Gemini New Moon: Words Matter

The Gemini New Moon just happened on June 13th, at 1:43 pm MST/PDT at 22 degrees Gemini 44 minutes.  Here’s the chart:  GeminiNewMoon2018.

Gemini  rules the mind, specifically the left brain and it’s logical, linear, deductive thought processing.  This sign gathers information about the phenomenal world through the five physical senses. 

Gemini is all about knowledge and information and how it is communicated to others through written and spoken words, as well as all the various electronic devices we use to share info. 

Gemini’s glyph the ‘Twins’ reflect the two halves of the brain.  This sign teaches the power of thoughts and words to co-create reality.  Accordingly, if we wish to change our reality, we must first change our minds.

Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury is currently in emotional Cancer so we’re more inclined to discuss feelings than facts.  Mercury in Cancer represents the potential for emotional intelligence.  We’re likely to speak more passionately and compassionately now, from our heart instead of our head.  Many discussions will focus on home and property, as well as food and family matters.  Of primary concern will be what’s needed in order to feel safe and secure, cared for and nurtured. 

What’s happening on our Southern border is a stark reflection of Mercury in Cancer and the very emotional words, sounds and images that are flooding our consciousness every day as our government continues to arrest parents and to separate them from their children even as they legally seek asylum in our country.  Many Americans are asking, “Is this who we are?”  “Is this still America???”  This questioning of our national identity is a perfect use of Mercury in Cancer.  WHO ARE WE?!  The whole world is watching as we struggle with this fundamental question.  Currently, we appear to be a nation that is deliberately traumatizing families and putting children in secret (where are the girls and babies?) internment camps.  Sadly, history keeps repeating itself…

Mercury is precisely square Chiron in Aries at the New Moon.  It’s also opposite Saturn in Capricorn thus forming a tense cardinal T-Square that encourages us to move in new directions, especially in relationships and responsibilities.  Chiron reflects our wounds and their healing; Saturn represents responsibility and accountability.  It also rules the structural nature of consciousness that creates our reality.

Cardinal sign energy always acts instinctively to initiate new beginnings.  But that which is new is also unfamiliar, which often creates a sense of insecurity.  As a result, cardinal signs typically instinctively move forward, only to step back again.  This ‘two steps forward; one step back’ tendency is natural and appropriate. 

The primary evolutionary intention of this T-Square configuration is to throw off feelings of victimization and to take complete responsibility for ALL that we have co-created and experienced.  The challenge to this intention will come from old, unhealed wounds.  A consciousness (Saturn) rooted in victimization cannot heal itself.  This T-Square offers us both the courage and maturity to face our fears and to change our minds so that healing can occur and new and different realities can manifest.

Fortunately, Mercury is also quite favorably connected to unconventional Uranus in Taurus encouraging us to think outside the box.  Uranus (rules Aquarius) has the intrinsic ability to step back and to detach emotionally.  This trait often results in Aquarius being called ‘aloof’ and misunderstood as ‘uncaring’ or lacking emotion.  Instead, it is precisely what allows us to see people and circumstances more objectively. 

Indeed objectivity is emphasized in the overall Gemini New Moon chart pattern, not just by Mercury’s connection to Uranus, but also because Mars is preparing to retrograde in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) later this month.  More on Mars later…

Uranus in Taurus is both pragmatic and original, practical and innovative, radical and simplistic.  Mercury and Uranus can bring creative new solutions to those who wish to manifest change.  Focus on what’s sustainable and what has real value and meaning, not just what’s quick and easy and familiar.  Use this helpful mental energy to change your mind!  Release old negative mindsets.  Let go of victim identity.  Use the power of your words to heal and grow.

Four planets change directions in the heavens this month.  Three begin retrograde periods; one completes a retrograde period.  While the cardinal T-Square instinctively desires to move forward and begin anew, the emphasis on retrograde energy requires a great deal of contemplation, review, reflection and revisions before new initiatives or efforts can ultimately succeed. 

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were/are already retrograde.  Neptune will station retro on June 18th in mid-Pisces.  Mars, currently in Aquarius, begins its biannual two month retrograde period on June 26th.  And Chiron stations retro on July 4th/5th (depending on your time zone) for the first time since entering Aries this past April. 

Conversely, Jupiter in Scorpio completes its four month annual retro on July 10th (it began on March 8th/9th), promising powerful revelations regarding ongoing justice, legal, financial and sexual issues.  We’ll no doubt hear BIG things from the Mueller investigation as Jupiter stations direct.  The Pope is already experiencing the energy of upcoming stationing Jupiter accepting the resignations recently of three Chilean Bishops.  Clearly, Jupiter in Scorpio reflects sexual abuse of power.  I expect we’ll also hear more from Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti as their case against the President and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, continue to unfold in the courts.

It’s worth mentioning that because President Trump turns 72 years old on June 14th, his 2018 Solar Return chart very closely resembles the Gemini New Moon chart.  In fact, the time of his Solar Return chart is within just four and a half hours of the precise time of the Gemini New Moon. 

Reflecting the hermetic principle of “As Above; So Below” the world just witnessed Gemini energy in full display this week as historic, high stakes ‘TALKS’ took place between Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un at the North Korean Summit in Singapore.  Watch for the ‘two steps forward; one step back’ dance to unfold in the coming weeks and months relative to the agreements made at this summit.  

The Gemini New Moon chart isn’t the only celestial event currently impacting our President.  The upcoming biannual Mars retrograde, occurring from June 26th until August 27th, will also significantly personally affect Trump as it stations retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius, opposite his natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo.  Occurring in his sixth house, his health may require greater attention. 

The President will also personally feel the affects of the current celestial energies through the U.S. natal chart.  This is due to Mars traversing the U.S. natal South Node which is at 6 degrees Aquarius.  Mars will connect with this South Node three times before the retrograde period is complete in mid-October.

Remember, Aquarius teaches OBJECTIVITY.  Accordingly, as Mars retrograde in Aquarius, connects with the U.S. natal South Node in our nation’s ninth house of laws, beliefs and foreign lands and cultures, we can all expect to experience circumstances that demand greater objectivity regarding these same issues.  We will be pushed to OBJECTIFY our laws and beliefs, and perhaps most importantly, our relationships with foreign countries and their leaders. 

Interestingly, as the United States nears our first ever ‘Pluto Return’ reflecting the rebirthing of our nation’s founding principles, it is perhaps noteworthy to know that our original evolutionary intention, as symbolized by our nation’s South Node in Aquarius, was to break free of the control that King George wielded over the American colonies.  That South Node reflects the colonies desire to liberate (Uranus/Aquarius) themselves from England and to break free of the tyranny of King George.  Ultimately, that Aquarian South Node represents our Declaration of Independence.

Mars retrograde is going to make for quite an interesting Summer.  So buckle your seatbelts! 

One more important insight about Mars retrograde is that it is perhaps the most frustrating planetary retrograde of all.  This is because Mars’ nature (remember it rules Aries, the quintessential sign of instinctive action in pursuit of desires) is go, Go, GO! 

Mars retrograde is like a hot red sports car with its brakes on at a stop light.  It still wants to go, but it cannot! 

The purpose of Mars (desires/actions) retrograde is to SLOW DOWN and think through what actions we want to take — BEFORE WE ACT.  Mars retrograde teaches careful, deliberate, considered action, not it’s usual rash, impulsive, instinctive, head-strong willfulness that chafes at anyone or anything that gets in its way!  Of course when Mars is thwarted, the famous Aries anger is the result! 

Keep that seatbelt buckled!!

So communication is the theme of the month.  Becoming more objectively aware of what we think, how we think and why we think that way is the task at hand.  The information we need to do so will present itself.  Our job is to pay attention well enough to NOT miss that information when it appears.  The best strategy to use is to detach emotionally.  Step back far enough to see the whole picture.  See things and people and circumstances OBJECTIVELY

This New Moon chart encourages us all to CHANGE OUR MINDS.  This will change our realities.  So watch your thoughts.  Watch your words.  They carry great power to hurt or to heal now.  Indeed Gemini rules words.  And this Gemini New Moon is saying, “Words matter.”


The Cancer New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on July 12th at 7:48 pm MST/PDT!

Copyright 2018.   Donna Lee Steele and Threshold Consulting.   All rights reserved.

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