

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Sagittarius New Moon: Truth vs. Lies

sagittariusglyph28The Sagittarius New Moon occurs on Tuesday, November 29th at 5:18 am at 7 degrees Sagittarius 42 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  sagittariusnewmoon2016

The Centaur Archer is the symbol for Sagittarius.  Half man and half horse, the Centaur shoots his arrows into the heavens where he knows truth resides. 

This is the sign of truth seekers.  Sagittarius travels the globe in search of higher understanding.  Ultimately Sagittarius learns that truth exists in and of itself and requires no interpretation. 

Truth is always reflected in natural laws.  Natural laws are the physical laws that underpin the manifest creation or what we call the natural world or nature.  Natural laws facilitate the Soul’s spiritual path of evolution.

Sagittarius also rules religions which are the result of man’s interpretation of the creation or man-made laws.  Religions are based upon man-made moralistic judgments about what’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘wrong.’

If you wish to know if something is really true, look to see if it exists in the natural world.  For example, the principle of reincarnation is reflected in nature through the death and rebirth of plants and animals correlating with the repeating cycle of the seasons.  On the other hand, judgments, right and wrong, sin and guilt do not exist in nature.  

Man-made religions have distorted the natural meaning of the symbol of Sagittarius, the Centaur, who is half-man and half-beast.  They teach that the Centaur represents man’s desire to overcome his carnal ‘animal nature’ or what they call the ‘temptations of the flesh.’ 

Man-made religions would have us believe that there’s an inherent conflict between Spirit (masculine) and flesh (feminine) and that sex is a sin.  This false teaching is a primary causal factor for guilt, consciously and unconsciously, related to sexual experiences.  This distortion of truth has also underpinned the doctrine of male dominance that has denied and suppressed all things feminine, and justified the destruction of the natural world for millennia.

From the point of view of natural law, the Centaur represents the fusion of man and nature.  Half man and half horse, the Centaur reflects the natural law truth that humans and the natural world are one – not separate from each other or intrinsically in conflict with one another.  In nature, sex is natural – not sinful.

Anything that’s natural that is denied, suppressed, repressed or oppressed, ultimately manifests in a twisted, destructive and distorted way.  We should not be surprised then that sexual addiction is the predominant addiction in Western cultures, whose values and expectations relative to standards of right/wrong conduct come from man-made religions that believe sex is a taboo.  Given their expectation of celibacy, it’s also not surprising that the crisis of pedophilia afflicts so many man-made religious institutions.

It’s crucially important to understand these distortions of truth in order to recognize and integrate the evolutionary intentions being ‘seeded’ in this Sagittarius New Moon.

truthisrelativeFrom an evolutionary perspective, the greatest lesson Sag teaches is that TRUTH IS RELATIVE.  In other words, there are many, many truths – not just one truth.  As the saying goes, “There are MANY paths to the top of the mountain.” 

Sag also teaches that there are different levels of truth.  Personal truth is unique to each individual.  What’s true for you may not be true for me. Universal truths however reflect that which is true for all of us, regardless of personal differences. 

truthandthosewhofinditEach zodiac sign has deep security needs.  Sagittarius’ security comes from believing there’s only ONE TRUE TRUTH and all the other truths are wrong.  Sag also finds security through believing that it has FOUND THE ONE TRUE TRUTH! 

This need for security is the psychological motivation for religious proselytizing, missionary work and evangelism.

Sadly, throughout human history, beliefs rooted in the need for security have been the cause of countless wars as people have tried to convert others who believe differently to their own version of the truth  through dominance and the use of force.  Perhaps the epitome of a distortion of truth is to use it to justify killing, especially killing ‘in the name of God.’ 

This Sagittarius New Moon is reflecting the need to SEEK TRUTH.  It is encouraging us to reach for a higher understanding of truth, on all levels, including personal, collective and universal.

truthseekitThe Sagittarius New Moon is making several aspects.  These include a conjunction (0 degrees) with the asteroid Juno.  It also squares (90 degrees) both Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon’s Nodes – North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces.

Juno was the Roman Goddess of partnership commitments and presided over all arrangements and rites of marriage.  The month of June was sacred to her and even today, many brides choose a June date for their wedding day based upon this ancient tradition. 

Juno was also revered for her beauty, loyalty and fidelity.  In Greek mythology, Juno was known as Hera, Zeus’ wife.  Of course Zeus was notorious for his philandering ways and serial infidelities.  As a result, Juno has also come to symbolize jealousy and rage resulting from betrayals of trust through broken commitments.  Astrologically, Juno describes the ways in which we face issues of trust, compatibility, jealousy, possessiveness, sharing and power struggles in relationships. 

Through its exact connection to Juno in Sagittarius, this New Moon focuses attention on the search for truth in, of, by and through all kinds of relationship dynamics, including but not limited to, marriage partners.  Of course some relationships reflect shared or similar beliefs and philosophies or understanding of ‘truth’ between partners and others do not.  In the coming weeks, all kinds of partnerships will provide the necessary experiences to facilitate our evolution.  They will further our ongoing search for truth through how we relate to one another and through shared and dissimilar beliefs.

The search for truth through relationships is FURTHER emphasized by the fact that Jupiter (truths and beliefs), the ruler of Sagittarius and therefore the ruler of the Sagittarius New Moon, is currently traveling through the sign of Libra.  Libra is associated with a diversity of relationships with others.  Libra teaches the need for balance and equality in relationships achieved through fairness, peace, harmony and justice.  Dominance or the exertion of ‘power over’ others reflects inequality and imbalance in relationships. 

Jupiter in Libra just squared both Venus (rules relationships) and Pluto in Capricorn.  This square energy is central in the New Moon chart pattern and symbolizes extreme inequality and abuses of power in relationships.  Jupiter will square Pluto two more times in the coming year (March 30th and August 4th).  Jupiter is also moving into an opposition with retrograde Uranus in Aries (December 26th) which will no doubt bring even more shocking and surprising events through issues associated with justice, fairness and equality, war and peace, and the balance of power within relationships.  Uranus rules and fuels revolutions!  So expect LOTS of changes in relationships!

Jupiter’s squares to Pluto and oppositions to Uranus will create a cardinal T-Square for the remainder of 2016 and most of 2017.  This T-Square will re-activate the decade-long square aspect between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (2008 through 2020) that symbolizes the ongoing r-evolutionary changes, worldwide, of old outworn economic, political, environmental and cultural social structures.  CHANGE will accelerate over the coming weeks and months, manifesting through the famous ‘two steps forward, one step back dance’ of cardinal sign energy.

believeLooking more deeply into Jupiter’s square to Pluto, we find it is a waning or 3rd quarter square aspect. 

Waning square aspects are always associated with a crisis in consciousness.  In other words, a crisis relative to the question, “WHAT TO BELIEVE?!”  Given the prevalence of relationship energy in play now, perhaps the better question is, “WHO TO BELIEVE!?”  

Waning squares always reflect the evolutionary need to throw off outer, consensus or ‘mainstream’ values, beliefs, opinions, expectations and ‘social norms.’  For evolution to proceed beyond the point of this waning square, UNIVERSAL values, principles and truths must be pursued and embraced. 

These connections between Jupiter, Venus and Pluto are encouraging us to reach for higher, universal levels of truth.  This means moving beyond material and temporal possessions and experiences.

So who should you believe?  Should you believe your intuition or your logical mind’s rationalizations?  Should you believe and follow your own truth or the advice of family, friends or others who expect you to listen to them?  Should you trust your own gut or conform  to socially accepted rules and norms?  Should you listen to and trust ‘news’ sources or ‘online sources’ or do your own research?  The answer to this last question should be easy given the fact that we just learned last week that FaceBook was a platform throughout the election for ‘fake news’ that was shared millions of times! 

How might your relationships with significant others change, or remain the same, based upon what you believe to be true?  How will those beliefs influence choices you make now and in the coming weeks and months?  What choices would reflect your own personal truth?  What choices might you make based upon your understanding of universal truths?

donaldtrump1Just recently, an extremely important choice was made that precisely reflects the energy of Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn:  the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency! 

Pluto in Capricorn is the defacto astrological symbol of the Plutocracy.  It represents the political ‘powers that be’ in national capitals, as well as the corporate ‘elites’ in boardrooms, all over the world.

Clearly, Jupiter in Libra just chose to throw off old social and political power structures (Pluto in Capricorn) that have not served or respected the interests of working class people.  Jupiter in Libra just thumbed its nose at those in power it feels betrayed by and frankly is furious with.  Jupiter in Libra square Venus and Pluto in Capricorn is already manifesting changes in the status quo of many personal, political and economic relationships. 

Of course it is yet to be seen what choices a President Trump may make regarding his voter’s expectations.  Time will tell if he chooses to follow through on his many campaign promises to reform what he calls a ‘rigged system.’

The New Moon is also square Neptune in Pisces and the Nodes of the Moon – North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces.  These squares ALL reflect the need to make healthier choices.  These necessary choices are intended to promote healing – of ourselves, our planet and our relationships with others, especially our committed partnerships. 

truthandrealityThe right choices are symbolized by the North Node in Virgo, the sign that represents reality, health and well-being, humility, service and the environment.  Right’ choices will support individual and collective well-being.  ‘Right’ choices will be squarely rooted in REALITY, not delusions, illusions, deceptions or wishful thinking. 

Virgo also rules everyday work routines so for many, choices made may also play out through self-improvement plans or personal health concerns, or their everyday job or work routine.

The wrong choices are symbolized by the South Node and Neptune in Pisces.  They caution us against succumbing to false, delusional and unrealistic thoughts, beliefs, needs and desires that will almost certainly lead to the re-imprinting of old wounds rooted in betrayals that occurred as a result of misapplications of trust.  So be very mindful that doubts and confusion will likely try to dilute and obfuscate the truth.

Obviously, to make the right choices that are healthier choices, we must be able to determine what’s true and what’s not true!  Thankfully, Sagittarius also rules our right brain which is the seat of INTUITION!  We ALL have intuitive faculties; it’s a ‘hard-wired’ survival mechanism intrinsic to human beings as a species.  In addition to ensuring our survival, personal intuition has two more equally important purposes. 

truthfindingyourown-copy-2First, intuition ALWAYS leads us to the precise and specific information, knowledge and understanding we each need in order to achieve our Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions in each life. Said another way, personal intuition leads each of us to our ‘personal truth’ which is it’s second purpose. 

We can always trust our intuition to help us accurately discern what’s true and what’s false. 

intuitionisthesoulBut how do you know it’s your intuition?  Intuition always occurs INSTANTANEOUSLY.  By the time your rational mind has begun debating or analyzing thoughts, your intuition has already spoken. 

Learn to pay attention, listen and TRUST YOUR INTUITION!  Indeed, the greatest tool we’ll have to sort through lies and detect distortions in the coming weeks is our INTUITION!

Mercury and Saturn are also in Sagittarius now.  And they’re square retrograde Chiron in Pisces and trine (120 degrees) retrograde Uranus in Aries.  Mercury and Saturn represent the need to take complete responsibility for ALL our choices and decisions.  This includes how we think and what we believe, as well as how we feel and what we say and do.  Moving through Sagittarius, these two planets are saying, “stand in your truth” and “walk your talk.”

Chiron is quite powerful now since it is literally ‘stationary’ or appearing to stand still in the heavens from our point of view here on planet Earth.  Planets become stationary when they’re ready to change directions; to either go retrograde or to resume forward or direct motion.  Chiron will station direct December 1st at 20 degrees Pisces. 

Stationary Chiron in Pisces cautions us to be very, VERY mindful to not retreat into a state of consciousness that identifies with being a victim.  Chiron’s square to Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius can reflect false or distorted thoughts and beliefs that contribute to the co-creation of realities that are dissatisfying that can lead to even more wounding experiences.  


This is because victims always blame external sources instead of taking responsibility for co-creating their experiences.  Without taking responsibility, there’s no ownership regarding the co-creation of those experiences.  Without ownership, the likelihood of making the necessary changes required to co-create different experiences or realities in the future is slim to none. 

dreaming3Unfortunately, those operating with a victim consciousness are rarely doing so consciously!  All this Pisces energy also gives us the opportunity to bring to conscious awareness thoughts and beliefs that are operating unconsciously or just below the surface of our conscious awareness.  Often, unconscious beliefs are revealed through common or repetitive themes that play out in our dreams. 

Although many people report they never remember their dreams, we all dream each and every night.  Pisces rules dreams.  With Neptune, the South Node of the Moon and retrograde Chiron ALL activating Piscean energy now, dreams are likely to be more frequent, urgent and memorable.  Set an intention for yourself that you will indeed remember your dreams, particularly the ones associated with unconscious beliefs that need to be released in order to achieve greater health and well-being. 

On the more positive side, Pisces rules philanthropy and spirituality.  For those who practice meditation or prayer, the coming weeks will be powerfully supportive of any and all endeavors that seek closer connection with the divine or sacred elements of life.  Spend time in nature communing with nature spirits and your own Higher Self to promote personal well-being.  Pisces also rules art, music and film so this holiday season will also be the perfect time to visit an art gallery, attend a concert, or just go to the movies.  

ahamoment The trine aspect (120 degrees) between Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius and retrograde Uranus in Aries is the most favorable and positive planetary connection in the entire New Moon chart. 

This planetary pattern portends surprising and unexpected events like discoveries and breakthroughs. 

Pay attention to all the information coming your way over the next month, particularly those bits and pieces of insight and guidance coming from your intuition!

For some this may play out through a change in travel plans or a sudden decision to further their education.  Others may have revelatory AHA moments that bring new ways of seeing old things, completely changing personal awareness.  And still others who are engaged in legal affairs may experience unusual or unexpected twists and turns in those proceedings. 

AHA moments are also likely when Mercury stations retrograde in mid-Capricorn on December 19th and direct in late Sagittarius on January 8th. 

Perhaps one of those unexpected and shocking surprises will have to do with the certification of the election process by the states and Congress.  They’ll meet to do so on December 19th and January 6th!  Wonder when the vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan will be complete?!

The bottom line to ALL of this Sagittarius New Moon energy is the need to discern truth vs. lies.  Sagittarius always compels us to expand our understanding of higher and higher levels of truth.  We must realize that truth is relative and while we all have our own personal truths, there’s a higher, universal level of truths.  These truths are based upon the natural laws that underpin all creation and reflect what’s true for all of us.

Quantum sweareallone1cience has recently discovered what mystics, sages and philosophers have known and taught us for centuries.  

They’ve found that at the deepest levels of reality, at the subnuclear level, there is a fundamental truth of UNITY. 

Truly, at both the deepest and the highest levels of universal truth,       YOU AND I ARE LITERALLY ONE.



The Capricorn New Moon is on December 28th at 11:53 pm MST!

Copyright 2016.    Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.











Scorpio New Moon: The Power of Choices

scorpion2The Scorpio New Moon happens October 30th at 10:38 am MST/PDT at 7 degrees Scorpio 43 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  scorpionewmoon2016

The Scorpion is the most well known symbol for this sign.  Other Scorpio symbols include the Snake, the Eagle and the Phoenix, a mythical bird that rises from the ashes of its own fiery destruction.  These symbols reflect evolutionary progression. 

Scorpio teaches right use of power.  Used wisely, power is wielded consciously and creatively, not unconsciously or destructively.  POWER IS ROOTED IN CHOICE-MAKING.

Scorpio is the sign of the process of evolution itself.  Ruled by Pluto, the planet that represents the Soul, Scorpio reflects the Soul’s natural evolutionary path of spiritual development. 

The sting of a Scorpion represents misuse of power through a destructive desire for revenge.  Snakes renew themselves by shedding their skin reflecting the evolutionary necessity of letting go of what no longer serves us so that growth can continue.  Snake venom can both kill and heal.  The outcome depends upon the intention or choice of how it is used.  Eagle flies high and represents the Great Spirit to many Native Americans.  Eagle symbolizes the Soul’s desire to align personal will with Higher Divine Will.  The Phoenix dies and is reborn reflecting the process of metamorphosis and the natural life, death and rebirth cycle of reincarnation that Scorpio symbolizes.

Scorpio also rules losses, abandonments and betrayals.  From an evolutionary point of view, these events always serve to throw us back upon ourselves.  Our Souls co-create these experiences when we’ve given our power away to such an extreme degree that our evolutionary growth is disrupted or prevented. 

powerTypically we learn about power through experiences that leave us feeling powerless. Ultimately, Scorpio teaches that all human beings are intrinsically powerful due to our ability to make choices.  Personal evolution is greatly accelerated once an awareness of this truth is discovered.  As a result, choices are increasingly made CONSCIOUSLY, instead of unconsciously.


Evolution obviously implies overcoming limitations.  Typically limitations are associated with something we lack but want or desire to have.  To evolve, we must form some kind of relationship to whatever it is we lack, be it someone or something.  Through this relationship, we merge with this person or thing, learn from it, and eventually osmos that knowledge or experience or new capacity into ourselves.  As a result, we change and grow.  We evolve beyond prior personal limitations. 

The danger in this desire to merge deeply with someone or something outside of ourselves is becoming dependent upon that outer source instead of evolving through it.  When dependency occurs, personal power is always given away to the source of dependency. 

Dependency is often a result of thinking or believing that we NEED, instead of simply wanting or desiring, someone or something lacking in our lives.  Think of the individual who thinks they need drugs or alcohol.  Addiction always reflects powerlessness.  Many people, especially women, think or believe they cannot make it on their own and need someone else to take care of them.  This often leads them to choose to  stay in a relationship, even when that relationship is unhappy, unhealthy or even abusive.  Still others feel they need outer approval or recognition, through money or status or validation from others in order to feel worthy and valued.  In all these cases, power is given away to these outer sources instead of simply experiencing them, learning from them and returning back to the self having gained something from the experiences that fulfilled a desire or lack and transcended a personal limitation.

A simple parable that may further explain this dynamic is the story of the man who wanted fish.  He goes to the docks and finds two fisherman.  The first fisherman tells him he can help, instructing the man to come back to the dock each evening so he can give him some fish.  The second fisherman offers to teach the man to fish.  The first fisherman’s offer would be disempowering since it would require the man to become dependent upon him for the fish he wants.  The wiser choice is the second fisherman.  In offering to teach the man, he represents an experience that would lead him to greater self-empowerment and greater self-reliance through learning to fish for himself.  The first fisherman’s offer leads to co-dependency while the second fisherman’s offer promises evolution.

Scorpio is the sign of confrontation.  Confrontation is an essential quality that assists us in the process of evolving beyond limitations.  To overcome limitations we must first be willing to acknowledge them.  Facing up to these truths requires that we confront them.  Often, we confront others when we feel powerless.  As we evolve, we realize that we must confront ourselves, since our own consciousness is responsible for co-creating ALL our experiences. 

Scorpio always wants to know the ‘WHY’ of things.  This sign teaches us to get to the bottom of everything, including and perhaps most importantly, our own desires, motivations and agendas.  Scorpio desires to understand not just WHAT we do but WHY we do it.  Again, change cannot happen unless and until we know or have an awareness of what needs to change. 

powerofchoiceChange occurs through making different CHOICES than the ones that created the unsatisfactory reality in the first place. 

Blaming others is evidence of a consciousness rooted in victimization that falsely believes it is powerless. 

Taking responsibility is evidence of an evolving consciousness that realizes its intrinsic power and therefore owns ALL of its choices –  past, present and future.  Only then can real change occur.

This truth is hard for many to accept.  In large part this is due to the fact that humanity has been nearly universally conditioned for thousands of years by social, cultural and religious influences to believe that we are powerless.  We are systematically taught to believe that we are not in control of our lives or our destiny.  We’re taught to defer to outer authorities beginning with parents, then teachers and professors, then bosses and government officials and finally religious leaders and even God.  Especially God. 

Nearly every country and culture on the planet is underpinned by the values and beliefs of male-dominated patriarchal religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).  These man-made religions teach that God, the ultimate source of power, is outside of us and separate from us.  Inevitably, this pervasive conditioning results in beliefs that contribute to a quality of consciousness that does not realize or own its personal power, authority and responsibility.  The result is a sense of powerlessness and an unconscious psychology of victimization. 

As we come to the end of the Piscean Age, the age synonymous with the culmination of man-made religions on our planet, we must collectively heal the psychological and spiritual wounds of these false teachings that have undermined human evolution for millennia.  This healing is a prerequisite to our ability to further evolve into the upcoming Age of Aquarius. 

Since the outer reflects the inner, we cannot heal our planet unless and until we heal our selves.  As more and more individuals wake up to the quantum scientific truth that consciousness creates reality, healing will increasingly occur and as a result, our personal and global realities will change. 

consciousnessbrainwavesThis healing will occur through the power of CONSCIOUS individual and collective choice-making.  Humanity is evolving more rapidly now as the emerging science of consciousness continues to reveal proof that the realities we experience are not only influenced by, but are actually created from the power and quality of human consciousness.

The sign of Scorpio is also associated with healing since it rules the evolutionary process of transformation.  This is the sign of many healers and people whose work brings them face to face with life and death situations like paramedics, midwives, surgeons, disaster relief workers, EMT’s and psycho-therapists.  Psychics too are individuals who often have a great emphasis of Scorpio in their natal charts.  They have the ability to merge their consciousness with the consciousness of others, both living and dead, moving beyond the limitations of time and space to connect deeply with others. 

The Scorpio New Moon chart pattern holds the promise of deep insights and breakthroughs in understanding for those who choose to utilize its powerful energy for healing.  These energies support the release of negative thought patterns and false beliefs and the wounds they have created. 

The Scorpio New Moon pattern contains several powerful aspects.  Some are quite positive while others present great challenges.  First, the Sun and Moon are joined by Mercury which is also in Scorpio now.  Three or more planets in the same sign are called a ‘stellium.’  Stelliums always reflect a much greater emphasis of energy of the sign in which they occur, in this case the sign of Scorpio.  Second, all three (Sun, Moon and Mercury) are trine (120 degrees) retrograde Neptune in Pisces which is currently slowing down ahead of its upcoming station direct on November 19th.  They’re also trine the Moon’s South Node in Pisces.  These are all very favorable alignments that lend themselves to receiving important knowledge and information that can be very empowering. 

But the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio are also sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Further, Mars, which co-rules Scorpio along with Pluto, is currently in Capricorn and is square (90 degrees) retrograde Uranus in Aries.  These two aspects are especially difficult and challenging.  They symbolize volatile energies that can be quite dangerous on any level – physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual.

Let me explain each one of these aspects in order to provide greater understanding that will help you to both recognize and wisely utilize their considerable energy.

Mercury rules the mind, intellectual capacity, logical thinking, all kinds of information exchanges and all modes of communication. Mercury in Scorpio is always associated with important information and knowledge of a powerful or intense nature.  Often, its associated with information that’s been kept secret or hidden in some way.  Mercury in Scorpio tends to expose what’s hidden or secret and when it does, confrontations often result due to a sense of threat that accompanies disclosure.  Powerful forces are unleashed that can empower or disempower, depending upon the associated intentions, motivations and agendas.  In the end, those involved are forever changed for better or worse.  Clearly, Mercury in Scorpio demands integrity regarding use of power relative to choices and decisions.

The past week brought out numerous stories that reflect Mercury in Scorpio.  This planetary influence has already manifested through discovery by the FBI of previously undisclosed State Department emails found on a laptop used by former Congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.  He is currently under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor. 

Scorpio also rules investigations and research, as well as sex and power.  As anyone who’s ever dealt with sexual misconduct or sexual assault knows, these events are NOT about SEX, they’re about POWER.  This story is a perfect reflection of Mercury in Scorpio bringing hidden information to light. 

Of course, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is also continuing to deal with fallout from recent revelations of alleged serial sexual assaults following release of a 2005 video in which he bragged about getting away with such behavior because he’s a ‘star.’  If true, these allegations reflect gross abuses of power.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before the Congressional House Financial Services Committee on September 29th. He resigned from the bank on October 12th in the wake of his company's fraudulent financial schemes scandal.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before the Congressional House Financial Services Committee on September 29th. He resigned from the bank on October 12th in the wake of his company’s fraudulent financial schemes scandal.

Scorpio also rules the power associated with money and great wealth.  Mercury in Scorpio is reflected in the disclosure by media sources of the creation of two million bank accounts fraudulently opened without customers knowledge or permission by Wells Fargo Bank employees.  As a result, CEO John Stumph recently resigned after forfeiting much of his 2016 salary and $41 million in stock awards.  Although disgraced, he still walked away with $130 million in other stocks and pension accounts.

Other Mercury in Scorpio headlines include an expected average 25% increase in health insurance premiums purchased in the Affordable Health Care Act’s health exchanges for 2017.  It also reflects a decision by U.S. Defense Secretary John Ashcroft, amid a furor of criticism, to halt efforts to force thousands of California National Guard soldiers to pay back enlistment bonuses and other pay incentives that were improperly given during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

And it has also manifested in the blatant conflicts of interest dogging the Clinton campaign following Wikileaks revelations that top State Department aides acted on the Clinton Foundation’s behalf when Clinton headed the agency, as well as emails disclosing policy statements Hillary made privately to Wall Street bank executives about trade that contradict her public campaign positions.  And now the FBI is once again reviewing more HRC emails…

Expect continued revelations and disclosures in the coming weeks.  We’re by no means done yet with headlines and stories associated with wealth, secrets and sex, and the use, misuse and abuse of power.  Like deja vu, it seems we’re living through ‘Sex, lies and videotapes’ all over again!

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also all quite favorably connected to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, as well as the South Node of the Moon.  These planetary connections hold great potential for healing.  They reflect the possibility of a bubbling up of unconscious material into conscious awareness.  Change is not possible without awareness.  Pay particular attention to dreams, both waking and sleeping, for timely and pertinent information and understanding.  Even past life memories may surface that can bring powerful insights and AHA’s, assisting efforts to heal old wounds and transform personal realities.  

Be mindful however of profound disappointments, depression, disillusionment, confusion or loss of meaning.  These all reflect the energy of Pisces and how it works to facilitate our spiritual development through a process that dissolves whatever is standing in the way of our direct reunion with the Divine and our overall evolution. 

Pisces rules water.  We call water the ‘universal solvent’ and indeed it is.  When something has served its purpose, Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune dissolve the very structure, meaning or value it once had.  Ultimately, what our Souls intend for us to pursue or experience next will show up.  Meantime, all we can do is surrender to our Higher Self and Divine Will and allow the old to be dissolved while the new is being prepared and co-created by our Souls. 

Signs of these Neptunian processes are more likely to appear as Neptune stations direct at 9 degrees Pisces on November 19th.  This will be an excellent time for contemplation and solitude for those who practice meditation and prayer.  

Since Pisces rules water, I am hopeful that this celestial alignment may bring greater success to the water protectors gathered in North Dakota where the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been joined by thousands of people from throughout the Americas, as well as other countries around the world, in support of their efforts to stop the construction of an oil pipeline that will destroy sacred burial grounds and threatens to pollute their main water source. 

Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archembault stands outside a federal courthouse in Washington DC October 5th,

Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archembault stands outside a federal courthouse in Washington DC October 5th,

Pisces is also the sign of spiritual transcendence.  These aspects support greater access to spiritual growth, divine guidance, inspiration, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and unconditional love for ourselves and others. 

As just mentioned, the power of meditation and prayer are greatly increased now so take time to connect with your Higher Self and to seek out the sacred elements of life in the coming weeks.  Meditation and prayer both intentionally and consciously focus the power of our minds and thoughts.  Remember, consciousness creates reality! 

Take some time also to pray for the water protectors if you’re so inclined.  They’re not just protecting their sacred lands and water source.  They’re standing up for Mother Earth and the healing she so desperately needs now…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP7GUbqEvQU

The Sun and Moon in Scorpio are also in a very difficult aspect with retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  Although this energy can be used for trancendence and healing, its just as likely to manifest through a deepening, strengthening or re-imprinting of victim consciousness. 

For some, the sense of self may be so psychologically or spiritually damaged that they will need help to change negative thoughts and beliefs or destructive behaviors.  This aspect requires changes and adjustments demanded by outer sources.  These could be spouses or bosses or government officials.  These demands for change may well come in the form of ultimatums.  They’ll probably be relayed in a manner that is confrontational especially if they occur as a result of the exposure or disclosure of secrets or lies.  Of course its always better, always more empowering, when we make necessary changes of our own volition rather than waiting to be forced to do so by others.

Adding to the difficulty is Scorpio’s ancient ruling planet Mars, which is currently moving through Capricorn.  Mars just began a new two year cycle with Pluto, reflecting new goals and plans based upon the desires of our Souls.  These new directions are most likely associated with career or family responsibilities.  Achieving these goals will require greater maturity,  discipline, responsibility, self-determination and personal accountability. 

The difficulty comes from the fact that Mars is square retrograde Uranus in Aries, a connection that can be disruptive and even explosive.  This aspect will likely manifest through a need to change or shift plans, procedures, timelines and budgets.  In essence, Mars square Uranus is a revolutionary combination of energies that reveals serious limitations and requires necessary changes.  It can reveal weak links, flawed plans, underestimated costs, ineffective strategies and missing puzzle pieces. 

To effectively utilize this dynamic and perhaps even volatile influence, there MUST be a willingness to accept or to make the necessary changes, even if that requires giving up some cherished idea or belief.  For some, it may even demand giving up the entire goal or plan and starting over from scratch.  

Of course, one of the free will choices we can make is to choose to resist necessary evolutionary changes.  Know however that the forces of evolution, in the end, are always stronger than the forces of resistance.  Yes, we can choose to resist, but not forever.  And when we resist for far too long, then our Souls will intervene and co-create cataclysmic change events to create or enforce the necessary changes.  These nearly always show up completely out of the blue, in an unexpected and often shocking way.  And yet we have still played a role in co-creating these events albeit from the unconscious level of our very own Souls. 

Think of all the things in our current reality – the climate, business, economies, the environment, governments and politics – that are not working or functioning well.  How long do you think we can continue to resist the necessary changes that will resolve the these issues?  We’re already experiencing dire consequences associated with these disintegrating social paradigms including species extinction, mutating infectious disease organisms, extreme weather events and massive refugee migrations. 

Mars and Uranus are each quite aggressive and forceful on their own.  Together, these two planets reflect the energy of civil unrest at best; at their worst, they can manifest as natural disasters, violence, revolution and even war.  Mars and Uranus are now saying, “Change or be changed.  Change or risk death.”

These words may be shocking to some.  Well, Mars and Uranus can indeed bring shocks when that’s what is required to bring about necessary evolutionary change. 

Remember we are living in extraordinary times.  Prophecies by ancient cultures from all over the world have predicted that our current epoch in human history will be a time of epic changes both for our planet and for humanity. 

choicesEinstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

The Scorpio New Moon is ‘seeding’ powerful energies, encouraging us to make DIFFERENT CHOICES. 

We can use these energies to confront, heal and transform corrupt, unhealthy realities, or we can continue to use them to manipulate, coerce, control and destroy one another and our planet. 


What will you choose?  What must you confront in order to heal your emotional wounds?  Who or what have you been giving your power away to?  Are you willing to embrace change and evolve beyond old disempowering thoughts and beliefs that keep co-creating unwanted realities? 

For those who desire to consciously evolve, there could not be a better time than NOW!  The Scorpio New Moon has the power of great r-evolutionary change.  We have all the power we need – the power of choices.  CHOOSE to use your power consciously.  CHOOSE to co-create what you desire!


The Sagittarius New Moon happens on November 29th at 5:18 am MST/PDT.

Copyright 2016.    Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.

Libra New Moon: Equality and the Balance of Power

Libraimage19The Libra New Moon happens on Friday, September 30th, at 5:11 pm MST/PDT, at 8 degrees Libra 15 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  LibraNewMoon2016.

Libra is the sign of relationships.  Libra initiates a diversity of relationships with a variety of different types of people.  Through comparing and contrasting itself with others, Libra discovers who it is as a unique individual.

Thousands of years of Patriarchal conditioning, characterized by hierarchy, dominance, exclusion and self-interest, has distorted this natural relationship phenomenon.  As a result, comparing and contrasting has become an instinctive process of ‘ranking’ ourselves and others to determine who’s better, richer, smarter, more attractive or more successful.  In short, comparing and contrasting has devolved into determining who’s above us or below us on a social status scale.

The scales, Libra’s symbol, are universally associated with balance.  However, most Libras are NOT inherently balanced.  LIBRAS ARE LEARNING BALANCE.  Nearly ALL the well-known attributes of Libra including peace, harmony, fairness and justice cannot be achieved unless and until there is equality – or balance – between genders, races, nations and species.  Pope Paul VI spoke truth when he famously said, “If you want peace, work for justice.”

This Libra New Moon will challenge us all to reach for greater balance and equality in all of our relationships.  

From time to time, most people experience imbalance to some degree or another in various areas of their lives.  As scales weigh and balance, they too can become unbalanced, tipping to one side or the other, sometimes to an extreme degree.  Symbolically, this reflects Libra’s association with EXTREMES.   It will come as no surprise to most Libras that they, more than any other sign, experience extreme imbalances in their relationships with others.  And it will also come as no surprise to any one who’s paying attention, that our world is reaching a tipping point relative to EXTREME IMBALANCES – environmentally, politically, economically and socially. 

The underlying factor most often responsible for imbalances in relationships is unequal resources.  Marriage counselors know all too well that money is the primary cause of conflict and arguments between partners that ultimately leads to divorce.

Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, fierce opponent of President Bush's Homeland Security and Use of Force measures prior to the invasion of Iraq, died in a mysterious plane crash just days before he was headed for re-election in 2002. Senate control switched from the Democrats to the Republicans as a result of the election.

Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, fierce opponent of President Bush’s Homeland Security and Use of Force measures prior to the invasion of Iraq, died in a mysterious plane crash just days before he was headed for re-election in 2002. Senate control switched from the Democrats to the Republicans as a result of the election.

In recent years the phrase ‘income inequality’ has entered our social discourse and become a rallying cry for political campaigns the world over. 

Political power exists almost exclusively in the hands of a very small number of wealthy elites in most countries.  The special interests of the wealthy few are consistently catered to by their paid lobbyists and the government officials that they essentially ‘own’ through campaign contributions and the dark money that underpins most electoral processes. 

However, extreme inequality and imbalance are not limited to human relationships and resources alone.

The natural world is also extremely out of balance due to environmental degradation.  Climatologists have been sounding the alarm for decades about the increasing frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events as a result of pollution, deforestation and the acidification of the oceans. 

Any extreme imbalance will inevitably reach a tipping point where re-balancing naturally occurs.  This is graphically represented in the ancient symbol of the natural forces of YIN and YANG.  In relationships, rebalancing often results in break-ups.  In nature, natural disasters like disease outbreaks, earthquakes and landslides restore balance.  In politics, wave elections sweep the opposing party into power.  And in societies, extreme power imbalances between the wealthy and the poor lead to revolutions!

Venus rules Libra and is therefore the planetary ruler of this New Moon.  Currently moving through Scorpio, Venus is diving into the emotional waters of intimacy, trust, shared resources, motivations, desires and power, to reflect upon experiences of loss, abandonment and betrayal that have created deep wounds and emotional scars.  Feelings of powerlessness and an inability to trust others is often the result of such wounds.  With the relationship theme of this New Moon focused through Scorpio, there’s a need to confront and heal these wounds.  In the process, personal power is reclaimed.  Health and wholeness are restored and as a result, we can relate to others as equals once again. 

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra.  Taurus is the ‘inner side’ of Venus and is associated with YIN energy or energy that moves inwards towards our center.  Libra is the ‘outer side’ of Venus or YANG energy which is energy that moves outwards from our center.  This dual rulership provides crucial understanding relative to healing our relationships.  THIS IS BECAUSE THE QUALITY OF OUR INNER RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR SELF (Taurus) ALWAYS MANIFESTS IN THE QUALITY OF OUR OUTER RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS (Libra).  

aswithinsowithoutThis truth reflects the natural law of correspondences.  It’s what is meant by, “As Above, So Below” and “As Within, So Without.”  If you love, honor, respect and care about yourself, you’ll attract others who love, honor, respect and care about you.  If you judge, criticize and don’t value yourself, you’ll attract others who judge, criticize and don’t value you.

Evolution ALWAYS proceeds through the opposite sign.  With Venus currently traversing Scorpio, to evolve we need to learn the lessons of Taurus which are self-reliance and self-empowerment.  We must learn to meet our own needs ourselves which is, in and of itself, empowering.  It builds personal confidence and trust and belief in ourselves.  As Venus traverses Scorpio over the coming weeks, we’ll all have the opportunity to heal our relationships with others by healing our relationship with our self.  To do so we must be willing to confront our personal wounds, reclaim our personal power and let go of co-dependent behaviors and victim consciousness rooted in a belief that we need, and therefore expect, others to take care of us and fulfill our needs.

unconditionallove3 Fortunately, Venus is trine (120 degrees) retrograde Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. 

Venus and Neptune are higher and lower ‘octaves’ of the same energy – the energy of love.  Venus rules earthly, human love that is often conditional.  Conditional love is given based on conditions or expectations of  personal needs being met.  Neptune rules divine love that is unconditional and given no matter what. 

The South Node is always encouraging us to let go of the past and what we’ve outgrown so that evolution can proceed.  In Pisces, letting go of negative emotions and victim consciousness will further facilitate forgiveness and compassion, of ourselves and others.  Through Pisces, we can transcend the fears that have conditioned us for so long.

The trine aspect is quite favorable allowing energy to flow easily between Venus, Neptune and the South Node.  This energy can manifest as rewards or benefits received due to prior and current efforts.  Of course Neptune and Pisces are also associated with the sacred elements of life.  They represent spiritual development and our connection to the Divine Source of Creation.  Venus trine Neptune and the South Node can ease the letting go process and provide readily available spiritual guidance, comfort, inspiration, benevolence and unconditional love and support.

There are two difficult challenges inherent in the Libra New Moon chart pattern.  The Sun and Moon in Libra are inconjunct (150 degrees) retrograde Neptune and the South Node in Pisces, and they’re square (90 degrees) stationary Pluto in Capricorn. 

Pisces is often associated with delusion, deception, confusion and depression.  It rules escapist tendencies like substance abuse.  This sign is also associated with a victim consciousness.  Stationary planets are quite powerful.  Pluto just stationed direct on September 26th completing a five month retrograde period.  So it’s essentially standing still in the heavens.  While Pluto represents the evolutionary process itself, it also represents our deepest security needs which often result in resistance to necessary growth and change.

The inconjunct angle is always associated with crises.  Crises alert us to the fact that something’s not rooted in reality and requires necessary changes and adjustments in order to be resolved or healed.  The Sun and Moon in Libra inconjunct Neptune and the South Node in Pisces will likely reflect distortions in how we’re seeing others.  They caution us to be aware of the risks and dangers inherent in the idealization of others.  Placing others on a pedestal nearly always guarantees bitter and devastating disappointments and disillusionment when they inevitably fall of that pedestal.  The adjustment that’s required is removal of the rose-colored glasses through which we choose to see only what we wish to see instead of the truth or reality.  Human beings are, well, human, NOT perfect!  Mere mortals can never provide the ultimate meaning in life; that can only come through a relationship with the Divine Source.

The square between the Sun and Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is a waning or 3rd quarter square.  This square reflects equally difficult and challenging circumstances.  This square will likely reflect significant differences in relationships with others, particularly with those in positions of power or authority.  The energy of this square manifests through a crisis of consciousness.  Often this translates to what to believe or what’s really true?  At this juncture, evolution proceeds through realizing the limitations in consensus or ‘mainstream’ reality and its expectation to conform to its values, beliefs, customs and norms.  Evolution now requires moving beyond these limitations to embrace timeless, universal values and principles like respect for life, honesty, tolerance, forgiveness, kindness and compassion.    

shimonperezThe Sun and Pluto are both associated with leaders and with power.  The recent death of Israeli ‘founding father’ Shimon Perez reflects the energy of endings often associated with the Sun square Pluto. 

This challenging pattern advises patience and maturity in dealings with and by powerful people, and important and consequential events or situations where sharp differences or disagreements exist.  Some relationships will no doubt come to an end.  Others will choose to move forward and do the difficult but important work of collaboration and reconciliation.

On a macro level, this energy is also reflected in the diplomatic breakdown between the United States and Russia over military cooperation in the war in Syria.  Of course its also quite evident in the current US Presidential campaign and election process. 

And it’s clearly evident in the current struggle between the representatives of over 200 tribes and their supporters who call themselves ‘water protectors’ who have gathered in North Dakota at a make-shift tribal encampment, and local and state law enforcement officials and national guard, as well as security personnel hired by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, who want to construct a pipeline across sacred burial grounds and under Lake Oahe, a Missouri river reservoir which is the sole water source of local Native American tribes. 

standingrocksiouxwaterprotectorsThe peaceful ‘water protectors’ have been tear-gassed, attacked and bitten by security dogs, and arrested by police in riot gear with assault rifles who are backed by armored vehicles. 

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, whose cause has drawn international attention and thousands from across the globe to join their protest, has challenged the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to grant permits for the $3.8 billion, 1,172 mile pipeline that would transfer North Dakota crude through South Dakota and Iowa to Illinois.  The federal government immediately stepped in following a judge’s decision against the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s legal challenge against the Corps.  President Obama called for a halt to the final permitting process until a thorough review of all permitting procedures and meaningful consultation with the tribes occurs.  He also just convened a conference of national tribal leaders and federal officials to discuss native sovereignty and treaty rights.

Libra’s lesson of learning to LISTEN to one another is crucial to achieving meaningful resolutions.  Forcing your will to get your way or attempting to dominate others will only lead to power struggles that likely won’t end well for either party involved.  Here again, Libra will teach us that while we are all special, unique and DIFFERENT, we are all also EQUALLY valuable and deserving of respectful consideration.  Remember that Venus/Neptune will provide Divine assistance.  Be willing to ask for and act upon higher, spiritual guidance and inspiration.  Consciously choose to wield your power wisely, to creatively and fearlessly confront issues that need to be healed.  Attempting to overpower, manipulate or control others or circumstances will likely result in destructive outcomes.

Globally, the powerful combination of Libra (equality in relationships) and Capricorn (Patriarchal conditioning based upon hierarchy and domination) will increase the pressure from grass roots movements, through protests and even legal actions, that demand greater accountability from social, political, business and religious leaders in countries all around the world.  Nations too will feel pressured to make important choices relative to disputes and differences to avoid escalating conflicts.

On a more personal level, the Sun and Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn will probably bring important turning points in many relationship matters.  Some relationships will end while others will choose to do the work of healing wounds and conflicts.  They’ll move forward in ways that recognize the equal value and importance of differing desires, values, beliefs and opinions between partners.

Saturn rules Capricorn and has been moving through Sagittarius since December 2014.  Through Sagittarius, Saturn is compelling a review of personal and collective beliefs to determine if they are rooted in truths.  Saturn will square the Moon’s Nodes on October 7th.  This celestial event also reflects the need to make important choices. 

Right choices will reflect healthy alternatives that support personal and collective well-being and bring improvements to crises or unresolved problems.  ‘Walk your talk’ and stand in your personal truth while allowing others to do the same.  Take complete responsibility for ALL your choices, both those made in the past, whose consequences are now evident, and those made presently that will create future realities.  This planetary configuration may also manifest through landmark legal decisions that have far-reaching impacts, as well as significant choices that affect religious, educational and transportation matters that have wide-spread implications for many.

And finally, Mars also connects with Pluto this month.  On October 19th, these two planets of will and desire will come together at 15 degrees Capricorn to begin a new two year cycle together.  Their current cycle began in November 2014.  Mars always instinctively acts upon our desires.  Our desires emanate from the Soul, which for most of us operates at an unconscious level. 

Reflecting Capricorn energy, these desires will likely have to do with leadership and authority, career paths and responsibilities associated with family, community or country.  Since Capricorn also rules ambition, many people will be focused on pursuing goals and projects that will bring social recognition.  Remember the wisdom of responsibility that Capricorn teaches.  Consider the effects your actions and choices will have on relationships with others.  And be sure to finish up all the loose ends from Mars/Pluto’s current cycle before rushing full speed ahead towards new goals and desires associated with the upcoming cycle. 

This Libra New Moon points to the need to return to ways of living that are based upon Matriarchal values.  Matriarchal values are LIBRA values!  These include giving, sharing, inclusion and group interests.  Matriarchal consciousness realizes we are all in this together!  Matriarchal values are rooted in right relationships.  We NEED this planet we call home to be healthy since our very survival depends upon it.  And we benefit from working together and helping one another.  Accordingly, we need a healthier relationship to the planet, and healthier relationships with one another.  To restore health we must restore BALANCE.  To restore balance we must recognize our common humanity.  We must see one another as different but EQUAL.  And we must do a much better job of sharing resources and power.  In truth, we are indeed all EQUAL in the eyes of the Creator…


The Scorpio New Moon is on October 30th at 10:38 am MST.

Copyright 2016.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.


Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Virgoimage20The Virgo New Moon is an Annular Solar Eclipse!  It happens on September 1, 2016, at 2:03 am MST/PDT at 9 Virgo 21 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  VirgoNewMoonSolarEclipse2016.  Solar Eclipses are super charged New Moons that powerfully energize the astrological degree at which they occur for up to six months or more — far longer than the usual month-long period of influence that typically unfolds with each New Moon.  The path of this eclipse begins in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean off the West Central coast of Africa, and moves over Gabon, Congo, The Democratic Republic of Congo, along the border between Tanzania and Zambia, and then finally over Mozambique and Madagascar ending in the Indian Ocean.  Accordingly, we can expect significant events to occur in these countries over the coming months.  This morning’s news has already reported violent protests amid accusations of a ‘stolen’ Presidential election in Gabon.

This eclipse highlights 9 degrees Virgo.  Archetypally, Virgo is concerned with physical and spiritual healing of the mind, body and spirit.  This process typically manifests through, and is facilitated by, crises.

Virgo also teaches humility and service as this sign’s evolutionary trajectory points to Pisces, the sign of natural spiritual development.  Esoterically, Virgo also symbolizes the Divine Feminine or The Divine Mother and the principle of nurturing.  Indeed, in ancient times, Virgo was the sign associated with the Goddess.  On a more mundane level, Virgo rules workers and work places, apprenticeship, health matters and health care systems and our domestic animal companions.  Virgo is also connected to the natural world and the environment.  As an Earth sign, Virgo expresses the Divine Feminine as ‘Mother Earth’ or what is known as ‘Gaia.’  ALL these matters will be energized by this New Moon and Solar Eclipse becoming prominent issues for the next six months, both individually and collectively.

Virgo is a ‘transitional’ archetype that reflects a shift from the personal to the collective.  It bridges each Soul’s natural evolutionary development process as it transitions from the instinctive self-discovery and creative self-actualization symbolized by the signs Aries through Leo, to the necessary changes and adjustments that must be made in preparation for entering into the world of relationships with others as an equal which is symbolized by the signs Libra through Pisces.

These necessary changes and adjustments include both the stripping away of Leo’s ego-centric delusions of grandeur and self-focus, as well as the healing of Virgo’s psychology of inferiority, due to man-made religious conditioning, that manifests through relentless self-criticism, self-judgment and feelings of unworthiness because it’s not perfect.  As these necessary personal changes and adjustments occur, Virgo heals and humbles itself, evolving into a servant of the Divine Source that created it.

Ultimately, Virgo embraces its dharma or the ‘path of right work’ that allows Spirit to direct its life in service to the health and well-being of the whole of humanity.  This final evolutionary leap into divine service reflects the essence of Pisces, the sign associated with spirituality and Universal Wholeness.  As Virgo evolves through Pisces, it’s opposite sign, it must inevitably heal the lie of ‘separation’ from God and the delusional and destructive doctrine of ‘original sin’ and the associated need to experience punishment and suffering to atone for imperfections.

CrisesAheadVirgo often works through crises.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse celestial pattern will serve to bring unresolved crises to light revealing the distortions and deceptions that have led to their creation.  For example, the denial of the nearly universal agreement among leading scientists that fossil fuels are a destructive energy source has led to the crisis of climate change and the extreme weather events associated with it.  This New Moon Eclipse pattern indicates an increasing urgency and frequency of catastrophic climate events.  Another example is the distorted Patriarchal mind-set of male dominance and superiority – over women, minorities and the natural world.  This false belief continues to manifest as hate, through misogyny and racism, which has for centuries led to violence and war, and more recently to devastating worldwide environmental degradation.

Crises serve a natural purpose in our evolutionary process.  They alert us to the fact that something is awry.  Crises always reveal either a mis-alignment with, or a distortion of, reality.  They also reveal the fact that necessary changes and adjustments are required in order to successfully resolve or heal the crises.  This New Moon in Virgo is a VERY LOUD WAKE-UP CALL TO GET REAL and to get moving in new directions; to face problems and fix what’s no longer working in our world before its too late.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo and therefore is the ruler of this New Moon and  Solar Eclipse.  Mercury is extremely powerful right now as it JUST turned retrograde.  It is essentially stationary in the New Moon chart pattern, or appearing to be standing still in the heavens.  When planets are stationary, they are very powerful!

Mercury began this retrograde period August 30th at the 29th or final degree of Virgo.  It will back up to 14 degrees Virgo, or the mid-point within the sign, on September 21st.  Analysis, particularly self-analysis, is a natural gift and ability intrinsic to Virgo.  This Mercury retrograde is reflecting the need for deep reflection, review and analysis of the FACTS of crisis situations and the REALITY underpinning those circumstances.

Thorough analysis will lead to discernment about what’s accurate, true and real, and what’s inaccurate, untrue and unreal.  In turn, this will lead to the knowledge and understanding of precisely WHAT changes and adjustments must be made to successfully resolve problems.  Mercury retrograde symbolizes the need to go back and thoroughly review what’s wrong so we can eventually move forward and make it right.  Indeed, efforts to rush ahead and act now will almost certainly be met with delays, frustration and confusion, resulting in costly mistakes.  Adequate due diligence now will lead to success later.

The Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury are not alone in Virgo now.  They’re joined by Jupiter, which is finishing up its year long passage through the sign that began last August, and by the Moon’s North Node.  Altogether, there are currently five planets/points in Virgo.  Three or more planets or points in the same sign are called a ‘stellium.’  The word stellium is derived from the root ‘stella’ which means ‘star.’  Stelliums reflect a great emphasis on the archetypal issues associated with the sign in which they occur.  In Virgo, global and personal CRISES will be front and center, grabbing headlines and grabbing our attention!

truthvsliesJupiter’s year-long passage through Virgo has reflected the need to expand efforts to better understand what’s true and what’s false and to effectively discern between the two.  For the last year, Jupiter has also been part of a special planetary configuration called a “T-Square.”

T-Squares are comprised of at least three planets.  Two are opposite one another (180 degrees apart) while also being simultaneously square (90 degrees apart) a third planet.  Jupiter in Virgo has been opposite Neptune in Pisces.  Both have been square Saturn in Sagittarius.  This T-Square symbolizes both conscious and unconsciously held beliefs and the need to deeply question ALL beliefs in order to evolve to a higher understanding of truths.  How have your own beliefs or opinions, things you have always been certain about, been challenged over the past year?  What have you always thought to be true that is perhaps now in question?  This confusion should not be a cause for concern.  The very nature and purpose of this T-Square has been to dissolve old consciousness structures and the false or distorted beliefs that underpin them.

Since consciousness creates reality, it stands to reason that false beliefs are going to lead to the creation of false or distorted realities.  Some of the most destructive false beliefs that must CHANGE if we are to resolve the many crises we face have come from the distorted Patriarchal religious teachings that men are superior to women, humans are superior to animals and man has ‘dominion’ over nature.  The word ‘dominion’ is a distortion of the intended concept of ‘stewardship.’  Stewardship means to manage and care for; dominion, often coupled with the word ‘over’ means to control or have superiority over.

MotherNatureThe natural world, or nature, is the quintessential manifestation of the Divine Feminine principle.  She nurtures and sustains all life.  Suppression, oppression, denigration and control of women have resulted in the extreme imbalances that are contributing to the destruction of life on our planet.  This Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse reflect the NEED TO HEAL THE WOUNDS OF THE FEMININE.  This is a prerequisite to the restoration of balance between genders, races, species and nations that will allow for the healing of our planet.

The North Node ALWAYS points the way forward on our evolutionary path.  In Virgo, the North Node reinforces the need to face reality squarely.  Maintaining the status quo simply will not get us to where we need to go.  In fact, the current status quo – in governments, business, politics, economics and the environment – are no longer functioning effectively.

Virgo ALWAYS requires personal effort.  And while Virgo never insists on perfection, in fact Virgo teaches that perfection is an illusion, this sign does require that we do the work, make the effort, and sincerely do our best, each and every day.  What do YOU need to do to improve your life circumstances?

Remember, THE PLANETS DO NOT MAKE THINGS HAPPEN – WE DO!  The planets simply reflect reality here on Earth.  It is our FREE WILL CHOICES and HOW WE CHOOSE TO USE THE ENERGIES and influences of the times as reflected by the planets, that create our realities and effect our evolution.  This explains the actual meaning of the biblical phrases, “As Above, So Below” and “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

The most important aspect Mercury retrograde is making in the New Moon Solar Eclipse chart is a conjunction (0 degrees apart) to Jupiter in Virgo.  Mercury and Jupiter are a natural planetary pair.  This is because they rule signs that are naturally opposite one another in the zodiac, namely, Gemini and Sagittarius.  Mercury rules Gemini and together, they rule the left brain.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and together they rule the right brain.  The left brain logically processes information received through our five physical senses.  Left brain thinking is linear and deductive.  The right brain processes information received intuitively through metaphysical (beyond physical) sources.  Right brain information is wholistic, abstract and conceptual.  Left brain is language based, right brain is image based.  Left brain is limited; right brain is unlimited.

Due to its current retrograde, Mercury and Jupiter will align precisely three times before, during and after the retrograde period.  The first two conjunctions occur in Virgo at 26 and 28 degrees on August 22nd and September 2nd respectively.  The third and final conjunction will happen after Jupiter has changed signs.  It will occur in Libra at 11 degrees on October 11th.

IntuitionQuotebyEinsteinThe evolutionary purpose of ALL Mercury retrogrades is to encourage greater balance between our left and right brain, increasing WHOLE BRAIN thought processing.  This is especially needed in Western cultures that are biased almost exclusively toward left brain thinking.  They exalt logic and impugn intuition.  Interestingly, the left brain is masculine while the right brain is feminine in nature.

The fact that this Mercury retrograde period has Mercury and Jupiter precisely connecting three times reflects the potential for quantum leaps forward in human consciousness.  It portends increasing intuition, heightened awareness, revelatory insights and greater understanding of higher and higher levels of truth.  Together, Mercury and Jupiter reflect the possibility of discoveries, solutions and breakthroughs.  This is the stuff of amazing AHA moments!

For those ‘doing the work’ IntuitionQuoteand paying attention to ALL the information received, no matter what the source is, this Mercury retrograde period, and by extension this entire New Moon Solar Eclipse time frame, promises great evolutionary progress.  This is because the precise information, knowledge and understanding needed for personal and collective evolution will be provided.


Mercury retrograde in Virgo is also inconjunct both retrograde Uranus in Aries and retrograde Pallas Athena in Aquarius.  Together, these three planets form a unique planetary configuration called a ‘YOD.’  Yods always reflect a spiritual evolutionary imperative.  Uranus in Aries (2010 to 2018) represents the instinctive and revolutionary impulse to move in new directions and create new social structures, realities and paradigms.  Pallas Athena is an asteroid associated with the arts, culture, healing and politics.  This YOD suggests the need for breakthroughs in all of these issues.

Politics the world over are in disarray from the Middle East, to Central Africa, to Honduras, Brazil, Europe and right here in the United States.  Certainly, the current US Presidential election is revealing the utter dysfunction and corruption of both the Democratic and Republican political parties.  Third parties are desperately vying for greater recognition even as the old political system continues to try to shut them out.

Although this election season has already been described as ‘unconventional,’ breaking all the rules of normal political campaign orthodoxy, this YOD represents the likelihood of even more surprises, disruptions and unexpected events before November 8th!  This will be right and proper however since it is time to make necessary changes and adjustments to what’s no longer working.   And clearly, politics in America are no longer working!

Mercury retrograde is also opposite retrograde Chiron in Pisces.  This opposition is the central aspect of the Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 16th and symbolizes a time for healing CHOICES.  It reflects the need to let go of victim consciousness that has carried the psycho-spiritual wounds of man-made religions for thousands of years.  These false teachings have conditioned us to believe we’re powerless, inherently sinful and deserving of pain, punishment and suffering.  ALL HUMAN BEINGS POSSESS POWER.  This is reflected in the capacity to make FREE WILL CHOICES which not only create our realities and experiences, but also naturally facilitate our personal evolution.

Nothing can heal from a consciousness rooted in victimization.  This is because victims don’t see themselves as  responsible for co-creating the circumstances that caused the wounds.  Remember, consciousness creates reality.  If you experienced something, your own consciousness played a role in co-creating it.  Without ownership of responsibility, there is no impetus for making the necessary personal changes and adjustments that will transform consciousness.  As a result, the same wounding realities will continue to be co-created.

Transformation in consciousness often begins with a shift in the focus of thoughts from WHAT has happened (that created the wound), to WHY it happened.  Seek to understand your Soul’s purpose in co-creating such an experience and what lessons were intended in support of your evolutionary growth.  Ask, “Why would my Soul see fit to have me experience such an event?”  What did you learn and how might that lesson actually support your Soul’s evolutionary growth intentions?

The risk and danger in this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the possibility of re-imprinting the same old wounds and falling ever deeper into melancholy and depression due to continuing feelings of powerlessness.  With Virgo and Pisces activated, these wounds may exist on any level including physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Since Virgo/Pisces reflect the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, one of the oldest collective human wounds is based upon the false religious teaching that there is an inherent conflict between Spirit and Matter.  This teaching posits that Spirit, which is associated with the Divine, is masculine, and Matter, which is associated with the physical senses and the flesh, is feminine.  This distortion of truth has led to the denigration of women and all things feminine, including the natural world, for millenia.  Humanity’s healing requires the healing of the feminine or the anima — in both genders.

Pisces is always offering Divine guidance to those who sincerely seek it.  Chiron symbolizes BOTH wounds and the healing of wounds.  So if you find yourself in this place of despair and confusion, simply ASK FOR HELP.  And then TRUST AND BELIEVE that it will be delivered.  Meantime, do your best to let go of the false belief that you are powerless to make changes in your life that will improve unsatisfactory realities.  Use this energy to heal old wounds!

PerfectionismisAbuseIn support of healing efforts, it’s crucial to understand Virgo’s excruciating fear of making mistakes.  This reflects a psychology that has bought into the lie of perfection.  Nearly every Virgo struggles with the debilitating need to be perfect and the associated negative mindset that incessantly thinks, “I’m not good enough.”

Years ago I came across the phrase, “Perfection Paralysis.”  It describes Virgo’s fear of judgment and punishment due to imperfection.  This fear can often be so extreme, albeit often unconsciously, that it prevents Virgo from ever getting started in the first place.  Of course this renders Virgo unable to move forward or make any progress at all.  Indeed this fear accounts for the Virgo tendency towards procrastination, avoidance and denial.  When these behaviors take over, Virgo typically embraces the downside of Pisces in an effort to cope by escaping painful realities.

Escapism often manifests as substance abuse and addiction, workaholism, chronic illness and the constant co-creation of one crisis after another in an effort to very effectively distract the self from itself!  The Sun opposite retrograde Neptune in Pisces and square both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius poses a real danger now with such behaviors especially through drugs and alcohol, deceptions and fraudulent activities.  These are very likely to lead to severe losses and harm so be particularly mindful and choose accordingly.

PerfectionParalysisThe antidote to Perfection Paralysis is to move forward ONE STEP AT A TIME!  Virgo eventually learns that in order to improve, it needs only to figure out what the NEXT step is (not ALL the steps beforehand).  In doing so, Virgo will come to realize that the second step doesn’t reveal itself until after the first step is taken.  And the third step will become clear only after the second step is taken and so on.  By taking one step at a time, Virgo is able to prevent itself from being paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake because it doesn’t yet know exactly what its doing or how to do it, particularly when the task is unfamiliar or new.  Along the way, Virgo becomes tolerant, forgiving and compassionate with itself.  Ultimately, Virgo achieves self-improvement, healing and spiritual evolution.

Another very important planetary event occurs this month.  Pluto stations direct September 26th, resuming forward motion in the heavens once again after being retrograde since April 18th.   For the last five months, Pluto retrograde has symbolized a collective reflection upon outer realities.  Moving through Capricorn, the sign associated with authority, responsibility, societies and social structures like governments, this review has brought increasing awareness of what’s not working in our world.  As already mentioned, it is utterly necessary to assume full responsibility for having co-created the realities we experience before we can effectively change those realities.  Fortunately, the Sun and Moon in the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse chart are most favorably connected to Pluto.

For those who have been taking responsibility for their choices and actions and making the effort to heal and improve, this Sun/Pluto connection will bring rewards.  Promotions at work, recognition for achievements by your community or colleagues, or simply increased confidence and personal pride in accomplishments are likely to occur.  This planetary connection can also manifest through responsible actions taken by those in authority like government officials or business leaders.  However this unfolds, it will provide excellent examples of how responsibility reaps rewards.

MindBodySpiritThis Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse offers opportunities to heal and improve.  A mentor of mine used to say, “People don’t change until the pain level gets high enough.”  For so many, the pain level now is unbearable.  It’s time to change.  It’s time to heal.  It’s time to recognize the TRUTH that all things are connected including our minds, bodies and Spirits.  In truth, they have never been separate, nor have we – from the Divine Source that created us, from one another, or from the natural world that sustains us.

This Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse may indeed herald a tipping point in human history.  But we have to make the choices.  We must CHOOSE to heal our minds, our bodies and our Spirits.  Blessed Be…

The Libra New Moon is on September 30th at 5:11 pm MST!

 Copyright 2016.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.    All rights reserved.